When Cooler, Non-Toasted Heads Prevail
(Yes, I'm procrastinating on that entry about Clomid and fertility so you get this intead.)

all your aball are belong to us


Not pictured: about a dozen more aballs that have been lost under the couch or behind the fridge or rolling around somewhere in the car and are gone forever, or at least until the moment we buy him yet another aball and then they will all reappear simultaneously, organized and dead set on an uprising.



Attack of the aballs!!!!


So funny!

How about the socks! Can we discuss them? Why do I buy a ten pack of Old Navy socks and another just to have them disappear. My son had to wear red/gray woolish socks to daycare today. It was either that or ones that did not match.

And by not matching I mean two different argyle ones.


Aballs! Yay!


Well atleast there isn't a shortage!


Wait! The little purple one, in between the green and the blue ball, I know him. Look at his little face!!!

One of the Amy's

Oh thank GOD that doesn't only happen at my house. I thought the aballs were revolting against me and me alone.


Nobody can say you don't have balls.




So, they're like cat toys that way, then?


Oooh! You could put The Tire on its side and fill it with all the aballs and have a ghetto aball pit!


Nice aballs. Lol.

Funny, boys never grow up...yesterday, my husband came home from work, went upstairs to change, came down in this boxers and announced: "hey babe, check it out." :gives himself a front wedgie: "mah balllllls!!!"



It could be so much worse. Such as a collection of ahammers. Or apogosticks. The mind reels.


It could be so much worse. Such as a collection of ahammers. Or apogosticks. The mind reels.

Heather B.

And to think I almost bought him a GIANT ball yesterday in Target. You can thank me later.


tee hee te he...you showed me your balls...


Too funny. To copy Amanda, the balls sound like our cat toys. (btw, why did it take me so long to figure out that a yard stick is fabulous for sweeping them out from under things that are a pain to move like the couch, the washer/dryer, fridge, etc.?)


Virginiagal, I thought that's what yardsticks were FOR. I mean, no one actually uses them to measure things, do they?


Your son should meet my dog. They would really get along well.


The aballs remind me of my dog and her...uh...ahedgehog toys.


Next he will graduate to bats.


I just read your previous post - I can;t believe how big Noah is! Yikes! he is such a little man now! When did that happen? It seems like just yesturday that you were pg!


That's the problem with aBalls. They never go away, they just hide until you buy a new one. Also, everyone thinks that aBalls are the perfect toddler gift. And with the never ending variety of size, color and texture each one is unique and special. That's why we "rescue" them from the aBall pound and give them loving forever homes.

Or maybe we are just suckers for big brown eyes pleading for just one more aBall.


Love the dorky "all your base are belong to us" reference. Makes me feel better about my own nerdishness...


Hey, we have the purple, blue, and green ones too. Those are Gymboree aballs!

Miss Britt

They come back to mock you. Just to remind you how foolish your most recent purchase was. And once they've beaten you down, they retreat again.

Until next time...

Mrs. Q.

Wait until he discovers small cars. They are constantly parked under the couch, chairs, stove, fridge... Sigh.


So you guys have some, uh, balls.

All kids have something they borderline-obsess about at this age. Thank God yours wasn't crayons. Mine was.

creative-type dad

You can never have enough balls, that's for sure.



There is no such thing as too many balls.

Kris H.

As the mom of an ABall lover, I had to share...

For Son's 2nd birthday, my mom went to the pet store and got one of those balls for rodents to run around the house in. They make one for the really big rodents (about the size of a large beach ball). Then, she went to Oriental Trading Company's website and bought TONS...I mean SHITLOADS...of balls and filled the rodent ball with them. We call it his ball-ball.

When he saw his ball-ball, I seriously thought he was going to have a stroke! To this day (he is 5 now) it is his #1 favorite toy. We have had to replace the rodent ball once (it got a crack in it after about 2 years) and a few of the filler balls have gone missing (far fewer than I thought would go missing) so we have had to get a few more...but it is really unique and is always a big hit during play dates...


That is so funny. My daughter is 20 months and has amassed quite a collection of balls herself. It was the first word that she said that we were 100% sure of, that no one could say we were making it up or hearing what we wanted to hear.


You need a dog, a dog who eats aballs. It's like population control. Without predators, aballs just breed and breed.


This is totally my life... But it's cat toys. So sad.

Type (little) a

My daughter is obsessed with "socca bawls"

But don't kick them!! My lord. The child will disolve into a puddle of tears if you KICK her precious soccer ball.

kate b.

my daughter is a year old and had NO BALLS! a friend with a 3-year-old boy eagerly gave us a few, as she had the same ball-breeding problem as you and was happy to get rid of them.

now my daughter has some balls. a girl's gotta have some balls, you know?


VirginiaGal/Judy: the markings on the yardstick are for measuring the 'winner' (or which ball goes the furthest under the appliances/furniture).

As the mom of an 8yo I can tell you it doesn't get better. We have a gazillion super balls and yet he asks for more every time he sees them (this one is SPECIAL). He doesn't get to play with them, oh no, because they get in trouble and get put in time out (a black hole for super balls). I won't go into his inventory of regulation-size sports balls, that would make my head spin.

Katie Kat

We have lots of aballs too! And geeks (grapes) and appos (apples) and saysos (spaghettios). But my favorite is O-George. That the bear in a bunny suit that is B's constant companion. We named him George and she looked at him and said "Oh George." It just stuck (except for when we call him "OG" as if he is really a gansta in a bear/bunny suit just hangin' out on the west siiiiiide). :)


O Amalah... nothing divides and conquers like Legos. Goddamn Legos. Like stepping on tiny little blocks of hell.


funniest thing i've seen this week.


tiffany, have you had the occasion to step on Barbie shoes with your barefeet? Those teeny high heels are wicked.


It's amazing how they multiply. They're quick like bunnies!



Both about the aballs and the title...I feel all special that I know what that means!


We have this same problem with Thomas trains and Little People (and dog toys and rawhides and dustbunnies). Glad to see it's not just us...and your photographic evidence may help keep my husband off my back!
Also, caught your winery post a day late...I was trying to figure out which winery that was so that when we get our butts out maybe we can try a new one. Thought it was Meditteranean at first...but then I changed my mind because they don't have a Killer Hill, they just have Killer Gravel parking lot.


Set them up the aBall! (Courtesy of my Darling Hubby)

Y from the Internet

I saw blue balls.


Looks like my house! We have so many aballs... And today I went to get the mail and the wind had blown someone's aball into my yard. I quickly kicked it down the street before Beastie Boy saw it. We have enough without having to adopt stray aballs!


Just you wait. Mine are 11 and 7, and while they now ask for video games and DVDs, the amount of aballs, legos, brios and cars we have are scary.

We participated in a cub scout pack yard sale a few weeks ago, and my husband had a hard time parting with a few of the aballs. "Honey, this is the one N got for..." "Don't you remember that K sweet talked me into buying this one at Hersheypark?" I swear, it must be male DNA talking there!


In my house it's the "caws". Thats toddler for car. We must have 25 toy cars but can never find one when he is screaming! So we buy more and... you know the rest!

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