Descent into Madness


1) Hey! Localites! Next year you MUST attend the Share Our Strength/Taste of the Nation event. Was a great party. Great! So great that now, many many hours later, the only word I can think of to describe it is...great. Well, that and...fuzzy. Wine-soaked. Creamy polenta served with braised shortribs and some kind of mystery fried foodstuff on a stick that I kept seeing people with but was never able to locate, which pissed me off because one of my guiding culinary principles is FOOD + FRIED + STICKS = AWESOME.

2) Also awesome was the fact that Jason and I were invited as (bwah ha haaaa) press, which meant we were tagged with the Yellow Wristbands Of I'm So Blogging This. Didn't stop one cute little old guy from scolding me about my hair ("You have gorgeous blonde hair and look what you did to it! Why? Whyyy?"). But after I explained the whole Pink for the Cure thing, he graciously asked for my site address so he could donate. Which is when I realized I had no business cards or even a damn pen. MOST. AWESOMEST. NETWORKER. EVER.

3) Also most awesome: mah shoes.


Yeah, I was totally bleeding into the ankle strap by the end of the night, but they were worth it.

4) Hey! Look!


This was a total shock, actually, and I actually froze the first time I saw the logo projected on the massive screens around the event and just stood there pointing, all "eh eh eh hey!" Jason donates all his ad proceeds to different hunger-related charities every month -- and apparently his small check was enough to get him classified as a local sponsor.

That makes me kind of...sad, actually. It's really humbling to think about how much money we spend on food every month and how far the cost of just one meal out could go towards helping hungry children in our very own city.

*hangs head in shame, mumbles something about the getting the shoes on sale at least*

5) SPEAKING OF CHILDREN, here's a lesson for everyone: if you are going to have a conversation about how your child has never even attempted to climb out of his crib yet, about how it has never even occurred to him that it's an option, don't be all shocked when THE VERY NEXT MORNING you wake up to hear a terrific thumping sound, followed immediately by the wails of your baby who just fell ass-over-teakettle over the crib rail.

(Edited to add Thing #6: Mamapop. Argh. ARGH! Our server went boom. Or almost went boom, and then our host went GAR! SMASH! and yanked the site down and won't put it back up, or something like that. I couldn't really follow the whole story because my head exploded HOURS AGO. Basically: we're too sexy for our hosting provider. Also too popular. And way too obsessed with liveblogging Anna Nicole Smith babydaddy news. So the site will be moving to a shiny new server this week, and I could not love my safe little world of Typepad more at this point, because they never make me deal with scary things like server load times and CPU storage and blah blah talkyspeak blah.)



ha im first


OK, sorry, now that the initial "I'm first" excitement is over...
My daughter climbed out of her crib when she was 11 months...so we introduced her to the joys of the great "big girl bed" which, because I was such a genius mom, all I had to do was lower the mattress one more notch and take of the side rail and put on the toddler rail (convertible crib >crib >toddler bed >miniature little daybed thingy >full bed when I get around to buying the rails, which probably won't exist by the time I get around to it.
Ok...my point...ummm, oh yeah! Try the big kid bed. He might just go for it, but there is always the possibility of him climbing into your bed!!!
Good Luck!


And also, don't brag about how at least your kid can't open doors. Because they learn. Damn smart babies.



hee, hee. I love your sense of humor.


Beeaauuutiffull Shooeess! Oh my. They are everything you could ever want in a shoe. They look wobboly, were they?


Cute ankles!

Just because Noah climed out once, doesn't mean he needs a bed just yet. Keep him in that crib for as long as you can!

Amy H

how do you stop that? HOW? I don't want Avery to learn that ever. What do you do now? Buy a new bed? put a tent on the top of the crib to stop him from doing that again? AAARRRRGGGG.


Another parenting tip - Never EVER say aloud to your spouse "I can't believe she's never pooped in the tub" while running her bath.

She will poop in the tub just moments later. It's a fact.


As I am not sure what is proper protocol in the blogosphere, I wanted to let you know that I linked to you on my blog today. I hope this is okay. I enjoy your writing very much and wanted to share it with my own readers. (All five of them.)

P.S. I would have emailed this to you but I am stupid and couldn't find an email address with which to do so...so I'm sorry it looks sadly like a shameless plug.

P.S.S. Great shoes.


Just in case, you have missed the news. Frema and Luke are going to have a baby. You can read more about in here, What’re you lookin’at?


Awww poor Noah! Ouch.
Cute shoes. Also, ouch! :)

Erika, Plain Jane Mom

I love that you're married to someone whose website who caused me to look for a video from the '80s! (Re-flex "Politics of Dancing")

yet another from the legions of Amys

My earliest memory is of falling out of my crib like that. I wasn't as upset about the mild concussion as I was that having to go to the doctor might mess up the day's plans of getting Frosties at Wendy's.


