Still Alive
Or: An Important Reminder Why I Should Probably Shut Up About Flight of the Conchords Already

La Vie Boheme

Real entry coming, just as soon as I figure out the best way to make gentle fun of these people without them hunting me down and killing me. Or hunting me down and explaining the show's rich history and synopsis and lyrics to me. In painstaking, breathless detail. Again.

(Guess where our seats were! Guess!)

(sticks index finger in mouth, pulls thumb trigger)

In the meantime, tell me if this is not the most exquisite bedhead you have ever seen in your life.





You win. That IS the most adorable bedhead evah.


You know, we are on to you whoreing out his hair for internet love. Do we blame you? Hell no- we eat it up. He is so beautiful:)


Looks like someone (wink wink) is avoiding baby's first haircut. :)

Li'l Foot's Mommy

Awwwwww...those curls...I LOVE IT!!!! So cute!!!


God, I'm jealous. My hair is stick straight. Love the messy curls!


That boy looks so much like you it's scary.

Except not scary at all. So cute!


...if only I could achieve bedhead like that. I would never pay for my hair to be done again.

Wacky Mommy

I swear to God, Amy, if you ever cut his hair I am going to get hysterical.


my hair looks a lot like that right now, but for some reason i don't look anywhere near that adorable.
it's not fair.


Luuvvv those curls!!

Ok. As for Rent. I couldn't even get through the movie. It's my quiet shame.


awww beautiful!! big hugs


My sister used to be one of THOSE PEOPLE, until we deprogrammed her. Seriously, those people are fucked up. Noah, is, as ususual, beyond cute.


Look at those silky golden locks.... Ken Paves would be so making a weave thats a copy of them... beautiful!

hello insomnia

I wish my bedhead looked like that.


I married a mild Rent-head and my best friend is a nutrageous Rent-head. She went to New York at the beginning of the month just to see the original guys. When she found out that they were staying through October, she decided to make another trip. She lives in California. But most Rent-heads know that they are ridiculous and have a pretty good sense of humor about it so I say that you should make your gentle fun.

Though I've seen Rent four times because of them (just on stage, don't get me started on the movie version), I did get to see a touring production that starred Constantine from American Idol, before he was on the show. That was sweet.


Noah does an awesome 'Blue Steel'.


There are surfer dudes down in Cornwall (I'm in the UK. Yes we have surfers, why do you ask?) who would (do) pay a fortune to achieve that look.


Beautiful bedhead.


Good Lawd, when i was in the theatre department at University, I was PERSECUTED because I didn't know EVERY SINGLE LINE from Rent...and these were kids who grew up in ALaska and had only ever heard the soundtrack.
God bless you for not going on a Renthead murdering spree.
I am NOT EVEN exagerating...


I would pay good money to achieve that hair color and style! It's not fair!


The color and the curls I'm so envious! Wish my hair looked that good even after product and blow dryer.


LOVE it!


Noah is just stunning. But then, you knew that. ;)


He's gorgeous. Bedhead and all. Muah.


Those are some seriously gorgeous curls.

That's the problem with boys...having to cut the curls. It almost killed me to cut my son's off but his father was tired of people thinking he was a girl.


Is it wrong that I want my unborn child to look exactly like yours? (I'm dark skinned)


I'll settle for as lush as yours. Though I don't see how that's achievable. So cute he makes me cry...please don't EVAH put scissors to that boy's hair.

So er...what's 'Rent' then? :)


AmyM said Noah was doing "Blue Steel"-HA!!

I like "Rent", I own the DVD, but I wouldn't make special trips to see it in other states. Unless, say, Matt Damon was going to star in it in some way, and then maybe. Okay, definitely, but only for him.


Delurking to say, I like Rent a lot...but not enough to be a RentHead....and I love those blonde curls!!

Nothing But Bonfires

Um, does he not look like a mini Jeff Tweedy in the second one? Maybe you should see what he does if you put a guitar in his hands....

Heather B.

In high school every suburban kid I knew was a Rent Head. Because they obviously knew the plight of being broke and having a chronic illness...they knew of these things while being upper middle class white kids living in upstate NY in their parents 5 bedroom homes in a development. I'm sure they knew woe.


Rentheads are the WOOOOOORST. That was one of the main reasons I found the movie so enjoyable: it was available on DVD in the privacy of my own home, not by waiting in line with a bunch of

*stops self from getting mean*

I can't really talk, though. If it were still running, I would be a Sweeney Todd Head. nice.


I totally didn't know there was such a thing as a RENThead. That's just BIZARRE. And, funny....

Love the BEDhead, though! So 'dorable! :) And, so gorgeously BLOND!


Oh lord, I want to eat his head. In a totally not-weird kinda way. He's just too much cute.


I've seen Rent twice - didn't think much of it the first time, but seeing it with my actress daughter did it for me. Can't imagine becoming a Renthead, but have to say, I did really enjoy it the second time.
Pretty much all the daughter's friends knew every line, every scene and replayed them ad nauseum for years. And, Heather B, yes, they are all comfortable spoiled kids from suburbia who (mostly) live in beautiful 4-5 bedroom homes with pools in their backyards. I guess the grass is always greener.... Gag.

Anyway, the most important thing is that the hair is fabulous!


That is some seriously cute bedhead. I don't think I could bring myself to cut those curls either.

Mother Of Beans

That's some mighty fine bedhead!


Loved Rent. Loving Noah's hair even more.

Katie Kat

Uhhhhhhhmmmm... okay - I'll admit it. I've NEVER SEEN RENT. Nor do I have an overwhelming sense of need to do so.

Am I somehow missing a gene?

MUST SMOOCH NOAH PHOTO ON COMPUTER (until my boss sees and I get fired - or his mom refuses to MOVE TO MY CITY AND BE MY BEST FRIEND). Ha.


As usual, Noah is absolutely beautiful!!

And if I had bedhead like that everyday, I would throw every brush I had in the trash!!!


Couldn't get any more adorable than that!!


Delurking here to say MY GOD what a beautiful boy.


I only wish my hair looked that good in the mornings!


keep up the pics you never have to write another post again just keep up with the cutie pie hair

jozet you spend hours just staring at the beauty that is that little boy?

Because I would.

What a sweet, sweet baby.


sorry, but that kid has much too beautiful of a face to have a girl's hair.


Oh, man, I wish I could see RENT on Broadway.

Also, I wish my Dave's hair was not stick straight. Although I can mohawk it the fuck up something nice.

Sigh. You win, once more.


Oh! I LOVE his hair, he is beautiful! He looks like a real life doll. :)

Kate The Great

That is by far the most precious bedhead I have seen in a very long time, and if I were you I would promptly put my face in it and snuffle all the baby goodness hiding in there =)

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