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A Life More Ordinary

So I know my recent entries have been heavy on the photos and light on you say?...wuh-urds? Yes, not so many words. But! This is merely a direct result of me and my boring, boring life where nothing ever happens.

Behold! The biggest news stories of the past two weeks or so:

1) We are shopping for replacement windows, which means I have been talking a lot about "sashes" and "sculptured colonial muntin grids" and "I'm sorry, but your quote here appears to have an extra zero on the end and...what? Oh. Okay. I see." and "Please call a doctor, for I think I just had a stroke."

2) I finally, like just two days ago, bought my plane tickets to Austin for SXSW. Which I am speaking at, holy God.

3) I think I am allergic to my watch.

And...that's pretty much it. Oh, except that I took a lot of photos, but you already knew that.


Shirt by Old Navy, ego trip courtesy of illiterate offspring.


No idea. No fricking idea.

Anyway, while I would LOVE to stay and chat about what a nickel allergy does to one's knuckles, Jason has the day off today so we can get our cars inspected and pick up the new sofa cushion inserts we ordered because our current ones did not survive my pregnant weight gain intact. Oh! And then we have to go buy Ziploc bags. Freezer size.


Please. I know. Just try to control your excitement.   



Your post with the swing made me so sad and excited all at once. Made me realize how big L has gotten and then made me realize that #2 is going to be THAT small! Even the tiny clothing didn't make me all choked up like your pics.

Then again it may just be the hormones.


I'm ALSO allergic to my watch! I don't wear one anymore. I one of the losers who just asks the time to whoever is passing by at that moment.

By the way, I have enjoyed the pictures lately.


Now, if you had said snack size Ziploc's you would have had me. Freezer size? Meh. :p


Dude, you guys are out.of.control. Freezer size ziplocs?!


Totally into the bigass ziplocs. I also recommend the GIGANTIC ziploc bags - huge enoguh to store pillows and even small children and pugs if desperate.


You will be in Austin, too? Sweetney and Amalah so nearby! I'm tempted to drive up for the day and stalk you guys or something. *lol*

So about the freezer bags, will you be freezing things in them? Or using them for something else? Because if you're using them for something else? You are a CRA-ZEE rebel. *lol*


what's with the stamp on Noah's hand? Late night out clubbing with the boys?


You're coming to Austin! Yay!! All of your Central Texas followers (including myself) should get together so we can bask in your awesomeness while you are here. Your blog sure has helped me through some of those tough SAHM days, and I'd love to buy you a drink (or two or seven) to tell ya thanks!


Ugh! Nickel allergies are the absolute sucks! I had to throw out almost all of my jewelry. I now own exactly one pair of earrings. On the bright side, when I buy jewelry now, I am totally required to buy the good stuff. It's annoying when you can't buy those cute earrings at Claires... but it's pretty fricking sweet when you get something in a Tiffanys bag for your birthday.

Amy H

YEA! Austin! SXSW! So excited that you are definitely coming. I sent Tracey a list of places to drink (uh, and eat) while you two are here.

also? the weather was sunny and beautiful here every freaking day in Feb. (seriously, no rain all month) and so far in March. But when you get here...I promise we will have at least one rainy day. happens every time. grrrrr.


Is Noah trying to give some secret gang signals in that second shot, or begging for reinforcements? Can't decide.


Is it pathetic that I'm super excited to be going to Austin the same weekend as you? I'm unfortunately not going for SXSW, but I'm still hoping to see you at the airport! I know. I'm a dork.
If I don't get to meet you it'll be ok, I still get to spend two WHOLE nights alone in a hotel room... oh I can't wait for the uninterupted sleep!


Randomly enough, I too will be in Austin that weekend, although not for SXSW. Small world!

I like Noah's shirt. Very cute.

Have fun on your Ziploc-hunting expedition!


I think your readers would like to hear more about SXSW! At least, I would. I just booked my hotel room for the Chicago BlogHer conference this summer and have blogging seminars on the brain 24/7.


I won't be in Austin, but I do like a good Zip-loc bag!

And I love Noah's "little man" face. My son (soon to be 3) has a little man face too... just completely irresistible.

