Oh, this is just awesome.
The Excitement of a Tuesday

Amalah's Got Talent

But not as much as her kid, who is clearly ready to cut a demo.

Twinkle twinkle...sort of from amalah and Vimeo.

(Please note that you should never put your barely suppressed stage mother tendencies ahead of your child's physical safety. Wow. That's some gooooood parenting right there.)

(Also good parenting: the absolute and very last diaper in the entire house is the one currently on my sleeping child's butt. That's gonna be a FANTASTIC post-nap jaunt to the store, let me tell you.)



Um, I never buckled my kids in. Probably because I was always right there, but, um, people actually buckle them in?

Also, he's got the melody down, man.


OMG. He is edible.


He is so cute...its almost like you can catch a glimpse of what heartbereaker teenage Noah looks like in there. and keep posting about his speech and stuff. you are really helping a lot of people by being so honest and open about your experience.


OMG. He is edible.


are you kidding, FIRST?!!!? TOO cute, love it:)


whoops should known better, not first, Thanks for the video:)


I LOVE his hair. Baby/toddler curls are the best.

He's so cute.

jive turkey

Hee! CUTE.


From what I heard on the recording, he's got perfect pitch. That's pretty rare. I'd encourage him with it.


that is super sweet - and he carries a pretty good tune.
bless his little heart.


Personally, I think ALL songs sound better when you substitute "mama" or "dada" for the lyrics.

As for the diaper? Yeah, that sucks.


I LOVE him! :) GREAT singing. And, I love your kitty -- who I spotted walking by in the video! My monkey ALWAYS tries to stand up in her chair. It's one of her favourite ways of getting a rise out of me (which she LOVEs to do).... ;)


Is it wrong that I purposely teach my kids to sing songs with my name in them?
Do they really need to know that the show isn't called "Mommy Einstein?"

I think Noah sings it perfectly.


Hahaha! That's a good one for the Internet. So true.

He's adorable. *muah*

Have fun on that diaper jaunt.


Dude, singing? Seriously? And in tune, even! I'm going to have to get on the stick with Payton cause he's two weeks older than Noah and does nothing of the sort.

I agree that all songs sound better with "Mama" substituted for the lyrics!


I love that he knows the tune . . .I think the song sounds great! My ten year old still has no clue what the tune is to "It's A Small World"


Wow! I'm so impressed! He's got the melody down EXTREMELY well, esp. for such a young little dude!
Love the lyrics and the interpretive dance moves towards the end as well. You GO Noah!! Cut that demo! Your Mama's (and YOUR) fans would totally buy it!! :)


Oh my god. That's amazing. NikkiZ has not concept of singing. I blame her genes. And can I tell you how many times I've forgotten to buckle her in? heh.


I loved the little jaunty dance to the first round!


Noah totally nailed it!


he's got pitch! he's got rhythm! i know an agent!


Oh my goodness, SO CUTE! And really, what a great voice! I can't believe he's on pitch and everything!


Nice! Did you have to bribe him to get it out of him? Mine is so stubborn, she won't ever perform for anyone else.
Noah is a total heartbreaker, by the way.

Ree the Hotfessional

Bravo Noah!

Amy - lick him for me.




Delurking to say that is about the darn cutest kid ever! The blond curls. I'm melting. Seriously.


oh... I just wanna squeeze him!


SO cute! And kissable!! How do you stand it? :-)

I wish I lived close enough to you to help in your diaper emergency--I stock up with gigantic boxes from Sam's Club and I start getting the shakes when there's one "sleeve" (like, 44 diapers) left. Because my God, what do we do if daycare needs more diapers, and we only have the one sleeve?? What will we use at home? WE WILL BE DIAPERLESS! MUST BUY MORE DIAPERS!! (yeah, I'm a tad bit on the Type A side. . .)

Speaking of, we're getting awfully close to that last sleeve. . . there is a Sam's Club expedition in my near future, I can feel it.

Hugs & kisses to Noah! He made my Friday afternoon.


Holy smokes that kid can sing! Seriously, my nephew who is 3 weeks older than Noah has no concept of pitch. And my dad is a choir director! All we get is ROW! ROW! ROW! ROW! ROW! (your boat). He even picked up right where you left off when you prodded him into singing again. Truly impressive!


