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More Paragraphs About the Move Than the Total Number of Miles We Actually Moved



Start preparing the Harvard and Stanford apps, the kid is CLEARLY already a genius.

Not to mention unbearably cute!


Isn't that what kids are for?? To fetch us stuff?


OMG! Look at your HOUSSSSE! It's, like, a WHOLE HOUSE!

Have fun unpacking, hopefully without accidentally provoking any disasters...


I'm glad you have gotten your priorities straight.

Now go make your Mom a hot toddie, Noah. She is clearly exhausted.

(And make an extra one for Santa...maybe one for his elves... Oh, and reindeer like toddies, too!)

Congrats on the new digs, by the way. And my, oh my, is that the cutest child or what???


oooh - fireplace! (and baby teeth!)


Holy crap he looks just like you!


I'm not a fan of carpet either, but your carpet isn't SO bad! I was imagining pee stained rust colored shag! But...I don't have to live with it, do I?


Hey, you should get the kid to unpack, while you peruse new shows on the Tivo and have an eggnog or two.


Awesome. How do you like that Piggy bank toy thing? I thought of buying it for Jojo, but it seemed rather LOUD.


He's so cute! BTW, The carpet I see looks ok, are you talking about that carpet?


Too cute! Isn't it great that he has (almost) reached "fetching" age?


I'm sure you will find this of no comfort, but we still have unpacked boxes in the garage 8 years later. Good luck with not having that happen.


From those 2 pictures, I am already in love with your new house.

Also, enjoy Noah's obedience now, for all too soon it will be a distant memory.

(No one tells you that the terrible 3's are WAY worse than the terrible 2's!)


Du-hude, things must be going well that you guys have REAL TiVo! We only have the fake, bull shit rip off stuff. But I can't put thumbs up anywhere on ours.

Okay, now look away, and just read that last sentence again. Nice, huh?


My Dad trained us at a young age how to make cappuccinos and fetch beers from the fridge. I can't *wait* to have kids of my own!


That carpet is very inoffensive. I was expecting apricot or mauve.


It's not so much the COLOR of the carpet that I mind as much as the general up-close funkiness of it, which you totally can't see in those photos. Oh, and the shitty install job that's curling up along the walls. That's awesome looking.

I dropped an open tube of lip balm the other day and I'm still grossed out by what managed to get stuck to it during the five seconds it spent on the floor.

We'll get it all cleaned once all the boxes and crap are under control, but...bleh. The previous owners had a very long-haired dog. I'm afraid the funk goes down to the padding.

Amy H.

First off, tease. AND. YOU. KNOW. IT.
Secondly, the carpet isn't as bad as you made it out to be. I had worse visions.
Third, Noah is so cute in those little PJs.

um, so you found the cord. give us the good stuff.


Michael has that laugh and learn pig, he loves it to death!!!!He carrys it around the house w/ him saying pig, pig.

Glad you got the tivo hooked up, priorities.


OMG Noah is your mini-me! And I give it another six months before he knows how to program the TiVo himself. Too cute!

Kir Royale

Nice fireplace! Whoo hoo! :)

If you choose to rip up the carpet, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, refinish the floors yourself. BAD idea.


a women after my one heart! Tivo always comes 1st!



How's the unpacking coming?

Twiztid Mommy

Hey! We have that piggy bank, actually my son is playing with it at this very moment over at his Grandma's while I work! Anyway beautiful pics..

Kris H.

Such a good boy!


I lurve that you're just like me when you move. TV first, boxes....whenever.

And new house looks awesome. And way more spacious. From those two small photos.

Does Noah get hummus as a treat when he fetches?

(And BTW.....cutest baby ever!)


Like Hope, my father taught me to get him a bottle, too. He tells the story about 18-month-old me in my feetie jammies, pulling open the fridge by the towel in the handle, and bringing him an ice cold beer.

It makes my mother insane everytime it comes up.


so are you closer to the Gymboree so you don't have to deal with all the metro crap to get there? Here's hoping you're also still close to the TJ's, and that your pets have come out of hiding!


Noah is such a good little boy.

Personally I would get rid of the carpet. It would bother me to no end otherwise.


Now all you need to do is teach Noah how to make a Martini and you are set!

Now about the carpet...everyone keeps saying it is not that bad. As carpet goes, it's okay. I hate carpet (yes, my current place has carpet and I hate it), but I love a hardwood floor!


Yep, my folks had me mixing Gin & Tonics by the time I was tall enough to reach the bar. So you have THAT to look forward to. Nice.


What cute PJs!


Where did you get the jammies? I must have them for my babe.
Your new home looks very spacious. Congrats!!


oh my goodness, I love beltway movers, we've used them 3 times.

And they pack for you? Great to know!


Moving to a new house is always exciting! Yeah, my dad always made us fetch him things, too. When I was 6 years old he taught me to make coffee for him. I had to step on a little stepstool to reach the counter. Where was my mother?!?

Anyway. I think I've only NOT had carpet when I was very little. So all my memories are carpeted. Well, my memories aren't carpeted, my houses always were. I would LOVE to have a hardwood floor but hubby doesn't like them! He likes to feel the warm softness under his toes.


All these readers are like CSI cops. All I notice from these pics are a very cute baby and yes, you have a fireplace. I need to pay closer attention!


He looks just like you!

Congratulations on the new house...I hope to graduate to a real house someday, too.


Helpful and wears stylish PJs... what more could you ask for in a toddler?


My 9 month old girl got ahold of the multi-function remote and was pushing the "Info" button with the strength of desperation before we wrestled it away from her. She's seeking answers, I guess!

I cannot WAIT to hear about the movers, the new house, the carpet, etc. Eeee!

Wacky Mommy

Now if you can just teach him to give you a baby massage.


I suppose he is a little man, and we all know men have a deep-seeded love of all things remote. I'm sure he'll always be willing to hunt for the remote, no matter how old he gets.


Ooh, he's a keeper! Mine would have tried to pull out the wires.


He looks smaller in the big house! Hey, they learn TIVO directly from their mother's loving gaze. Looks like time to curl up with baby crack TV and donut holes.


You? Are hilarious.


Heeeee. I love his hair cut right now. Clever boy.


Such an obedient son! ;)

Vaguely Urban

Just like with children's cookbooks and chemistry sets, the key here is "With Adult Supervision"

Which you totally were doing.


Noah looks so cute! You always dress him in the best looking pajamas!

Katie Kat

Ha ha ha!!! So THAT'S why people have kids! I gotta remember that once mine can walk. :)


The best time to replace the carpet is NOW. No...hear me out: Your house is in chaos. Later, when you are finally settled, you will never want to hassle with it and will live for years with it rather than create all that disruption. Reason #2: You will enjoy every second of it rather than miss out on the joy for the first ____ years. #3: Carpet is bad for everyone's health. Think of the baaaayyybeeee! And finally: It's like every other thing in life. If you wait till you can "afford it" it will NEVER HAPPEN.

My house has half hardwoods / half carpet STILL after 8 years. And ugly pleated shades (blue!) on 3 windows. You think this won't be you, but I didn't think this would be me either.


Merry Christmas! Enjoy your new home!


Sorry, I'm a day late...congrats on the new digs. Did the movers really touch your Thursday panties? Gross!


I see the pink piggy bank in the picture that my kid has also. He loves it. And that is why we bought him a book for Christmas on how to balance our checkbook.

Hooray for the new place.

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