It is too hot to write anything; here, have some pictures

Dirty Spoiled Rotten Scoundrel

Oh my God, can you even stand it?


A trip to Target for a picture frame and some coffee filters resulted in an inflatable Thinking Chair instead.

Luckily I have learned that a paper towel can be used instead of a coffee filter. That's one to grow on!

Not much else to report here. Still marking time until our assessment on Thursday, still alternating between worry and heartburn and feeling pretty optimistic about everything, especially since Noah said "bye-bye Dada" this morning, all by himself, the first time we've EVER heard two words put together, even if "bye-bye" still sounds suspiciously like "ball-ball."

He's saying "truck" again, but now we've lost "car." I blame the SUV market, frankly.

We also went back to that Moroccan restaurant (shut up. the bastilla is soooo freaking gooood.) with some friends, and after insisting OVER AND OVER LIKE ASSHOLES that we needed to go early, before the belly dancing, because Noah would freak out otherwise, well...you can probably guess what happened.

We were just waiting for our check when I noticed it was pretty close to dancing time, so I pulled Noah onto my lap and told him that "the pretty sparkly lady is going to come out and dance, but if you don't like it we will go outside and play, okay?"

I don't think he heard me, because he was too busy FALLING COMPLETELY IN LOVE with the dancer and at one point jumped off my lap, ran right to her and...well. He shook his little diapered booty and danced with her.

Everybody in the restaurant started clapping for him and I pulled that "OH GOD I'm so EMBARRASSED" face while I led him back to our table but then Jason and I looked at each other and just started grinning like big sappy damn fools.




Awesome weekend!


AND I got to be first! Yay!


How preshus! He is so amazing and I'm glad you are able to find so many bright spot through this!


Good lord, is he cute. I feel like such an ass because that's the only comment I've got to make. But um...Can you read that too much?


yay, for joining the sparkly lady instead of being overstimulated by the sparkly lady!!

and sweet lord of hosts, i've seen no cuter thinking chair sitter than your boy.


(still jealous of his hair btw.)


Yay for diapered booty dancing! Is there anything cuter than that?


Oh Amy. That's wonderful! And more than a little heartwarming.

BASTILLA. Oh my stars. Living in a cultural void as I do, I actually have a killer recipe for bastilla, given that I can't get it anywhere else. Except oh my Christ, it's so hard to make, and the amount of time, torture and pain it involves sadly just isn't worth it.

Mrs Butter B

He is so adorable, words can't even express it!


Love the diapered booty dancing! He is spoiled but he SOOOO deserves it! How could a cutie like him not??


GO DANCIN' BABY, GO!! Just so you know, boys who belly dance are MAJOR chick magnets. Watch out!


Am also now grinning like a sappy fool. Rock on with your awesome, unique little self Noah - we all love you!!

Sniff. Am so attached to this boy - and family - I don't even know. I am pulling for you guys and praying lots - all is going to be fine. More than fine.


Workin' the ladies at an early age! :)

Remember to hold moments like that close to your heart when it seems the darkest. Sorry, dont mean to sound so dramatic but its true.

Hang in there.

PS- My daughter totally wants that chair!!


Wooohoooo!!!!!! Sounds like a wonderful evening with a happy ending!


Also grinning like a fool because, awesome.

And I used to work for that show and my boss had a real thinking chair in her office (probably because she created the show). If I wasn't so fearful of authority (read: unarmed security guards) I would've totally walked out with it on my last day.

So glad to see that Noah has one of his own, albeit inflatable.

hello insomnia

That last photo totally reads, "I'm king of the world!"


I kind of want that chair.

At this stage, being able to dance is the most important skill, no?


You don't me, but I am grinning for your family- you have an awesome little boy! So happy for you!

Noah will be just fine.


Sorry, that should say "you don't know me"!


Yay that he was comfortable this time! I know how that can be. It's so exciting when they discover that something "Scary" isn't so bad after all.




Yay! sounds like you had a great weekend!


Maybe the first time it was just too new, and too much, but now it's familiar (Sparkly! pretty!) territory for him.

I love your little guy. :)


Your weekend sounds like a great success. I wish you had used your fancy new iPhone to record the diapered booty dance, though.

Do you ever look at Noah (as I do with my own) and say to yourself, "Where did this person come from? Because last time I knew I brought a BABY home and now there is no baby."? Because I was just looking at Noah and thought that exact thing.

