Woke Up This Morning...

Her Fanbase is Skewing Younger

Two videos in a row? Fucking cop-out, man.

But I thought some of you -- particularly those of you who declared Noah some kind of musical prodigy a couple weeks back -- might be interested in Noah's opinion of the new Britney Spears single?

I mean, everybody's got an opinion on her comeback chances, but WHAT DO THE TODDLERS THINK?

Personally (and provided that Death Is Not An Option), I prefer Gimme More, but Noah seems to dig Cold As Fire.

Noah and Brit Brit from amalah and Vimeo.

It's got a better beat than the Wiggles, I'll give it that.

(Have a great holiday weekend, peeps. Don't sprain anything while busting moves at da clubs.)



Noah is dead on: "no no no no no."


I second Sadie. But the dancing was "yes yes yes".


Noah has da moves for sure!

Have a great weekend!

hello insomnia

He has better dance moves than I do.


Aw yeah. Work it real good.


Lookin' good there, Noah, buddy! You're going to get all the ladies one day at da clubz. Guys who can dance are hot.


Looks like he's got a little bit of an early white man's overbite to accompany his dancing Billy Crystal style.


I like the videos! No cop out what so ever.


Oh my GOD that boy is too cute!


Who knew you could bust a move in a high chair??!
Love that wrinkled nose.


Am jealous of your very large kitchen. Also, dude, Noah looks more and more like you every day!

P.S. You might have missed my question before, but can you email me the name/location of your hair guy?


Noah is scrumptious. The song? Not so much.


He's a genius!


Ahh, Noah is so astute. He can't help but move to the beat of the Brit, but when asked directly if he likes it, he denies all enjoyment.

Welcome to the club, little friend. :)

Suzy Q

Ew. Is that really Brit's voice? SO awful!



Maxine Dangerous

I'm with you, Amy -- I like Gimme More better. But "Brit Brit" lost me immediately with Cold as Fire's (a) stupid-ass title and (b) Britney's "AAHHAAHHAAHHAAHH." W.T.F??

Given: Noah. Scrumptious. :)


He's a slaaaave for you.

Black Belt Mama

I love how he tries it out for a while and then is like "No, no, no, IT's ALL WRONG!" He's going to be a record producer or something for sure.


That was adorable! Excellent Friday afternoon entertainment!

Miss Britt

Better than the dancing is the facial exprssion, lol


go noah! shake yah groove thang.


I wrinkled my nose when I first heard it too. I just didn't look as cute as Noah when I did it.


um, he's totally trained to ham it up for the camera and i LOVE that! super cutie pie!


Ok- those curls HAVE TO STAY forevah...and the squishy smile, too.


Lurker coming out to say soooo cute! Love the moves on that boy. On another note..and this is not meant to be *alarming*...I noticed the bib that Noah is wearing is one of the bibs that was recently recalled due to containing small amounts of lead. It was advised to throw them away and not to use them any longer. I just wanted to make sure you knew this in case you didn't. Have a great weekend :-)


That is one cute kid.

And clearly Noah prefers being in profile over a straight on mug shot.


He's adorable. Did you see the new pics of Brit-Brit with her ass hanging out from her too-short dress? (Trainwreck, that one.)

Have a great weekend.


That's funny- first the head, then the legs, then he gets sick of her voice and like the rest of us, just says NO.


He tried. He really, really tried to like it.

I have to say, I agree with Noah. That's bad.


Oh. My. WORD. Noah! He is SO cute! Those high chair moves ROCK, as do the facial expressions. MAN he is adorable. And the nononononono? Spot on. Good work, Noah! Totally on your way to becoming a music critic! Not to mention an AWESOME dancer. Yay for boys that boogie! (I liked Gimme More better, too. Sigh. I admit it. I listened to them.) Have a loverly holiday weekend and THANKS for the Noah-goodness! :) :)

C Girl

Confessions of a lurker:

Noah is adorable. It's good to see that he's growing up with musical taste.

But the question still remains: Why do you have the new Brit Brit single for him to judge in the first place?

Please tell us you don't have a closeted affection for the poorly dressed, misled pop star.




That one, he's adorable.


good lord he is cute. my favorite part is when his facial expression got all into it and he started shaking it from side to side... and then realized... well... no. no no no. definitely not.

good call, Noah. definitely a "no."


