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Checking in

We're good. We're super good.

I had a nice snotty ol' weepfest this morning, reading your comments, and I may have possibly had an imaginary conversation with you (ME: Buh-buh-but I don't FEEL brave! YOU: Go Amy, Go No-ah, Go, Go, Go No-ah!) and then I wandered off to look at lolcats, or something.

Anyway, I needed that. Thank you, everybody, for being so kind. You guys are such a help, you don't even know. You make me a better mother, honestly, by allowing me to sometimes skip the funny and just sort of...BLAH! EEK! GAH! all over the place, and then by helping me through it with all your stories and support.

I've started about five or six DEEPLY META entries about this and the Internetosphere and modern motherhood, but I've deleted them all because they all stink of post-divorce celebrity press releases and belly button lint. (So...sort of like Paris Hilton's perfumes, then.)

Instead, please accept this awkward hug and/or affectionate punch in the arm.



Anybody else watching Pushing Daisies? Ahem.

Anyway, like I said, we're good.

We're having one of those lazy days here -- it's dark and raining, so we all overslept. Breakfast lasted until almost 10 am and I didn't shower until 2 pm and we ate lunch on the kitchen floor, sharing a bowl of macaroni and cheese while singing along to Raffi. Noah said "more" for the first time ever.

Yep. We're really, really good.


(I'm not sure what I'm more impressed by...the letter sorting or how he very almost has KTHXBYE spelled out.)





The crazy Noah beauty. It is blinding me.

Can I have his eyelashes? kthnx.


OMG those eyelashes!


First off, stop hanging out with the 2 year old that can talk in sentences! My daughter was practically born on the same day as Noah, and she doesn't talk in sentences. AND her 'teacher' at 'school' told us today she has an awesome vocabulary. So there. I almost love Noah more than my own he's so munchy munchy cute. I think you'll look back on all this one day, and actually laugh more than you already are now. Drink more wine and take more pictures.


I think everyone needs lazy days once and a while. And you definitely deserve it.

And Noah is absolutely precious. :)


Of course you're fine. And you will continue to be. You've got a fantastically beautiful child, a sweet sexy husband, and you're not so bad yourself. :)

The best guideline I ever heard for raising kids - and now my daughter swears by it for my grandsons, is that you should look around at the teenagers and if there is something that they all seem to do fairly well, then forget it, your child will learn it too. Take the free help, yes, but don't let it panic you. Toddlers do fall over - my older girl was so clumsy that we nicknamed her "Princess Grace", and today she has a successful business and walks without falling over, in heels, yet. I thought my son would never be potty trained, he was 3 1/2 before we gave up Pampers. They all have their own internal schedules.

Someone posted yesterday that we are just more aware today. And I think this is true. 50 years ago it would have been "I didn't think Noah would ever learn to talk." Today you are aware and you're looking for the problem, and trying to fix it. But don't look too hard, and don't let it panic you. There is room in the world for strong silent types, just as there is room for those whose mouths run 24/7. We do not need to stamp out individuality. This kid is perfection personified, you and Jason are great parents, and everything is going to be peachy.

She Likes Purple

Gosh, he's beautiful. And I would absolutely offer up hugs or my arm for a punch if I could. Or wine? Champagne? Straight vodka? Whatever you needed.

We love Pushing Daisies. Which is great since all other new shows are apparently fighting for the title of Crappiest New Show Ever in the History of the World. And Heroes is trying to be all sly by adding 15 new characters and vying for the title as well.


Soak up every minute of his "two-ness" that you can. I passes you by faster than you think.


Are all those letters from one set? I think I have that toy sitting on a shelf in a closet waiting for my DDs second birthday or Christmas (all in December). It's been there almost a year. Oh, I hope there aren't that many letters cause that would make such a mess on my kitchen floor when she knocks them all off the fridge.


ladybug - no, they are from two sets. We have the basic one-letter phonics set AND the three-letter Word Whammer set.

Heh. Whammer.

Lisa M

Yep, dark stormy days are best spent on the kitchen floor with children!


