More Paragraphs About the Move Than the Total Number of Miles We Actually Moved
And all I really want is a *bleep* in a box


The Princess

Isn't moving grand!?


Number 4 was hilarious and something I would have tried to do, had I thought of it.

Merry Christmas, Amy.


Glad to know I'm not the only tipsy fool doing silly things to my animals and children with Christmas bows!


Merry Christmas Butt-bow-alah!


There is just something about a cat--and the heiny of a toddler--that begs to have a bow stuck on it. Merry Christmas!


Gla dyour enjoy the holidays and recycling!

Noah looks so damn cute!


re: #4

When the time for senior prom rolled around, my best friend realized she'd lost weight and could no longer hold up her strapless we created a heavily padded push-up bra with duct tape and tissues. Oh, good times.


Merry Christmas Amy!!


Your boy has a beautiful smile. Hope you're having a fun holiday!


Merry Christmas, Amy!! :)


Merry Christmas!


merry christmas amy. hugs from me an dmne to you and yours



Merry Christmas Amy! Thanks for all the laughs this year.

Bozoette Mary

Merry Christmas, Amy, to you and Jason and Noah and pets!

Blue Moon Girl

Merry Christmas to you!

I love the packing tape ideas! And the pictures are hilarious!!!

Have a lovely Christmas! Eat lots and enjoy!


Merry Christmas to you too! Peace and love in your new home!


Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!! =)


Very nice!!

Merry Christmas to you and your little family. I hopt it's the best one yet.


Merry Christmas and thank you so much for sharing your funny stories and brightening my day all year long.


Merry Christmas to the cutest toddler in our nation's capital.


Happy! (almost) Christmas. Have an awesome, tape-festive, weekend.


And I would probably get drunk enough to let you. Merry, merry to you all!


Merry Christmas Storch family!
The pea is getting a cozy coupe too. Have fun putting it together, remember to bring the wine!


THERE'S the kitty!


Merry Christmas Storch family!
Hope your 1st Christmas in your new home is one of the best yet!


Haha! That cheeky smile of Noah's.. to die for.

Merry Christmas to the Amalah clan. May it be a lovely one!

hello insomnia

He looks so much like you in the first photo.

Merry Christmas! Plenty of booze and bows around.



Haha #4! You should have also tried to create "ass cleavage" which would have been great too.


Merry Christmas! There is something just WRONG about having a dog that's smaller than your (average sized) cat.

Okay, that is the only butt bow that can be considered adorable! I have a feeling you and Jason will be joining many parents in the late night assembly/wrapping/consumption of wine to make the cherub's Christmas a great one.


Merry Xmas! My new puppy would NOT put up with the bow on his head. I took about 400 blurry pics last week trying to capture a shot like Ceiba's. I finally tied a red ribbon around his neck and got a decent shot.


Happy Christmas!!! Make sure you keep that last pic around for Noah when he brings his first girlfriend home. Enjoy your new home.

shy me

Most excellent. My butt and I will be right over : )

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas Storch family!

And tape + cats = always funny. Always! Doesn't even have to be a holiday.

Heather B.

ooooh! I'm drunk too!

(Wait sorry, I'm a responsible adult who never drinks)

(also I've been hanging out with a 9 week old and now I smell like little tiny baby)

I hope you all have a very wonderful Christmas!


Excellent pics, as always! Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Number four made me laugh and snort and embarass myself :p Merry Christmas to you and Jason and Noah, and your families. (And your littlet dog too!) (And the cat, of course. Wouldn't want him to feel left out. Poor Max.)


I just pulled out my packing tape to wrap presents tonight!

And number 4? Ouch!


I have just finished reading your blog from start to finish. Here are all of the things I have come up with to comment on.

It is Christmas and three years later they still have the fucking Bod Man commercials on.

Your husband is incredibly sweet and sensitive and amazing

I'm glad to know I'm not the only Tivo obsessed girl in town

This post made me cry

Your notify list doesn't work and I almost cried again.

I made notes of what I wanted to write on here on pink computer Post it sticky note thingies just so I could be cool and post it crazy like you.

Your son is super adorible and great.

Clomid sucks and IUI is garbage.

You are an amazing writer and I am addicted to your page thank you for making each work day so much better!!!


Merry Christmas, Amy! Much love to you all. xoxo


Merry Christmas!


merry christmas and happy moving.

it's clear that i don't love you as much as shannon does.

Mrs. Flinger

Cookies and drunk bow sticking? I'm there.

Merry Christmas!


A very merry Christmas. Much joy to you and yours.

Naughty Heather

Merry Christmas!

Hope Santa is good to all of you!



Classic. Wouldn't be Christmas without bows out of place.


Well gee Andrea now you made me feel like a huge ass


Two things:
1) your house, it is HUGE!
2) Merry Christmas!

anne nahm

Merry Christmas, all! Bows on butts and drunkeness? Tis the season!

Wacky Mommy



Merry Christmas Amy, Jason, Noah, Max, Ceiba and extended family members! Wishing you so much love, laughter, health and happiness in the new year! We love you guys!

Amy H.

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to Noah! He was sure good to me. I got David Sedaris tickets!!! DAVID. SEDARIS. TICKETS. yessssss

oh...and Avery loves to eat boxes and wrapping paper. not sure why we even got her any actual gifts. Next year we will know better.


Merry Christmas, y'all!!! My move is on the 29th, so I feel your troubled love for the packing tape. At this point I want to wrap it around my nose and mouth and JUST DIE. But I won't. That would not be very Christmassy.


Love the little bow on his butt. He's always a cutie, without even trying.

Merry Christmmas to you and yours!


A belated Merry Christmas to you, Jason, and Noah!


Merry Christmas! I hope it was a good one!


I love Noah's Happy Moose outfit! And it's good to see Max again, he's such a handsome kitty. Merry Christmas!


4) A tipsy and misguided attempt at creating cleavage.

Me and a friend tried that went horribly wrong and she just about lost an aureola..oh Good Times!!


Merry Christmas...a day late. And Happy Birthday...a day early. :)


Hope your Christmas was wonderful! I love the pics! The baby butt bow and the cat & dog in a tangle are my faves!


Well now, I'd be using tape to get rid of my cleavage. Of course, if I'd simply get off my lazy fat ass and EXERCISE I wouldn't have to hide.

Merry Christmas, Amy! To celebrate I'll stick a bow on my own butt.



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