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Leaving on a Jet Plane NJ Transit

I am losing my mind here, people.

Here's the thing: we're leaving! Tonight! For a vacation I did not tell the Internet about because there's something sort of "HEY COME ROB ME" about announcing vacations online. And then people will read about the robbery and shake their heads at these stupid people with their stupid MySpaces and whatever.

Anyway. We're going to New York for Jason's birthday. Well. Wait. It's complicated. I'm going to New York tomorrow, Jason's going to New York on Friday, Noah is staying with the grandparents in Pennsylvania which is where we're all driving to TONIGHT.

I also maybe FORGOT that we were leaving tonight. The thought struck me yesterday that I should pack.

So I planned to pack today -- a small suitcase for me to take up tomorrow (it's my niece's graduation from high school, oh my damn) and then a bigger suitcase for Jason to bring up on Friday for he is Man and Strong and Can Better Get My Shoes Into The Overhead Luggage Bin, and then a suitcase for Noah and everything his precious little self could possibly need and extra Green Juice and waffles and OH SHIT THE PETS I FORGOT I HAVE TO PACK UP THE PETS TOO DAMMIT.

Adding to the chaos: an electrician came this morning to upgrade our electrical panel and split circuits and blah bzzzt blah so our house would no longer be in danger of blowing the fuck up every time we used the microwave. And given my turkey bacon habit (which I microwave slice by slice by slice, because I always believe I am only going to eat one slice), the chances of that happening were pretty high.

So the power has been off all morning, and Noah and I just...stared at each other. There was no TV. There were no Muppet videos on YouTube. It was ugly. And boring. We played outside for awhile and I tried to make a to-do and to-pack list:

Blue dress
Wrap gifts and get $
Assorted tank tops
Red earrings

That's as far as I got. So there remains a good chance that I will be running around New York City this weekend in a tank top with no pants. But I will not be suffering from a hangover.

I didn't get very far on the list because Ceiba was busy having a fucking conniption for four hours straight. Because MEN. In our HOUSE.


I fed her peanut butter out of the jar until her mouth got stuck together.

Anyway. I just came online to say HI, BYE and to mention that I might not be posting here, there or everywhere for the next couple days because frankly, I could use a little vacation from the computing box.  But I always say that. And then I pack my laptop anyway and pay $10 a day for hotel WiFi because I start getting all pale and invisible (like Marty in Back to the Future) after a few days offline.

So hi. Bye. Maybe. Whatever.



Yeah!! Am I first??? Have an awesome time!!


And I am second. Have a great trip. I am in that special hell known as teaching summer school. Won't be vacationing for another ten days.

Maxine Dangerous

"I fed her peanut butter out of the jar until her mouth got stuck together."

I know some people I'd like to that to. Will any brand of peanut butter work? :)

Have fun on your vacay!



have a nice trip! :)


If I see you, may I squeee? :-)

Have a wonderful vacation.

Heather B.

Wait? You have a blue dress? Really?
I bet it's your favorite blue dress and I can just imagine your face crumbling if you forgot the blue dress.

Have fun and all that good stuff and tell Jason that I am expecting an extensive and detailed post. Also let me know if he weeps.


Good luck with the Packing, Amalah! No matter where or for how long or short I'll be gone, packing is always an ordeal for me- and I don't have a toddler and two pets to worry about (though I do have a husband who can always be all packed in about 30 seconds, give or take).
Anyway, once you are all packed, have FUN!! :)


what? No minute by minute account of your packing woes? You are a lazy whore. Just Kidding!!! Have an awesome time in New York!!! Happy Birthday Jason!!!


I do that: Pack the laptop and pay $10 for hotel ethernet (arg with the wireless) because I can't...seem...to...leave...things... undocumented. Tragic.


Bossy says: New York City? Don't forget to pack your Gauchos!


As long as you pack the really long tank tops everyone in NY will just think you're wearing a hip new dress. Like the green one Britney wore.....


