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Where iz ur cat be at?

 Several readers have expressed concerns re: Max's whereabouts.

Poor Max. He is fine. And to prove his fineness, we had a little photo session in our bathroom this morning, because that's exactly the sort of classy operation we run here.


He's a liar. Also smooshable and purry.


He's finally at a healthy weight, and it only took eight years of dieting. And a little help from Ceiba, who figured out that Max likes to take two or three bites of food, go poop, then return and eat the rest of his meal. EVERY TIME.

And no matter how many times he returns from the litter box to an empty bowl, he will not alter his poop schedule in the slightest. Then he eats Ceiba's food instead. I vaguely remember a time when I used to give a shit, but at this point it's hard to even care whether it's Noah or Ceiba who actually eats Noah's waffle, and seriously at this point I am ready to throw all of their food into a big trough every morning and let them duke it out.



Puppy made it through the move intact, and I still hear Max singing to it every morning. MRRREOW, REEEOWWW, EEERRROW.

It's not great, cat, but he does his thing and gets points for his beautiful spirit and soul.


Yes. You can has headscritch. But you cannot has cheezburger.

(By the way, does anybody else think that site should be required reading for anybody who is all gung-ho about Web 2.0 and user-generated content, because BEHOLD WHAT THE USERS GENERATE! LOLCAT ARMY! God, I love it.)



Lurve MAX!

And Puppy.

My cat has Hairband (no-not 80's rock, but actual dohickey that i use to pull my hair out of my eyes). Hairband is carried around the house with pitiful meowls coming from the lightly clenched teeth of Murphy the Cat.

Loved the trackbacks to the previous posts- I had read them in the past, but they still made me laugh.


Iz me firzt? Meeeeoww!


There really is nothing better than a cross-eyed cat.


This whole post confuses and befuddles me.


Why is that cats, so highly regarded for their intellect and snobbishness, look DUMB AS POSTS when photographed?

No offense intended toward Max--I have the same experience with my own cat. But then she may not actually be all that smart.

Jenny H.

Cats are funny! I have a Mischa Kat. She is quite the little diva. Considering I named her after a drag queen I met in New Orleans!

We moved into our first house a year ago and it took her a little while to get her groove thang on. Now? She rules the house with an iron paw.

Which is as it should be.


The trackback made me feel sad for Puppy all over again. I'm just glad to know Max still carries Puppy around because that is the most preshus thing. EVER.


Looking back at the Puppy posts... Whenever I'm in a meeting and someone I can't stand is speaking, I scribble "gah gah gah..." repeatedly across my notepad :)


Ahhh...finally! I *heart* Max.


headscritches for Max.

My kitty carries around a pot-holder.

Cats are weird.


HOT DAMN I LURVE ME SOME CATS! Finally! A post for the catbloggers! ; )

he's cute. not as cute as the human kid, but pretty damn cute.

Y from the Internet

I'm so in love with that site. I laugh til I cry, but no one else in my life thinks it's funny.

I'm currently obsessed the walrus getting his bucket back.



I had not seen lolcat before today. Thanks for that. It's hysterical. Cats must think that ppl has 2 much free times.


We have two cats, and they both carry things around the house. The eldest will carry around something that looks like a chunky of his tail. If you've ever seen those balls that you put a battery in, and they roll around with a little bit of tail hanging off them? Well, the cat pulled the "tail" part right off and carries it around. We call it his rat.

The younger one has a Ty beanie baby dog toy that she loves. It's a blue lizard, and she takes it to our bed, to her water dish, and wherever else she might go. She (surprisingly) will sit there and make it squeak (it is a dog toy, after all). We recently bought her a new weiner dog beanie that she's started to cart around. It's very funny because it's much larger than the wizard, so more amusing to see.

Kitties are great for making us laugh!

Niki P.

My cat carries around a purple rabbits foot that she stole from my stepdaughters room! She stalks it and hunts it and kicks the everloving bejesus out of it each and every day. She then whacks it under a cabinet and pitifully laments how wrong it is that one of her minions won't move the cabinet to rescue "footsie." Love kitty.

Wacky Mommy

Why is it that I love the blogger pets so much? They are extra-cute to me. Is it because I do not have to clean up after them? Scritch Max for me, and give Ceiba a donut.

We're having a little "situation" here since the loss of Wacky Dog -- cats have now taken over the yard, and they're spraying all around. Including near (and on?) the patio door. Help?


"OMGWTF?" Awesome.

And those baby photos of Noah in the trackback?? Good God, he used to be a BABY!


You MUST check out knitemare which I believe to be the source for all those 'cats saying things' photos. I thought you were immitating him:


Amen! to crazy user generated content.


I've had the site bookmarked for a few weeks now and I'm always crackin up at the things people put on there! It's great!


I Can Has Cheezburger should be required reading, period. That site is the BEST!
Kitty macros ROXXZORS!!!


