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Hey! Remember when my baby was a just a wee turtle, and I was all, "Oh my God, thank goodness for this baby swing, I don't know what I'd do without this baby swing, what with the massively time-consuming job of parenting a small blobby-like child who doesn't roll or walk or run or flip over the back of the couch headfirst for fun." Remember that?


Aww. Bald and toothless and already giving his mother the stink-eye.

Anyway, we're getting ready to stash the swing and other assorted baby gear in our attic, but Noah decided he wanted one last ride.


Hmm. What's this?


Are there any additional fabric choices? Perhaps something in a barnyard print?


What about a matching ottoman? Because I could definitely use an ottoman.


You know? It's not half bad. I'll take it.

Oh Noah. I love you so much. What else is there to say?



HE IS SO CUTE! Oh my goodness.

Zow Zow

That last picture of him kicking back could be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Even cuter then little Noah-turtle.

I know it's hard to see him grow, but how cute is he as a little person?

thanks for the dose of adorable.


Ah!! Precious baby feet!! Can't...take...the cuteness.


I know its hard to believe - but it even gets BETTER* from here.
He sure is cute ;)

*except sometime in the teen years when it all goes to hell and feels like the day after you brought them home from the hospital without the owners manual. But you've got years before all of that & maybe you'll find the manual before then.


Thanks for my daily dose of cuteness!


Oh Amalah, your captions kill me! Fabric choices? HAHAHA He's such a cutie man, I think the swing needs to stay in the living room till he breaks it! lol


Oh my god! The hands behind the head...that's priceless!


Look how cute he is just chillin. I love it!


Elbow dimple! *sigh*


Owwww! Ovaries hurting!


OH MY GOODNESS! That is too adorable!


So cute.

You realize, of course, that the minute you have all that stuff stashed away, you'll probably get pregnant again? It just seems like that is the sick way the world works.


Noah is like the cutest baby ever. I want to have seventeen just like him.


All he needs in that last picture is a remote control and a Heineken!! Adorable!

Sarah Marie

Thanks for the old pictures of the turtle. But now, OMG those FEET! I think you should do a retrospective photo post on Noah's feet. And I've been noticing that he's looking more and more like Jason as time goes on. What a cutie!


Fast forward 30 years: Noah's in that same position except he's on the couch and he's got a beer in one hand and the other hand down the front of his pants.



It's the LazyBoy of Toddlers. "where's my remote?"


Does that swing come in Tan microfiber?

Because I am in the market for new living furniture and that looks so dang comfortable.


He's asking for a Lazy Boy next, you watch.


As most others have said too frickin' adorable. I also love the last one. Such a handsome boy you have.


The arms behind the head sans shirt SLAYS me.


That there is adorable.

What a little man!


Cutie Patootie! I'm glad my older son didn't try to climb into the swing when we brought it out for his baby brother. He did however deposit his stuffed lamb doll in there on more than one occasion. He needed help getting him buckled in though.

Look at those feet! Start saving for size 16 Nike shoes now!


Oh my! He is the cutest thing EVER!


What else is there to say? How about, "Waahhh!!"

The shirtless, hands-behind-the-head pose is killing me. I swear it looks like he has pecs already. Thanks for the teary chuckle!




Sweet Little Man!

I'm sure you could outfit that seat with a cup-holder. Gotta have a cup-holder.


Aw, its that kind of photo that you'll be showing his girlfriend in 20 years time or whatever and she'll be all like "AWW" and then gaze into his eyes and marvel about what a cute kid he was and how lucky she is...*sob*

Maxine Dangerous

All he needs is a sippy cup full of beer.


That's pretty darn hilarious, not to mention excessively cute.

We have that swing. Camilla doesn't like it. Why doesn't she like it?

(Thanks for reminding me that it is blessed ease to be able to leave the baby on the bed and go into the other room for a minute. These days are numbered, I know, and I want to be able to appreciate them.)


oh gosh I did that same thing on Saturday but with the baby papasan! He sat in in it for like a minute and was like, "Ummm yea, been there done that!"


You should start a collection of Noah-looks-like-a-little-man pictures. You have the one from a long time ago with him in the robe, all Heffner-like.. and then this one.. I am sure you have others. It would make for a really cute and funny album.



Heather B.

I've never met a two year old who likes to lay back and recline like the one you've got there. He's definitely a keeper.


Ack! All very cute, but this scares the crapola out of me, because my baby looks like that first picture and we're all "thank jeebus for the swing!" and I am in total denial that she will ever be independently mobile and too big for the swing. Say it ain't so!


So adorable!! I can't believe how much Noah has grown. Lounging in sweatpants with his "underwear" showing...he's a real man.


What a personality! My daughter did a similar thing when we put away her seat. I love your commentary, as always.


Loved Wee Smiling Turtle, but Massive Shirtless Daredevil Toddler Boy may be my favorite Noah thus far.


Note: when a 3.5 year old, a 2 year old and your 6wk old baby all are in that swing, it doesn't really hold up all that well... and your baby kinda gets a little smooshed.


I have this same swing for my son, and last time he found it he climbed in backward and swung himself onto his head.


OH.MY.STARS!!! That reclining shot is adorable!! I would keep the swing out just in the hope that he keeps reclining.


Look at those precious toes! And the one with his hands behind his head is hilarious!

My daughter is due Friday so we've recently pulled out my 17 month old son's swing, bouncy seat, crib mobile, etc. and he's about to have kittens over playing with the stuff. It's hilarious watching him try to climb under the toy bar to get in the bouncy seat!


There is nothing more to say. Totally adorable! I'm going to go get my teens and make them do something toddler-like so I can remember how cute and sweet they used to be. (It's hard to remember sometimes!)