That is too dang cute!!


I didn't think that anything could compare to the video that my dad took of me dancing to "Burning Down the House" when I was a toddler. Obviously, I was wrong. That's the cutest thing I've seen all day!


OMG,seriously he's too cute. Just when i'm feeling extra hateful towards childern you have to go and put up an adorable picture of Noah, the only kid i like... :) He's too cute!


: )


Oh my goodness, he is the cutest and most adorable little boy ever!!!!!!! :)

How do you refrain from exploding from all that cuteness on a daily basis? :)

Amy the Mom

Dear God, the "white man's overbite" is evident even at 2 years!

Nonetheless, that kid is something sweet!


OMG, seriously adorable!


Noah could be the cutest blond-haired child in the universe, yes.

But what I really enjoy about this video are the brown loafer/driving moccasins sitting on the kitchen floor in perfect fifth position.


I love his shoulder movements! He's really got the beat down doesn't he!!! My Ally didn't really like this song either. Her new favorite this week is Beautiful Girl by Sean Kingston! daughter likes hip-hop! *sigh...blush*


That was truly fabulous, workin the shoulders like a real Brit dancer.
I just have one question...WHY do you have that song? Please tell me you didn't pay a whole dollar for it on iTunes?:)


Thanks! My uproarious laughter awoke my childrens at 10:40 pm. He's the damn cutest.


he does like it - jesus woman look at his moooves.
what he doesn't like is that suckassmacaronay!


Haha, everytime I watch your videos, I go, I can't wait to have kids so I can do this stuff with them.

Love you guys and since I'm a little late to the party - but I brought wine! - love the new site design! xox


I vote for The Wiggles, so does my little monkey.... ;) She HATED Gimme More....


My little monkey did love Noah, though! He's a great little dancer. But, he's right, the song's pretty good at first, but after a while, NO NO NO NO NO! ;)


I love how he pauses a moment before he begins kicking his feet.


This kid should be illegal. Way too cute.


That's so sweet! His facial expressions crack me up.


Thanks for the bib heads up, Tara. The recalled bibs are vinyl -- luckily ours are fabric and not affected.

Anybody who owns vinyl (or vinyl-backed) bibs, more info on the affected brands (mostly from Wal-Mart) is here:


"They tried to make me like Britters, and I said: NO, NO, NO!"

Seriously, Amy, that might be the cutest video EVER. My ovaries, they have exploded.

PS: Is this old news, or my crap computer, but do the Vimeo posts crash Firefox for anyone else but work fine on poopy IE? Weird.


Forgot to add: The Mick Jagger Face/Shoulder Shimmy made my little musical theatre dork self fall out of the damn chair with love. Next video? I want FOSSE! FOSSE! JAZZ HANDS!

And if scissors touch those curls I will cry forever.

Heather B.

Is it possible that he has more rhythm than I do?


I'm starting to think that all of Britney's songs sound the freakin' same. She hasn't evovled a bit.


he totally reminds me of my friend's kid. same hair. although my friend took her now three year old son for a haircut and THEY CHOOPED IT OFF without her permission! i mean she was right there but once they chop SOME off you're screwed. so now his lovely curls are gone and they will never come back the same. so sad.

my warning, then, is: beware the for scissor happy hair choppers!


Your new comments section is THE best comments section of any blog in the world. I mean the layout and the little quote bubbles and all...why haven't I ever seen this before? It's so...DUH...why didn't I think of that? And Noah, really. I'm almost ready to say he's cuter than my toddler, and she's cute!


I love the wrinkled nose! So cute.


He is sooooooooooooooo cute! Love his moves - and only watching Noah makes listening to Britney bearable.

(Your kitchen is gorgeous... btw)

kim at allconsuming

Wow, she not only now resembles an old battle-axe she sounds like one too.


So I'm gonna stop lurking and tell you how much I love your blog since I heard of it from I think Noah is the cutest baby I have ever seen, including those I am related to. I can't wait to have kids of my own after reading what you have gone through. I realize it will be difficult, but I know that it will be the best thing I can do after listening to you.


Dancing in a highchair is going to be all the rage next week. Noah is just ahead of his time. If Britney knows what is good for her she better incorporate a highchair into her next know all the straps and buckles that could be hot!


Oh! The part where he swings his legs is the cutest! ha!

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