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Still Alive

Child is wandering around in a droopy diaper and oh look, a box of playing cards, how fun will that be to clean up, but yes. We are still alive.


Jason may or may not come back tonight, thanks to the crazy weather in Chicago.

*sticks fingers in ears, lalalalalalalaaaaaa*

We're actually supposed to go to New York tomorrow and see a show. A very expensive show that we can't really afford, but that's what happens when you stumble across Rent on HBO right during Seasons of Love and decide that your life will not be complete until you see the show on Broadway, possibly forgetting THAT YOU ALREADY SAW IT ON BROADWAY. Your life will not be complete until you see it AGAIN, is my point, and anyway, it was very late and seemed like a good idea at the time. Right now it's not looking good, unless I go by myself. Which we all know is probably a bad idea, what with the trains and the likelihood of me getting on the wrong train and ending up in say, CHICAGO.

But again, we are still alive. I actually do kind of enjoy having the place to myself sometimes. I can dance around the living room with my iPod and a hairbrush, I can eat gigantic bowls of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for dinner and I can watch all the girly movies I want.


Oh! The irony!

So yeah, we're keeping ourselves pretty entertained over here.






Surprise! (We're still working on this one. He's got the Macaulay Culkin face-slap down pretty well, though.)




Roar! Outside voice! Show Mama your tonsils!


Katie Kat

I'm FIRST I'm FIRST!!!!!!! I LOVE BEING FIRST!!! (said in my best Dora and Boots voice).

Maxine Dangerous

The adorable is palpable. :)


Yeah, I know what you mean about the good/bad of being "home alone" without Papa. You can do whatever you want but you still miss hima nd regular life.
Adorable pictures.


Oh my holy hell! So cute!

Katie Kat

So, now for my comment...

I say GO TO THE SHOW and TAKE THE TRAINS... maybe you'll end up here (KC), and you can finally move to my town and be my best friend, like you keep promising. You know you wanna. "I'M IN YUR TOWN, BEST FRENDING YOU." I swear, I'm only as weird and wacky as you are. Well, somedays are wackier than others... but I LOVE Pinot Grigio, chick flicks, taking the tops off champagne bottles with a sword, and Noah and B can get married, and our hubbies can hang out and do all that male bondage -- er, bonding stuff. Just sayin'.

Oh, and Noah's curls make me want to swoon! SWOOOOON!


Ok. So your child is georgeous and if you need a babysitter in the NYC area while you watch Mimi and Roger, I'm totally available. In a strictly non-creepy, I swear I really DO have a life kind of way. Really. Cross my heart. I swear.

Uh, where are you going?


What a lovely kick start to the day! Simply adorable and definitely got a laugh out of me =)


Just wanted to say that Noah is the cutest thing out there with his curls and I saw Rent last week and it was fabulous!! You've got Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp from the Original show and the movie back in it and they're amazing....


oh my gah, the curls. The adorable, adorable curls.

hello insomnia

I just got a Canon EOS 30D but all of my pictures have come out blurry. Are you doing anything special to the settings?



Glad you guys are still alive.


I love the pictures!

Rebecca Noah. He is too cute.

Chicago is where I call home. Traffic sucks, weather sucks, storms power, can't drive in some places because of flooding or trees down, streetlights out during rush hour last night tripling everyone's commute times...hope Jason makes it home safely and on time!


I always love seeing Noah, but seeing you both together is excellent. And the faces? You guys are too cute!


You don't have to go alone, I'll go see Rent with you. I'm in New Jersey. I'll meet you in Newark!

I've found the best cure for the stir-crazies that set in after being cooped up in the house all day is, drum roll, please, a walk. Outside. Stroller is good, baby backpack is better, if my back can handle it.

Oh, the cuteness! the expressiveness! and the stripey turtleness!

Ree the Hotfessional

Love the cute baby. Love the cute mommy.


Last time my husband was out of town for a few days, I spent every night watching Gilmore Girls clips on YouTube and eating ice cream for dinner. It is very fortunate that he doesn't leave very often because I would seriously be so fat and would also live in hovel. And have little money because he makes twice as much as I do.


I love Noah's hair. Love it love it love it.

Lisa M

He's ready for Hollywood!!


We need pictures of The Tire making faces.

mrs. f

ack! the cuteness! you two are adorable!


Oh my god, those pictures are adorable!!!


Yay for Steel Magnolias!


BUT! It is Rent on Broadway with ADAM PASCAL & ANTHONY RAPP! You can't miss that! CAN'T! I am so jealous!

Heather B.

I mean if you really want someone to go with you, then you only have to ask once.

Then again, we couldn't sing out loud because that would be weird, but I'd go.



you will NOT regret seeing Rent for a second time! I just saw it this weekend (a very expensive weekend it was) and it was friggin awesome, o.m.g. The original broadway cast (and movie cast!) roger and mark are back for a limited run.... and tamyra gray from american idol is mimi. they kick some musical theater ass!


Hey look! Noah's learned how to play "52-Pickup"! Aren't you lucky....

Enjoy the show, get a sitter, and get a buzz on. I think you've earned it!


