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Okay, now that I think we've got everything working with the new design, and now that my designer is off to Ecuador, thus fleeing the country and my emails, let me see if I can completely blow it the fuck up by posting a video window that will probably be too wide for the margins. Come on, it'll be fun!

It seems like people are still questioning the proper pronunciation of "Amalah." AIM-a-la. Like how you pronounce Amy? AIM-ee? Oh, whatever, here's me having a conversation with my dog about it.

AIM-a-la from amalah and Vimeo.

I probably should have enunciated Ceiba's name a little better too, now that I think about it. Her name is SAY-bah. Again, whatever, I don't even correct our vet anymore.

Just be happy I didn't name my kid D'Artagnaienalyah or something. Because you know it was on our short list.

Speaking of Noah, hey! Remember that time we qualified for free speech therapy? Our first session is on Tuesday morning.

He's made some progress in the past few weeks, although nothing to suggest that a true language explosion is right around the corner -- he's still gaining language right in step with a five- or six-month delay, but progress is progress, and I'm extremely confident that he's going to respond really well to the therapy. Plus, it's like free babysitting. I plan to paint my toenails.

We scored a gigantic set of Signing Time DVDs this week. My expectations were...not very high, since I've been faithfully signing (More! Milk! Eat! All done! Cookie! Cracker! WTF!) with Noah for over a month now and he's shown the same level of interest as back when I tried the infant signing with him. Which to say, zero. Mom, you're so lame.

But we started watching them about two days ago, and Noah...well, he likes them, but he likes pretty much everything on the glowing teevee box, especially since we've drastically limited his intake of Dora and Blue.


Well, let's not get CRAZY here. We do need to be good playdate hosts, now.

He wanders in and out of the room, which is fine, since I prefer that to the enthralled, slack-jawed video stare (see, uh, above), but I doubted he was actually taking any of the signs in, especially since he continued to pointedly ignore my clumsy attempts to sign along.

This morning he finished his milk and cereal and then, without a moment's hesitation, he said "eat" for the very first time while making the sign for "more."

Uh. Holy crap.


Baby Einstein? You just got PWN3D.



I'm clapping in sign language for Noah!!

And, boy does he make my ovaries hurt. SO freaking cute!


Yay! That's fantastic news!


Way to go Noah!



Rock on, little buddy!


I'm sitting here thrilled! For someone else's kid! Who I have never met!

The internet is so weird. Slash awesome.

Way to go, Noah.

Kate P

Way to go Noah!

PS We have those surfer jammies, too!


My 4-year old son is the same way when it comes to teeeeeveeeee (STILL - guess who does not contemplate going to a movie theatre until he enters college). He will watch it for a while and start wandering away looking for something more engaging.

He is starting to get interested in computer games, though. Be afraid.


Go Noah! Man, he is so frickin' cute. Love the 'Signing Time' videos.


Yay, Noah! He's practically bilingual.

Amy, the small glimpse of your living room reminded me of something I've been hoping you'd do for awhile...Would you consider giving us a full tour of your house now that you have swanky new hardwood floors? I've had house envy since you moved and with the new floors...drool. I get almost inappropriately excited about dark and shiny hardwood floors.


I love the Signing Time videos.
I am a big dork.


Signing Time is amazing. It made such a difference for us. I can't say enough good things about it.


Congrats. Yay Noah!


Go Noah!

Thank you for the evidence that I'm not the only one who converses with dogs :-)


WOO-HOO, Noah!!! Dude! You signed and said a new word that went with it! You ROCK!


You were right about the video... clicking into your links keeps the video embedded on the screen... :-)

Noah is so awesome.


Woohoo! Go Noah! That's just so freakin awesome and I'm proud of him in my weird internet stranger way. And GAWD could he be any cuter?!
Second, (in complete opposite order to the entry, of course) I confess that even though I know that it's Aim-alah...I still say Ahm-alah...I think mostly because that's how I first thought of it and it's hard to relearn like three years worth of habit :-P

Wacky Mommy

I clearly heard Noah in the background calling out, "Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, bitches!"

