(I meant this entry to be funny but it got away from me somewhere and turned out all sappy)
A Belated Non-Update

Look! Filler!

I just got a phone call from Early Intervention: our initial intake assessment (which consists of signing paperwork and making sure that we don't keep Noah locked in the liquor cabinet) has been bumped up from August 8th to...tomorrow morning. 9 am.

I'm thrilled that we're getting things underway as soon as possible, but also pissed as hell because Jason has neglected to put out the recycling for two straight weeks and now I have to go hide empty wine bottles like...like some kind of person who drinks too much wine. God.

Anyway, this isn't the important assessment (the one that will determine what services Noah qualifies for, if any, and oh dear GOD he better fail that one spectacularly), but it's something.

In the meantime, how about some pictures?


Baby vs. Sprinkler, the Final Showdown


(I can SO still call him a baby. He's still got his elbow and knuckle dimples.)


By the way, despite being QUITE the chunker at birth, Noah only ("only") weighs 26 pounds now. He wears 6-12 month shorts. We buy 18-24 month shirts, which cover his belly but the sleeves hang past his elbows. He wears size 7 shoes. None of those numbers make a damn lick of sense to me, which is why he's only in a diaper half the time. Who's he got to impress? Me?


BUT. I KNOW. He needs a haircut. I know. I will.


Tomorrow maybe. Or the next day.


Or Sunday. How's Sunday? Talk to me on Sunday.



Aw, look... Noah is rockin' the sideswept bangs like his mama. ;-)

Amy M

Awww... but the curls are adorable!

I just got V a haircut last Saturday. And he looks like Moe from the 3 Stooges. Not happy. Not to scare you away from the scissors, or anything..


That hair is gorgeous! Recently discovered your blog and have caught up with all the archives. You are one funny lady! Also, you give me hope that my own infertility issues will one day be a "remember when" in our lives.

Li'l Foot's Mommy

Awwwww...he's a...dor...able!!!! I love his locks!!! Don't cut them!!!

Oh and good luck tomorrow!!!


NOOOOOO!!! Don't cut the hair, I love those curls . . . NOOOO! Spare the curls.

He's too cute for words and looks like such a little man. We Floridans love the longer hair and beachy look. He fits right in.

Can we vote? In the spirit of . . .uhhh . . . democracy? No?


Noah. Is. So. Cute.

The heart, it is melting.

That is all.


OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! What a gorgeous child! I *heart* Noah!


I love the curls. So adorable. I say leave them, maybe just trim his bangs a bit if they get in his eyes.


His hair is beautiful! Maybe trim up the bangs, but the curls? They musn't be touched. Do you hear me? Good.

I hope Noah's assessment goes really well... poorly...? I guess we are hoping for some degree of failure, in order to pass. Anyway, good luck. I'll be thinking of you guys.


God I love your kid.

bad penguin

Oh, don't cut his curls. They are so sweet.


my heart exploded when i saw the last picture.
i vote for keeping the curls.


Do not ever cut his hair, ever.


Amalah? Is that you? In a toddler costume? You do a fine impression of a person who is supposedly your son but is actually you.


You can't cut until he's 3. That is an order. He's far far too beautiful. After a haircut? He'll look like a little boy.


The curls are way way too cute to cut. Besides, you don't need to worry that his hair is too long, that is, unless you're Kate Hudson and plan to let it grow to his shoulders ...

hello insomnia

That's way too cute to chop!


He does not need a haircut. His hair is preshus! But yeah, I'm with Susan, please don't let him look like Kate Hudson's kid. And does he look like Jason at all? Even a tiny bit?


Those last three pictures? TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS.


I'm joining in the "don't cut!" chorus. Believe me, if Al had hair that beautiful, I'd never cut it.


I think my head and my ovaries just exploded. He's so cute!


Surely there's no rush to cut those GORGEOUS locks. Dammit, if my unborn is even half anything like yours I'll be happy.


God, he is SO CUTE.


My lands, that boy is gorgeous. His expression in the 3rd photo slays me. Please please please please keep that adorable surfer-boy look rocking! Don't change a thing!


