A Major Award

Children Are Useful

Reason #247: No one else knows how to line my socks up in the TV cabinet just the way I like them.


Reason #248: Quality answering service.


Reason #249: A return to a childish sense of wonder.


But mostly the sock thing.


Mama T

ahhh, yes. when children answer the phone. it's such a great excuse to not talk to people on the phone...or returns calls...

anne nahm

If you put a sock on each appendage and make them crawl behind the furniture, kids make great swiffers. Reason #233. Just sayin'.


I know this is like the understatement of the year but that last one is preshus!!


Wow he is looking so grown up and cute!! Children are great answering the phone when it's a telemarketer. There's nothing funnier then hell then being on a 2nd line listening to your babbling toddler talk to some foreign dude asking for their mommy.

Organic Muslimah


Samantha Jo Campen

I shall print this out and present it to my husband as a reason to make a baby TONIGHT! THIS VERY MINUTE! Especially because he loves his socks in an orderly fashion.


It's so awesome to see their little minds work. Only a genius could line up socks so perfectly. I should know -- I have 3 geniuses of my own!!

Amy M


And you didn't even mention lining up the cups in the TV cabinet!

Amy M


And you didn't even mention lining up the cups in the TV cabinet!


What a sweetheart.

And I love what you did with that wall in the living room with the shelves on it!


Aw, it looks like he has a promising case of OCD. Love.


I am impressed that it appears you have matching pairs of socks.

Here is my childish sense of wonder story: Yesterday my son (2 1/2 yrs old)stuck his tongue out to catch a snowflake.


I would keep him just for the sock thing. When my feet are cold, I don't want to have to travel far for coverage.

Putting the cups in size order is just icing.


Go Noah, show that to bilingual, sign language, genius baby's Mother-outstanding sock AND cup lining uppage skills and in a pleasing color palette to boot! He has a definite sense of order, he may be gifted....
SO sweet is he!


BRILLIANT child! Sock lining is an essential talent that will take him far. I speak from experience. My geniuses prefer shoes to socks, but you get the general idea...


What a cutie. I agree, sock lining is a very important life skill.


You rock out with your sock out.

Reason #250
They provide a good excuse for nothing getting done around the house.
< insert picture of my MESSY house here >


so darn cute


Noah must be extrememly advanced. All Will does is THROW our socks in a huge messy laundry pile... Of course we have the phone answering thing down to perfection :)


Did he really organize the socks AND the cups? And answer the phone? Noah is your personal assistant right now.

Wacky Mommy

Oh, he is smart! Look how organized the little fella is. Buy him a Blackberry.

Fairly Odd Mother

It's never too late to put them to work. But, that looking out the window thing? Not billable.


Did he really do that with the socks? That kid is a genius.


Aww, it's nice to have laundry service!!!


I often see the Matchbox cars lined up here, but not the socks. THAT is a sign. I don't know what it means, but it's a sign... I wouldn't be surprised if The Gap comes a-callin. They hire sock liner-uppers....


He might be a contender for the cup-stacking competition - there's a video of it on cnn.com - it's crazy!

Merry Jennifer

I could use Noah's help around this place. Is he good at organizing closets?


Bossy's kid used to wear Bossy's underwear like a hat. All at once. Clean, thankfully. But sort of like a Hanes factory explosion. (lots of tattered stretched waistbands.)


He is just unreasonably cute! That last picture of him looking out the window... TOTAL framer!

... I can't believe how big he's getting! :)


I'm into the same kind of child exploitation myself, especially the 'wonder' kind when you have to remind yourself to breathe.
Best wishes

Abra Leah

I'm partial to the neon glow cups, too.

He's just so sweet!


Further proof of Noah's intellect.

I have to say, I'm noticing all the Pottery Barn things in your beautiful home. I'm jealous-you even have the rustic wine rack on your wall that is backordered until the second coming, lol.

the bee

Can Noah come and organize my sock drawer?
It appears that I cannot. That boy is precious !


I think I need to find me a sock cleaner-outer-er. :)

Miss Hope

You are doing the right thing! After having two girls and being their personal slave, I decided this third child would be productive in life. At almost three years old, he can load the dishwasher WAY better than older siblings (ages 12 and 8). Keep that boy working. Your future daughter in law will love you for it. Gah, doesn't it gall you think of your son with a stinky female?


Wait til he can do his own laundry.

Y from the Internet

He's all "Thank you for calling The Meat Club, would you like to try our new Mighty Beef Trio?"


Dude, my 8-month old needs to start doing stuff. I gots dinners to be made and gutters to be cleaned out.


I love it! He did such a good job too!! Did he carry the socks from your room?


Am I the only one OCD enough to noticed there are two matching pairs of socks in the lineup, and two TOTALLY RANDOM socks? What happened to their mates?

I have FAR too many issues.


He's SO Jason in that picture. How funny.

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