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Austin! Meetup! Yes!

Guess what! We're throwing a party this weekend! And you're invited!

I am using pronouns like "we" totally unfairly, because...please. I am just showing the hell up. Usually I would at least bring some dip, but I don't think the new airport security rules allow for that much sour cream.

Anyway, amalah.com reader Jennifer has awesomely offered to host an open house this SATURDAY, MARCH 10th, and anybody in the Austin, TX area is welcome -- nay, commanded -- to stop by.


(Deleted. Poof!)

38th 1/2! It's like we're partying with Harry Potter!

Jennifer will be making breakfast tacos and pancakes, and if you'd like to bring anything -- booze, OJ, muffins, booze -- feel free. Again, it's an open house so just drop by whenever and stay as long or as little as you'd like.

If you can definitely make it, let me know (in comments or email). If you aren't sure yet, no biggie. Come anyway.

Oh, and no. Noah won't be there. Just me. I am sorry. I know he's the main attraction around here, so just figure this is your chance to meet the supporting cast of Bonanza, or something.


PPS: But! I met a celebrity! Sort of! Jason told me to ask for a picture but I informed him that I am QUITE TIRED of behaving like a spastic dorkwad just so I have something to amuse the Internet with on Monday, so I did not say hi.

PPPS: Dude, I am the biggest spastic dorkwad on the planet. If you don't believe me...well...just come to the party on Saturday and see for your damn self.



Welcome to Austin (a few days early). :)

Amy H

I'm there! Yippee. Thanks, Jennifer, for offering your house. I freaking love 38 1/2 street. (also, can you believe how many readers you have in Austin)

Also--bring a coat for nights out. We are in the 70s during the day and the low 40s at night. That's how we roll around here. Just so you are totally unsure of what to pack.


Well, I'm soooo jealous! I only live a million miles away. Have fun and have a breakfast taco for me. Because that sounds just awesome. You need to have a "Win Breakfast With Amalah" contest.


sheesh its a long commuste from Saskatchewan Canada to Texas. i dont think ill be there.

I know,I know, you are all very sad, but get your big girl panties out and deal with it, mmk?


breakfast tacos, mmm


Hey! That is right up the road for me!

Will have to find a sitter for the kids, but it might be doable...although you don't know me. But hey! I can bring the Margaritas with a Shiner Blond twist.


am i invited? because, well, you know.

[shuffles feet, looks at floor]


Fun! I might be able to join you guys, I don't think I have anything going on this Saturday. I was planning on visiting my parents in that area the weekend of the 16th, but might just have to move up my plans for Amalah!


Ooh I am sooo tempted! I live about an hour away!


Sounds like fun. Being in California - might make for a bit of a commute. Please have an extra mimosa for me! :D


hey, I'd love to come! thanks to Jennifer for hosting, that is super-awesome.

looking forward to meeting everyone.

(another) jennifer


OH I'm so bummed!! I'm throwing a H.U.G.E. babyshower on Saturday afternoon! :( so trip to A-town for me!! I'm sure you'll all be miserable without me there...right?


Let me know if you're ever in Vancouver (Canada) and the biggest booziest brunch ever will be on me:) Have fun on the 10th in Austin!


Er, is Jennifer okay with the fact that her home telephone number and home address are posted on the internet?


Er, is Jennifer okay with the fact that her home telephone number and home address are posted on the internet?


Okay...I'd have to drive a few hours to get there, but it might be worth it for some kid-free time...hmmm. I'll let ya know.


Uh. Yes. She is. And it will go away after this weekend.


WAH! That's one hefty drive from Savannah, GA. But I'll have a Bloody Mary in your honor!


I live too far away to go, but I could call you while you are there... Just kidding (sort of, but not really). It sounds like you guys are going to have a great time. Wish I lived closer.


I will be there if I can find a way to get there!

the reluctant ADDult

Yeah! A party! I will be there, and I will bring a tie-dyed pound cake and some jalapeno lemonade. (Just ran out of fresh armadillo, or I'd make you a nice roast, too.)

Thank you, Jennifer. That's awesome of you.



Oh, how I would love to be there.


Have a great time- every think of doing this in the DC area?


So looking forward to meeting not only Amy but all the Amalah readers in Austin! Come one, come all, and be ready to scarf down some tacos!

Wacky Mommy

Have a fun week, bahy-bahy.


Yes, I will be there and have no fear I will bring the booze.

What? Someone has to do it!


A band called "The Honey Brothers" is performing at SXSW. Why am I telling you this? Because Adrian Grenier (Entourage, Devil Wears Prada etc) is the drummer and you need to meet him so I can live vicariously through you. But I think they're performing on the 17th...so I don't know if you'll still be there...