LOVE that hairband/scarf!!! I need to fancy mah-self up more staying home. maybe it would improve the shit-ass mood I am in today.


yay! I'm so happy to hear that the original cast is actually doing a good job (that's totally why we're going, of course, to see Adam and Anthony). Jason is at the airport and so far his flight is on time. He got there really, REALLY early to make sure he got his seat. Fingers crossed.

hello insomnia - I use a lens with an image stabilizer. Is the only way I can get non-flash photos to come out non-blurry. (Unless I'm using our fancy fancy flash, but I'm not really great at angling it correctly.)

Mother Of Beans

Oh how I love baby photos! Oh, and I'm now wondering how I am going to survive this next deployment with two children. Under the age of 21 months. Ouch.


I wish Jason luck getting out of the city! The storms of DOOOOM did a number on the city last night (I walked passed FIVE cars crushed under trees in my 1/2 mile walk to the train this morning...FIVE!). Hopefully he'll get out in front of the second round of storms that are coming in this afternoon.


Yay, Chicago! I love that movie, but the boytoy doesn't watch it with me. =( I hope Jason can get home tonight. And I say you should go! And if you end up in Chicago, you can get some awesome pizza! And end up with jason! Whoo!

Noah is adorable. Can I gobble him up yet?


Yay, Chicago! I love that movie, but the boytoy doesn't watch it with me. =( I hope Jason can get home tonight. And I say you should go! And if you end up in Chicago, you can get some awesome pizza! And end up with jason! Whoo!

Noah is adorable. Can I gobble him up yet?


Ugh, sorry for the double post. My computer hates me. =(


Oh dear. I had never watched Steel Magnolias until a couple years ago when my husband was out of town for a boys' weekend. I thought, "What better time for a girly movie?" I told my sister-in-law what I was planning, and she was a little taken aback. "Umm, are you sure that's the best movie to watch while you're all by yourself?" "Pshaw," I scoffed. "What's a little girly movie going to do to me?"

Two hours later, I was a blubbering mess on the couch, so sad that I was all alone just like poor daughterless Sally Field and did my mama love me that much and would I ever have kids of my own? I didn't recover till the husband came home Sunday.

Also, yikes. The weather here has let up temporarily, but is scheduled to resume shittiness soon. Has Jason been able to explore the culinary landscape during his trip?


I think I'm going to wear some fabric in my hair today - that was cute!

And please don't ever cut his hair. If you do, don't tell me.

Fraulein N

Oh, he is such a little mini-you! Hee!





My favorite part of Steel Magnolias is Tom Skerritts crazy gun-toting bird-shooting foil to Sally Field's character. He is hilarious.


LOVE those photos! Both of you are SO cute :)


"(that's totally why we're going, of course, to see Adam and Anthony)"

ummm.... i would love to say that had no impact at all on our trip... but yeah. i'd be lying. it's the whole reason we went. and i'd seen rent 4 times already before this trip. they were just as good as they were way back when. and adam is still as hot. :) tamyra was just the cherry on top!


oh... Rent. I saw it 2 times on Broadway. But... if you need a partner I'd see it again!!!


I don't know how you stand being in the same room with such an adorable baby. The cuteness factor is just too much. I've always sworn that I would never have children, but if I could guarantee that it comes out like yours, then I might reconsider.


Steel Magnolias is probably the best movie ever. Chicago sucks donkey balls to fly to/from. Noah is gorgeous and so smart. You're a lucky woman. And pretty.


Oh my jesus, someone pass me the tissues now. Thanks, Amalah!


Chicago needs to give back Jason!

LOVE the Noah pics though-- made my work day much more bearable.

I'm with you on RENT-- Seasons of Love makes me get out my double CD and belt it out, much to Mr. Squirrel's dismay. When I saw the trailer for the movie a couple years ago, I screamed with joy and sang along, embarrassing my friend who said she'd no longer go to movies with me. But I can't help it! It's RENT, people!


I'd threaten to hurt you for planting fivehundredtwentyfivethousandsixhundredmiiiinutes in my brain but ohmygod the curls, the curls, the curls they're so cute!

Oh, and for the record, Steel Magnolias was filmed 'rightchere', and I promise you guys we don't really talk like that! Great movie though!


I love you guys. No, I really, really, really love you guys. I mean it.

Hot Librarian

You two are looking good! Keep up the "alive" status - I think that's a plus. My husband will be heading to Arizona for a week in September, but I'm not as brave as you - I'm bringing in the back up (aka, my mother).


Holy mother of gorgous chandaliers! where did you get that thing? I've been scouring the interenets for well nigh on 3 weeks now and every single one I have seen is atrocious and makes me want to claw out my eyes. And now I see the perfect one! It's a vision! I may need to come over and snatch that our of your dining room.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for these last two posts! Because seriously? I totally count the minutes until hubby comes home every single day. There is only so much two year old I can take! And my stay at home days are limited since I go back to teaching next week. I swear, all stay at home and work at home moms deserve a medal!


I'll go with you! Rent is my favorite show ever! Didn't the original Mark and Roger come back. Doug can watch the boys. He will build lots of forts.