WOW. I don't think I noticed before how much he looks like you. It's amazing.

He's absolutely adorable.

Maxine Dangerous

Jesus God, the adorability. :D

I'm going to go all Valley Girl on you when I say you were TOTALLY in my dream last night. We were hanging out like BFF and my real-life BFF blew me off for something and I told you and you were mad with me and then Jason called and you made me tell him what my RLBFF had said. I clearly remember you wearing sunglasses on top of your head and shoving this tiny black phone (clearly a dream since you did not produce the iPhone of Glory) in my face so I could talk to Jason. (WTF??) We were in a subway station and were getting ready to go through a turnstile. Into Narnia, apparently, for all the sense this dream makes. :)

I *so* need to stop taking sleeping pills at night. Hey, did I already say you have a cute kid? ;)


I'm sure like 20 people have alreayd said it, but damn, he looks JUST like you in those last few. He's just too cute for words. (and I'd have a hard time cutting those curls, too)


OMG is he every adorable!!

I LOVE the toddler belly. (though the paranoid mom in me always thinks that my son looks malnourished and people are talking).

Hope he fails both assessments with flying colours. Wait, that's what I mean, right? I want him to do well and not need help, so fail is good. Right? I'm confused.


Wait. I can't read anything past 6-12 month shorts. Are you sure? My 4 month old 4 MONTH OLD wears size 12-18 months. Yes, she's 22 lbs, but seriously? What size diaper does he wear?


He's adorable! Wow, size 7?? My 26 lb 18 month old is in size 4s...

Stacie Bratton

He looks just like you in those pictures! He is a super cutie!


My 10-month-old is wearing the same size pants as your 2-year-old. I think it's time to get mine on a threadmill.


He is going to be SUCH a heartbreaker some day. The hair, the grins, the adorable-ness. I can't stand it!


I'm not comparing or anything..but my son..who's also the same age as Noah (pretty much to the day) wears those same sizes. Kids are weird. Also..don't cut his hair! Not yet! It's wayyyy too gorgeous!

Miss Kate

Lord-A-Mercy, that boy has the best expressions. How the heck can you keep yourself from smooching him all day long?

Dammit, all this cuteness makes me want babies.


Talk? Why, he doesn't need to talk! All he has to do is smile and shake his blonde hair and thy will be done!


Oh, those last 3 pictures did it to me. I'm in love.

Just sharing some numbers now. Zoe just turned 2. She's 26 1/2 pounds. She's wearing mostly clothes that say 24 months. But she has some 18 months that fit.. and even a few 2T. Can't the clothing people just all get together and make their sizes all match up???


I LOVE his hair...long is all the rage now, ya know...that's what my 11 yr. old uses as an excuse not to get his cut! He is sooo cute-and go for the services....my oldest has epilepsy and we were able to get him into a program so he could have the $700 a month medicine he needs...programs rule!


Baby cute....baby very very cute.

Also, my daughter turns 1 tomorrow (holy crap!) and she is basically in 6-12 month clothing as well...and that is mostly too big for her. I could get a size 2 diaper on her if I needed to. I guess we won't be turning around that carseat any time soon...but I swear I feed her...a lot!


cutest kid ever... and he totally looks like you :)


What a cutie!

Amy, don't worry about his weight. Noah is doing great! My kids are turning THREE this Tuesday, and The Boy weighs 27 lbs and The Girl weighs 26.5 lbs. They both wear 2T. Shoe sizes are 8.5 and 7. Diaper size: 5 The Boy: 8 haircuts The Girl: 0

They are healthy, alert, happy kids. Just small. So far. Good luck with EI - I know so many kids who have had positive experiences, including my own (for torticollis and nutritional issues)!


I love his hair as is, but the smile is what really gets ya. :-)

They don't pick up recycling here, you have to take it in. So obviously, that only happens once every 3 months or so. Every time someone sees our garage, we have to do the "oh, we haven't taken the recycling in for MONTHS. Plus, we've had parties. We swear," song and dance. I get more sideways looks that way...


He looks just like you, that is so sweet


Holy hell, he looks just like you in that picture on your sidebar. Too cute. Good luck tomorrow!