First time I've ever commented...just to tell you that...Love your site ;)


Oh man, I totally didn't get the Harry Potter comment, but then I did, like 10 minutes after reading it. I'm all kinds of slow.

Dr. Johnny Fever

First one to puke loses.

Jennifer, do you employ anyone who is willing to clean up Sweetney puke? I've heard stories.


I wish I could be there to meet y'all...but alas, I'll be up here in cold, COLD Massachusetts...have fun!


I'm about six hours away.

I'm tempted. It'd be so fun!!


SO. JEALOUS. Not even fair.

Have fun!


Jennifer, you are awesome, I wish I lived even remotely close to Austin, I would be there in a heartbeat...hope you all have a Texas size great time, please eat a taco and drink a mimosa for me!


I am in Austin, so I will try to make it! I would love to meet you all. Are kids welcome or do I need to find a babysitter?


Oh! Unfair. Wish I was going! But I took this past weekend off to meet with bloggers. Also? Am on petit jury duty, federal.


I'll be showing up with Lissa and will bring even more booze. I will try to supress my inner spastic dorkwad but without, I imagine, much success.


this is the first time i've ever wished i lived in texas.

no offense to jennifer of course--i've heard that austin is awesome.
but i have some relatives in some other places down there who are a little...questionable.

though it could just be bad blood, completely unrelated to geography.

anyway, hope everyone has a great time!


Oh Oh FUN.

When is the bloody Sydney blogger meet-up, eh?


Oh, Jennifer! You are my newest best friend. Thanks so much for hosting this party. Yay, yay, yay!!!

Oh, and I'm in. ;)

Vaguely Urban

Let me know when you will be gracing Los Angeles; I would gladly host a meet up in this bitch.


This is how you know that you've made it big, when people travel hundreds of miles to meet you.


Can I get a raincheck for the next one ?


Alas, no one ever wants to host these festivals in Florida.

I was supposed to be there with the hubs, but my best friend had to run off and decide to get married, so I'll be in Boston at a wedding shower :)

Enjoy, and have a breakfast taco for me. Mmmmm....


Bossy thinks you're sorta Austincentric. Care to host a global shindig complete with airfare? Bossy will bring the Chocolate Martinis (killing two birds with one heavy stone.)

Heather B.

I suddenly feel like I should be throwing parties in your honor...

How I bring you a bottle of my new favorite wine?


I live about 100 miles north of there and would LOVE to come but can't and hate that.

And 30 Rock is my favortist show ever. And I love that guy and his hats.


Oh goodness ! Amalah in MY city?!??! I'm totally coming and I'm going to have you autograph my computer (would that be weird?) !!

See you on Saturday ! :)


I just found out that my best friend's husband is going to be in Austin for work this week. So um, would it be weird if I sent him in my place?

Oh, it would be? Okay. Good to know.

Have fun!


I so wish I lived in teh austin area! Have fun!

Dacia :-)

Lindsay!! Lucky!!!! Girl! Take a pic for me b/c you know Amalah is shiat!! I am so jealous.... envy! envy envy!

Hey Amalah? Can I borrow your private jet? Louisville wouldn't be so far!! Hey, I'll host the next one!! LOL!

Debbie in the UK

Oh bum. I would love to be there, but living in Cardiff, South Wales in the UK would make it a bit of a trek. I would love to some as you sound completely bonkers and it would be fun to hang out!



Debbie in the UK

I mean I would love to COME....sould really preview before posting...


I expect this day.


Holy crap! You're coming to Austin!

Fuck! I'm working Saturday!


Aw, I'm kindof sad. I live in Austin too, but I'm leaving tomorrow for a business trip in Cali. Silly job taking me away from the bloging parties. I QUIT. (Wait, no, I don't quit, but I wish I could be there!)


Hey! I wanna go! (I'm delurking because I'm so freaking excited that something so freaking exciting is going on not even 90 miles from me!)

any texas folks NORTH of Austin wanna carpool or something?


I wanna go!!! This is so totally not fair!!!


can we bring security blankets cause we are scared of meeting new people?
security blankets in the shape of friends?

A Concerned Reader

Oh cool! a private address on a public site, a party of strangers with *children* and *booze*! yay!

Sorry for the sarcasm, but I'm pretty gobsmacked.


Unfortunately I did not get my expense form cleared - a trip over from the UK being deemed too expensive and all that boring stuff. I have been to Austin once when I was 8 and I loved it! Have a blast!!!


is it just me or does 'a concerned reader' need to CHILL HER/HIS BOOTS...?

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