Oversharing, Even More So Than Usual


Day Three of Operation Hardwoods. The downstairs is almost done. Tomorrow they start on the upstairs. I hope to have my house back sometime between next Saturday and 2012.

It's always a little weird to go into your bathroom and discover that even the toilet paper is covered in sawdust.

But lo, there is progress.


There is also this, unfortunately.


I've spent the last couple days begging the floor guys to leave our router plugged in and undisturbed, which is stressful because I don't know how to say "I NEED THE INTERNET TO DO THIS BULLSHIT 'JOB' THAT I DO" in Spanish. Do air-quotes translate?



The floors look really great so far, except that now I think I want new kitchen cabinets. But I'm not going to say anything about that to Jason until all the sharp and deadly power tools are out of the dining room.


Noah is not so very sure about any of this.


(Translation for anyone who doesn't speak toddler: OH NO! OH NO NO NO! etc.)


Bozoette Mary

I used to speak toddler, but I got pretty rusty lately, so thanks for the translation!


We've been going through that "sawdust all over everything" phase for awhile now, too. The good news is there's no point in dusting until the job is all done.


(P.S. The floors really are gorgeous.)


I'm terrified. We're renovating the bathroom of our STUDIO next week. Talk about nowhere to put 'stuff' while 'dust' goes everywhere. And I don't have an adorable toddler to survey and assess the damage, so it will be a 24-year-old baby just running around saying "oh, NO! No, no, NOOOO!!!"


it's like he had been stashing his best aballs under the carpet and his worst nightmare has come true--a floor goblin has snatched them. oh no!


The floors look great.

And this is gross, but sawdust? Makes for really awesome boogers. I'll bet Noah is really enjoying that aspect of Home Implosion. May I request a video of that please?

Maxine Dangerous

Ha! I played the video and freaked out my coworker (who sits in the other room). He said, "I think I hear a girl screaming upstairs!" Nah, just a toddler assessing renovation 'damage.' Hee! :]

Fraulein N

Hee. I like the running in circles, and the way he shakes his head in horror. OH NO!

Heather B.

It's just so damn shiny and pretty. I can't wait for the finished product.

cathy walker

Everything will come together beautifully you will see. Your home is BEAUTIFUL even with the
construction deconstructon. You are very lucky
all the best to you guys.

cathy walker

Everything will come together beautifully you will see. Your home is BEAUTIFUL even with the
construction deconstructon. You are very lucky
all the best to you guys.


Just say--"Oye, cavrones, esta tosa aqui. Por favor de no tocar."

We just had our famiy room done. Sucks until it done. But then it'll be soooo pretty.

Suzy Q

Such pretty floors! Such a confused Noah!

If you offer the workers some cerveza (beer) at the end of the day, they will probably love you.



Translation: Por favor no toque estos cables; necesito el Internet (yes, same in both languages) para trabajar.

As to how to pronounce - hhmm, tricky! Try this: "Pohr fahvohr, no tohke ehstohs cahblehs; nehsehseetoh el Internet pahrah trahbahar." I know, a lot of H's. Couldn't think of any other letter to guide you.

I know - just write out the phrase in Spanish I gave you and show it to them. I promise you're not telling them to fuck off or anything.


We just put in floors too. Here's my tip. Change your air filters, or wash them, frequently during the renovation. All that dust clogged up our air conditioner and it stopped running.


Oh, use Tere's version. It's much nicer than mine, also as Suzy Q said Cerveza ia always a good thing to offer.
Oh, and I spelled cosa, tosa--yep use Tere's, I'm fluent and I still suck!

Miss Britt

You got to let someone ELSE come in and do your flooors?!?

Can you feel the envy I am shooting you right now? I just had to do all of mine - myself.

Total. Bitch.

(the floors, not you)


So very pretty. Kitchen renovations will be more horrifying, at least it would be for me, because you will be without a kitchen for a week or more. But you've been through that type of renovations already.

Noah is too cute.


Poor Noah. Just show him how to slide across the floor in socks and he may change his mind.

The floors are beautious. Can't wait for the finished product. Also, sawdust smells WAAAY better than old pee.


Floors look gorgeous!! But Noah?? OMG!! He is beyond adorable!


Good GOD, woman, you have the cutest freaking kid EVER.....flaps his arms and shakes his head and runs in circles..........too cute.


Poor Noah, he sees all the chaos and thinks he's going to get blamed for it!

Mother of Beans

That video is too cute, my oldest is about his age.

En Wrapture

Somehow, the only plug available for the computer, modem, & router is also linked to the light switch. Kids and I get it, but Boyfriend, well, he has trouble remembering that. Kids taped paper over the switch and wrote "Patrick-proof".

Papa Bradstein

New floors: sweet.
Being a displaced refugee in your own home: not so sweet.
Disruption of kitchen remodel compared to floor installation: it will make you want to abandon your house and move into anything--a double-wide with an astroturf lawn, a motel with a kitchenette, a dorm room with a hot plate--where you can eat food that's not covered in drywall powder.

But hey, have fun with the cabinets.


Do Not do kitchen renovations unless you will be gone for a long long time and return to a nice new kitchen! We are in the middle of our kitchen reno and I feel like we are living in a studio apartment -- with two boys under two!!! It is its own version of hell.


Looking good! I'm VERY jealous.


Oh, we are going through the Drywall Dust Diet here too.

Did they have to pull up all the wood underneath your carpet? I'm scared to even look under our carpet - I am positive we will have to replace everything right down to the dirt under the foundation. Eek!!!


What a dork I am - I meant to add - Noah is so sweet with the confusion and all! My dogs are running around in the same mode, but the barking (and nervous peeing) is not nearly as adorable as Noah!!!


I just love how Noah's all worried about the mess and the bookcase on the ground...at least you'll always havea little alarm in case something goes wrong at your house! :)
Our friends refaced their cabinets and you can't even tell...much less expensive and much faster--they only had to remove their most delicate of dishes from the cabinets. Of course I am whole-heartedly behind your decision to wait until most deadly power tools have been removed from Jason's reach before you bring it up... :)


OH NOES! MAH FLOORS! THEY HAS DISSAPEARED! HALP! OMG, he is so cute! Just don't EVER put him in socks...because, well, our 2 year old has learned the hard way, that socks+hardwood=cry.

Lisa M

It already looks great! It will be such a relief to get rid of that carpet...after you're done putting your home back together :) Noah is so cute! And he's just doing what we'd all do in that situation!


Oh poor Noah! I didn't know whether to issue comforting sounds at my monitor or laugh...so I laughed. It's always been my fall back action.


Nuevo kitchen cabinets: Si.
Entonces, nuevo kitchen counters and nuevo light fixtures...


Those floors are lovely! I shall try not to drool too much (my keyboard really doesn't do well with that).

My toddler speak is up to par and I heard the "Oh no" quite clearly. You know, I find I've gotten really good at it with a 20 month old running around the house.


omg his little feet. He is SO adorable.


Noah just kicked my biological clock into overdrive. Please give him a smooch and thank him for me.

Your floors look wonderful!


That is SO effing cute. (The floors look ok too.) Whatever you're teaching that boy, keep it up! But when-oh-when is that boston accent going to disappear? Haha



Oh No! Too cute!


Floors look beautiful!

I hear you about the sawdust thing, lol. Although I'm dealing with drywall and drywall putty dust. Kitchen remodel. My new cabinets come in Tuesday. Gawd, I can't fucking wait!

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