Love love love Pushing Daisies. It's just so different.


Poo. I am too slow. It has already been said.
But oh my word, look at the eyelashes!


I live in the same area as you and this weather made me sleep too ... but I was at my desk and the boss didn't much appreciate it.

Noah is uber-adorable. Must have his hair and eyelashes. Pronto.


Sarah sensiblysassy.blogspot.com

Hug/punch right back atcha! Oh and because of you I am going to go make myself Macaroni and Cheese, however I will not share-just me and my mac n' cheese


Oops. Meant to say that I LOVE PUSHING DAISIES!!! I was hooked after the first five minutes of the pilot. Love it. Did I say I loved it? Well, I do. And, did you know that the dude who narrates it also narrates the Harry Potter books on CD? Love him, too.

That is all.


Judging by how Noah's arranging those letters I think we may have a future blogger in our midst?

Noah is the most adorable little boy I have ever seen. I want one just like him. JUST like him.


He's almost got "gah" spelled out. He must be your kid.

Someone Being Me

We are having absolutely beautiful weather here in Texas today but I'd rather be home sleeping in and eating on the floor with my son. I'm totally jealous. And pass the mac and cheese while you're at it.

Mrs Butter B

The picture of him on the floor with the dinosaur makes me want to scoop him up and cover him in kisses.

Of course, seeing as how he's not a baby any more, I doubt I'd get away with it.

I'm impressed with the letter/fridge skills. My kids just used them as bullets- chunking them at my head, the dog, etc.


we adore you and want nothing but happiness for you all. your whole little family is a circle of yummy, and you are totally my hero.

mama speak

I've been out of town for a while & just now caught up on last week. OMG, now I'm feeling overwhelmed!

Just to reiterate what you've already heard a million times...if this were 20 yrs ago you'd be laughing about how he has you all so wrapped around his finger he gets you to talk for him.
Seriously, you're right, he is perfect. He will catch up in the things he needs to and some if it is just personallity and that's ok too. (My brother had all kinds of speech & OT issues & my mom had one therapist tell her he'd never even go to high school. Dude, he's the only one of his friends to have made it through college. AND there are still many days when I wish they hadn't taught him to talk.) So take a deep breath, do your best not to compare him to others (I know hard to do) and give him big hugs for being so damn wonderful!

The magnets just prove the kid already knows how to txt and is secretly running up your bill.

The sentence talker...a freak. Will probably be a politian or socially inept. (Ok, maybe not, but still he's the expection not the rule.)

Here's a glass of wine to you both!


Gah, Noah is beautiful. Why are all the boys blessed with lovely long eyelashes?
Seriously, Noah is going to be fine. Follow the advice of his therapists and he'll be catching up to (that scary accelerated)2 year old in no time.
Um, and thanks for the hugs.


He's gorgeous. And, just so you know, I sent my friend to look at your photo montage from the other day because she's in photography school and I'm trying to score a free photo session. She wrote back to me and said "her son is obscenely cute" and I agreed. And she's not even a regular reader, so she's not all emotionally invested like me and the rest of the internet! So, yeah, he's gorgeous.

And I have absolutely zero experience with SPD to the point where I accidentally just typed "SBD" because I don't quite know what it stands for. That being said, I am absolutely confident that he will catch up with his peers and you guys will be having in-depth conversations by this time next year.

No child could be more loved and cherished than Noah. You are a great mom.


I love the letter sorting!


Um hello...He spelled DJ!!!

Mixmaster Noah

I love you and I love your kid!


Thanks for letting us know you're all OK. HUGS right back at ya. And thanks for posting that picture of Noah w/ the dinosaur. He's gorgeous! I think his saying "more" is just showing his determination to not be fit neatly into a diagnosis slot. It's so much more complicated, and will drive you crazy, but in the end will be all worth it.


Pushing Daisies! Love it. Thursdays are becoming my favorite days because I can watch my TiVo uninterrupted - really, really loud so I don't miss a word of their Gilmore-Girls-speed dialogue. BUT, then husband plopped down to eat his lunch? And? Had no clue what was going on. So there were all these, "Who is that?" "What happened to her?" "Wait, why can't he touch her?" "This show is so stupid..."