My son is 5 months younger than Noah and you KILL me with these little asides - both because I feel like I've known Noah all his life and what I really want to do is squeeze him and zerbert his belly, and because it's a little sneak peak at coming attractions at my house.

Preshus does not begin to describe...


that's horribly precious. :) I love how he's casually lounging there.


Aw, that last pic of your preshus is just preshus! We've had a hard time putting away the baby rocker we have because our son just cannot let go of it. Or mabe it's us. *sigh*

Bozoette Mary

Mom? It's great, but it really needs a cupholder. Just sayin'.


*keels over, ovaries exploding*

I love love love little Turtle Baby so much, but Big Mr. Bershon absolutely slays me. He's all "Ma? A cocktail over here would be super, thanks."


Laid baaaaaack. :) Good stuff, Noah. Good stuff.


oh shut UP he did not sit like that. awesome.


i think this might be the cutest thing i have ever seen.


Oh Amalah, he is so breathtakingly gorgeous! What a beautiful boy he is. I was so in awe of my little blue eyed boy when he was that age. He was so lively and into trouble all the time. He will be 14 on the fifth of next month. He is also taller than me and alas he is also my only child, so I love to see how Noah is growing. Lucky you! You will get to experience so much with him!


The last photo is priceless.


I love love LOVE your blog. I love your humor, and I wish we were friends so that we could be snarky about others.


I just wanted to thank you for your blog and sharing your life with us. I started reading your blog right after you found out you were pregnant, and I have loved following your adjustment to parenting and watching Noah grow. :) It really is amazing, just as a random internet bystander, and I'm sure even more so for you.

Anyway, hope the rest of your week goes well :)


Well, I'm finally delurking to comment on what an adorable little man Noah is. He totally reminds me of my son, who will be a whole complete year next week! how the hell did that happen? I LOVE your blog and you have given me so much inspiration and insight as a mother...worth so much more than that worthless parenting class that literally put me into labor!


He looks more comfortable now!


Oh how I miss the turtle days.. so I can't even imagine how you feel. You still have possibly the cutest little boy I've ever seen, Amy.

the bee

Your boy is precious. I would love to hook him up w/ my 22 month old niece when she visits in summer. I love when they revisit babyhood.


Just a word of warning...the week after I stored the swing (or as we affectionately termed it--baby crack) in the attic...I found out I was pregnant again!


He is soooo adorable. Cutest internet toddle goes to noah!!!


Absolutely adorable. The commentary is a nice touch, lol!

BTW, When I moved into my townhouse, I made the movers put all the baby stuff in the basement, but DH was telling them to put it upstairs-rather humorous seeing them lug it up a flight, then down two. I'm sure they hated the psycho lady.
Six weeks later I was pregnant. DH won out, and I'm so glad he did.


I want one! I want one NOW!

But, really, only want Noah because he's the CUTEST baby ever. EVER.

Wacky Mommy

Sweetie-pie Noah, my kids and I love watching you grow up.

Dacia :-)

OMGAWD!!! Adorable!!! My twins are 8 months... I will be there in a few months *sniff* *sniff*


He's so cute! I have a son that's almost exactly a year younger. Those feet look so big!


Oh Amalah.. I love your blog, I have for a year and a half now. But your posts are getting so... sparce. And non-dialogish. I miss coming to your site to READ. Sorry, just had to let you know!


The last picture will surely turn up in Noah's wedding slideshow.

Pickles & Dimes

That last pic is the BEST.


Snap some giant headphones on that kid, stick a ball game on the tube and Bossy thinks he looks awfully close to a husband.

Amy M

Adorable! I love following Noah's development & knowing what's coming 6 months down the road for my little-one-who's-not-so-little-anymore.

My baby HATED his swing. I can't see him lounging about in it now. Hmm...maybe the dog would . . .


That is absolutely adorable!


All he needs is the remote and a beer! :)


Three words...

So Incredibly Preshus.


Awesome. He looks so comfy! Makes me wish *I* had a swing like that...


The pick of him with her hands behind his head is the best!!!


I have this travel swing for my girls. Everytime my almost 2 year old nephew comes over...he does the same thing and it cracks us up. :)


Stink-eye!?? Looks like flirty-eye to me.


Wow! He's got some big feet!

So cute!

Black Belt Mama

Isn't packing up the baby stuff the worst!?! I cry every time.

shy me

OMG! SO effing CUTE!!!!!!


Ok, totally has nothing to do with any entry ever, but since you liked the martians: =

And I am sure, years from now, Jason and Noah will thank the Swedish Chef for teaching you how to make donuts. And impromtu skylights.


OMG. This is the best. I am planning to buy an Ikea bed and was researching complaints when I came across your Ikea bed entry. (yes, I am wanting the Noresund bed!) I ended up staying and reading entries for over an hour. *adding to faves* You're great! Have a blessed day!


Too cute!

My nephew used to do the same thing when he was that age.

Who knew baby swings were so functional at all stages?


I agree with Robbi come back and post lots of goodies for us to read.


So cute with his arms behind his head! I think you should leave it out for him as his own personal chair...looks like he is a big fan.


Ohhh, this is so the last two shots. Reminds me of what mine did when they heard I was giving it away. Course now I'm wishing I didn't since baby #4 is on his way any day.


That last photo is totally..."Hey Mom!? Can we get some meatloaf?"


Aww, there is like nothing cuter than bare baby/toddler feet!


You know what I love most about your site? That I get to relive the wonder of my OWN kid at that age through what you post. It really brings back memories (wait until NOAH is 14 and growing his hair out and constantly connected to whatever digital device is then popular, the rolling of the eyes, the embarassed shrug).... Anyway, thanks. :)


The kid is very cute .

Momma Bean

Perfection. He's such a doll in that last photo especially!

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