Pink for the Cure
I should not be allowed out of the house without adult supervision. And perhaps a leash.


Hello! Goodbye!

Dudes, I am on my way out the door to catch a train to go to New York City, and I have no time to edit out all the extraneous words in this sentence. Because I am having lunch with Isabel (of, who reads me everyday and should know better) and...Laura Bennett, my very own personal Audrey Hepburn, and about five minutes ago I seriously thought I'd forgotten to pack my shoes -- the shoes around which my entire outfit is based, if I may have a Carrie Bradshaw moment -- and I just about blacked out.

I found the shoes! But my hair is pink! And I forgot my coat! And I need to leave right this second and this is going to END SO VERY BADLY.



OMG... You are go lucky! Rock those choos Carri-Amalah. You'll do fine!


AGH!!! Have fun! Good Luck! LAURA BENNETT!!! I can't wait for details :)


Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Laura Bennett! She's so fabulous! I'm so jealous!!!!


You'll be fine. Laura is so fabulous--gorgeous, fine clothes (I love her clean lines), and mother of many. Hero, really. Tell her I admire her ability to wear red lipstick.


Have a good time in my city of origin!

You should fit in fine with the pink hair :)


Good luck! Hope you can tell us all what it's about when you get back!


Have fun! And just don't let up on the posing with the pink hair. Sell it with all you've got. The key is commitment.


It sounds like you're going to have a fabulous time! And, of course, you're going to have to post photos of your very important shoes...

the reluctant ADDult

Believe it or not, I actually do know who Laura Bennett is. I also know that she is going to love your *color* of support. You've got cahones, girl, I'll give you that. And because of your gumption, I am going to make my pledge right now. I admire your moxie.

Last time I was in New York? We were standing on a corner, waiting for a light, when a young woman walked up dressed completely in pink: pink hat, purse, shoes, hair AND dog! A decidedly gay man next to us took one look at her and said to us, "Well! She sure took a lot of time getting ready today!"

You'd have to get up a lot earlier to out-do her. I'm not sure if Ceiba is up to the task.

Have fun!


Please do NOT spill wine on Laura Bennett.


Pretty much sums up my morning. And I was only trying to make it into my office downtown.



Wacky Mommy

There is nothing better than New York in the springtime. Have fun, babes, and go have a pierogi for me.


Man, oh man, Amy. If those dollin Project Rungay bloggers were at lunch with you three beauties, they'd be badgering Isabel and Laura B to get into a nasty little catfight.

Or, maybe that's your secret desire, too?

Please. Take pictures at this festive ocassion. Smackdown at AlphaMom readers cannot be denied.

Also, please ask Laura if Jeffrey's neck tats distracted her as much as it did the rest of America.

And, tell her that though I could never wear those plunging necklines, her line mofo ruled and she should have won, though Uli, whose couture improved dramatically in the course of the show, might have given her a hell of a catfight, not unlike the one you're going to witness, or even partake in, at lunch with the fab Isabel and Laura.

A bitch queen of a run-on sentence. Clearly, I'm excited for you.

You rule, too. As does Isabel, who wisely reads this here blog.



Good Luck Amalah! Have fun...rock the shoes! I can't wait to read about it when you get back.


OMG...LAURA BENNETT???????? I'm oozing with jealousy here!! Please just tell me you didn't forget your camera...


if THIS doesn't mean you've made it, i don't know what does.


THE Laura Bennett?? OMG. *swoons*

She was my favorite, although she nearly gave me a heart attack when she put the little dog into her HERMES BAG. Pictures please?


You're late! You're late!! For a very important date! No time to say HELLO! GOODBYE! You're late! You're late! You're late!!!!!

I love that movie. And it was the first thing that came to my mind. Have a safe trip and a great time.

(Man, your life sounds so awesome sometimes.)

little miss mel

dude, that rocks.
Just going to NYC is fabulous.

I think you'll fit in just fine with your pink hair.


Fabulous! It's sunny and gorgeous here in NYC. Have a great time and say hello to Miss Laura from all of us in blogland!


Fabulous! It's sunny and gorgeous here in NYC. Have a great time and say hello to Miss Laura from all of us in blogland!


Damn it. I wish I had read this earlier, because I wanted you to tell Isabel that I said "FO FUHKEEEEEEEKKING!"

And what is with everyone going to NYC? I may have to stop reading blogs because the jealousy is killing me.


GAH. How I wish I could just "catch a train to go to New York City!"

Your shoes! Do they match your hair?


Have fun!!!

Jenny H.

Jealous. She totally should have won. Her line was amazing!

Can't wait to see the pictures!


Have fun being a rockstar ;-)

laughing mommy

Laura Bennett! Does she want you to try out her new collection? Is she going to design some clothes for you? Or for mommies everywhere? Can't wait to hear about it! Pictures, please!


Yeah, Amalah - have fun. Bossy will be right here jumping rope with her lower lip.

Nothing But Bonfires

I interviewed Laura Bennett on the phone a few weeks ago, and she was the coolest. Like, THE COOLEST. She was so cool that I did this embarrassingly snorty geeky laugh about a hundred times, and she didn't mind. Plus, I was way too enthusiastic. Please don't be as enthusiastic as me when you meet her. It wasn't good.


My nephew went to the same preschool as one (or more) of Laura Bennett's boys, and my sister told me she had a "Mrs. Santa" cocktail dress that she had made herself and wore to some school function because her son loved it. Since this happened prior to seeing her on PR, it seemed a little kooky, but after seeing her on PR, it all made perfect sense.

Ta da! Totally pointless 6 degrees comment!


You are too funny.


It's a trifecta of awesomeness! Please tell Laura that I tuned into to the thing last night JUST TO SEE HER and her hair is awesome. She was also the only really awesome thing about that "show". She's just wonderfully funny and it's good to see her so relaxed these days. Have fun!



Don't forget to check out her eyelashes!!!



I cannot even imagine the paroxysms of utter terror that would consume me faced with putting together an outfit in which to meet Laura Bennett. I'm panicked over packing for a weekend to meet people I've been (online) friends with for years!

I must have clothing details. Yours *and* Laura's.

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