Seriously the fact that he picked up right where you left off is extremely smart. That is amazing! I was so impressed.

I would buy his record!

And I didn't even know those things came with buckles!


That may be the funniest thing you have ever posted. I love the wig out at the end, the busting out of the chair, and mostly? His t-shirt.


The melody is PERFECT! He's amazing!


oh my he is awesome. I love the transition from singing perfectly on key to wigging out at the end.


Michael saw the video and said Noah singing. And I lov the shirt.


First off, this totally makes me want another tasty baby.

Second, my cats are just transfixed, both clamoring onto my lap to watch the "computer baby" which is what my 7 year old calls Noah, whom he says is "cute."

I agree.


New catch phrase: "That's a good one for the internet!" LOVE it.

Also, I concur with the others about Noah's pitch. I mean, what the hell? Kids don't usually sing that well at that age, I don't think. Or do they?


Seriously? Adorable. So adorable, my teeth are rotting.

little miss mel

Looks like when he was saying "Dada", he was saying helicopter and doing the sign for it. :D

Is he already watching the signing videos? We love ours!


My daughter and I just watched him together...

I loved the singing. She loved the escaping.


My 4 yr. old wanted to watch that 3 times--and then I told him we had to stop. And now my 19 mo. old is singing that for me! Very nice to hear! Thanks for sharing that, it was too cute. (And the 19 mo. old is a parrot, so no surprise he'd copy Noah too.)


So, I read your blog often but never comment because I'm like that BUT I will break the silence to say that he is THE CUTENESS.


I think my mom used to do that to us, stop us from saying "Dada" (in my case "Cookie") and encourage us to say "mama."

Well played, to both of you!


He is the sweetest boy ever!

shy me

holy smokes. your baby is a little boy! ARGH!


Your son could be one of those musical director people, his hand motions were perfect in time with his singing. :) He's so cute.

I pretty much never buckle my daughter into the highchair.


He? Is absolutely edible.


Oh he's so cute, strapped in or not.

And that shirt!!!! I must get one. Off to Google "sippy cup sommelier"...


How can I possibly continue to lurk in the presence of such deliciousness?

I cannot. Noah has crushed my lurky resolve.

He is so stinkin' adorable.


I know I've said this before, but my kid...totally loves your kid. He cracked up when Noah started spazzing out near the end. (It's the laugh he reserves for special moments, like when someone gets hurt.) Also, after the video was over, he started saying "aball". And then tried to stab me in the eyes with a pencil.


Quite obviously brilliant, musical genius and that sense of humour? How about mama? " dada-dada" cracks me up! He most certainly is glorious.


Did I see Max surreptitiously skulking away in the background there? He's all, "Fuck this twinkle shit, I'm off to take a dump."

Also, I'm with Dana. You've got musical genius there. Cute musical genius.


At least you put the tray thingy in. Instead of not buckling him in and letting him fall on his head. *Ahem Britney*

So damn adorable!

And please, I'm almost 30 and still don't know words to songs and just hum the melody!


Whoa...is he the next American Idol? Actually he may be too good for that show! My favorite part was when he sang ma ma and played air piano at the same time! Rhythm!


Eat. Him. Up. I could. I really, really could. Ok. I'm starting to sound like a scary internet person.

Oh, and perfect pitch, huh?


He's absolutely adorable, Amy. Being a former metalhead, I appreciate the headbanging at the end :)

Encourage that (the singing, not necessarily the headbanging :))


Cutest thing ever!


Ok, seriously? Cutest. Thing. EVER! My 2 year old came up while the video was playing and said: "Baby sing twinkle twinkle star?" See, Noah is a genius, and with perfect pitch apparently!!!

Erin Ivie

Right around the 1 minute mark, if you watch VERY closely, there's a face that looks just like your expression in that picture of you as a little girl. Only for a split second, but it's there! lol!

I love how he breaks out at the end...total rock star. Maybe he's going to be a drummer - don't they sometimes stand up to rock out?

Totally bitchin'

ps - I'm so glad you didn't cut his curls off!


Noah: Dada! Dada!
Amy: Daddy's at work!

