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Pink for the Cure


Am totally over the pink hair, to be honest. Everyone assumes I'm Noah's nanny and a little old lady did that shifting-handbag thing in an elevater the other day. And I got fucking dagger eyes from another mother at the mall when she saw me dashing out of Gap Kids after my escapee toddler. It was fun at first but now I am over it. I am ready to be my boring, status quo, washed-out blonde self again.

But I'm not washing it out. In fact, I'm getting ready to re-color it. Gulp.

I am keeping it pink until this team is fully funded for the D.C. Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on May 5th and 6th. Gulp.

Once they hit their goal of $7,000 I can jump in the shower with an economy-sized bottle of shampoo, but not until then.

I originally planned to walk with them, but I'm honestly not sure I can get in shape in time. I have been...uh...more than slightly glued to the couch for the majority of the past year. So 39 miles in a little over a month sounds like a recipe for a wheezing, whining disaster. So instead of offering up my hamstrings, I can offer up my hair.

Look! They're almost halfway there already! Is easy! We can totally do it! 

And now for the biggest gulp-worthy challenge of all: if the Pink Ladies raise $10,000 or more I will dye my hair any freaking color you guys pick. We'll do a poll, or something. So if you've ever kind of decided that you secretly hate me and everything I stand for (life! liberty! handbags! and the pursuit of whole-milk cheese!), now's the time to parlay that hate into something good. Donate now and then tell me to dye my hair electric green.

Which: oh, Jesus. I look hideous in neon.

So please donate to Deidra, Stacy and Heather via their individual pages, and then check out the team progress page to see how we're doing.

(My mom is still 100% cancer-free, by the way. The masectomy recovery was a long, hard road, but she appears to have kicked cancer's ass completely. Yay! But still, there is Too Much Fucking Cancer out there. Enough with the Fucking Cancer. Let's kick Fucking Cancer in the Fucking Nuts! Go team! Woot!)




Maxine Dangerous

I vote for some shade of blue. I've always wanted to dye my hair indigo or some cool shade of violet that would complement my dark hair without turning me into some punk-rock-looking poseur. So you do the dyeing and I'll live vicariously through you. :)


What if we vote for shaving your head? Just kidding. =)



Yay for Amalah's Mommy and Noahlah's Grammie! Yay for The Pink Ladies!

Mama T

Yay for mom being CF. That's the best news.


you rule.

now i must go check and see if my checking account is overdrawn. my checking account is usually overdrawn.
but, for this?
i will totally get up and brave the rain to drive to the bank and make a deposit.

it seems so much easier than walking 39 miles, or sacrificing one's hair to the higher power of the internet...
good luck!


I think banana yellow will be the next pink.
I'm too scared to have ever even gotten highlights, though my stylist is working hard to convince me. So bravo to you for offering up your hair for such a good cause!


That sounds like an excellent use of hair color.

Also, very happy for Nanalah.


It's very Rachael McAdams. And you know who SHE snogs, so that's saying something.


I think you look awesome with the pink hair!


I did the avon walk 5 years ago and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I met people who I am still friends with.

I'm going to go donate right now, and I am so glad for your mom.

Woman with Kids

Wow... Pink hair for another month and a half, and then whatever color we choose?

You are so. Very. Brave.


Cancer sucks. Thanks for encouraging the fund raising efforts. Yay for your mom too - it's very encouraging to hear survival/success stories after all the recent unsuccessful stories I've been hearing. BTW - screw that crazy GAP mommy for glaring at your pink hair! Next time ask her to remove the pickle from her ass before leaving the house:)


I'm not sure if anyone asked you this already... but I've been curious. What did Noah think of your pink hair? I think my Zoe would be a little thrown off if I went pink... or any other color for that matter!


I absolutely love this idea! Fabulous, Amy.


You rock the house for doing this!

I am so so glad your mom is OK.

I just went through some boobie trauma...ultrasounds, my first mammogram, an MRI, a biopsy, and I received news Friday that I am just fine. Others are not so lucky.

Fucking cancer sucks...