Does it ever freak you out that someday you'll be "the mother-in-law" to your little man's wife? Not that that's related to anything here... just relating as a fellow Mom of a precious Little Man.


My husband has a nickel allergy and oh my holy hell, you should see what it does to his skin. Belt buckles, glasses, all of them are made of frigging nickel. Or better yet, nickel silver: nickel in disguise!


Could someone please explain to Bossy why windows are so expensive? Glass, wood - what's the big whoop?


Good luck with the car inspection. I'm dealing with that myself for a car I've inherited. If you are in MD and haven't done your homework, get ready for the shock of your lives when it comes time to pay the bill. Then get ready to be horrified again when it comes time to deal with licensing, titling and registration at the MVA. Of course, I have no idea what DC requires or what the fees are there. But I thought everything was a major pain in the butt compared to VA.

Sounds like you need good old fashioned Haagen-Dazs therapy.

Lisa M

You will love love love Austin this time of year! And I know how it at home consists of being horrible boring with the occasional excitement of plugged up toilets and barfing dogs. And throw in a creepy neighbor who keeps trying to "show me his Harley" and it's a wonder I'm not insane. Love your blog!


LOVE the shirt! gotta get one for my Lucky boy.

another coincidence - not the Austin, TX kind though. My DEAR LOVING HARD WORKING HONEST HUSBAND sells windows (and doors and other housey stuff) and his prices are GREAT!!!

email me, girlfriend. I'll totally hook you up with my guy.


it's your chance to mess with texas! hurray!

here are a few very Austin-centric posts that I have written lately to get you in da mood:


Austin is great this time of year. (Hint: no snow EVER!)


Unfortunately I'll miss your big Texas debut - but if you're interested in any recommendations from an Austin semi-native feel free to email.


Did I miss something? I have not noticed the boring that is your life. I guess it's because you make even the most mundane of things sound like fun. Window shopping? Now I want to do it because it DOES sound exciting. Car inspections? I actually miss sitting in line all day on a Saturday for a *free* sticker in my window. Now I pay over $60.00 for the same thing -- but it used to be hundreds of dollars, so I guess it's an improvement. Have a good weekend.

yet another from the legions of Amys

You're replacing your windows? Right after I looked at that picture of Noah gazing out of one and I thought, "oh, how nice they bought a house with windows that don't suck." I hope you are getting true divided light windows. Pretend ones make me crazy. But don't listen to me--I'm already crazy enough to restore 250-year-old windows for my 287-year-old house.

Y from the Internet

SXSW is going to be so boring without me there. Seriously, no Ass Explosions in your bathroom... *yawwwwn*


Dunno. Looks like he's trying to sign "socks."

Glad someone else has a life about as exciting as mine. Ho-hum.

Thanks for the pix. He's a doll.


Yay for Austin!!

I love this place - been here 25 years (since I was 9)

Love it!! Welcome and have a blast!

Abra Leah

I'm not going to SXSW this year. Suxor. I'm doing a big Stamp Camp that first weekend.
You will love Austin and SXSW!


I found out the itchy way that my skin could eat through gold plate on a watch band buckle to the cheaper metal below (the watch itself has a 14k gold back; stainless steel gives me a rash - which means that I can't wear my adorable Cinderella watch from Disney World ever again without some itchy consequences). So for now, I too am watchless.

My DH has it easy b/c I don't wear a ton of jewelry, but I do have expensive taste for the pieces I do want (the wait on those 3/4 carat per ear diamond studs with gold posts might be a long one).


Love. the. shirt.


I just love that shirt.

Do they make it big enough for teenagers? I have no problem forcing mine to wear it....


Noah is a-dor-a-ble. And your house looks so pretty! Please post more photos of it - like you did when you first moved in, but without boxes!


Cute pictures. Nothing wrong with photos, they are, after all, worth a thousand words.

Have fun. (you should see if Danny will bring ya some free shirts :)


Looks like Noah is saying "Get Down on It, get down on it!"

I finally found a watch that doesn't irritate my skin. It's a Skagen.

I like the photos with captions entries.


That second pic looks like some kind of Kung Fu move.

Wax on, wax off.


Love the Gymbo hand stamp. My daughter licks her finger then swirls it around on her hand until Gymbo is all smeary. She will then try to wipe it off on her shirt. Love it.