Babies R Us + Crib Tent = Mother's Dream

My son tried to climb out at like 10 mos. We've had a crib tent ever since and LOVE IT!!


Kind of hating you and your delicious food fest right now as I am on day four of the can't keep anything down by Gatorade illness.
Another parental pointer, don't ever say with smug satisfaction that your entire family has missed getting the throw up bug that's going around. If such a blithe remark where to come from your mouth, hours later your colons will spontaneously start purging everything you've even thought about eating for the past week.


my kid fell out of the crib when he was only 8 months or so. gah! i called the doc and just about everyone i knew who had a remote connection to the world of medicine (i.e., my friend who was married to a doctor) and pareting. but i'm sure noah is ok!


Our pediatrician is a HUGE fan of the crib tent -- he thinks we should keep Noah in the crib for as looooong as possible.

I love our pediatrician.


Also! Erika: the DC Foodies tagline? TOTALLY MY IDEA.

Not that I'm not gracious and willing to share or anything. Cough.


Michael is staying in his crib until he is 6, and he is two, so 4 more years.

Next year I am totally going to that. But this year, we are going to Zoofari!


At the risk of sounding a little cuh-razy, I have to admit I was at TotN last night and can totally vouch for all that yummy food and creamy polenta deliciousness. Never did find that fried stick one though, hmph. I was too scared to actually come introduce myself but I did notice your shoes and they were tres cute! Glad you guys had fun.


The crib tent rocks. You can pretend like your trying to keep your kid from getting malaria.

Fairly Odd Mother

The cardinal rule of children and sleep is never, ever, ever say how good your child is doing sleeping (or staying in their crib or bed or whatever). I swear that every single time I say something positive about my kiddos' sleeping, it all falls to shit that very night. It has happened so often, you'd think I'd just keep my mouth shut but that doesn't happen very often.


ok, so I take full responsibility for the ass-over-teakettle incident as I assured you you were months away. so sorry. and i thought your hair looked fabulicious. screw that old dude.


That's a pretty awesome thing that Jason does.

Heather B.

So does Noah have any cool scars or anything from his tumble? Then he can tell Max and the other kids at Gymboree that he got into a kick ass fight.


Just thought I would tell you that I was there last night, saw your shoes, and coveted them.

Also...thought it would be creepy to walk up to you and tell you that I read your blog. So, I didn't.

Also...have blisters from the shoes I wore as well. But they were pretty damn cute.


Bossy will welcome you to Typepad with a hot casserole.


Very cute shoes!


Yeah for the fun, successful event...I'm sorry I don't live in the area. Cute shoes! Very cute shoes!

Waaaaa! on mamapop...I will miss it for the next week. I'm addicted...how am I going to waste time at work?

Amy H

what?!? mamapop down for a week? nooooooo! [bangs head on desk]


This is about the last entry...blonde hair doesn't like to hold colour :) My pink also fades out straight away.


KayTar is two and she *knock on wood* hasn't attempted it yet. When she does? It will be crib tent all the way.

NO MAMAPOP?!? For how long? How can I enjoy American Idol without the virtual company of my fellow alcohol soaked lushes? *sobbing*


PS, my daughter started tossing herself out of her crib at 11 months. When we realized that she was wandering around the house at night, we turned her doorknob around so it would lock from the outside.

She just turned 18 and you can hardly see the twitch! ;-)


Zoe got out of her crib a couple weeks ago. I'm still not ready to put her in a bed... so I am VERY happy that she hasn't attempted it again. (Now that I typed that she'll do it tonight!)


Poor Noah!

I feel you, about the Murphy's Law thing. Yesterday, when I was bragging about how my "adooorable and smaaart and schmeee schmmee puppy puppy" is totally potty trained, said (gawdammit)dog then proceeded to not just pee, but take a dump on my sparkling floor - right next to the "just in case" puppy pad. Which he then ripped to bitty little pad pieces. Cuz, you know, god forbid he gets a little PAD on his PEE.


I know it's a little late as I'm slow at keeping up with da blogz--BUT if you want to keep the dye in longer it helps to not wash your hair as frequently (so like 2x a week instead of daily)...I know, it sounds gross, but it does help...One of my friends died his hair manicpanic blue after bleaching it, washed with shampoo the next day and ended up looking like some sort of mottled Easter egg. After that he went to washing with shampoo maybe once a week and the dye lasted much longer.

P.S. Way cute shoes. :)


Okay, okay....floor was not exactly sparkling. More like sparkling-ish. Sparklish? Meh.