I don't remember if I sent this to you, but here's a pic from me last year, wearing your mom on my honor sign:

Fairly Odd Mother

Any mom who would give you nasty looks for having pink hair isn't a mom worth worrying about!

You've found a great way to put your pink hair to use! I wouldn't mind seeing purple (like a lovely shape of violet), so I will hop over and make a donation shortly.

Wacky Mommy

I have never read a public service announcement like that one before. That was good!


What a great way to support your friends in the Avon Walk! I am participating in the walk myself - and haven't done a lick of training (but doesn't carrying a child up and down 3 flights of stairs several times a day qualify as "training"?) Best of luck to the Pink Ladies! Hope I see them along the walk!

heather b

i totally thought of you and the pink hair while i colored my hair black this weekend (since that's all I ever do) and really, it's a great thing to hold your head hostage for fundraising. wish i'd thought of it first.


My sister and I did the Susan G Komen 3 day two years ago, 60 miles in 3 days. If any of you all are planning to do a walk, which is wonderful, TRAIN before the event. My "youth" did not get me through as I had expected and the hamstring recovery was at least 4 weeks.

Bravo to anyone proactively fighting cancer!


I wish your team great success in reaching their goal...I've already tapped out in my donations to the Avon walk by giving to my Aunt's team, 'Two Abreast'. They're doing the Boston walk in May. Maybe I'll dye my hair pink too and watch them from my car..who can walk that far without hailing a cab?


I actually think the pink is way cute on you. But it might be fun to see what you'd look like with really dark hair - reddish brown or something. I know, it's not very original.

I did the walk 2 years ago - it was crazy intense and amazing. Such a great cause - I hope they hit their goal!


Love your blog... will love it still if you join the vlog craze... As a breast cancer survivor of a whoppin' 5 months, I love, love, LOVE you for being pink. May I suggest a pin that says to ask why you're pink may drum up more money AND make those judgemental Mom's feel a tad bit guilty for their meanness.


This is such a great idea!


Pink for the Cure very cool idea, Amy. But leaving your hair color fate in the hands of strangers? Maybe not such a good idea. *lol* But it sure will be fun to watch anyway!


LOVE IT! And love the idea "ask me why my hair is pink" button, with maybe an icon of the pink ribbon (will help break the ice?)--maybe we have a new craze on our hands? Yay! (I vote neon green...) I have black hair, or I'd join you ;~)


Great idea, Miss Amy. You look good in pink, really! Kick cancer in the nuts indeed. I've lost enough family members to give a significant amount of rage to that kick.


I have been so busy at work that I didn't know about this until I got home today. What I'm saying is, I wasn't able to read A blog today, let alone all of the blogs that I would want to read, and LOOK WHAT I MISSED! Thank you so much, Amalah. You ROCK!

I have already received $120 from your readers. In fact, I'm over the "required" $1800. So, if anyone is reading this comment, PLEASE donate to my other team members! They need it more than I do, and it all counts toward our team goal and TURNING AMALAH ELECTRIC BLUE!

Again, I can't state how much this means to all of us and all of those touched by breast cancer. Thank you so much for your support!


I think your pink hair is Fantastic! Great cause as well!


Great idea - rah team. Hey, I got my first 25% off coupon from Coach and USED IT this weekend. Thought of you the entire time!


You are awesome. I did the Neon Green Manic Panic about 15 years ago. Very pretty.


A hardy mazeltov about your mom, a two thumbs up about the pink hair, and Bossy has this to say about the Breast Cancer Walk: muscle soreness is the least of it! Bossy's friend got blisters UNDER her toenails and months later her toenails are still peeling off! It's like The Fly!


A hardy mazeltov about your mom, a two thumbs up about the pink hair, and Bossy has this to say about the Breast Cancer Walk: muscle soreness is the least of it! Bossy's friend got blisters UNDER her toenails and months later her toenails are still peeling off! It's like The Fly!



I just started reading your blog...and I want you to know that I adore you (I feel almost stalker-esque saying that. Hope you don't mind.)


My mum just had her mastectomy early this year so I think this is a really good idea and I love the pink hair. Since I don't have the guts to dye the mophead a nice electric blue, I'm living vicariously through you.


