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SXSW Day One: The Line That Ate My Soul

Diaper Diarists Gone Wild!

Dear Everybody Who I Will Be Getting Drunk With in Austin,


You've been warned.



So much to do before I leave tomorrow! At the ass-crack of dawn! 

I wish I had time to write something that would do justice to all your comments before I go, but you've gotta agree: that was a bigshitload of comments. Every one of which I am so grateful for, even if my forehead is a mite raw from all the smacking I gave it as I realized all the many million ways I've made the eating situation worse. Because I am a bonehead who should not be left in charge of a houseplant, let alone a small human being.

Anyway, I will post an update on the new Feeding Plan of Zen Nonchalance next week. Currently I am debating whether to share this plan with Jason before I go, or if it would be wrong to let him deal with...what? Nine whole meals in a row? Or so?...and see how much his nerves can take.

I kid! I am only barely that vindictive.

In the meantime, to thank y'all for all the advice and sympathy, here is a picture of my baby in the tub:


Mmm. Delicious toddler. Chomp.

Oh! Okay, one last thing for I really go, for really:


Best. Playdate. Ever. The end.



Love. The. Letters.

You rock.

Have Fun.


Oohhh, I can't wait to see the HAIR!

Saw your post over at Celebrity Babies Blog... damn, some of those gals need to loosen up, eh? They just don't seem to get that the MamaPop posts are supposed to be humorous. Gah.

Organic Muslimah


Loving the Slut Whore playdate..



Manic Panic.. WOW if that doesn't bring back some college memories of my VERY purple hair! SWEET!

Cynthia Samuels

Noah is gorgeous! Sweet. Will surprise you. I just thought you would like to know that my younger son was so anti-green/vegetable that he would quite literally unwrap Chinese dumplings and pull the little pieces of scallion out of the filling. Etc.
Today he cooks. And just called to tell me that he made my favorite SPINACH soup and his friends loved it. And for a while was even a vegetarian!
One of my friends once told me - about another issue "Nobody ever went to college in diapers. Relax." I think it's the same for this crazy eating thing.
It makes good writers like you extra funny though.


LOL, aren't you so glad he can't spell yet? Makes it easier to communicate about things like n-a-p time or b-e-d time.

I figured you'd get lots of great assvice about a feeding plan of zen-like nonchalance yesterday, so I didn't chime in. Only will now to say that yea, I was you, only worse. ("Whyyyyy won't you just TRY it? You LIKE spaghetti!") Until I realized that hey, I'm fighting with a 2-year-old. And she's winning. :-)

Have a fantastic time in Austin!!


Michael has the exact same bath toy and fridge toys!

Have a great time!

Sarah Marie

That's a rockin' mohawk! I'd say the new haircut is holding up nicely.


Gotta love Fridge Phonics. xoxo


What is right behind his shoulder? Does your baby have an extra arm?


Manic Panic was my friend in College too! Post some pictures of the hair please, seeing as I can't make the party this weekend. Austin is a long drive from Phoenix.


Ahh, Manic Panic. Made my hair a pretty shade of dark blue. =D Have a good time, and good luck to Jason with the bebe!!

Best use of Baby letters eva

little miss mel

classic fridge decor. classic

Heather B.

I'm assuming that play date was with someone with an equally delicious child. I can only imagine the sorts of play dates that y'all have.

Have a wonderful time in Austin.


That conference sounds like a lot of fun. Will I be able to meet you at BlogHer this summer?

(Crazy that I ask you that when you probably don't live very far from me, right?) :)


Rachel - I think that "arm" is actually his leg, and the extra "thing" is his arm. I think.

Jesus, I better go inspect him for extra appendages.


Oh, Thank God. I hadn't noticed any extra appendages before, so I am relieved they are not recent acquisitions. He really is the world's cutest baby, and an extra arm would probably have only made him cooler. But still, it's good he'll skip the teasing.


If you get the chance, drink a frozen avocado margarita at Curra's. You will not be disappointed, I promise.


ha ha ha I love your creativity with the letter magnets. We have the same ones but with 2 older ones around, we have to stay boring what with the "I Love U's" and "W Sucks."

I didn't offer any eating advice because all Anna Sofia is doing with the stuff is THROWING IT. Usually at my head. Seriously, all she eats are cheesesticks and apples. Oh and "candy" (her favorite sign, by the way). Because I'm a good Mom like that!


Is it "all she eats are..." (that sounds wrong) or "All she eats is..." (that sounds right)?

Whatever, my brain is fried without apology. I'm a Mom of 3. What can I say? I come by it honestly. (LOL)


Pillarbox Red!!! Ahhh, college. SO jealous I can't be there!


Ah Manic Panic. I bleached my mousy brown hair and used Vampire Red in college. Cute until everything that came into contact with my hair starting turning red, even weeks after I'd dyed it. Oh and my hair? Did not come out a lovely deep dark blood red, but rather a bright magenta pink.


We have those letters, though I have never thought of making those words with them. Since I have readers it's probably a good choice on my part.

Manic Panic? Never heard of it, but if you use it, maybe post a picture or 2.

As for the Feeding Plan of Zen, I really hope it works. And I also hope Noah gives Jason as much grief as he gives you at meal time ONLY because it would really suck to come home and have Jason tell you how he ate everything set before him with a big smile and giggles of joy.


Aw, such a cute picture of Noah in the tub! Love the hair.

Speaking of, can't wait to see yours on Saturday! I've always been afraid to try Manic Panic.

Dad Gone Mad

You don't scare me, lady. I'll see your pink hair dye and raise you an "Amalah" tattoo on the left side of your neck.

Don't mess with the bull, Amy. You'll get the horns.