I quit and watched it after he left. ergh.


looks like you're definitely getting your tickets worth out of that dinosaur!

i'm so happy for you wonderful day.



Glad to know you're all doing well. I am sure Noah is fine. Doctors and those in the medical profession will find as many things wrong as you let them. They are in the business to make money and the more things that they find wrong the more money you will potentially have to shell out to them. It's really a big concpiracy. lol. I hope everything goes well in the future! Sending good vibes to your family!!


Me: hugging you back.

And, Pushing Daisies is fantastic. So great, and different.


Oh, my word!

If de Internets didn't already love The Noah, they would now. Good grief, those pictures make my ovaries hurt.


Pushing Daisies? Someone else watches Pushing Daisies?????? Thank you! Now I don't feel like the only person who does, trapped in my little cheesy world.

Oh, and Noah? More, more, more!


Have been dealing with the whole "should I be worried or not" thing with my son, so I'll say:

Absolutely love Pushing Daisies. This is the same guy who created Wonderfalls, so I'm not surprised I like it, but am so very glad it's doing well. Now I should get to see more than 4 episodes on TV and then have to wait until the DVD comes out for the remaining 9.


Love the fridge letters.

I'm not pimpin', just sharing, but...

I'm posting a pic of my zdoodle when he was 2.5 (holy hell SIX years ago!) with his own fridge letters. Pic was taken right around the time of our mild autism dx, so at the height of turmoil for us. But the pic - I still have this one on my fridge to remind me of his strengths - he had arranged the letters in alphabetical order - BACKWARDS! Yep, he started at the Z.


Forgot to add that the fridge letters - have an ultra super soft special mushy place in my heart.


AMY!!! Those lashes! Those lashes are so so long, they are so cute!

Your day sounds like mine, rainy and relaxed..if we can use that word caring for toddlers.

I am glad you are feeling better, I hate to see (read) your fret about such a perfect little human.


Those eyelashes! Gorgeous, I tell you!

Sounds like a good day to me. And I'm glad you're feeling a bit better after the snotty weepfest/imaginary peptalk. ;)


I'm not lurking..I swear..I happened upon your blog from Heatherg's page (sh1tsandgiggles)Noah is an absolute angel!!! Please don't be discouraged, no two NORMAL babies develop at the same rate. I had a friend who's daughter was a month younger than mine...and that child was walking at 9 months old!!! My poor daughter didn't see her first tooth til she was 14 months old!! I didn't think she was EVER going to get teeth!! Doc said the longer it took, the stronger they would be...he was right. She's 15 yrs old now and has never had a cavity or a problem. She was also a slow walker and talker...now she won't shut up or sit still...LOL...try not to worry. I hope you don't mind my comment...Kat


Gawd, what a doll... don't touch those curls again, girl.

Ahem, I am watching Pushing Daisies... it's strangely captivating. I like the commentator with his British (?) accent giving tidbits into everyone's lives. Those little bits about everyone that you don't always get in the random walk-on actors. Very cool.


Pushing Daisies...Much like Lemony Snicket. A.D.O.R.E. it.

And Noah is a doll. And I want his hair.


He is so beautiful. I can't even get over it. And adorable to boot! LOOK AT HIM LYING ON THE FLOOR. All adorable and stuff! Geez.

I can't believe he very almost spelled KTHXBYE. He's sooo smart!


It's so unfair that boys get the pretty, long, dark lashes. They usually also get the great hair, and take it all for granted.


Eyelashes like that are illegally cute, I tell you. And his blonde ringlets, too. As my grandmother loves to say, youth is wasted on the young. We got your back, Amy. Yer a great mom, and the love you have for Noah constantly spills off these pages.


you rock. seriously.

Maxine Dangerous

"...dark stormy days are best spent on the kitchen floor with children!"