Heidi T

No Mamapop?? *weep* I tried to get on the open thread this afternoon for the anna nicole thing and i hit send on my comment and it told me forbidden. I was there just before it broke.

As for Noah climbing out of the crib, get thee a crib tent! Keep them in the crib for as long as possible. It is so much safer that way.


thanks for the mamapop update! i was trying to get in there all day, and my computer told me i was forbidden from veiwing it or something.
i was all oh noes! did i get drunk and accidentally leave an offensive comment?

it's happened before, is all i'm saying.

anyway, i LOVE mamapop, and i will be anxiously awaiting it's return.

i also love your shoes, and random fried foods on sticks...just in case you were wondering.


learned that lesson this weekend, but on a slightly smaller scale. I was all "My baby NEVER stands in HER crib, she is that wonderful. Perfect, even! what more could a mom ask for!!!" that night we get home, i set her in the crib to grab something from the bathroom, and then, shithelldamn, I come back to her standing and laughing. until she fell and whacked her head. Now she cries when she wants to get back down because, I'm assuming, she is not fond of falling. FUN TIMES - WHHEEEEE! Parenting.



Sanjaya hasn't even "sung" yet and I am insane without my Mamapop open thread.

Oh, poor Noahlah...Sweet babalah...I think, though, that this is just a rite of passage, yes? With the babalah going SPLAT? I don't have kids, so totally roll your eyes at me.



I actually taught my son to climb out of his crib when he was 2. I think mostly because I had a new baby and a nice Caesarean which prevented me from getting him out of his bed. Also, I wanted him to not crash onto the floor anymore. Not too long after, we bought a toddler bed.

Fried food sticks? YUM!!


The shoes. THE SHOES. Are awesome, and I'm not even a shoe person (um, yes, I realize I just went down about 1,000 points in your book).


Also, never, ever tell people that your kid has never had stitches or broken bones...'cause I did that, and BOOM, both kids have had stitches in the past three weeks. It's a curse, I tell ya.


My son, really truly, never even thought about climbing out of his crib. Even after we changed it into a toddler bed, we had to train him to get out of his bed if he needed us. I can't explain it.

And although I hate to admit it, I am so disappointed that I didn't get to see any of the Dannielynn coverage on MamaPop before it went down!


Neither of my boys climbed out of their crib, so I smugly ASSumed that my daughter never would either. Lo and behold, she DID climb out and fell smack on her nose - blood everywhere. I freaked out and got hysterical. Unfortunately the crib tent did not exist way back then, so she got a toddler bed the next day. She was so in love(not) with the little bed that she snuck into our bed every night for the NEXT THREE YEARS.

stay-at-home mommy

Crib tents are great (we used one for both kids) but the day *will* come when he learns to unzip it. No matter how well you wedge the zipper into the little fabric pocket thingie. My daughter used to unzip the damn thing every morning (ziiiipppp) until we decided enough was enough and put her in a bed.

Jenny H.

I think I might cry...

I love your shoes, they are smokin'! That is a cool thing that Jason does. I subscribed to D.C. Foodies because I love to read about food, and I am that much of a dork! The next time we are in D.C. I plan on visiting a few of the restaurants I have read about!

The crib thing? My oldest did it at 14 months. The day after I mentioned he had NOT done that yet! My youngest just refused to sleep in his crib when he was about a year old. We set up his big brother's toddler bed and bam! Happy as a little clam! He was a big boy now too!

Kelly J

The cute shoes also make your ankles/calves look very slender and shapely!


I'm really going to have to get my butt up there for some food-related events. I've never been a part of a real "foodie" clan...we just don't get that here on the shore. Hell, I was excited to find a place that sold French cheese! Ah, at least it's something...


Hi there! Long-time reader, first time poster here. I really dread the crib thing...our baby boy is 4.5 months, and isn't even IN a crib yet (he sleeps in his swing in our room, or in our bed). Amy, I am local as well (NW) and was thinking about the Taste of the Nation thing, but we are both vegetarian. Did they have enough veggie stuff so that we could count that as dinner? If so, we will def. go next time. Oh, and we both wanted a girl, too, but I couldn't imagine having a girl now. Our little Liam is the best. :)


Great shoes!! Please tell me what brand they are and where I can find them!!


Would insert cute or clever comment here but cannot as I am drooling over shoes instead...


I so miss the crib... waaaah!

Taste of the Nation sounds delightful! I didn't realize both of you guys had an online presence... you need business cards!! Yes! Someone out there will print them for you, for free... just wait and see.


Ok, please, please share where you got those awesome shoes!