I get this all the time with my own kid, but wow- Noah is SO you. (Boy #2 is a clone of husband, so tell Jason there is hope yet.)


SOOOOOO glad I'm not the only degenerate spelling dirty words with the fridge letters! We bought 2 sets so we could spell Lili's name, but found we could also use them to spell out all manner of nasty little phrases.


This is re: the EATING issue. I thought you might miss my comment since I'm late in the game. I have a friend who's kid is the same way about food (and he's 7 - sorry - don't mean to give you more anxiety). You may want to look into/research "Sensory Integration Disorder". It is not a big deal or as scary as it sounds, but just another avenue to look into if your little man's issue continues AND he has some of the other features/symptoms of SID. Just a thought.


Where did you get those magnets? Thoese are the kinda I need, but not sure where to find some that cool! Have fun getting sloshed with the peeps, should be loads and loads of fun!


Oh no, Manic Panic....

I used the dark blue manic panic about three months ago.

For two weeks, every time I washed my hair I had to to it in this order: a) wash hair b) scrub face to remove blue c) scrub hands to remove blue
d) scrub tub to remove blue.

For god's sake don't use any white towels. Or white pillow case.

Also, be very careful when first applying the dye. Wear gloves. Don't take them out until you've washed your hair about six times. And put vaseline all over your face especially at the hairline before you start.



Have too much fun in Austin! And can I just tell you that Whore is my new favorite word and I'm using it way too much, I'm gonna blame it on you, k? K, glad we got that settled!


Have a great trip to Austin! If you got to be in Texas, Austin is one of the best places to be. I live in Houston, which is like the ugly step sister of Austin.

I laughed at your fridge magnets, not only because of the obvious, but I am convinced it is like a right of passage that every parent own the fridge farm & ABC magnets. I don't think I have ever been in a child rearing home and not seen those two staples on the refrigerator. All they (as in the kiddies) do is throw them all over the floor, while all we do (besides cleaning cheerios up out of the backseat of our cars) is pick up magnets ALL DAMN DAY LONG. Why do we do it to ourselves??!!

creative-type dad

Letters-- too funny!


dude, i already have the weird hair. and since you're going to be my spouse for the weekend, can i do anything other than SUBMIT?


let's not get kinky though.


Oh how I love tub pics! They are so dang adorable with their squeaky clean faces and their wide eyed innocence. How do you spell innocence anyway- that is not looking right??!!! Anyway- love the fridge words! Hilarious!


Ha ha ha, that last picture pretty much made my day!

Wacky Mommy

Love the hair and the magnet art. Have a good trip!


Okay...I'm 99% sure I'm coming this weekend. (but don't tell Sweetney its only 99% because she demanded it be 100% or she'd turn into the Hulk and we don't want that, right??) Can't wait for the Hair. Oh my.


I mean this in that absolute nicest possible way. Your baby looks like a parakeet in that picture, but the cutest parakeet EVER. =)


it's been too long since anyone called me a slut whore. and in magnetic letters on a fridge? positively eons.


Sigh. I wish I had a cute baby like yours. Oh. Wait. I did. Two of 'em. But, they got big. (Can you tell I'm sad today?) Oh, and why bring up SID? Can't kids just be annoying with their habits? Like the rest of the world? (Apparently cranky today, too.) Have a blast in Austin, Amy!


I want to see Manic Panic pictures!!!

Anywho - just read the other post about Noah and food.

Don't sweat the food thing. Remember, you don't want to make it an issue/power struggle AND (this is more important) their stomach's are only the size of their fist. Look how tiny that fist is. It's tiny. Especially compared the portions we THINK they should be eating. At that age, my son started skipping one meal a day and it lasted for a long time (he would eat one big meal and then graze).

Shortly after that, he went into a 2-3 year white food phase - he's just coming out of that now at 7. This was a boy who used to eat sushi, avocado and plain tofu. He's actually really good about eating now. There's hope down the road.

Mrs. Flinger

Hey! We have that cookie monster toy AND the phonic letters spelled out in very child appropriate sayings here, too! It's usually some message from the mister to me which nobody should ever behold.

(And as always Noah takes the cake of all bath baby pictures.)

Jenny H.

I am so wildly jealous of yout trip... I wanna get drunk and wind up with crazy-ass hair,too!!

Can't wait to see the pictures!! And there better be pictures!! Have fun!


Wow. You play like my girlfriends and I do. They're such WHORES.

Seriously, have a blast, and thank you for sharing your pics of Noah. He is just beyond adorable.


there is a toddler food bible that you need by Ellyn Satter. Her tagline is:
Feeding demands a division of responsibility. Parents are responsible for the what, when and where of feeding; Children are responsible for the how much and whether of eating...Ellyn Satter

it will take some of the stress away about feeding your kid.

Mom of 3 in NYC

Love your site, you're really funny. I'm not an every single day reader, but I try, so that's why I'm commenting on the feeding issue a little late. My ped. tells me, (1) when they're hungry they'll eat (2) food must be "introduced" and tried 10 times before a kid will develope a taste for it. So put brocolli on his plate 10 days in a row and see if he'll eat it, and last but NOT least (3) it is a power thing. He knows how to push your buttons, he's driving you crazy and getting LOTS of attention for it. Kids love attention, good or bad, so they'll do whatever they know will get them the most attention. Just put the food in front of him, if he eats, good, if he doesn't -- so what. He won't let himself starve. One more thing that saved my sanity was when I accepted the fact that before a kid is like 4 or 5, they are unable to sit at the table with you and your husband for a complete dinner. Their attention span just isn't there. So, if they're fidgeting around and getting up, just let them go & enjoy your own meal. (i'm not talking about in a resteraunt, I HATE people that are unable to control their kids in public!). GOOD LUCK!!

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