I Can Has Cheezburger should be required reading, period. That site is the BEST!
Kitty macro ROXXZORS!!!


Not my fault! Not my fault! Swear to Bob, it made me enter two different verifications. So, thinking I screwed up the first one, I entered the second one... and spammed your post! Yay me!
'M sry. :(


I Can Has Cheezburger is taking over our evening now. It makes me miss our fuzzy friends, even the crazy tortie who bossed around for 11 way-too-short years.


My cat doesn't carry around anything. Huh.

Those baby photos of Noah make me sniffle, they are so cute!


I am now and forever in your debt. how did I not know about the cheezeburgerkitteh? HOW?

I thank you
my husband thanks you
my children thanks you

my kitteh does not


OK, how did you get him to lose weight? My cat Finn is 18 pounds and my husband regularly calls him "Lard Ass."

Merry Jennifer

Headscritches to Max for pointing me to that funny.


OMG! I love 'I Can Has Cheeseburger' beyond all reason. It makes me stalk my cats with a camera trying to think of LOL-cat sayings. In fact, I just got my hair heavily highlighted today and my first thought was "I has stripez." It's a sickness...


As is totally usual, you are way ahead of me. You introduced me to the sneezing panda, which has become my beacon of light in a dark dark world, not here I go thinking I discovered icanhascheezburger on my own (well okay, I followed the link from fourfour) this weekend and lo and behold, you post about it on Monday!

Get out of my head! get out of my head!!

oh okay stay there, it's funnier with you in there anyway



typing not mah thang


im in ur weblogg writin yr comentz.

Ah, but seriously. Let your lolflag fly. (More "Amalah Is A Closet Computer Nerd" posts would not be unwelcome.)


I don't know if I have left this in a comment before, but I love your cat, and not just cause I love siamese cats in general. I had a siamese named Max growing up and he was the best cat in the world, so therefore your Max must be, too. Love him. Always reminds me of my Max. Thank you.


Am I the only one who is totally jealous of your rockin' bathroom countertop and fixtures?


I love max. I love cat pictures with funny captions. In general, I'd say you've made my day.


LOL I have been addicted to the cheezburger site for months now! I keep showing my hubby pictures and he's all "uh huh...that's nice", meanwhile, I've fallen off the couch from laughing so hard. "I HAS A CORM" is the single cutest thing I've ever seen.


Will you please call my advisor & kindly explain to her why I won't be graduating college after all? See I stumbled upon your blog, and then your blog links to a heelarious site that has cats with captions....and so..well...can't exactly do homework NOW CAN I. Sigh. And I only had the one class to go.


I am yet another lurker...I stumbled upon your blog a while ago when searching google for "sideswept bangs." I absolutely love your writing and your blog and everything...but I really must thank you for introducing me to I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER...I wish my mom and I had had that years ago when we used to make our own evil captions to our countless kitty photos. Thank you SOOOOO much!!! I'll never get anything done ever again! :)


Headscritches for Max!

I love that site.

Next question is where in the world is Decal Max?


Does anyone else's cat snatch underwear out of the laundry basket and play with it? Yeah, it's a little disturbing to me too.

Yay Max.

Sarah Marie

The Puppy post is one of my all time Amalah favorites! I bet if you had a reader vote it would be in the top ten for sure.


Awesome! That's hilarious. Thanks to Max for the heads-up on that site. It will keep me entertained for hours...


I loved this post soooo much, I had to come back to comment on it again, once the Max-imum awesomeness sank in. Thank you for sharing your preshus kitty with us, as well as your preshus purse dog. And the mostest importantest...the preshus baby! Where has HE been lately? You keep posting pics of some kid who looks kinda like baby Noah, but he must be a cousin or something, because he's lacking that turtle-esque quality that baby Noah has.


heee-larious! OH.MY.GOD! We MUST MUST MUST have a video of Max carrying Puppy around and singing to him. Would make all of our horrid work days so much better. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE---pul-lease :)


Finally! Max!

Give Max a headscritch and some yummy gooshyfood, from me.

But none of that recalled stuff! Nuh-uh!

another fun site for cat lovers:

Pink Herring

Thanks a lot, Amy. I think I just got fired when my boss walked by and I burst out laughing at that last picture. I Can Has Cheeseburger is such a wonderful product of the internets. Sometimes it's what gets me through the day.

I'm not kidding.


OMG MAX!!! I adore your cat, he's just so precious. I have to totally agree with Sarah Marie...the puppy post? Only dogs could hear the awwing noises I made when I read that.


After reading your site... I want a cheeseburger now.


*scampers off to the cafeteria after giving Max headscritches*


I love Can I has Cheezburger!! I can not get through my week without checking it out at least once! Now I know there are others out there I don't feel like such a freak - much.


Right. Kitty litter. Thanks for reminding Bossy why she doesn't have a cat.


I've been reading your bog for about a year and have never posted before. I just wanted to say your cat is gorgeous and your writing cracks me up all the time!

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