Mrs. Flinger

My favorite thing is that we're all collectively grinning our asses off because Noah danced with the sparkly girl. And I love that so many people out here in the Internet know how much that really means, so much more than it sounds if you just told someone on the street that same thing.


I would have cried like a baby seeing Noah dancing with the shiny lady.

Every time I think your boy cannot get more scrumpdillyicious, he proves me wrong.

Love the "Ryder Robinson is My Idol" hair.

Li'l Foot's Mommy

OH MY GOODNESS...He is to cute in his big ol' thinking chair!!! And the visual from him shaking his booty is just too much for me right now...oh goodness!!!


Too stinkin cute!


Oh, yay, I'm so happy for you!!!! It will all be great, I promise!


Cutest. Child. Ever. (But you already knew that, I'm sure.)

Which Moroccan restaurant did you go to? I live in the DC area and am curious.


Sappy is great! Sounds like you have a great little performer on your hands.


Hey, no need to feel embarrassed by a belly-dancin' son :)

Also: is it wrong of me to really want that chair?


You've got me crying! How fantastic!


Are you kidding me? No pictures?

Which Moroccan restaurant are you going to?

And lastly, I vividly remember my baby brother falling madly in love with the belly dancer in Epcot center YEARS ago. We had to order more food so that we could sit at our table through a second showing. He called her "white girl" because the makeup and the lights made her look very fair. The best part? He went #2 between the first and second show...and refused to leave the dining area to have his diaper changed. He was pulled up to dance with "white girl" - and bless her heart, she did not throw up at the god-awful smell coming from his dirty diaper!

Middle Eastern food is still his favorite, and he's fast approaching 18 years old...uh oh!


I only wish I could have seen Noah dancing in the restaurant. That was probably the cutest thing ever known to man. And I'm not going to lie, I totally want one of those inflatable Thinking chairs for myself.


You go Noah, you keep proving everyone wrong (and I mean that in the best way - not "rebel against your mother because a stranger on the internet told you to" kinda thing).


Ah, Target...I went there this morning for some hair finishing cream and a curtain rod and came home with $30 worth of stuff (inculding TWO bottles of finishing cream). And it would have been $90 worth of stuff had I not put that set of bowls back which I just couldn't justify buying...I'll go back to get them later, I'm sure.

And dancing! Oh, that is so cute! A huge hi-five (I'm so cool) to Noah for not freaking out at the blinking lights and loud noises! You ROCK!


Now see, when you say "you can probably guess what happened," I was all set up for a story in which Noah DID actually freak out. As a result, I was so, so pleased that he did not.

Does it feel as weird to have anonymous strangers on the internet cheering for you and your family as it does to BE one of said anonymous strangers?


Yeah (YEAH!) for bye-bye dada! Yeah for loving belly dancers!


I bought that same chair for my niece a few years ago :)


How. Awesome.


So cute. I wish you had a video of belly-dancing Noah.


I have to get that chair! I was just at target this morning and bought my first lap pad for $6. I did even see the chair.


Terrific weekend.
LOVE that thinking chair. (Looks like he loves it too!)


And I just realized his shirt. Beatles. Fantastic.


The shirt is awesome.

My oldest was...sensitive...spirited...whatever. Raising Your Spirited Child was a huge help - and an eye opener about ME and just people's personalities in general. Anyway, E1 was (and still is) quite introverted, yet very empathetic. She would howl with sympathy whenever she would hear another kid crying - and my nephew's crying sounded very similar to his laughing somehow so she nearly ALWAYS cried around him. Parent/tot pool class was FUN, let me tell you.

However, I learned that I could usually head things off by doing what you just did. Get her in a safe space and talk, talk, talk about what to expect, what was happening, etc. Of course, there are always times that you get throw a curve - like the first time you visited the restaurant, but even then you can sometimes head off a melt-town by talking your ass off. "Wow. It's very loud. The lights are blinking. That lady is dancing to the music."

It seemed to help her process the overstimulation, and I spent many days in the pool saying, "Look at me. That boy is crying, but he's with his Mommy and she's helping him. He's going to be okay."

Unfortunately, nothing but time helped her get over her FLINCHING aversion to the windshield wipers. "Sweetie, it's starting to rain and Mommy's going to have to turn on the wipers so she can see. You can put your blanket over your head if you want."


I too wish you had videod the bellydancing Noah. Because it would have been awesome, I don't doubt. And speaking as a bellydancer, I'm so glad he got to enjoy his second performance. Maybe the first time was just a bit too much - but now it's bstilla and bellydancing all round! Woo hooooo!!! :oD

PS - Cool chair. I want one but I'd probably totally pop it.


