SXSW Day One: The Line That Ate My Soul
So Many Blogs...

SXSW Day Over: Uh. Oops.

Wait. What just happened?

I mean, I blinked a couple times, and then there was some business with the clocks, and I think I ate a taco, and now I am back home.

Oh. And my hair is hot pink. What?


Scene from a random blogger party where nobody was chopped up into tiny bits and sent down the garbage disposal, but thanks for your concern.

Okay, some other stuff is coming back to me now...laid-back chilling with readers and some fellow adorable rocktastic superfantastic bloggers on Saturday, somehow ambushing Jen into taking me shopping and drinking and cheese-plating in South Austin, where I stood in the bathroom line with Alan Cummings and THAT went just about as gracefully and suavely as you can imagine, and also Luke Wilson and Paul Rudd are really freaking hot in person but at least I did not hug them and then talk about peeing, Score.


Alan Cummings. And Jen's hand. Not pictured, and yet oh so obvious: A Lot Of Cocktails

Our panel went great, although considering who my fellow speakers were, how could it have not? I'm a little scared to listen to the podcast (not available quite yet, thank God), however, since more than several times I would just START TALKING before THINKING ABOUT TALKING. I mean, that's nothing new, but this time there was a microphone there to amplify all the blahblahblahblah lamejoke blah, followed by Asha or Tracey saying the exact thing I wish I had said instead.

If I ever get to the point where I can charge money for public speaking appearances, I am so going to charge a higher rate for an optional strip of duct tape over my mouth.


The breakfast of champions! Or at least people who forgot to change their damn clocks for &*%$#@! daylight savings.

Then, oh my God, we went to the Lonelygirl15 panel and I just about wiggled in my seat from my geeked-out energy. I mean...look. I TOOK VERY SMALL FAR AWAY PICTURES.


They uploaded an episode live! The dorkforce in this room was OFF THE CHARTS.

So perhaps you can then imagine my state of mind when this happened. The LG15 guys! Talking to me! They have my card! Which...I had printed in 2004 and includes zero contact info and a cryptic line about mittens. But still. They were so nice and seemed kind of surprised by my manic fangirling? Like I do not strike them as your typical Alternate Reality Gamer? And maybe quoting large chunks of the "LGPedia" was a little creepy?


Could we have more shit draped around our bodies?  Tools.
(Thanks to Zoot for being the official photographer of Big Moments in Computer Geekdom.)

Again though, they were so nice.  I am going to send them links to my bitchin' vlog. Which I do not have yet, but according to some of the folks on the "Rise of the Blogebrity" panel, video blogs are going to kill us old-fashioned text-based blogs so I better GET ON THAT.


Uh. What else? Tracey suffered from dehydration and exhaustion the first night and I beat that joke into the fucking ground. In fact, I still am, because I'm an asshole friend who was all, "Well, drink some water and lie down, I'm going out, text me!" Danny rocks, his wife is hot, Asha is just freaking lovely and I teared up anytime I thought about how much my friendship with Zoot means to me and how it eases from online to in-person so effortlessly. Except that I always call her Zoot instead of her real name. I can't help it. She's just so Zooty.


We're obviously up to something, although for some strange reason I cannot remember what it was.

Anyway. Sniff. Blubber. Memories.

By Sunday I missed Noah and home so much it was prickling a little, and by Monday the mere sight of a little boy who might possibly be Noah's age, give or take five years, physically hurt me.

I got home last night and Noah teared up, ran to Daddy and refused to even look at me.

I wonder if the hot pink hair had anything to do with it?


HAAAAAAAAAAA. Fucking poser.

And now I'm done. Must sleep. Out of diapers. Not sure child was bathed. Must go write on blogs. Monetize. Corporatize. Zzzzzzz. 



A haiku:

Entitled: I was not there

I cry, cry, cry, cry
Sxsw is merely
The hub of my world

You have to pronounce it "Southbysouthwest" or the syllables are jacked. But I hope I have poetically expressed my terrible jealousy.

Also, pink is totally the new blonde. You're a punkrocker, yes you are.

Amy H

but did you go to Chuys?

It was so fun meeting you! Thanks again to Jennifer for having us over. cool house.

