SXSW Day Over: Uh. Oops.
This Happens Every Damn Friday.

So Many Blogs...

...and so little actual life experience.

Which means it's redirect time here, since I have nothing left to talk about. Except how pretty it is outside and how much better lying around on a gigantic-ass parachute in the backyard sounds know...MORE GODDAMNED BLOGGING.

So! For those of you interested in hearing more about the goofy pink hair and seeing another photo or two, please to be clicking over to the Advice Smackdown at There you shall be rewarded with a rare treasure: an entire post about my hair, which dude! I never talk about my hair. Never! Do I even have hair? I honestly hadn't noticed.

For those of you interested in hearing about what a huge ass I am around minor celebrites, please to be clicking over to There are also some photos of me, although my huge ass is not pictured. Just my head. My very, very drunk head.

For those of you interested in none of those things, here! Some pictures. Of other things.


Clowns on parade.




im in ur backyard lookin all shifty like.


No more baby. At all. Not even a little bit. Sigh.



Mama T

Enjoy your sunshine. I just finished shovelling 15 cm of wet snow. Summer, please hurry...


It is gorgeous today in DC! Glad that you guys now have a yard to play in!


He looks so happy in his yard! And I've never seen a happier looking dog! Pure bliss


Noah is adorable and so is his little playmate! Ceiba, on the other hand, looks kinda pissed off. Does he not like the new yard? Is he scared of the parachute? Poor puppy.


Awww...tell Noah, "Show Mommy your belly." before that is gone, too!! It happens too fast...and then you'll be in a room of strangers talking about how fast it goes and how your baby will be graduating Kinder next year and your eyes will well up and you'll feel massively dorky. Heh. So hold on to that chubby baby belly for as long as you can!


Noah is so beautiful. And I'm still so jealous about your hair.


Bad angle for Cieba, or is there a chance that no hyperbole was involved when you spoke of Cieba reaping the benefits of Noah's (not) eating habits?


Nope, no more baby. Just a dude with 'tude.

I lost my baby recently too. Where did he go, and who let in this boy? With opinions! That he is not afraid to express!

Maxine Dangerous

What does Noah's shirt say?


Aloha from a faithful reader in the middle of the Pacific... I love your blog. Just love it! I wish I could send you a coconut for every word. Or a big oiled-up local-kine guy, carrying a coconut. A hollowed-out coconut. With pineapple juice. And rum. Yum. O god, it's 7:28 in the morning and I am thinking about naked oily men and rum. See how dysfunctional things really are here in Paradise? The poignant details of your life are a delightful diversion from my own, and as a writer, I am inspired by your balls-to-the-wall candor. What a swell dame. Mahalo nui loa, sistah.


Don't blink because in just a short while, Noah will be holding some car keys in his hand and preparing to take a drive with friends. You'll be tempted to drink until he gets home, but you'll need to stay sober...if only to have the ability to sniff out the potential for alcohol on your son and his friends. I'm just saying.


"My Mom's Outta Your League"?

If Noah's shirt doesn't say that, it so totally should!


I discovered your oh so funny journal a while back and have been amusing myself with your craziness. After reading through your archives like the nerd that I am, I've come to the conclusion that you are awesome for two reasons:
1. I am witty and wise, and I like you. Therefore you must be the same.
2. Your adorable little Noah is only a month older than my adorable little Noah!

Even when you have nothing to say, you beat cleaning the house, so thanks for the distraction.


What a beautiful day!
Is that other little boy Bunny's spawn?
It must be nice to have a yard (sigh)
Great shoes on Noah -- Vans?
Welcome back!


Ceiba *does* look all shifty like while basking in the warm glow of the sun.

And that baby you once had? Sad he's gone but it's only going to get better. After all, a baby wouldn't know exactly how you like your socks lined up on the TV stand.


Who is that giant boy on the deck and did he eat the sweet turtle?


Some more about your hair here... I know I'm going to sound like your Momma... but please tell me it's semi-permanent??? Your blonde hair was so purrrty. I'm too chicken-shit to do anything like that, I really admire your balls!


Do you like blogging anymore? I enjoy your take on life and very sarcastic tone but you seem to be kinda burning out.