Give me a holler if you want any suggestions on places to eat/drink/relax while in Austin!

Heza Hekele

I am allergic to my watch too...and to every other cheap piece of jewellery ever created. Nickel Allergy sucks indeed!

Fraulein N

Perhaps Noah is doing Itsy-bitsy Spider?


Oh, I am so glad I don't have to deal with those stupid car inspections anymore.
They always hit me up for the crooked headlight charge-always.


I was so overwhelmed, I had to walk away for five minutes.


You're coming to Austin? Yayyyy!

Fellow commentors, we should plan a welcome reception or something!


Austin meet-up!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!! I would love to get together with you and all your readers! What are the dates you'll be here? It IS a gorgeous time of year!

I could do a brunch/open house at my place for you and all the readers or we can nominate places to meet. Someone's house is so much better though, more mellow and no time pressure! YAYYYYYYY!


I thought they only had music at sxsw. That is so exciting! Is Jason and noah going with you? Congrats!!!

I always like it when you are picture heavy!!


I hear you. If it isn't the boredom that gets you, it's the sickies! Which is why I quit today.


And I will be out of town! Gah! Figures with my luck. Austin is a great town, take in as much as you can. and P.S. - Outlet malls on both ends of town.

Wacky Mommy

You should really whoop it up with a trip to Home Depot to buy some paintbrushes or something.

Della Dunn

GOSH YES!!! Someone plan a get together in Austin. I will drive up from Corpus Christi, even though it is the day after my husband's surprise birthday party.


So, so funny.


I almost bought that shirt at Old Navy yesterday... Ok, enough sharing... I am such a dork :)


Random thought but
It could be your perfume in combination with the watch, if you spray with your right hand onto your left wrist first. Just an idea.


And then what are you going to do next? Oh please, don't leave us hanging like this!


I think I need to sit down. The last time I bought freezer-sized Zip-Loc bags I was forced to double up on my Zoloft.


Dude, the kid is totally throwing gang signs. What up?

And SXSW? So cool. Can't wait to hear more!


Freezer size Ziplocs are great for sealing in horrific -smelling diapers, then sneaking up near your husband and sliding back the zipper before geeeently squeezing the Bag of Death under his nose.

I'm just saying. In case you run out of things to do.

Amanda Cowan

Maybe that motion Noah is doing is some sort of toddler communication tool.. here is a link to a photo of my daughter doing a similar movement.


Have a wonderful time in Austin! It's one of my favorite cities.

creative-type dad

You still wear a watch? That's so 1995.

Very cool about speaking at SXSW


your panel looks AWESOME. Have fun!


Nickel allergies are the bane of my existence. I can hardly wear any jewelry - I'm even allergic to the hypoallergenic stuff. No fun! At least until you get nice, pricey stuff.
I can't believe how much Noah looks like you, it's so cool! Love his shirt!


Keep us updated on the window thing. We will be in that scary assed mode in four years when we do ours. I'm already shuddering at the thought

Her Bad Mother

Dude. Your *photographs* are outta our league. The art of the photo-essay - or even just the photo-rant, or the photo-babble - is not one that is comes easily to everyone. To make photos tell a story - and to punctuate a story, which you do brilliantly - is ART.

Plus? That child? Worthy of a photo-montage any day.


While you're in Texas, you should acquaint yourself with the wonder that is the breakfast taco (not the same as a breakfast burrito, and you'll be looked at funny if you order a burrito of any kind). You'll discover why Tex Mex in DC sucks so much once you've had real Tex Mex.


My window replacement experience was similar to your ikea cabinet replacement experience. Definitely check the boxes as they are delivered!


Someone sent me this and it made me think immediately of Noah. I don't know if you check out the comments or not, but I don't know where else to put it. Enjoy!


We had to have our windows replaced a year after we bought our house (there was one that leaked A WHOLE FUCKING LOT whenever it thought about maybe raining outside, and the rest weren't too much better).

You have my sympathies.


It's funny how you learn so much remodeling - and become obsessed with the correct terms!

Good luck - and make sure your contractors CLEAN.UP. EVERYTHING. - both inside and out!!!

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