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A Little Off the Top

I've been dragging my feet all week over this post, but y'all are so lovely and sweet and caring that I just cannot lie to you anymore. I simply must confess.

We cut Noah's hair this weekend.

Wait! Don't cry! It's okay!

We actually cut Noah's hair once already, way back in February, at one of those kiddie salons. I asked the...stylist? barber? person who cuts hair with the same finesse as a toddler cuts construction paper with some safety scissors? leave his hair longish. "Just trim the bangs," I said. "Maybe clean up the back a little bit."

Of course, her internal cutting computer defaulted to BOY = SHORT = DWEEB and she practically shaved his head.



But there was no doubt that his hair has been getting a little ridiculous lately. I found myself contemplating a spray bottle at the drugstore so I could spritz and scrunch his curls back into shape during the day.

(Okay, so maybe I was the one who was getting a little ridiculous. But clearly, I had to be stopped.)

This time I took him to my stylist, and let me tell you, there are few things better than watching a flamboyant gay man with a bleached mohawk gently fuss over your child's hair. Especially when the whole affair is so pleasingly color-coordinated.


"Please don't make him look dweeby," I said. "Or Republican."


"I know not to cut the curls," he said. "Trust me, I KNOW."


I don't know who this man is or what he's doing to me, but if anyone messes with mah juice I will set this whole place on fire.

So. We still have curls and hippie hair. It's just a little less tempting to pull his hair into ponytails tied up with little bows now. He still looks pretty adorable while wearing my headbands, not that I would allow that sort of thing, or put them on him deliberately, and anyway, we call them hats.


We're getting professional photos taken on Tuesday. So we just need to make it through the next four days without any new face bruises, cuts, fat lips or black eyes. I should probably just pad the entire house with a layer of bubble wrap.



Noah's hair is very cute. But not as cute as his smile.


doood, you need to have a little girl.

mrs. q.

Thank GOD you didn't scalp him. I loooove his hair and would dig that on my little man, but no matter how long I let it grow, he gets this weird Eddie Munster/mullet/combover. Ahhh!


he is so darn cute. I'm growing our son's hair a little long too...I'm letting it grow till he starts to look like a girl. Then he will get a real haircut that will make him look cute and not shorn (like when my mom chased him around the house with a pair of scissors and cut mad chunks of his hair out. ouch.)

kim at allconsuming

Firstly, over ONE HUNDRED comments on a kid's haircut? Dammit. What I'd give for 100 readers.


At least those adorable curls returned. When I, in a fit of post-natal depression, cut my son's hair, lopping off all his golden curls, they never returned. Now, at 7, he announces he will get his haircut in 2009.

I'm so resigned to the fact that now I'm just working on the goal of getting him to at least wash it in 2007. I've got a few months left.


we haven't had a fertility update in a while. i'm too lazy to look through the archives but am wondering what options you've investigated other than that one scary drug that tweaked you out. also, adoption???


Isnt it funny how little boys have the best curly hair and the longest eyelashes?! So unfair, yet he is SOOOO adorable. :)


i. love. teh. Hair.
and your boy is just GORGEOUS, period.


Is it just plain wrong to go against the prevailing mood and say that I actually prefer boys with short hair, not necessarily pure-Marine-short (i.e. shaved), but just not with curls?

Can now officially feel the wrath of the Interweb descending!)


Honestly, if that little guy were any cuter (not that that's possible,of course), my head would explode.

Isabel Kallman

the tears. they be flowing.


SO CUTE! Seriously, I want to take him home and feed him cookies.

Good luck with the portraits!


I love that picture of him with the hairstylist. He did an AWESOME job! I will have to remember that and let my older son's hair grow out a bit. He has this beautiful hed of red hair that is very curly when it's long. Thanks for the idea!


Soooo cute! I'm really beginning to suspect, though, that you had that kid to make your blogging easier. Admit it! All you have to do is post pictures of that adorable child and your readers are happy.

Shama-Lama Mama

Hey, just wanted to let you know I did a post on my blog about THIS post on your blog! Gave you a little linky-love.

Your son is adorable. I hope I can find your hairdresser's doppelganger here in San Diego!!

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