A great cause, I am happy to help. I vote for a nice shade of teal for your hair - Atomic Turquoise looks good. I think my daughter is going with this color to match the beads on her prom gown.


Oh, and the mom who gave you the stink eye - she sounds like a snooty biotch. Don't let people like that get you down, they have no creativity or soul. Life is too short to not have fun.

Bettie Bookish

Great news about your mom. Just fabulous! And like everyone else, I love the pink.

When I was going through chemo and had lost all my hair, sometimes I would wear this little bright pink bob. It was the only wig I really liked.

In the hospital, everyone loved it. At the grocery store or Gap or preschool? I got the same dagger eyes you describe. If I felt really snippy, or someone was openly staring and disapproving, I'd just shift the wig a bit to rub my tender, bare scalp.

Black Belt Mama

I'm so happy to hear about your mom! Yeah! That totally made my day!

As for the colored hair? You are very brave indeed.


That totally rocks!


This is one of those posts that made me cry. Because you are fucking awesome.


Last week I had my first mammogram. Yesterday I got a phone call that there was something "abnormal" on the x-ray of my right breast. I would be lying if I said I wasn't terrified.

I am going to donate the proceeds of my next three sponsored posts to Stacy and Heather, since Deidra met her goal already. Honestly, I don't EVER want someone to have to put my face on their "who I'm walking for" sign.

I'm so happy to hear about your Mom.


Fuck cancer! I am also on a team doing the DC walk. We're doing this kick ass fundraiser on Wednesday night - a Date Auction! Should be a blast. Go Pink Ladies! I'm sure you will surpass your goal. And Amy - that's great that you're keeping your hair pink as a show of support.


I agree. I do love you Amalah but the pink hair looks so cheesy and bad. Ah well.


I really dig the pink hair on you. Really. I mean, I get that it could get old (the clashing potential with the wardrobe!), but while you've got it, it looks hot.


You should have a Special Contest for the Most Obscure Way Someone Stumbled Upon Your Blog. I was googling "dog eye ruptured". I don't really have a funny story to go with that. I have never read anyone's blog before as I am way too self absorbed and only care about me. But your humor has drawn me in regardless.


DON'T let them vote purple! I swear, purple will stain the holy living hell out of your bathroom. Get someone to put it on at a salon if you must!!! We were scrubbing for weeks...


Thanks for your support, Sandra.


We hate cancer at our house. My mother in law finishes up her radiation treatments this week. Let's hope that's the last we see of cancer around here.

Hooray for your Mom!!

(and I can't wait to see what color your hair will be next. I'm loving it.)

Ann Coleman

Sandra can go straight to Hell.
TO HELL, I SAY! Along with suburban snobs.
Every time they look at you, you should just look at them and say- "I dyed my hair pink to raise money for breast cancer research". Then let them feel guilty.
I like the idea of teal or purple too, I admit... but I think teal would face into greenish, while purple would fade into a nice lavender (having a younger, blonde brother who went purple).
And tiffany- I think we share the same accounting system.


OMG!!!! I am at over $1500 now with the help of your friends! I love the pink personally....but whatever will be fun! Wow, I would love for us to raise $10,000.00.

You all rock completely! I am sending out my thank you letters look for yours!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Stacy from the "Pink Ladies" team!

Mrs. Flinger

OH, so totally worth it. WOOOT! (Kicking cancer's balls as we speak)


way to shake up glaring, shifty folks dull lives with your shocking coif! great hair for a great cause.


Dude, I hate cancer too and support all efforts to eradicate it - but just wondering why, if you are keeping it pink to fight cancer, why were the hair dyes you were considering before SXSW manic panic red and pink, if the whole point was pink for the cure? if you had dyed it red, would this be an eradicte poverty post instead? Just wondering!


The red was in case the pink didn't show up on my uncolored hair, since I'd read that the red Manic Panic shows up as pink if you don't bleach first. I was also hoping some other people would dye with me (not for a cause or anything, just for fun), but they all pussed out.

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