Or maybe you are just burned out on SXSW. Take it easy and love the pics.


Ceiba: "Go away Peons!"

What beautiful boys.


Little boys are so much fun...wait until he tells you he will marry you. My son tells me I am a beautiful princess. I think that is almost as good as the baby days were.


It looks as if Ceiba shat out a left! lol. Sorry, I'm just observant like that. Noah is a little ray of sunshine like always!


Trust me, there is still baby there. You just won't be able to see it until your baby is 5 years old and you look at that picture again.


Um, is Ceiba getting a little, um, healthier in her more relaxed environment? Or did that camera just add 10 dog-pounds.

And Noah--what a handsome gorgeous dude.

I'm totally dying my hair pink this summer.


Pillarbox red kinda turns out pink too. I never did find the true fire engine red, and that is so not cool, except I did look cute as a pink/ orange/ blue haired pixie. I am so jealous- but I am enjoying looking normal this year. Next year I am sure I will get bored. Also, you have no idea who I am, but I have read your entire archives and feel like a total stalker. Lame.


Eeeeee, I loave the pink hair. I recently moved down South, and I am afraid if I dye my hair, there is no way in hell I'll ever get a job. So jealous!

In other news, he may not be a wee turtle anymore, but I still want to eat him. YUMMY TODDLAH TOES.


I am loving the pink hair!

Mrs. Why

Poor Ceiba, teh internets called her fat.


Bossy loves the pink hair. And she's so glad you had a great time in Austin. Sounds like it nearly rivaled Bossy's outstanding weekend in which she wasn't recognized as a fantastic blogger and didn't do all kinds of weird things with paper towels. But who can put down scrubbing toilets? Who?


Do I hear the whisper of baby yearning in your blog?


My baby turns two tomorrow, I can't even function.

And on the hair thing, I totally undestand. As I fellow DC subarbanite mom that has never done anything crazy in her life, I want to get a tatoo. I'm afraid my mom will kill me.


i love your hair, you already know that. but where did you get your Audrey tee?

Heather B.

Dear Amy,

I love that two of my favorite people in the world are in that first photo.

I'm pretty sure that they both get more and more charming and effing gorgeous as they age.

And I hope their mothers know how much I adore them.



The Audrey tee is from (where else?) Target. Although this guy sells really awesome ones too:


Carrie is right, your adorable baby is still there. When he comes home to visit with his *wife*, then you can miss your baby. However, then you get to look forward to *his* baby. Is it wrong to wish my kids have kids that act just like they did? Is that evil revenge or reliving happy memories? Probably a little of both.


Love that Noah is still wearing the "mama out of your league" t-shirt:)


When it comes to your babies not being "babies" anymore just do what I do: deny, deny, deny.

Sure it annoys the hell out of them when you try to tie a bib on a seven year old, but you earned that privilege while you were laying on the table screaming "take it out" right?

nuh ibn

As salaam alaikum,

I am a Ottawa Muslim writer. The focus of my work is short fiction, essays, articles and poetry for a Muslim audience. Recently I wrote a poem entitled A Poem in Solidarity about a Palestinian mother and her child who are both in an Israeli military prison.

This poem become a rally point for both Manal and Nour cause (

The poem can be found here:

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek al kitab

Wacky Mommy

I (heart) Ceiba and Noah. Kisses from Portland, Ore.

Amy the Mom

Speaking as a mother of four-two teens and two preteens-he's still a baby. Enjoy, because tomorrow he'll be in high school and towering over you. (weeping)


I just have to tell you - I have been reading your blog for a while now, but have never commented. You, my friend, are hilarious. And your kid is freaking adorable. But you already knew that. :)

Miss Britt

Um, this comment has absolutely NOTHING to do with your post - but I have to tell you...

I finally went to a SEPHORA!!!!!!!! I was in Vegas and saw one and about died I was so excited to get my hands on some not cheap ass target primer!!!!!

And it was GLORIOUS!!!

So, er, thanks, for that.


Next to those small humans, Ceiba looks almost like a normal dog. I mean that with all due respect, of course.


Oh my. Noah's little teenie Vans lookalikes top out my favorites of his wardrobe!


Have you seen this? Mothers for Social Drinking

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