Leaving on a Jet Plane NJ Transit
Four or Five Entries About New York That I Probably Won't Get Around To Writing

oh hai

We're back.

So it turns out that a complete and total vacation from the Internet was exactly what I needed, and I am pleased to report that I didn't even check my email twice. I checked it once, deleted four hundred million marketing/PR solicitations, scanned the rest of the subject lines for anything regarding anybody's hair being on fire, and then closed the laptop for the remainder of our trip.

It was glorious. I possibly saw Blue.

I have tons of stories and no photos. Unless you count photos of pizza. We ate a lot of pizza, and if you've ever wondered just how many hours of nonstop pizza-eating you can endure before your digestive system completely shuts down with a painful rattling thud, I have the answer. It's 42.

But! First I need to complete some professional-type writing obligations and also get my household back above the squalor level. This morning I justified serving my child expired milk because I was mixing it with yogurt, and you know, it's all basically bacteria anyway.

I later put the same milk in my coffee, and. Well. That probably served me right.

So I will talk to you some more later. Consider this post your placeholder for now, written only so all the potential robbers out there know that my house is once again occupied by a crazy constipated girl with a broom, so The End. Get the fuck off my lawn!


Li'l Foot's mommy

Yay, welcome back!!!!


Of course the answer is 42.


Good luck with the squalor, I know how that is. Glad you're back!

Virginia Gal

42 is also the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. So the unknown question really has to do with pizza...

Welcome back.


good to have you back :) I am very fascinated by this ability you have to tear yourself away from the evils of the Internet for multiple days. Do tell.


Welcome back.


welcome back!

drink a glass of that milk after leaving it out overnight and i am quite certain your constipation will be a thing of the past....



Bossy has Professional-type Writing Obligations too. They usually take the form of excuse notes written on post-its.


The PR/Marketing emails drive me nuts. NO, I do not want a year's supply of free soda (unless you really are going to send it and it really will be obligation free). Apparently I am very cold-hearted and untrusting. And I feel okay about that.

Welcome home!


Breaks are a very good thing. Glad you got one. And that you're back. And that you answered the pizza question for me so I don't have to try it now. I really don't need the calories.


Mmmmmm, pizza! Those photos look yummy. Can you belive that when I was in NYC last summer, I didn't eat a single slice of pizza? I don't know what I was thinking. I did get to eat at Babbo, though, and I dream of the day I can return!

I'm glad you had a good trip!

Wacky Mommy

Glad you had fun. (Other than the pizza.)


So if I really want to get in touch with you by email, I should put "Help! My hair is on fire!" in the subject line? Good to know.

I'm on a stupid low-carb diet so that I'm not the size of a large hippo at BlogHer (a small hippo, maybe), so those pizza photos drove me insane. Thanks.


glad to see you're back...it was a quiet few days without you.

in our household, we continue to drink milk past its date until it literally crawls out of the jug. and even then I'm horrified that I can't drink milk 10 or 12 days past its prime, and Dear God why don't they make milk like they used to, and am I really going to have to pay $3.39 for another gallon that might not get drank before it goes bad?


and for the lactose intolerants out there who are sadistic toward their bodies with love of pizza, the answer is technically 1. but you love the pain, so sometimes 4.


Welcome Back


I wanted to comment on the Universal question having to do with pizza as well, but I see I am not the only Douglas Adams geek who reads your site.

Welcome back!


Welcome back! Mmm pizza. And you came to the right city to abuse your digestive system :-)


Yay! You're back!


Welcome baaaaaaaaaaack!!


So I was going to be the crazy one to tell you that I could totally be Noah's babysitter, seeing how the last babysitting job I had in this area was a nightmarish 4-year-old whose parents didn't tell me she wasn't potty trained, like, at all--and then I realized that I'm allergic to cats. Boo.


Glad the the trip was a memorable one (constipation...this too will pass). Welcome back!


I have Russian and Chinese friends who deliberately LEAVE MILK OUT and then slather the crud that congeals on their faces.
I would say that this is why we won the goddam cold war against communism, but they look like fresh-faced milkmaids. It ain't Philosophy, but it does seem to work.
Welcome back. You were missed.


Welcome back and good luck with the de-squalorizing.

I LOVE the Blue reference - I'll be giggling for hours now.


I was about to say that of course 42 was the answer, but about 13 people beat me to it already. I think I'll go stick my head in a bucket.


I missed you!


Speaking of milk past it's time, do you buy organic milk? The shelf life of the Stonyfield Farms is like unbelievably longer than non organic. It amazes me each time I open the carton and think it's going to be bad, but nope, I can use my next tablespoon for cooking. Makes me feel a little better considering the price difference.
Glad you had a nice break from it all. You were missed.


42? Isn't that the answer to the meaning of the universe in Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series?

Does that mean we now know the question that goes with the answer?...


Ahem... Did I just reveal too-high geek levels?


Milk can be used for up to a week past its expiration date, as long as it is stored and handled properly (refrigerated at 34-38 degrees). As long as it doesn't smell sour, it's okay to drink. You'll know when it's sour!


I am SOO glad you made it back! My morning coffee just isn't the same if it isn't squirting outta my nose in hilarity! Welcome Back!


I totally got your Old School reference. Right there with you baby.


Welcome back! The pizza looked great, was that fresh basil leaves on your #1 pick? I've got more fresh basil than I know what to do with right now...


Welcome back and expired milk? Pffft, fed my kids bad chicken once...kidding.

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