Living in this area, you probably already realize this, but if you really love Food on Sticks, get to the Maryland Renaissance Festival in the fall. Cheesecake - on a stick! Stake - on a stick! Fried mac and cheese - on a stick! The insanity never stops!


Oooh, I love you shoes! They're so cute!

Her Bad Mother

So, I am forced to cut back on blogging for a week because of some mysterious heart trouble and then I go to catch up on MamaPop and IT'S NOT THERE and I almost have heart failure again.


But am happy that it's just system failure and not that, like, you and Tracy were kidnapped by aliens or evangelicals or anything like that.



Fabulous Shoes!!!

and in a good friend, not at all stalker-ish way... great legs babe!


Please tell us where the shoes are from and also poor Noah. ;0)


Good God I thought I was banned from MamaPop yesterday. I started thinking about comments I had made and figured I had o-ffended someone somewhere along the line. Thank God it just blew up instead. Well, okay ... I'm not happy it blew up, I'm just happy it wasn't me.

Groovy shoes. Where might I buy a pair?


Shoes are Nicole Miller -- I got them (along with...uh...a shitload more) at the DSW in Bethesda.

Thanks for all your kind words re: MamaPop. It really sucks, but we're working to get it back online really, really soon. I miss talking with all my slave-to-the-TiVo betches.

Wacky Mommy

I love SOS/Taste of the Nation and have promo'ed them heavily before because ALL the monies go to their cause, none of this "...after we kept 100k for 'costs'..." etc.

Poor big guy Noah. It is pretty cute, though, when they learn how to climb out without *falling* out and trot into the next room to find you.


Those? Are fantastic shoes, and worth every drop of blood and blistery goodness!

Y from the Internet


YES! Especially if it's fried cheese on a stick. Just like a corn dog, only HOLD THE WEINER, PLEASE.


hey guys! I just wanted to let everyone know about the Trader Joe's recall...the pear sauce. A local girl (cape cod, ma) was found with a chard of glass in her mouth...she's okay but got it from the pear sauce that she was eating.


And I forgot to say that I seriously love corndogs. And all other things that come fried on sticks.


Those shoes = fucking HAWT. Where do I sign me up for some bleeding ankles?


To the folks who've left comments along the lines of 'It'll only happen once, don't move him to a bed' - do you even have kids? Can you even fathom the guilt that a mother would have when her toddler fell out of the crib a second time? What if the kid breaks his neck on that second fall - paralyzed for life?

Sure, the transition to a toddler bed is stressful initially, especially when the child isn't even a year and a half old yet, but it's do-able and a much safer alternative to 'hoping he learned his lesson on the first fall'.


Yeah...but the thing is Noah is not ready for a toddler bed. He's just not. Our pede doesn't think so either. (He thinks kids shouldn't be out of cribs until three years old or so.)

We moved his crib aquarium thing to a higher rail (I think he climbed on top of it to get out) and are going to get a tent thingie this weekend. So far, Noah has shown zero interest in trying to climb out again. I dunno, I could be wrong (it's happened before, haaa), but this just doesn't strike me as something that's worth getting super worked up over. He fell onto carpet and didn't even get a bruise. He cried for a couple minutes and then demanded his breakfast.

After the basement steps debacle? A four-foot fall out of the crib is like...pfft. Nothing.

ALSO! The reason I meant to comment! Was! That! Mamapop is back! American Idol open thread! Come on dowwwwn!

Wacky Mommy

He'll get the hang of scrambling down from that crib in no time at all. The child is a genius, have we not established that?

We put both our kids on futons and called it a day. They were the only 2 & 4 year olds I knew with queen-size beds. Now they're the only 5 & 7 year olds I know with queen-size beds.


Tall Girl Who Slept in Her Tiny Twin-Size Bed Til She Was 16


Those are awesome shoes. I want them, bleedy ankles or no.


One of my dear blog friends, who will remain nameless, was at the same event and saw you, but was too star struck to go over and say hi to you. I could have slapped her.


Your shoes and the sponsor credit are both teh awesome. Lucky girl!


Those shoes are AWESOME! And you are pretty tall, so I am impressed you wear those.

Or, maybe you were wearing something similar when I met you last year, so that made you tall?

But Jason is tall so all is right in the world. They are awesome!


Well, I'm definitely not going to tell you how to raise your child, but I chose to move my son to a toddler bed at 16 months after he showed me he could climb out - twice. I totally toddler-proofed his room and now when he wakes up in the mornings, he plays with his toys instead of screaming to be let out of his crib of confinement. I get to sleep until 8am - sometimes later. We totally love the toddler bed!


My God I love those shoes.


Oh. My. God.


Have to have those SHOES !

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