It's like being in a cubicle all over again.
Let's Go To the Zoo, Part Two

Today's Agenda

We're going to the fucking zoo.


I am wearing my most ugliest comfortable walking shoes, and yet I still inexplicably felt compelled to shave my legs. Noah appears to be preemptively underwhelmed.

I will report back from the other side, no doubt with a broken spirit and several blisters.



Aww, Noah will love it! Have a nice holiday weekend! :)


Good luck!


National Zoo? I swear it is uphill both ways around that zoo. Also, the damn pandas never come out until they know you are not looking. Don't mind me, I was there last month and I'm still tired. Have fun, maybe Noah will see animals playing with ABALL!

Virginia Gal

Wanna trade places? I'll happily take Noah to the zoo if you will spend the day at my office pretending you know what you're doing.

I didn't think so. sigh.


I hope you guys have a great time! Maybe this time, he'll be more entranced by the zoo animals than a pigeon or a trash can. Don't forget sunblock!


I was there yesterday, and it was busy but not too bad. At least it's not the weekend. Last year I went on Memorial Day, when it was terribly hot and totally packed. Afterwards we walked up to 2Amys for lunch, only to discover that it was closed for lunch on Mondays. And then I cried because I was hot and sweaty and craving pizza and I had walked up Macomb in 90 degree heat for nothing.

Papa Bradstein

Hope you have better luck there than we just did. We forgot both cameras, all our friends who live close to the zoo, and showed up at closing time to marvel at the yellow jacket sign at the (closed) snack shack, wonder about the ironic sloth bears who were the most active animals in the joint, and hyperventilate in excitement at the bird that hopped across the path in front of us--that was 3B . . . best animal he saw all day, as far as he's concerned. So yeah, have fun.


Maybe you'll get another Choco Taco. (I love these things!)


I LOVED your last zoo post. Wet beavers...heh! Can't wait for the recap!


What shoes? Need a picture to formulate image in me noggin'. Also: screw shaving the legs. Just do what I do: um, shave them once every 2 months or so. I just... how do I put this, don't care.

Apathy-- it does wonders for your razor budget.

zoo = hot stinky poop smell.

Have fun!


I never liked the zoo. Honestly, that's what the Discovery channel is for. And then? Natural habitat. Zoos were invented before TV, after all.

I do hope you two have a good time, anyway. I did grow to love giraffes from the zoo. And perhaps all your foot problems have been channeled through me, since my feet? Are in pain from unpacking for 18 hours yesterday.


At least you have a gorgeous day for it.

Maybe Noah would like the penguins? Tigers? Elephants that might stand on aball?

Take him to the giant pizza. (You think I'm kidding? There's a giant plastic-or-something pizza that the kids can play on. Supposed to teach about where food comes from, because it's next to a garden where they grow wheat and tomatoes and maybe mushrooms. And cheese. Oh, wait, that's the cows at the petting zoo also near the pizza.)


And where else could he crawl through a giant olive?


Sorry, the link got cut off:


ugh! I hope that they have enough LIVE animals! The last time we went, over half the exhibits were missing animals. At least we got to see the Pandas (this was prior to the baby). Can't wait to see a follow-up to see if it's worth dragging our kid out to. Too bad Chicago's Brookfield Zoo is in would be a great day to see the Dolphin show!


good luck.
stay strong..
avoid the leery eyed peacocks. I once lost an entire McD's Apple pie to one at the zoo.


I hope you put something a little stronger than plain old water in your water bottle - and that the animals decide today is the one day to "make an appearance"


New reader here ~ just had to tell you that I went back and read about your last trip to the zoo ~ Choco Taco at the Beaver Hut made my morning.

Hope it wasn't too painful today and Noah got to see some Pigeons, too.


Today? Isn't it the first official Hotter Than Hell day of 2007 there? It's gonna be, like, 90 here in upstate NY today. I think that translates to about 150 in DC.... Drink lots o' water, y'all!


oh we did that a few weeks ago - long day, but we still came out on the positive side. hang in there.


Noah will love it! Noah is about the same age as my girl and the last time we took the her to the zoo she could have cared less, it was a sucky day. Then we went a few weeks ago and she was so into it this time. She even loved the fruit bats (our zoo here has the most amazing bat display, who woulda thought, Bats!) and the giraffes were a big hit too.


I'd like to say something encouraging, but I've got nothing. A day at the zoo (especially one you've been to before) doesn't sound like an exceptionally thrilling.


I can only hope this trip turns out as humorous and exciting as the first one. ;-)


Are there OTTERZ?

Because OTTERS make EVERYTHING better.


I looked it up. There are OTTERZ.