OMG, he is so dang cute! He looks SO much like you it is incredible! Okay it is not that incredible otherwise I guess he would not be your child... I guess what I mean is my son does not look like me not like that and I am going to stop digging this hole... Okay bye!


I can't get over how he is the spitting image of his mother. Is Jason ever jealous?

And why do boys always get the long eyelashes and beautiful, wavy hair?


I can't even deal with how adorable he is.

Who says you have to cut the hair? It's great. Sure, slightly "I may or may not be growing up on a sustainable living compound" but when it's that gorgeous and he's that cute, who cares?


oh.my.god. That kid makes my ovaries hurt and warms my black little heart.


i am trying to hard to get my hair to do what noah's does.

who is his stylist, anyway??


i'm still waiting for the jaw-dropped, pink dress shot for a perfect comparison but wow, what a resemblance. guess that means all of these so. cute. comments apply to mom, too, huh?

and, um...is he on the toilet in those pics?

shy me

OK, so, um, how do I tell my friend that I think her seven month old 28 pound daughter might just be um... too heavy?


go put the bottles in front of the neighbors house!

I love those last pictures so much. He looks so much like you. I thikn his hair is perfect the way it is.


Omg, you could like the screen and get a sugar buzz, he's so cute. Totally meant in a none creepy sorta way, totally.


Bottom pic. Looks like you. Totally.


Wait, so they come to your house? I hope it goes well. I think we may be doing the same thing in six months time.

Also, don't cut the hair! He looks super cute and still like a boy.


I looooooove his hair as is.


God, Amy! He looks SO much like you! Does Jason get tired of hearing that? I know my head used to explode when people would tell me that Alliclaus was just a Andiclaus clone.

The hair looks awesome! And it goes so well with the elbow dimples.

Miss Britt

What an absolutely adorable mini-me. It is uncanny how much he looks like you.


That boy is one of the cutest kids on the planet! Those last three picture just warm my heart. Man...he's a little looker!


Now seriously, why would you ever cut that gorgeous hair! Devine!

Have the same size problems with my son. 37 pounds, 4t shirts, can barely keep up 3t pants/shorts. he has some swim suits that are 24 months.

he has the same belly/rib view too.


I love his hair! So cute! He could totally pose for some Michelangelo painting of cherubs or something - and the elbow dimples totally qualify him as a baby ;-)


My god, is he precious. I LOVE little boys with longer hair, especially when it curls. So damn cute. He kinda looks like Christopher Robin from pooh bear. God love him. He's absolutely beautiful.


Noah used to look a lot more like Jason (and it appears like he still has the long and lean Jason quality...not that you're short and stubby, or anything!), but boy! could that adorable kid of yours be your spitting image, Amalah!


Look at that belly! And the hair! And the Crocs! SO CUTE.


I just want to be a pain in the ass here and say that all along, like SINCE HE WAS BORN, I said how much he looks like you, and commenters REBUFFED ME right and left with their "Um, hello, that is JASON'S FACE" comments, and I was graceful about it and whatever, although I do recall posting Flickr evidence, so maybe not, but now? Now that everyone is all "HE LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU," I just want to say that I told everyone so, bitches! I mean, in the most loving way possible.

(I mean, I know I wasn't the only one, but oh, there were days that I FELT SO ALONE.)

This post should have been "Look! It's me! Only smaller!"


TIE HIM DOWN AND SHEAR HIM LIKE A SHEEP. What, I just had to go against the grain.

(Also: retina-searingly cute pictures, for real. What a charmer.)


Oh my god, he looks so much like you! Especially in the last goofball picture! :)


I would like to know what made him so utterly joyful, as well as adorable, in the last three photos.

Good luck tomorrow.


I've been wondering why he is always only wearing a diaper (especially when I see he has such great Gymboree and Gap clothes). Finally, i've got my answer.


His hair is gorgeous - he looks like a little cupid (and also: SO like you) :)

Glad you're getting to see the early intervention people sooner rather than later - here's hoping they'll be able to set your mind at rest.


Oh! The cuteness! Is intoxicating!