Well hell. I thought it was "dark stormy days are best spent on the kitchen floor with vodka." No wonder I'm single. ;)

I'm trying to be all witty and interesting because I'm not sure you need a 750th comment about how beautiful your child's eyelashes are and how their cuteness g-g-g almost g-g-g kill-l-l-led m-m-m-m-e beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


I'd be watching Pushing Daisies if I had a TV- I mean, it's got Lee Pace and Kristen Chenoweth! Woo!

I love Noah's dinosaur. It makes me miss mine, which was the same species and size but green and purplish.


So, first of all...I heart you and I heart Noah.
Also, loving Pushing Daisies- not like anything else out there!


(I didn't bother to read the hundreds of comments, so ignore any repeat info.)

I have been through "Bad" with my middle son (8 months of ST) and "Worse" with my oldest son (PT/OT/ST, permanent-lifelong-disabilities) and I can tell you: there is no such thing as Bad or Worse. There is no such thing as "just speech therapy" when it is your child. You want them all to have the perfect, wonderful babyhood and toddlerhood that you hear about and seem to see everywhere. It's sad when that doesn't happen, when that dream dies.


I am also a mother on the other side of Bad and Worse who knows that there can be other dreams, and they can be beautiful and fulfilling and yes, we'll all be okay in spite of that.

EI therapists, in my experience, are great and kind and helpful - but they are not gods. They saw issues that weren't always there, and they failed to see what were obviously (to me) seizures in my older son, and instead interpreted them as playfulness. Take everything with a grain of salt, trust your gut, and be patient. It sounds trite, but he IS only two. By three, he will be a whole new child and whatever secrets are waiting inside that beautiful head will be clearer to everyone.

Also, you may consider talking to the EI people about support/play groups with other families whose children use their services. You may want to, once in a while, get Noah together with other children who aren't freakishly advanced so you don't feel so damn alone in all of this.

Sorry for the rambling; somewhere in the past five years I appointed myself the poster girl for "Special Needs aren't so scary! It will be okay!" enterprises. I just can't help myself.


pushing daisies reminds me of 'the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy,' and i love it very much.
but, not as much as i love noah.
no amount of narrating (british accent, or no) could ever compete with noah.


I second what another mom just said above...it really REALLY helps to hang out with moms who have kids who also receive EI services. It helps a lot.

Also, that comparison (comparing your child to a typically developing child) thing hurts. It hurts a lot. I don't suggest Not hanging out with typical peers (it's really very important for your kiddo) but it takes a while for that particular callus to build up. At least it did for me (my kiddo in now in kindergarten and I only occasionally freak myself out with the comparison thing). So I guess I'm saying...don't be surprised when those feelings act up again. For me, Knowing that those painful feelings Will arrive again, makes dealing with them easier, somehow. Anyways, best to you both!


daisies is awesome! i love that show. it's just so different than anything else. i just read that they picked it up for a full season! yay... & noah is great how he is. he'll get there when he's ready.


The kthxbye part really cracked me up and I totally see it too!!

He is growing up so fast! I just wanted to add what a good mother I think you are and how I'm proud of you for taking such great care of an awesome little guy!

Hugs for all of you!


I'm an America's Next Top Model girl myself. Guilty, guilty pleasure.

And dude, he totally spelled GGG something FKX. If they were all that brilliant we wouldn't have, like, any more war. Awesome.


Noah is such a doll. My son has received intensive speech therapy (5 days a week) in our home since he was Noah's age (7 months now) and he's just started making amazing breakthroughs. So many people tell me he would have started talking in his own time and that he doesn't need therapy (speech is his only delay) but I figured the extra one on one time with an adult couldn't hurt. The first time he said "butt" I cried for a half hour, laughing the whole time too.

People always said "One day he'll start talking and you'll be telling him to be quiet!" "Never!" I said, I just wanted to hear his sweet voice. The other day in the car he was saying "8 deer!" over and over again (we had just seen them on the side of the road) and I heard myself say, "William, could you be quiet for a few minutes?"

I just love your photos of Noah! He is perfect but it's ok to feel badly that he needs extra help. Any time our kids have to struggle it tears us apart. I look forward to hearing all about his accomplishments!

