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I am already out of ideas

So I got a couple emails from readers during my little blogging vacation, and they all started with the same thing: I'm sure you're getting millions of emails like this, but... And I wrote back to say thank you, but actually! I have gotten three! And yours is four! So, thank you, four people! You are the real heroes. And then I got a little paranoid. I always get so many emails! Where are all my emails? Obviously I wasn't expecting millions of emails from people begging me to come back! come back! but...a couple, maybe? Would be nice? But no, y'all called my bluff on the whole "unplugging from the Internet to spend quality time with my child, reconnecting with the simple joys of blowing dandelion seeds across a grassy field while the sunset bathes us in an amber 70s-type glow" thing. So I was forced to step away from the computer and go to Gymboree simply because I had no emails to read and had already beaten all the secret levels of Diner Dash. Damn it! Then yesterday I realized that I'd accidentally removed my email address from my about page, in a breathtaking misuse of shift-down-arrow action,... Read more →

The Great Return

Motherfucker. The tire's back. It's been safely stashed in our rented storage locker all this time, but in light of Paris Hilton's recent troubles I decided that was no place for our scandalous personal items like Noah's infant car seat and our spare broken Ikea lamp. Oh, Paris. Always teaching us such valuable lessons. I was ready to just roll the tire down the basement steps, which is pretty much my solution to everything (laundry, boxes, Christmas decorations, toddlers), but Jason said he actually needed it, since he noticed a nail embedded in one of his tires. That was a week ago. Sigh. And so it begins. TireWatch 2007: New Year, New House, Same Old Rednecks. Also on the docket for February: SpackleWatch, or Why Today's Luxurious Quilted Double Rolls Require Wall Anchors: MulletWatch, or I Know, I KNOW, But My Husband Won't Let Me Cut It, Even Though Please, I Totally Rock the Home Haircuts: And finally, BrokeWatch, or Lucky Us, We Get to Upgrade Our Electrical Panel Because Blah Blah Overloaded Circuit Blah Melted Plastic Doohickeys House Go BZZZFFBBT and Up In Flames: It's been an interesting weekish or so. Thanks for your patience, and it's good to... Read more →