Miss Britt

That is awesome! I'm telling you, Signing Time is an absolute God Send!

dutch from sweet juniper

I need to learn the sign for WTF ASAP.


Do I spy Sweetney offspring in that adorable photo??

Type (little) a

You and I have the same TV. I hope you didn't get screwed at Circuit City buying it.

Just me then?


I think Noah's going to blow us all away. Just look at him. So special.

And, uh...Yay!! The little cherry is back!


i just ran upstairs (at work) to tell my best friend (who reads, but never comments) "OMG, NOAH SAID EAT."

sometimes i wonder if you think it's weird, that so many people you'll probably never meet are so taken with your child. but then i think...what could be wrong about having more love in the world?

and, noah?
is loved.

but you know that already.


Congrats, Amy! That's great about the Signing Times videos. We have the "My Baby Can Talk" series and he loved them. We have to go in for his speech evaluation and it's not until Sept. 25. Fingers crossed for free therapy where they come to our house!


That is wonderful...we have been rooting for him. and you.
DOes he shove you out of the way if you step in front of the tv? cause OMIGOD do not even THINK about getting in front of Violet if Handy Manny is on...


I don't know how you keep from eating him -


Nothing cuter that a baby signing of his own accord. Way to go, Noah!

And yeah, the pronounciation of your name does come as a surprise. I always called you "Ah-mah-lah" in my head.

But, then again, look who's talking. Guy told me he fielded a telemarketer call the other day where the person was trying to pronounce my name and failing miserably. He said he asked them "Are you OK?" Joker. LOL

temporarily me

WWWEEEEEEeeeeee! Noah! That's great news!

He makes my ovaries ache too. He's soooo stinkin' adorable!

I always pronounced your site Ah-mah-la.. thanks for straightening my out... though, I don't know if I'll ever get it out of my head. LOL


I have watched the video 3 times and every time it sounds like Noah is repeating you at saying "Amalah".

Baby Einstein? Whatever. Noah? Rocks this blog!

jive turkey

That's great about the signing! It's sinking in!

I love Ceiba's poor put-upon-pet expression & doggie sigh...as if to say, "Please, lady. Just wanna nap."


Funny shirt...


My grandmother calls me Amalah.

Way to go, Noah!


yeah for Noah signing!!!


Way to go Noah! Could he BE any cuter? Really?


Do you remember Chris O'Donnell's character in "The Three Muskateers" whose name was D'Artagnan?

No? Just me? Awesome.

(That's what your "D'Artagnaienalyah" reminded me of.)

"Go home. Find a wench, raise fat babies, live a good long life." Oh, how I love Oliver Platt.


Bossy was always afraid of that striped-shirt guy from that there TV show (can you tell it's been a while since Bossy had young toddlers?)


Is it wrong that I think of Ceiba as Ceibalah? And Jason as Jasonalah? And yes, even Noah sometimes as Noalah?

Yes, it probably is. Sorry about that.


Oh fer the scrumptious cuteness. And, FWIW, speaking as a proud product of MoCo speech therapy, they do a good job, Noahlah's going to have a great time.

Oh, and the RSS-clicky-thingy scrolls under the video :-( I feel dereft of pop cultural goodness.


I love Signing Time! Uh, and I'm 33. Because he's usually watching TV over my shoulder, I tried pop-quizzing my boyfriend last night.

"What's this?!" (making the sign for "cloud").




got it now. I think.

duuuurrrrrrrrr, Aim, Aim, Aim. Will have to keep reminding myself.

Ceiba is easy, Rhymes with Leila, my eldest daughter's name.

Now, please tell me how to pronounce "Max"



this might just be the best video ever. i love that you felt like you needed to clear the amalah air :)


Not to put too fine a point on it, but the sidebar links work just fine with the video in Firefox. The floaty problem is only in IE.





Poor Max, forgotten again, hehe

Heather B.

