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Pink for the Cure

This Happens Every Damn Friday.

It's raining outside. The warm weather of earlier this week has been absorbed back into cold, wintery gloom. I think there might actually be some ice out there, and it already seems like ages since Noah and I played out in the backyard in short sleeves and bare feet.

He's alseep right now, and probably will stay down for most of the afternoon. Ceiba is curled up next to me, occasionally sighing one of her wheezy little dog sighs. Max is curled up in her dogbed in front of the fireplace. Maybe I could start a fire.  I think I would like some hot chocolate. Then I could sit and write all afternoon -- warm and blissed out, the perfect atmosphere for thinking deep thoughts about life, the universe and everything.

Maybe I should dust off that book outline I wrote six months ago. Maybe I should make dinner in the crock pot. Maybe I should put Noah's baby photos in that album I bought and frame some for above the fireplace. The kitchen actually needs mopped, but getting the house clean would feel so good right now. A sense of accomplishment, no matter how small, for I am at peace with how domesticated I've become.

I should exercise. I should make Noah's next doctor's appointment. I should bake cookies for the neighbors.

Wait. Is that the mail? Jesus Christ, Ceiba. Shut up. SHUT UP.

Look! It's just mail! Envelopes and...ooh.


Fuck it. I'll talk to y'all on Monday.


(Wait! Wait! You know who can get my nose out of US Weekly and back onto the computer? Laura Bennett, that's who. She totally asked me for a personal favor, if you define "me" as "my boss, who forwarded it to me, but holy crap, that's about as close to touching God in heaven as I've ever gotten, and I once hugged Andrew Shue." Anyway, check it out, babies, and leave a comment if you are so inclined. And I define "inclined" as "bored, because no one else updates their blogs on the weekends so it's not like you have anything better to do, right?")



Enjoy your weekend. To hell with what could be done. It'll be there later.


Ha! I was FIRST! Now my life is complete.


Hah. The same thing happens to me every Friday, only it's People M@gazine for me.

Katerkins von Tabletop

I just bought the same mag for my flight to Mexico tomorrow. Margaritas and a brain full of jelly - Wheee!

Jenny H.

Dammit, I have been checking ALL DAMN DAY because I knew you were going to have a new post and I wanted to be FIRST!

Sad, isn't it?!

I am hoping my new Martha Stewart is here! Mop the damn floor later!

Jenny H.

BTW- that ad under project sellout? It does NOT resemble a finger at first glance!!!!!

Jenny H.

Crap, look for the Comcast one.


I'm just a-waiting for mine to arrive in the mail...

Have a great weekend.

Amy B.

I told you it would change your life.

Dr. Johnny Fever

Maybe you sould learn how to spell should.

(I tease because I love.) (And also because you're so fucking good that teasing you makes my jealousy go away for a sec.) (Bitch.)


Who needs a sense of accomplishment when there is celebrity gossip to be read?? Nobody, that's who.


It is snowing like bloody hell here in upstate New York. I gave up alcohol for Lent, but I have a ginormous bag of chips, some diet Coke and the new Vanity Fair. Bliss.
Have a good weekend, Amy!


Heh...I used to get ALL kinds of worked up when my US Weekly arrived late.


Always wondered who subscribed to my guilty pleasure favourite magazines - what kind of woman actually pays and keeps it around the house? How does one get to be that lucky!? Now I know. And I'm insanely jealous - not only is it delivered to your house sparing you the embarrassment of buying "Us" in the store, it's probably a tax writeoff for you to subscribe too! Have fun reading! Exercise schmexercise.


Dammit, mine didn't come today! It was doing so well like 3 weeks in a row it came on Friday but not today! WAH!!


wtf?! I don't get my US Weedkly till Tuesdays!

Fairly Odd Mother

Hmmmm. what is worse? You post or the fact that I'm not cleaning my house to READ YOUR POST! I really need to start subscribing to something more fun than "This Old House".



Amy H

that would have totally been my choice.

good call.

Sarah Marie

I know this feeling so well, having just digested an entire issue of BUST. Love it!

Wacky Mommy

It is sunny and 65 or so here in Portland, Ore. I am mowing the lawn and weeding. (Just took a fast lunch break.) US or Bust sounds waaaaaaaaaaaay better.


I'm so jealous. Charlie finally took a decent 1.5 hour nap today but my new Glamour was tragically out of reach and he would NOT sleep in his crib (please don't flame me about not letting him cry it out, I just couldn't handle one more cranky no-nap afternoon).


Today was bill paying day for me. Hurrah! Now its deciding weather or not the get the car fixed or eat the rest of the Have run reading your magazine...hopefully Noah doesn't wake up now that you got it!


Can't wait to get home from work so I can read my copy.

Now watch, it won't show up.

Y from the internet

I'm so sick of all three of their faces!!

Isabel Kallman


Laura Bennett was so asking for linky love from YOU.

I just keep myself in the middle b/c 1) I have a total girlcrush on her, and 2)want to fool myself into believing I'm actually useful.


P.S. PLEEEEEASE do show your support for Laura. Show the retailer how much moms love her. Thanks.


i'm thinking we should make that subscription standard issue for mamapop. i mean, we can write that shit off, right? RESEARCH, MAN.


Oh I hear you! I am the same way with my people when it arrives on Friday - everything goes out the door!


A sleeping baby and a new issue of US sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.

Also, I didn't write down my AlphaMom login info and can't comment at all so I will do it here. I am refusing to offer suggestions just so you will egg my house. Then we can go shopping and get liquored up!!


LOL!!! Awesome.


Due to various Guilty Pleasure issues, I am so close to cutting off my US Weekly subscription when it comes due in
May, but DAMN. It's like crack. Sweet, delicious crack. Followed by a meth chaser. Conveniently appearing in my mailbox, no less.


Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

"needs mopped"? What are you, from the Midwest? I'm not letting your high-class reading material fool me. Next you'll be taking about "coming with", or talk about putting a tube of lipstick in a "sack". A sack is what Santa Clause uses, damnit, even if I have lived here over 15 years...

Amalah, you are our US. Ok, so you more or less have your shit together, it would appear, but reading your blog is what we do instead of mopping the kitchen floor while our kids are napping.

You haven't shaved your head, but you dyed it pink. We get to read about your celebrity sightings (and molestations), your favorite trends and clothes, your real estate purchases. We occasionally get glimpes of childhood wounds, and we goo and gaa over your baybee. Your cover is even pink. And you cost not a dime.

Did that come out wrong? I'm not calling you cheap. You know I love you...

My boys were sick as hell this week and slept and slept. What, can't I enjoy a single thing about childhood illness?


Ha! I am a DORK who always updates. Sigh.


totally read mine locked in the bathroom with kids screaming and banging on the door within 5 minutes of checking the mail. first order, turn to the back on fashion disasters.

i shared the love at alpha because a girl has to have a pair of pants to fit her big 'ol caboose.



Y from the Internet

Laura Bennett??!111!!!

DUDE. Duuuuuuuuuuuude.

(I wonder if she likes BEEFLOGS. Srsly.)


I actually forgot to pack enough clean underwear for the time I was in the hospital when my baby boy was born, but dammit, my suitcase was full of US Weekly and every other celebrity tabloid I could get my hands on.


LOL you sound just like me. I have an essay due Monday, along with another huge project and I haven't even started either one. I keep finding distractions.


Hollywood has a drug problem? No way!


And that is why my husband *suggested* I cancel my subscription to US Weekly. I was not getting anything done.

(and now I kick myself because, damn it, I miss it. SO MUCH!)

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