The curls, OH MY THE CURLS...don't ever cut his hair!


We just had silly face photos up over at my place...great minds. *lol* Noah's a cutie.


the curls! the curls!

i've been reading through your archives lo these last few weeks (yes, yes, i am bored at work) and you've made me cry a ridiculous amount. love your site. don't ever stop.


I heart your family in the least stalkerish way possible.


Love the pictures:)He looks so much like you! Too cute you two are.


Now, I want to see Rent on Broadway, too.


You two and all of your adorableness! How can you stand it! :)


So, my kid also had a box of playing cards (THANKS GRANDMA. not!!) that were cut up and strewn all over the house. Glad to know I'm not alone.

Love all the pics. He sure is a cutie!


My god, your son...I just want to eat him he is so cute.


Oh! Oh! You are watching (did watch??) two of my favorite movies!! I have watched Steel Magnolias like a dozen times and I am always in tears at the funeral and I always laugh out loud when Olympia Dukakis says to hit Shirley MacLaine.

And as for Chicago? Catherine Zeta-Jones is so gorgeous I would totally turn lesbian for her.


Well, it is still blue skies in Chicago (contrary to weather forcasts). I work about 10 minutes from O'Hare so hopefully everything went smoothly this afternoon :)


glad to see you're at least staying entertained. might i suggest that you also add when harry met sally to your movie stack? it's fabulous background filler and you can sing along when they karaoke "surrey with a fringe on top".

good times.

cute pics of you guys. ;)


Crazy - I flew out of Chicago last night. When I finally got to leave at 9:50pm, there were 27 cancelled flights on the board thanks to the weather. One of the flight attendants on my flight said the customer service line was the worst he'd ever seen.

Hope your husband makes it home without too much hastle. If he doesn't, and has to stand in that line - please know it was certainly a slice of hell. (and he may not want to take Noah off your hands right away...)


Oh my Lord! Those faces are TOO CUTE. And you cannot seriously consider that a messy floor. Truly. It was only ONE deck of cards, and they all go together, right? Soooooooo not a mess.


If you miss out on the chance to see Anthony and Adam I am just going to have to stop reading your blog. Ok, well, maybe not altogether, but only because Noah is too damn adorable to turn away from...


When Seth was little, we did "Thinking Face."

It was a SCREAM.


the weather is being so rude lately, isn't it. making me downright moody and i'm not even having to miss a broadway show.


The faces are cute, but those CURLS! Don't ever cut them off, okay? He is just too utterly adorable with them.

Kate Cavendish

Adam and Anthony will be fab; saw them during the first run and had a mad crush on "Roger." My hubby is away too--for two weeks while I mind three children 8 and under. It was fine until the new school year (yes, we've already begun) exhausted them to the point of afternoon tantrums!


Heavens to Betsy, everyone's beaten me to it, but I love those photos of you and Noah.


Go get "Love Actually" and your chick flicks will be complete.

(Also, I nearly wet myself at your comment back to Kathryn. BAH! I can see Sally rending her garments and tugging at tissues as we speak)


Can I come watch chick flicks too? Pretty please?


ahhh, RENT. Loved it. Saw it on stage here in Toronto.... Totally worth seeing again...and again. Definitely worth learning all the words of the songs for singing in car and/or shower.....

Awesome photos of you and Noah! So 'dorable!


You probably hear this too much.

Noah is adorable.



Quite possibly my favorite post yet, you continually pull at my heart strings. I cannot read you at work anymore, I either laugh out loud or the tears start flowing. Have a great time at RENT...a wee bit jealous am I.


Awww, so damn cute. Every time I see his/your photo I'm amazed at how much he looks like you.


Man... our weather (Chicago) has been lousy. (We've got trees blocking most of the streets in my neighborhood.) I think the rain held off long enough for the majority of flights to get out last night. I hope Jason got home! :)


Noah is just so adorable and handsome. Love the pictures. Glad to see that you guys are having fun..Good luck with your Broadway show.


am typing this from my phone. Just left the show and my hell but it was awesome. I look like a raccoon and sob. Currently trying to score a table at babbo.

Measure your life in love, bitches!


OMGoodness, this had me just giggling. I LOVE the pictures...too funny! I'm glad you're surviving the time without the hubs around.


oh man do i know what it's like to have a hubby go on business trips. ash (my 17 month old son, thats right, i named my son ashley *l*) goes NUTS without daddy. and like you by six o'clock the world is just about to end.
i love reading here because it makes me feel normal. like maybe i'm not the worst mom in the world and maybe the people who claim that life is rosy and peachy and full of rainbows are really full of shit.
wait...what was my point again?


Have you read this?

Just wondering what you would think about it--if you can figure it out from what I put there. Sorry, I'm not super computer literate.


Oh boy - lucky Jason.


you two are ridiculous and by ridiculous i mean so cute i could eat you both up with your matching pouty faces. omg.

also, soooooo jealous you're seeing adam and anthony. i want to see them so much, i told my husband that when it was announced they'd be coming back. i hope i can make it there before they go away again! have so much fun!!

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