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ABlooper Reel

Presenting! Some footage shot during three days of nonstop attempts to get Noah to say "ABEAH" clearly on video ("What's this, Noah? What's this called? Huh? Huh?"), and also preferably a clip that did not involve 1) possible poisonings, 2) propane and/or head injuries, 3) blank vapid stares, or 4) an actual abeah.

Because, you know, I wouldn't want the Internet to know what a shitty parent I am. At least not right away. Maybe a few days later, when I was feeling lazy and didn't want to actually write anything.

Abeah Abloopers from amalah on Vimeo

I swear, that kid misses his mark almost every time. He'll never be an Olsen twin at this rate, dammit.



Very cute. I am amazed how much he looks like your picture on the main page. Perhaps a side-by-side comparison would be interesting some day?


Amy - must you taunt those of us outside of Yuengling's distribution range this early in the morning?? I want abeah!


Oh Yuengling. I didn't know you could get it outside of PA.
That's my abeah of choice.


I know you hear this about ten million times a day and all, but wow is your kid cute. Especially the pictures with his hair a little curly on the sides, make me just want to squeeze him!


He looks so lady-killer-frat-boy in the navy striped shirt with his long-ish hair! In a good way.

Now that I'm actually commenting... I guess I should confess that I had a dream about you and Noah (I know, stranger dreams=scary). I dreamed I met you and asked if I could be your intern. We hung out, wrote some, drank some wine, laughed at Noah. It was fantastic.


he's a star. a reluctant one, but a star nonetheless.

p.s. can't wait for mary kate olsen's upcoming portrayal of an evangelical christian temptress on "weeds."


He seemed so happy to get the beer! Hello nap time!


too cute!


He is so adorable! Thanks for sharing!


I love that he tried to lick your camera.

Li'l Foot's mommy

I love the up-his-nose-shot right at the end of the clip!!! Also abeah right about now would be really fabulous!!!

Miss Britt

Your commitment to a video post is inspiring. LOL


ROFL, my kid tries to eat the camera too. :-))


I fair taunting us with Yuengling abeah this early in the day! :) I normally don't even care much for abeah, but for some reason my prego tastebuds crave abeahs almost as much as wine!
And I love Noah's hair. My husband keeps cutting off our cutie's red curls, or slicking them I will live vicariously through your son's beautiful whispy curls.


You can get Yuengling outside of PA but you will pay dearly, my friend. I refuse to pay $3-$5 for a beer I had at $.25 draft-night in college!

Katie Kat


MUST.EAT.NOAH.NOW. (Wow, that sounded a little too toddler porn-ish...) *shiver* It's just, he's so damn cute.

Maybe he's got the Boston accent because he's a Kennedy reincarnated... watch out if he starts wanting to learn to fly or drive over random bridges with you in the "cah"...


Why does your toddler have better hair than I do? That is so not fair.


Pssst...Amalah. It's just my random observation...but vaguely sounds like he's saying Bullshit at 00:42. I won't tell.
PS- Don't be concerned if you notice that I watch the videos a dozen times, I'm not a creepy stalker. I'm just a desperate mom, exploiting your child for the sole purpose of getting my own child to ashut the ahell up and quit his damn acrying for a few precious moments! I owe you (and Noah) big time!


AHHHHHH love love love the hair. Did he swear? It kind of sounded like he made up a new word mixing bitch & sh*t, or was it just me?


Love that he tried to lick/eat the camera at the end. And I'm with those guys up there, it sounded like Noah was making up his own swear word. Totally adorable!


I love the eating the camera part at the end! How funny! Clearly he didn't want to give you the satisfaction of saying "ABEAH" those couple days! Atleast not while the camera was on!


total rockstar.

Heather B.

Oh, I needed that. Gracias.

Dad Gone Mad

Far be it from moi to tell you how to profit off of your own kid, but have you considered renting Noah out for parties? A cute little dude like that could generate some serious income.


it's probably not like that in real life, but on your viseos I swear to god you sound exactly like me. It kind of freaks me out to hear my voice on videos of experiences I've never had.

Dacia :-)

Did he say shit? How adorable is it when our kids cuss? I can't help but laugh! My nephew loved the movie the Fox and the Hound and when he wanted to watch it he said "the fuckin' hound" omg. roflmqao!

Anyways, yes do a side by side pic.. their is NO denying that child with you :-)


Heh, what a little ham! Sometimes he just looks at you like you've lost your fucking mind. Gotta love it!

Love the transition effects by the way - really gives it that something extra! ;)


Also - totally off topic, but the Kate Spade sample sale started today. From one purse whore to another!

Looking forward to the Top Chef chat tomorrow night too. I'm snagging a puter from work so I won't have to run to and fro this time around!


HAHAHA! Cool, now teach him to say "chawdah".


That was pure awesomeness. The ending was genius on Noah's part.

Also, OMG! He looks like such a BIG KID in that striped polo. 100% little boy. No toddler at all.


ok, I am officially so jealous that I am moved to comment! After having a tear-your-hair-out day at work where I would have gone postal had I owned a weapon; I see how you are spending your days (yes, that you are running after your kid with a camera), and knowing how beautiful DC is in the spring/summer/fall; I am so jealous all I am left to do is cry.

Wacky Mommy

I know I always say this and it's getting old, but NOAH IS SO CUTE!!!!

Mrs. Davis

So adorable! My 2-year-old LOVES seeing videos of Noah. (And he says "daddy drink" when he sees beer in the grocery store.)

Just curious....what program are you using to "montage" your video togther? Love how you did this one.

Another Jennifer

Okay, Noah sounds like he said, "A big shit" when you showed him the real abeah. The kid's expanding his vocabulary so quickly!

Kathy/ Lessons from the Laundry

Hey, you told him not to touch the grill. Save this for evidence at your "bad mother" trial.

Cute stuff...I miss that age.


I just watched this with my 14 month old Emma, who stood next to me entranced, one hand on my thigh, one on her cell phone, transfixed in wonder. The second time we watched it, she smiled, then laughed, then said, "Hi!" to Noah and waved, then pressed the cell phone to her ear and called him.

I think she just fell in love!


I just watched this with my 14 month old Emma, who stood next to me entranced, one hand on my thigh, one on her cell phone, transfixed in wonder. The second time we watched it, she smiled, then laughed, then said, "Hi!" to Noah and waved, then pressed the cell phone to her ear and called him.

I think she just fell in love!


I think *I* just fell in love with Noah! He is absolutely the cutest. I can't wait to see you two at Blogher, either :)


Oh yeah!! Another little boy who still likes to stick his fingers in his mouth. You make me feel so normal. (also because I follow poor L around saying -- what is this call? huh?)

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