Most of your posts make me laugh out loud, but for whatever reason, the mental image of you and Noah sitting and just staring at each other due to lack of power was down right hilarious!

Have a good trip!


You're my turkey bacon soulmate! I've gone through half a package in one sitting, microwaving the slices one at a time, thinking that I'll just have one (or two, at the most). Love that Trader Joe's turkey bacon...

Abra Leah

Have fun, and be safe!

Pssstttt, Interweb....party at Amalah's!!!


Why won't you be hungover?


I'd like to officially represent New York in saying "welcome." And also, no one will notice and/or care if you're not wearing pants. You may even start a trend (a backlash against leggings?)I may or may not know that from experience.


Forgot to pack the pants while in NYC? What a great excuse to go shopping! (And maybe get famous while shopping half naked.)
Hope it's a blast!

Li'l Foot's mommy

Yay...coming to our Big Apple!!! I hope you have a blast and if you get lost look me up...hahaha!!!

Suzy Q

Ok, what is with the turkey bacon, ya'all? Is it REALLY that good? Is it just the Trader Joe's kind that's good? I have no TJ's here.

And what kind of fool would think she could eat just one slice of ANY kind of bacon?

Oh yeah. Have a nice trip, Family Storch!


Have a great trip! Teh INtarwebbz will miss u!

anne nahm

Have a great time!


sorry...turkey bacon is not too tasty. Tastes like hot turkey cold cuts...which is fine when I want a sandwich. Not cool when I want something fatty, bacony, dripping with grease first thing in the morning (or for dinner).

"I fed her peanut butter out of the jar until her mouth got stuck together."
I should've done that with my nutty dog, Maggie, yesterday evening when those T-storms came through the DC-area! Everytime the thunder rumbled, even when it was loud claps of thunder, she'd bark like someone was breaking into the house. Then the knuckleheaded dog, Ginger, would join in with the sympathetic yipping and whining. I will try the peanut butter next time...seems more humane than when I threatened to rip out their vocal cords...

Have fun in NYC!


Hi. Bye. Have fun.


as I posted my comment, wouldn't you know...we got another rumbling storm in Northern VA to start my dogs barking again. I'm going go find the peanut butter.


Have a great time, and eat lots of good food!


Well I hope you have lots of fun, I'm jealous..I want a vacation! We're going out Saturday night but that doesn't really classify as a vacation in my eyes!


Have fun in NYC!!! No pants sounds like the hot new trend...

And if you would like me to send you a 4 page packing list I can (yes I am slightly OCD when it comes to packing)


But NY is so much more fun when you're hungover! ;)

Have a good time, go have some real bacon at a REAL diner for me, k?


Sounds like you have everything under control...what could possibly go wrong?


Pack schmack.

Have a great time.


New York is cold. Bring more than tank tops.


I'm all with emily on this one.. "Lazy Whore!" We know how ADD, ADHD, ADXXX.... you are and the thought of an organized packing is just way beyond you. Come on, we excitment and drama here!

Okay, jus' kiddin'...sorta :) Have a great trip. How old is Jason anyway; cuz you look way younger than him! :)

Fraulein N

I love the fact that you refer to the tops on your list as "assorted." SO something I would do. Have fun, Suzie NoPants!

Wacky Mommy

You're killing me here. Have fun.


I am still laughing about Noah not being able to ask for a beer or cook on the barbie in his own home. Child neglect I think. Bring the child up in the way he should go and you can make him barbaque all the food as soon as he can see the grill top.


dude I was totally hoping for an Amalah packing diary... am a big fan of those.

I know where you live... I'm totally coming to rob you... mwa ha ha.


For you bacon lovers out there watching the calorie content and want all the taste, try Oscar Meyer Center Cut Bacon, 2 pieces = 50 calories... so for you WW participants out there, that is one point!


Have a fabulous time! And good luck!


Okay, this is boring. Come home now.

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