Got Four

Just a little suggestion: I would lose all those extra alphabet letters in the next year or so. My four kids all learned the letters before school by lining those things up on the fridge over and over again ("Mom, what comes after ___ ?" was my life). I would hate for Noah to tell his teacher the alphabet goes, "A,A,A,B,C,C,D,D,D..."


YAY hugs! Yay lazy rainy days eating mac 'n cheese with your wonderful Noah on the floor!
Love the letter sorting - he's a smart one :) Add in the near-kthxbye and well, he's off the charts for sure! Off the charts of amazing-squeezable-adorableness, too.
Also, yay for positive, encouraging internets-land! It's such a bizarre community, but I'm happy to be in it with you and your ginormous fan-club :)


Yep. See? Perfect.

And thanks for the punch. Because I bruise easily. And that punch? Totally left a mark.


Amy, delurking to tell you what an amazing mom you are. And, I know you've heard this a million times, but Noah is, by far, one of the most stunningly beautiful children I have ever seen. You are doing so right by him, he has no idea how lucky he is :)


I just started reading your blog, and the last few posts could have been written by me about a year and a half ago. I also have a friend that has a son 4 months older than mine who spoke perfectly, while mine was way delayed. After testing, it was obvious that our son needed some help. I have feelings of guilt because I think that there may have been something that we could have done that could have fixed it. I think we put so much pressure on kids these days that anything outside of what everyone else is doing is not considered normal. My son is now 3 1/2 and we're still having a hard time sometimes understanding him, but it's getting better. He has had speech therapy 1 hour a week for the last year and a half. He's improved considerably during that time, however I don't know if it's the therapy or maturity. Anyway, don't get too down about it. Each kid has their own pace and will figure it out before you know it.


KTHXBYE? Bwahahaha.

He's beautiful, Amy.


I must know, how do you keep his shirt looking so WHITE? Every allegedly white shirt my son has is covered with an unidentified food remnant.


Shawna - Ha. You'll notice none of these photos show the belly area, which was COVERED in blueberry yogurt.


mac n cheese, and pushing daisies...... my faves!

i'm enjoying starting to read you. seems like every other blog i have stumbled on sing your praises, and i'm very glad to have checked you out!

i wish you the best in this journey called "motherhood".
noah is PRECIOUS!


I thought I was going to be original with the eyelashes comment. Oh well. But yes, I want his eyelashes, and I want them now, kthxbai.


Full-on sentence talker is a freak of nature. The Noahlah? And his unbelievably gorgeous hair, eyelashes, smile, and beautiful personality? Are front and center in my book and a true example of perfection.


i'm just impressed that noah's letters are actually ON the fridge. my son has that same leap frog doo-hickey and about five of the letters are where they're supposed to be. i think the rest of the abc's are off having an alpha party all over the house...

Li'l Foot's Mommy

What an amazing little boy and a wonderful mom he has. That last picture is awesome...I love it!!!


Wow. You're my wife's favorite blogger, and I've never ventured over here till now (shame on me!). Your posts this week have left me a little weepy (feeling better now, thanks), but I wanted to let you know your writing style rocks, and Noah is a cute little guy.


Not only has he almost spelled GA but also FK which is really impressive. As they say down 'ere in Devon, "That there boys bloody 'ansome my lover, 'ee is too". ( and you will have to look up some Jam and Jerusalem on you tube to hear the accent.


My son, at age 3, was diagnosed with Sensory Integration issues. He never liked loud noises or tight shoes and had trouble playing sports. His trouble was given a name. Now, four years later and no medication or OT and he is fine, fine, fine. We chose to sort of ignore the diagnosis and wait. We had a couple of tough years but then he got older and grew out of the noise, clothing, coordination deficits. Be dubious of the Sensory Integration diagnosis. Some kids just take longer than others to develop in this department. Give it time. Take plenty of deep breaths and take comfort in the fact that we, in the 21st century, know way too much for our own good!


Bossy hearts the dark and rainy days.