Hope you liked Austin enough to come back sometime soon.


I think pink hair means you are now required to move to Austin and help "Keep Austin Weird".

Y from the Internet

So, I saw the pictures and I felt all sad inside because I remember when we were all BFF at BlogHer and now we don't even talk anymore and wahh, I miss you.


I just can't believe that YOU, Amy of the Advice Smackdown and all things pretty and lovely turned your hair PINK with manic panic. I mean, dont' get me wrong, I LOVE me some pink hair... but on YOU? So unexpected. You are my hero... still.

I'm going to BlogHer in Chicago this summer. Please do not freak out when I run up to you and hug you. And possibly ask to brush your hair.

Kate Folsom

I like the pink hair. In fact, I love the pink hair. It's a great look for you. Keep it for awhile? Don't wash your hair constantly so that it comes out right away!


I would just like to say that this comment is NOT from Danny, it's from me, Amy. Asshole reset my cookies even though I specifically told him not to.

Heh. Reset my cookies. Heh.

Suzy Q

Did you wear that green shirt the ENTIRE time you were away? It sure seems like it!

So, Noah teared up and ran away from you? Ah, he'll get over it. The question is: How Did Jason react?

You totally rock the pink hair!


And I miss you too, Y. Enough to use an emoticon frowny face. See?



Time to turn Noah's hair atomic orange to match your fantastic color and you will be the envy of all the gymboree moms. You'll have your own place in gymboree history.


The hair is HOT. It makes me want to go out and dye my hair pink now!


Um, I think I missed the whole explanation of the WHY on the pink hair.

I liked you as a blonde. But you are also cute as a Strawberry Shortcake.

Dr. Johnny Fever

Coming soon to a theatre near you...Amy Corbett Storch makes her big screen debut in a remake of the daring 1990s thriller...Run Lola Run!

Rated NC-17. Some material may not be appropriate for people who have previously taken fashion and grooming advice from Amy.

Also, that picture where Amy and Zoot are laughing? I have it on good authority that Amy farted just before the shot was snapped. A big, loud wet one.


I love your hair. My husband says you look like the girl in The Fifth Element. And by that he means a movie star.

Jason probably read your blog to Noah and now he knows you are on to him and his food tactics and that he is in big trouble, mister.


you look great pink :) We have the exact same haircolour right now. yey!


Whoa! When I met you, you had blond hair and now hot pink? Awesome. You are rockin it! I wish I could have stayed to hang out with you and Jen it seems like you had a lot of fun. So sad I missed out but again it was great meeting you!


Squeeee! I love the pink! I wish I could pull that off!! (&&^##* bosses and "natural" color hair rules.


you were not kidding about that pink! i thought you were doing "subtle highlights" (then again, how subtle can you be with hot pink) but you totally went balls to the wall! well done.

thanks for the comment, and yes, the criminal amounts of fun we had were definitely worth the (criminal amounts of) spinnies that came later!!


please, after you've napped, and bathed and cuddled your child and all that...
PLEASE tell us how you ended up with pink hair.
which i am loving, by the way.


Hot pink hair! It must be all that bad-blogger influence. :)

I like that photo of you and Zoot. Looks like tons of fun. :)


Dude, pink is totally your color!


Pink hair doesn't make your butt look big. Not that I'm saying it did before. I'm just...uh..never mind.


Amy--if you like it, try Special Effects. It's a lot less bleedy/stainy/lame than MP.


Even though half your face was blocked in that picture you honestly look great with pink hair.


You brought Paul Rudd back in your suitcase for me, right? ... RIGHT?


Love the hair!! It was great to meet you on Saturday, but I have to admit that I am a little disappointed that your hair was not pink then. I mean, come on - the picture is great but I am quite sure it doesn't do the actual color justice! Of course, I am probably just jealous that I can't dye my own hair pink. Something tells me that my ultra-conservative boss would have a problem with it...she's already accused me of looking like a student worker.


I would have geeked out about LG15 too.

Maybe Noah was jealous of your pink hair.


The hair is awesome! So very Rachel McAdams. :-) Sounds like you had a fab-u-lous time.