Good luck with the assesment tomorrow! Yes! Wine bottles in front of the neighbors house.

Or just ask them if they watched the Top Chef thing last night, which is why you needed all that wine!


Thank you for the pictures. So preshus, and look at all those teeth!


Oh, please don't cut his curls. He so has the sexy Bo Duke thing going on. Cute!!!!!



If he were my baby, I'd be kissing his Buddha belly all the live long day and I'd bury my face in his glorious hair. I'd smother him with love, nuts to the sprinkler and play time and freedom.

My babies are straight up kids now, so I get this way when confronted with unbridled baby cuteness!


am dying over here. the belly! the curls! the delicious look of happiness in the last shot!

he looks like a wee little baby hair product model. heh. how fitting for the child of the smackdown queen.


Lordy, what a freakin' gorgeous kid you guys have! And I agree with Jonniker about the lookalike deal. I've agreed with her since day one-he's totally your boy.

BTW-How old are you in your skin picture? It looks like Noah's getting close to the same age.


Noah is the cutest baby ever. Even though he's not really a baby, but he's still the cutest baby. Those pictures made my day (such joy! such love!), and I don't even know you.


You stole the words outta my mouth. I said, "He's not a baby", and then you said that you can call him one, so. Meh. He looks so much like a little boy. Oh, who does that hair remind me of? ... Oh! I know! Owen Wilson! In a totally good way, I swear.


Most delicious child ever. Until I have one. :-) I wouldn't cut his hair, either, but I'm a dirty Birkenstock-wearing hippie, so what do I know?

Amanda Brown

I love his flaxen curls and would be procrastinating about the inevitable haircut if I were you too.


Jesusgodalmighty that is one cute sucker. I just want to nibble him to pieces! And he look so much like you it is scary!


He looks so cute!! He looks just like you when you smile. He has your eyes.

Suzy Q

Hmm...I must be the only one who agrees that a haircut is in order. The curls, they are cute, but you are a fine line away from Kate Hudson's kid.

But! He is still the most delicious-looking child I've ever seen. Those teeth, they kill me. And that smile.

Thanks for sharing him with us.


Good luck tomorrow - and put off that haircut as long as you can. He is a gorgeous little man and his hair is awesome. You will wonder what happened to your elbow-dimpled baby boy when those curls come off and there is a BIG BOY where your baby used to be! I'm warning you - you will be shocked to see that Very Big Kid sitting there when the haircut is over...


The last three pics of him are totally adorable. And I love his little belly. Very cute.

Also..delurking, finally. I've been reading you for a while but just have never commented. I'm also a huge fan of Advice Smackdown.


I know you didn't exactly ask, but I say that he looks adorable with his hair the way it is and you should just leave it be!!


Clearing up the house before the visit, isn't that cheating?

It's certainly very disconcerting having 'strangers' in the house.

Best wishes


so, so, SO cute!

Good luck with the evaluation(s). I'll be thinking of you...

Hugs from Chicago! (Where I live and wish you were coming to Blogher so I could meet you and have an akward chat!)


Gah! Don't let scissors touch that hair! Please?


he looks exactly like both of you.
and he is freakishly CUTE. man. don't cut his hair it's too CUTE.


Oh my LORD, he's cute. And his hair is sweet. Keep it while you can!


Strict instructions from a mother whose daughters' Native American names are String Hair, and Bi-Polar Hair. (That last one has half wavy/ half straight-as-an-arrow hair)


Don't you DARE cut those precious locks!


That precious baby - I think his hair is adorable! Love me some Noah!!!


The cuteness here, it slays me.


Please leave the curls, I'm so jealous of them. Oh. And he's the cutest baby I've ever seen.


He is beyond adorable and perfect. Good luck with everything...including hiding the wine bottles. ;)


No way I could cut that. NO. WAY.


soooo adorable!! do not cut the hair, repeat, do not cut the hair. my little brother didn't have his hair cut until he was two or three, i think (he had bright red ringlets) so it is totally acceptable to leave it all long and 70's-awesome. hope that things go well with early intervention - will be thinking of you.


wow he looks exactly like you!!!! i thought those were your baby picures

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