Damn Target. Get's me everytime. ;)


I bet they have bellydancing classes for toddlers somewhere in your area, if you look hard enough.

Who is Noah's favorite Beatle?


that might be the best story you've ever told us...if only for the fact that i just about burst with pride, imagining noah's little moments of triumph. also? excellent shirt.


Your backyard looks spookily like those in Bossy's ex- Northern Virginia neighborhood.


That story just made my day. Yay Noah!


Noah looks adorable sitting in that chair!!!


The last photo says it all.

"Here I am world! Watch out!"


I'm pretty sure I'd be Coolest Mom Evah if I brought home that chair.

Also, been rocking the paper towels since college days. Well, not everyday or anything, but yeah, totally used that trick.


Awww! That just brought tears to my eyes...happy tears. Noah is adorable....he probably has many girlfriends being the stud that he is, but maybe he has room for my Sophia! Sure she's a bit young but in a couple of years it won't matter anymore!

I'll be thinking of you guys on Thursday. Sending you tons of good luck vibes.

Kelly J

We used to have an inflatable Thinking Chair - good times! Do they still play the theme song?

I have to admit, even though my neice is now 12, my mom and I still have a tendency to sing the mail song... "Here's the mail, it never fails..."


that baby boy... he sure will keep you guessing!


Noah is SO bershon in that first picture, it is beyond awesome.

Jenny H.

First Swistle and her cookie recipe that sent me to the store, and NOW, now I have to go to Target to buy TWO chairs. Because I have two boys. And if you think they are sharing one chair, you are sadly mistaken. I have already learned that lesson the hard way, thank you very much!

I do so wish you would have taken a picture of Noah shaking his groove thang, it would have rocked!

Katie Kat

Is is wrong that I completely love your little boy? Cuz I'm not a weirdo pedophile or anything... just a sucker for OVERWHELMING CUTENESS accompanied by some sappiness, with a side of little-underdog-who-will-show-them-all!

Still... you MUST move to my town and be my best friend. Still waiting.............

Katie Kat

Oh, and I was so overwhelmed by the cuteness, I forgot to gush about him talking and dancing with the "pretty sparkly lady." He just wants to grow up to be Elton John... or maybe Liberace. Nope, Chippendales dancer -- definitely.


Awwww! That's fantastic! Bye Bye Dada! What a sweet boy!

Donna P

Love that he's wearing a Beatles t-shirt. He is so adorable.


What a wonderful story and not only it is cute but holds so much hope. My daughter (now 18) was "dansur bebe" at a Club Med when she was 18 months or so -- and I remember being so proud. LOL
She went on to study ballet and all kinds of dance -- although I am afraid your son might just go on to study belly dancers. ;)

Dear AL

Always wanted to be the 65th poster!

Cute pics!

I bet he can cut some rug!


What wonderful things that have been happening...

Wacky Mommy

That whimsical kid...


HOW have I missed that inflatable thinking chair during my obsessively frequent Target spending-sprees??!! I guess I will have to go (again) tomorrow.

So glad Noah like the sparkly lady this time around. I've seen her myself (if I am thinking of the right Moroccan restaurant) and she is very, very shiny! :-)


Love the chair.. but totally love the shirt... Rocking with the Beatles shirt!! :D


i love the thinking chair!!

i wish you had a vimeo of the dancing at the restaurant. he's so precious. you and jason are so blessed, not that you need me to tell you that!


Awww, that's cute - don't you love how kids always do that? They keep you on your toes all. the. time.


Aw! Good to hear! I just reread all the past few entries as I've been using a different computer for the past couple of weeks which doesn't have my bookmarks on it, so I caught up quickly with the latest occurance, but so good to hear about the Moroccan restaurant update!

Jill (CDPJ)

Oh dear.... I think I need that Thinking Chair. My boy would lose his mind over it. But Hubbz will shoot me.... oh what to do, what to do?

Loved the story about dancing with the belly dancer. My son was given a handful of change (by a complete stranger) this weekend at a local pizza restaurant for his bootie shaking. I'm hoping dancing for money isn't a significant part of his future plans!


damn target and its secret powers!


Target is like a dark thief in the night who takes all your money but then replaces it with awesome things that you don't really need but that totally doesn't negate the awesomeness. So really, Target is like a very kind dark thief. With awesome.

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