How cool that you're having a good day on a rainy day. Sometimes staying inside while it's raining helps you see just how blessed you are. Which I know you already know that. But still. You see it more. Oh, enough already. Gobble some Noah cheeks, why dontcha.


hugs/affectionate punch right back at'cha
We keep missing Pushing Daisies...sorry...that's bedtime in our household and Gavin has a 3-book minimum. :)

I agree...the sentence talker might be a bit of a freak. Our friends have a 2-1/2 year old girl and she never freakin' shuts up. Her vocabulary is larger than Gavin's (who's a year older), but she can't jump...I'm not kidding, her vertical is like 1/4-inch. She also can't skip or hop. It's like her brain is hugely verbal but scrawny in the physical dept. Meanwhile Gavin is the opposite...he's a little behind in his verbal skills but is strangely well-coordinated. I'm sure everything will pan out. :) Especially if he can act out Flight of the Concords songs!


i just wanted to toss int here that i also as a child consistently chose to read books, many times by myself. i turned out to be a really social person despite it, and also a good editor, so there you go. a career was born.


It's dark and rainy here, too. I'm deciding between mac and cheese or grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch-mmm. I like Pushing Daisies, it reminds me of Showtime's "Dead Like Me", did you ever see that?

Love you, love Noah, wish I could give you both big squeezy hugs that wouldn't be at all awkward. Bring him to San Francisco for BlogHer this summer, yes? Heck, bring Jason too-would I be allowed to hug him? ;)

Burgh Baby's Mom

There will come a day where you will think, "Three years, four weeks, two hours, six minutes, and 30 seconds ago, Noah sat quietly reading his choo-choo train book and batting his mile-long eyelashes." And you will wish he would go do it again because he will. not. be. quiet. and leave you alone.




So good to hear you are doing well. Of couse, with a beefcake like that how could you not be doing well? : )


Noah is so precious. I just read your Monday post and it made me tear up. I say, eh, kids develop differently. My daughter was born in Africa and now we live in Europe. You know what? I really haven't ever run into competitive, statistics/testing obsessed parents and doctors outside the US. Take it for what it's worth, but I think you're right -- you know perfection when you see it.


I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog (every Sunday I catch up on what you've written that week), and Noah is gorgeous, you are awesome and Pushing Daises is fantastic.


I've been following your posts about Noah for awhile and have a few observations...

-I too only noticed things after my son was diagnosed with dyspraxia (a form of SPD) and he's 11, so don't feel badly :P

-while therapists and doctors are a great help, they don't know everything and you need to trust your instincts. In our case, all his teachers missed the SPD and "diagnosed" him with everything from ADHD to Autism to severe behavior (the qualified people totally missed the dyspraxia) while we fought them like dogs. Finally the top people in our province diagnosed him with dyspraxia. (which we already knew he had)

-my son was one of those freakishly verbal kids who talked in full sentences before 18 months old...they all just develop differently...so comparing isn't helpful (even among kids with the same disorder)

-Now...having said all that, I can honestly say that for us, the whole diagnosing thing was just the beginning. The first few years were hard, but trust me when I say that the journey gets easier.

Noah isn't damaged, just a bit different. And different is beautiful too.


I gotta make a note here to the other people making comments too...

Don't be jealous of or put off by the child who can talk a mile a minute. My son had 6 words by 7 months, could talk in full sentences by 14 months, and is very advanced in some ways...but has some serious learning disabilities and dyspraxia as well. He didn't walk until 19 months old. For years I felt completely alone BECAUSE people would call him a "freak". HE feels like a freak.

NO kid is a "freak". Even the hugely verbal kid...they all just develop differently and have different strengths and weaknesses.


Such a sweet little boy. He's going to grow up to be a very smart, handsome caring man. Just like his parents I suppose. I can tell. :)

toni ferrick

Noah is a cutey for sure. What about a dog update?


I would love those eyelashes. I might be really, really jealous of them.

I love pushing daisies.

I love wine. Ok, there was no wine in your post, but I thought it was worth mentioning, just like grilled cheese.

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