Diaper Diarists Gone Wild!
SXSW Day Over: Uh. Oops.

SXSW Day One: The Line That Ate My Soul


I don't want to talk to about it. I just want to LIVE. I DON'T WANT TO DIE IN THIS LINE. Like the people of Pompeii! Covered in dust, clutching each other, while archeaologists forever ponder WHY? WHY DID THEY STAND IN THIS LINE? Water, food and alcohol were mere steps away, and yet they REMAINED IN THIS LINE BECAUSE SOME VOLUNTEER WITH GREEN HAIR TOLD THEM TO.


Anyway. 45 minutes to get a fucking badge. Some dude from the Village Voice cut in line in front of us and we all yelled at him, but he didn't care, because he's from the fucking Village Voice. And the guy next to me on the plane snored the whole fucking time! Also I have had a LOT OF CAFFEINE!

It's going really well! I am going to go lie down now. God, my feet really smell.



YAY! HAVE FUN! Keep us updated!

... maybe not on the feet thing lol


You should all know that I'm sitting here with Amy and the foot thing? Not a joke. Smells like decroded swamp-ass up in this muhfuckuh.

You should also know that I'm typing this comment on Amy's computer, which looks like it's been used as a skateboard. And possibly a floatation device. And it stinks, too.


Damn, that's harsh.


Is that Jen Lancaster's new book on your bed??


Are there toddler teethmarks on said laptop? I'm having a mental image of Ceiba sliding around your hardwood floors with your laptop. Have fun!


Is that an early copy of "Bright Lights, Big Ass" I spy in the background of the last pic? If yes, color me jealous.


Ohhhh what sucks is that you're not at home in your clean and trusted "at home" bathroom, one of 4, in which you could actually like take a long-ass shower and not think about other-people funk. And I am sure that hotel bathroom lighting is designed to make you look 50 years older, just to make them laugh.

the reluctant ADDult

You're sharing a room with DGM???

And HE is complaining about obnoxious odors????

I pity you, girl. Really I do.


Oh God. I am so sorry. I hope things get better. Really! Austin is great!

the reluctant ADDult

P.S. Welcome to Austin! If you see a grown man in a thong wearing high-heels? Don't worry, that's just Leslie.

He's the mayor.

(And you thought you were weird.)




Hope it gets better!


Ahhh, you've already found a girl with green hair. Welcome to Austin! :_)

Back in "the" day, I used to be a SXSW volunteer. But my hair was very nicely highlighted blonde.

Can't wait to meet you tomorrow!


Okay, so I will TOTALLY see you guys tomorrow. You'll know its me, because I look like a twelve year old. Seriously. I do.

Amy H

Welcome to Austin!

Don't be afraid of Leslie. He is a local favorite. If you ask nicely, he will pose in a picture with you.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Flinger

And yet? Still? I'm jealous. (Probably more for the caffeine and alcohol than the line...)




Amy and Danny sharing the same scuffed up laptop? Lines or no, how cool is that?


You could always put on flip flops to air out your feet ;-)

Have fun!


smelly feet you say? nice.


You mean to tell me that you let one of those weenies from the Village Voice crowd into line and not a single person or ten grabbed his scrawny ass and pounded the nouns, verbs, and prepositional phrases out of him?

Jenny H.

Can I be jealous too?

Not about the smelly feet,if you don't mind!!



Have fun, fellow crazymama.


That's one long effing line.


I love SXSW!

You're a rockstar. I'm turning green as we speak.


Your I.D. photo looks like the one on Bossy's Wholesale Club card.


Atleast it's been eventful!


Um, you've been outed by Sweetney.....I can't WAIT to see the new hair pictures....and hear about the panel!!!


You'd better get your feet put into a lavender-smell water. Not only to get them relaxed but also to get rid of the awful smell.

By the way, did you really smell it?

Silly Hily aka The Hilarazzi

No picture of the green hair? That's what I want to see.
And my feet always smell. Meh.


Holy cow!
Excitement already -- keep the updates coming!
More Pics, More Pics (continue chant if desired)

Cynthia Samuels

I'm so jealous! I've wanted to go the SxSW for years and never been able to. Enjoy it for all of us. If it makes you feel any better I went to the American Society of Clinical Oncologists conference with my husband and waited just as long. And NOBODY was cool there. At least you got coolness at the end of the line. Have fun.


I was nice to meet you at Jennifer's on Saturday. I guess I better start trolling the archives to catch up.


No updates, huh? Are you drunk under a table or still stuck in some damn line? Drunk under a damn line?


The Voice is like soooooo 1994. I guarantee saying you blog gets you more raised eyebrows at cocktail parties than saying you're a wanker with the Voice these days.


dooooooooooode. this chick needs to update more and take a lesson from dooce!

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