I would go just for them.

Tell Noah it's the OTTER PLACE, spend all day with the OTTERZ (no walking!), and go home afterwards.



Hope UR having ABALL at Zoo!


Hope UR having ABALL at AZOO! (God Bless You!)


What's up with all the zoo-hate? I'd seriously spend every day at the zoo if I could.


I hate the National Zoo. It was engineered in such a way that no matter which direction you're walking, it's uphill. I think they did that to distract us so we wouldn't notice that there aren't any animals at the dang zoo.


We took our kids a couple months ago and they both enjoyed it MUCH more than they had the previous time. A few months makes a big difference, enjoyment-wise. Noah is quite the big boy these days. Maybe he'll learn to say "Abeaver. Beaver. Beaver. Beaver. Abeaver." And he can shout it at inappropriate times?


Bossy hates loathes despises the zoo in mostly unexplainable ways.

Amanda Cowan

Okay, so it's probably too late for this today and you probably already have either gotten one of these OR had someone tell you about them but

It's a cute little backpack that just happens to be attached to a leash-like tail. It is our savior anytime we go to a zoo or large park of any sort because our toddler can have SOME freedom from the stroller (which she loves) while we still get to have total control of the situation (which of course we love). We took her to the San Diego zoo with this and she got to ride in the stroller when she was tired and walk with the Harness (cough cough *leash*) when she wanted too. It was great! And for $10 from Target you can't beat that!

Amanda Cowan

Okay I suck because that link didn't come through but it's the Eddie Bauer 2 in 1 harness buddy. Available in their stores and on the web.


Breaking away from the zoo-hate, because seriously? My girls love the damn zoo. They always try to pet the tigers. And eat goat food. Enough about that.

Ohmygod, the blisters. I am still limping from a poor choice in footwear at a job fair last week, and the four quarter-sized blisters on my feet are going to leave wicked scars. Not to mention that I haven't been able to wear anything but flip-flops for a week, and they're pink so I look like an asshat. All I am saying? Is WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES, fugly be damned. Please.

And buy a leash. It's a lifesaver.


I.Hate.The.Zoo. I live right by a really "good one,"(field trips for EVERY level of school) Brookfield Zoo, outside Chicago, and I still dread going. Sorry for you, but, I'm sure Noah will like it.


You know, I never liked the zoo, but we just joined FONZ and I have been taking my son (25 months) there on Sundays around 9:30. No one is there, you can park for free with a FONZ membership and they give the baby elephant a bath at 10:30 which my son loses his mind over. In any case, I like to look at it more as a park that happens to have animals, and it is a pretty place. With too many hills.

Dr. Johnny Fever

When I was a little kid, a llama tried to eat my sister's bell-bottoms at the L.A. zoo. She screamed incessantly and my mom hit the llama in the head with her purse. Greatest moment of my life.


I used to visit the Washington zoo when I was little - I loved Smokey the Bear. Yes, I am 42, god thanks for bringing that up. Now I hate the zoo. Have you ever taken Noah to the Washington Cathedral? There is a lovely garden that I used to play in for hours. Anyhoo - I hope you all have fun!


We went to the Seattle Aquarium today with my daughter's 2nd grade class. It was a beautiful day and very leisurely. Lunch at Chili's and shopping at The Children's Place all worked for a great day. Plus, it's my daughter's 8th birthday today. ( And there were the most adorable otters showing off right in front of us. I could have stayed there all day)

All that said, I hope you have as great a day as I did. If not, maybe you can have a delicious margarita like I did!


ah yes, the zoo... brings back memories of not only my DC childhood (well, Bethesda to be specific). as an ex-resident of that area I can attest to the strong levels of hatred I would feel to the sunburned tourists who would clog up that portion of DC as they urged their children to get excited about all the animals when all the kids wanted to do was stay in the shade and eat ice cream.

only way to enjoy the zoo = go jogging through there in the early morning, which is what I used to do.

good luck. hope it doesn't suck as badly this time.

Heather B.

So? How did it go?

Wacky Mommy

The best part of working outside of the home? I did NOT have to go on Wacky Boy's field trip today -- his dad did. Yeah, baby.

I hope you two had a lot of fun, though...


Love your blog - I lost my mind laughing at your original zoo post.....I haven't taken my 4 year old daughter to the zoo yet (we live in Cleveland, so we have a decent one). Maybe we'll try it.....and maybe not.......


Well??! How'd it go? Inquiring minds, and all that.


I am in the loving the zoo category. If you can believe this I take Will once a week! Every Sunday morning I pack us up and off we go. Of course we do have a really good zoo (Cincinnati) - its one of the only really good things here :)

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