Piiink Haaiiirrrr... I am torn between how cool you are and OH MY GOD!!!!! Ok, off to my boring meeting :)


You. Rock. The. Pink.

Heather B.

The woman I babysit for is cooler than I will ever be.

I am now the lamest person ever. Awesome.

Welcome home and I cannot wait to see the hair.

Jenny H.

ALAN CUMMINGS??PAUL RUDD?? OMFG- You are one lucky betch!

I agree with Tiffany- rest up and then spill about the hair! I was under the impression that you would be the dye-er, not the dye-ee!! It still looks totally cool. I am so jealous of all your mad cap adventures...sigh...

the reluctant ADDult

Waaaaayyyyyyyy cooooooool hair. Now just add some red and white striped stockings and you are set.

T always got weird when I would come home from a trip. He would take one look at me and burst into tears.

Nothing says welcome home like a crying child.

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. I'm glad. It was great to meet you in person, and hopefully you will come back for a longer visit sometime. But not in summer when Austin is hotter than the hinges on the gates of HELL. Your hair would just burst into flames.


Dude. I'm terrified NikkiZ is going to react the same way - I've been gone much longer, I'm terrified.

(Oh - and the mayhem was due to some beer spillage)


Nice hair. What's next, a mohawk? You totally rock.


Wow. I've never liked pink hair on anyone except...Pink before. Till right now. Can't wait for the surrounding story and various reactions. Moms with pink hair...awesome. Would request a full picture if you've got time.


I'm sorry we missed the pink hair. It was great to meet you though!


So you all need to fly out to Scottsdale and come meet me, because i'm so sad I couldn't make it to Austin.
I promise I'll only stare a little.


I love your hair Amy! It sounds like you had an awesome time!!!


I can't believe you let Zoot near your head with heavy chemicals! Does she have pink hair too? It was awesome to get together with your readers in Austin, thanks to everyone who came out - and brought all the wine, beer, tequila and champagne. I'll be enjoying the leftovers for quite some time!


Er...should we even bother to ask whether your "Betty" matches? :)


Your hair looks so brilliant. Love it.


I would also like to mention that I think that secretly the real point of blogging is to tell people in other countries who you are never likely to meet that their hair looks amazing.


Okay, two things:

1- Glad I am not the only one who had issues with "not changing my clock". Um yeah, stayed at work an hour longer yesterday. Doh!

B- A line about mittens? Wha?


Argh. Sorry I missed the SXSW experience. But I will hug you all (again) at BlogHer.


Ha! I don't know if you remmeber, but I once emailed you about the Smackdown when I was wondering about my hair, because it is light blonde and I have dark eyebrows, and then I sent you a photo, and you said that you could see me with chunky dark blonde streaks, and I said okay but I would prefer it if they were pink. So I have hot pink streaks now. And now your hair is completely pink! Thats kinda awesome.

Fairly Odd Mother

OH! You suck, I've always wanted pink hair but am totally scared to try. Oh, and I'll be 40 this year and I think the pink will just scream and run off my old-lady head if I try to apply it.


OMG your hair is amazing!! so jealous! I hope you have been having fun!!

Hot Wife

It was so cool to meet you and get a bigger glimpse in to the life of bloggers. I would have liked to see the pink hair in person. I am sure it brings out the color of your eyes just beautifully.

Cartwheels At Midnight

I CANNOT believe your hair is Pink! Good for you - party girl.

I am so jealous you made it there. Thanks for the vicarious geekdom.

Amy H

oh! I forgot to ask...did you drink the Texas wine and eat the longhorns or did you save them for Jason?
Also, the keep Austin weird koozie totally works for you now that you have pink hair.

Vaguely Urban

I love it. Seriously - big props to you for pulling off the look. And for setting up a life that embraces some Manic.


Nice! And now you have a reason to use the pink "betty" dye so that the drapes match the carpet! So awesome.


Those pics show great time. Wish I was part of it.

Pink hair? New trend?

Hm...I like pink!


Why is everbody coloring their hair pink? Did I miss something?

Like your blog by the way.

heather b

pink hair? that's pretty darn awesome


It's Alan Cumming. No 's'.

Love the pink hair; I could never pull it off.


Your hot pink hair has me seriously jealous and currently hating my office job!

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