I miss you lovely, special, signing people.


ummm, you rock. Also, I totally know someone who name their kid D'Artagnien...seriously.


Yay for the pronunciation video! Thanks! It's always been the last part that I couldn't figure out. The "aim" part was easy enough, it was the "uh" "la" part on the end that stumped me. Now, I'm up to speed. Am no longer a remedial Amalah reader.


Want Firefox (FREE! EASY! BETTER!).


Noah? Teh awesum!


I'm jealous of your playdate! There's nothing like good times with good mom friends. Some of my neighborhood girlfriends are coming over tonight and bringing nachos and margaritas because my precious little son is starting KINDERGARTEN tomorrow. It goes by soooo fast! Before you know it, Noah will be talking so much you'll wish he was quiet for just one moment!

Fun fun new site! squee!


Seriously, the second cutest Noah in the world (next to mine of course).

And yeah for EAT and MORE! I bet it will really start moving along quickly now.

mama speak

Kid #1 in our house signed the heck out the place. Had hundreds of signs, seriously. she had speech issues, so it turned out to be a really good call on our part. I'd show her a sign a couple times, she do it and it was all good.

Kid #2 is 16 months and signs also. I know she has lots and lots of signs, but she won't always use them...unless I make her. She's extremely independant and tends to want things her way (understatment), so while she knows the sign for "more" she's lazy and knows she'll get what she wants if she just signs "please". If I really want her to use a sign I have to be pretty persistant in doing it and often taking her hands and making the sign w/them before I let her have whatever she wants.
The reason I'm writing you this novel is my thought that maybe Noah has foudn that he doesn't have to use his signs so much cause you get his point w/out them. If you push the issue you may find he's got a lot more of them then you'd think. Or I could be full of shite.

Yeah for EAT!!!


totally giddy for you! i'm so buying these...


We are addicted to teh Signing Time. Except where they remade the first three DVD's and keep sending the notices that I can re-buy NEW! IMPROVED! for discounted cost. Because my boyz is fine with the low rent production on the originals, k thx.

Also? How to be getting invited to playdates with the Amalah, because out here in the stix (3 years now, y'all) I am sorely lacking in geex0r chicks who get me, and my random references to pop culture along with Walt Whitman. And the wine. The wine playdate is not done in the Eastern Panhandle, babies... We might be moving to the Czech Republic, and all I can think is "phew. At least people will think I'm a total freak IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE" Because maybe then it won't be so loud, and at least the pilsner will be good.

... I know, right? I can't imagine why I don't play well with the other moms, either. *grin*


We are addicted to teh Signing Time. Except where they remade the first three DVD's and keep sending the notices that I can re-buy NEW! IMPROVED! for discounted cost. Because my boyz is fine with the low rent production on the originals, k thx.

Also? How to be getting invited to playdates with the Amalah, because out here in the stix (3 years now, y'all) I am sorely lacking in geex0r chicks who get me, and my random references to pop culture along with Walt Whitman. And the wine. The wine playdate is not done in the Eastern Panhandle, babies... We might be moving to the Czech Republic, and all I can think is "phew. At least people will think I'm a total freak IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE" Because maybe then it won't be so loud, and at least the pilsner will be good.

... I know, right? I can't imagine why I don't play well with the other moms, either. *grin*


Noah signed his first sentence! YAY!!! I swear, kids are really sneaky, making us think that they are not paying attention but they really do have sharp eyes! Sometimes I sign to my son and he's not looking at me but later he repeats back what I said to him. I'm like HOW???? Maybe kids have a third eye that we don't know about... The important thing is that they are communicating! =D


Oh yes, we also have the signing time movie set. They are fantastic.


AIM-a-la? Riiiiight....you said that. You will need to change that because We, The Internet pronounce it a-MAH-la.

Katie Kat

I'm SO jealous you and Sweetney got to hang out. Betcha had good wine too. Damns...