M and I have this exact exchange at least 50 times a day.

Also, M's been singing Twinkle, Twinkle for a little while now, but completely off-key. I'd been excusing it because she's little, but now I may have to accept that she got her daddy's musical talents. Rats.

And at the risk of sounding like a stalker, your child is so beautiful that it makes me cry. Of course, pretty much everything makes me cry these days, but still...


OMG. love. You made me laugh so hard at the end, that's totally something I'd do. I love how he picked up perfectly where you left off. You are a lucky lady indeed.


Love his little Rockstar Drummer Freakout at the end.


Love the big finale and the attempted swan dive off the high chair!!


He's a musical genius! Seriously, get the child a piano.


That kid could not only be a singer but a ventriloquist too! He is right on key and can eat at the same time! Amazing! :) So so cute!!!!!!!


we're not mad that you didn't buckle him...it wouldn't have been the same without the close-up at the end!


:) that was adorable. Perfect tune, too.


I like how he transitions perfectly from the traditional to the speed-metal version.

Vid Digger

Noah, you're gona be a star! Look me up when you write your first song, I need a few more independents.

When you get older you can jump off stages, but until then listen to mommy and stay in the high chair.


It's a wonder that the record labels have not tracked y'all down yet! Too adorable!!


Wow, fantastic job Noah!!! I love how he picked up where you left off when you asked him to sing Momma, that was very cool! He's so cute Amalah...you're doing a great job!


I like Noah's version better than the original.


I've been lurking for over a year (my little girl is two weeks younger than Noah), but I never comment. I just had to break my self-imposed silence and tell you how freaking adorable he is. My husband (who thinks I'm crazy for reading other people's blogs) was walking by and said, "Oh, what a cute little boy!" I'm pregnant now with our second, and we're letting it be a surprise this time around, but we're totally hoping for a boy. Okay, I know you didn't care about all that, but seriously...he's precious.


Yeah. My kid does the same:

Me: "How about Mama?"

Him: "Dadda!!!!!!"

What a precious little Noah-bot. He definitely has a musical career ahead of him.


I'm with the others, encourage that musical talent! My 5 and 7yo can barely sing that well yet. That could be the fault of my tone-deaf husband though...


Love it.. He is adorable!


I love the part where he starts with ADADA. He is darling!


What a doll face :-) He has stolen my heart!


Hey, I tried to find your e-mail address to ask you this off-topic question, but i couldn't find it. So... was your old dishwasher leaking into your kitchen floor/basement ceiling? Because that is the hell with which I am currently dealing.


He is adorable.. so cute.


Teeheeheeheehee. From now on my baby is only hearing me sing the mama version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Mediocre Housewife

My 5 year old son wandered by as I was watching this and said, "Oh, he's a cute little guy, isn't he?"

Then my 2 year old daughter ran up to watch. "Again! Again!" she said as it ended.

"Hey, that sounds like Twinkle Twinkle!" said my son.

The two of them are now imitating Noah's silly eating sounds and giggling. Thank you, Amalah, for keeping my kids entertained while I do my morning blog search!


I have a resident (adult with MR/DD) where I work who does the same with "Jesus Loves Me" using 'duh-duh-duh'. Both she and Noah are very expressive. :)


I just went and watched a couple of your past videos and proceeded to cry (it was bittersweet joy I swear). Your son is almost exactly a year older than my muffin and it is amazing how big and exciting he has gotten. How did he go from a baby who laughed when the doll fell to this little singing man?


re: diaper run. don't worry, thats what paper towels and press n' seal are for.


the twinkle, twinkle video is a rite of passage for any mom. he's adorable as always.


He just keeps getting cuter!

LOVE the shirt!


Hee! Very cute. I love the reluctant, "okay, mom," look.


The singing's cute, but the small happy-fit at the end is cuter.


The voice, the white tee, even the diaper: Kind of reminds Bossy of Kurt Cobain.


I also never buckle my kid in. (He's almost exactly a year younger than Noah.) That's going to come back and bite me on the ass, isn't it?

Noah's so cute!


So cute! I've been away from reading for a while and I can't believe how big Noah has gotten! And his little curls in his hair...just precious!

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