Oh, and I have been faithfully pronouncing Amalah correctly for YEARS now, but, sadly, was screwing up poor Ceiba's name royally! SAY-buh. Hmmmm. Say-buhta buhta buhta sa-wing buhta buhta... Aaaaaanyway...

Sounds like Noah is in the background of the video yelling "AMALAH!" And I love the little *BARK* at the very end!


Oh hot damnation that's my favorite picture of Noah EVER!


Yay, go Noah!!

*shakes imaginary pompoms*


That's an adorable shot of Noah.

Also, I don't think that D'Artagnaienalyah is such a bad name....when I was little and didn't pay enough attention in Sunday school I got the idea that I really wanted to name my first baby Bathsheeba.

Nothing But Bonfires

Eh, don't worry, they have Internet cafes in Ecuador. I'll keep him in line.


as Amy already pointed out, firefox = SUPERIOR
the conflict between the overlay and the video is a big flaw on Microsoft's part and unfortunately outside of the realm of my control.

So, if you can, download Firefox NOW and never ever ever look back!


(In reference to your post title earlier in the week ...)

Look! Flight of the Conchords T-shirts!



Um... does nobody else hear it? Noah, in the echoey background of the video (thanks to those fabulous new hardwood floors!) is saying, very calmly: "AIM-a-la. AIM-a-la. AIM-a-la." Isn't he? Or maybe it's the cat. How IS Max, by the way? There has been no evidence of him in some time. Or the tire.


Site looks awesome!! I can only think of one little thing that might improve it and that would be listing me on your links page. Well, pooh - it would look better TO ME. haha

We're heading into a speech therapy thing with my little one too. So good luck with that. The thing is, Noah is so damn cute he might not need to speak. He can just bat his eyes and smile and the world will fall at his feet.


Not all the links on the left menu bar are hyperlinked correctly?

Fairly Odd Mother

My own little blondie, hardly talking, almost 3 yo also has those same jammies. He can't sign anything though (pity!).


My friend taught my son "more" before he could talk and she was oh so proud! He still does it not and again even though he can talk some. It's pretty cool they can catch onto stuff so fast though!


I feel I should warn you that Early Intervention people want you to do all the work. That's how they train them. I was trained in EI and thought "Oh my God! We have to follow the parent around and bug them and teach them what to do? You mean we don't just do a session and give these poor people some time alone??" I understand the "teach a person to fish" thing...but how annoying. It felt a little like inviting someone to dinner and taking out a whiteboard and going into an Amway pitch on their unsuspecting ass. So...yeah. Sorry about the pedicure. Maybe you could excuse yourself to the bathroom. For an hour.


Amy, you have truly freaked me out.

You and I sound IDENTICAL. As in, my roommate was listening when I played the video and went "Wait, what did you say?" and then I played it again and he went "UH. DUUUUDE. She has your voice."


I love reading you everyday and I am so freakin' excited about "eat" and "more." You and Noah rock! I had a late talker and every sign and word-approximation was cause for cake, cake, cake and wine.

Abra Leah

Awesome! I told you I love those videos - I use them with my students. :)


You have got the cutest voice, AIM-uh-luh! And your dog SAY-buh is also cute! But neither of you are as scrumptiously cute as NOAH! Who is so adorable it doesn't seem possible for that much cuteness to be in one person's face :)

Also? Tracey's daughter? Getting so big!


Dear Amy,
I am hooked by your blog, absolutely love it (have been lurking for a few months now). I'm giving you a Thinking Blogger Award, if that's alright w/you. My own blog is written entirely in Spanish, but feel free to drop by (there's pictures..?).
Thanks again for your writing, and all the best :)


Like Starbuck, I'm pretty sure Noah was saying "Amalah" in the background.


Ok I thought I just heard Noah say AMALAH in the background. Ive listened to it twice!


Yay for World's Favorite Net Toddler!

He's so adorable I just want to give him a big ole zerbert on his neck! If I didn't already have two children and know that the cuteness fades and the paininthebuttness sets in? Pictures of Noah would totally be making me wanna be a mom.


That's awesome! Love the new look!

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