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My Monkey. Let Me Show You It.

I know. I KNOW I already posted photos of Noah in his monkey costume, but that was a moment of shiny-new costume weakness. A moment I knew I would regret come Halloween. Don't post the monkey costume photos, self, I said to...uh...myself. Because then you will actually have to come up with things to say on Halloween, and dude, you know how you hate coming up with things to say.


Fine. So I have one thing to say: This morning was our first occupational therapy session, and oh, gee! You know what is fun? Listening to your child scream while a stranger attempts to massage his face with a yellow duckie washcloth. And then being asked if your child has any negative connotations with the yellow duckie washcloth.

You mean something like, oh, this very moment right now?

We shall now and forevermore refer to the yellow duck washcloth as the yellow goose washcloth, because, well. Fuck the fucking geese. Seriously. I hate them.


That is a banana in his pocket, but he is not happy to see you or your NUK brush.

And...that's really all I've got.

How about some bemittened sign language?






ACAR! (Oh fine, acock. abig acock.)


Aannnnd...AMONKEY. We are going to clean UP tonight, I can feel it.


Must be Motherhood

There are never too many monkey pictures!

The question is: will you be trick or treating as the Man in the Yellow Hat?


Massage his face with a washcloth? How on earth is that supposed to help anything? Other than cleaning him? If a stranger tried to massage my face, I'd scream too.


Aaawwww! Poor kiddo being traumatized by the duckie washcloth! The first few sessions of OT for my son were a little rough too. Now, it's something he thoroughly enjoys and needs. It will get better.


Ooh, you should totally be the man in the yellow hat!! And that is the cutest signing I have ever laid eyes on!

"That is a banana in his pocket, but he is not happy to see you" -- LMAO!

Have a great time.


If that cute little monkey came to my house tonight, I'd just empty the entire bowl into his pumpkin bucket and close up shop. SOOO ADORABLE!


MAN your little monkey is CUTE. Cuteness embodied, I think.

That last picture- the action shot, running toward you?
SO SO SO adorable! Ohmygoodness!

Okay. I'm done. For now.


i would like to make a good comment, but i cannot remove my eyes from the cuteness of the first picture.
i cannot wait for all the the sugar-induced posts that are sure to come in the next few days.


He looks adorable. My son is too crazy for us to take out trick or treating, we are just going to take a picture of him in his Elmo costume and that will be that. Maybe next year.

I haven't read all of your bazillions of comments on Noah's occupational therapy and stuff but I wondered if you had read the book The Einstein Theory: Bright Children Who Talk Late? It's really interesting and was very comforting to me. The author also speaks against early intervention and I think it's maybe to avoid that freaking duckie washcloth! The hell? Anyway, I just wanted to post and say that I have a child who is talking late, although he's always been a big signer. He is the complete opposite of Noah as far as the sitting down and enjoying a book thing - I wish my son would ever sit the hell down. Anyway, I just - I know that you've had a million comments about it but I just wanted to say to check out that book if you haven't and if you're getting frustrated with those occupational therapy freaks, maybe quit them. Happy Halloween!


Poor guy- of course he does not like the yellow washcloth- who would!

As far as trick or treating - we go in our neighborhood (Kensington) to Perry Street which turns into scary perry. The police close it off so I can let my son (3) actually walk in the street. We meet friends and it is such a great way to do Halloween with the toddler-preschool set.

Our local paper even did a article about it:

Good luck tonight!


There are never too many Noah pictures. Monkey costume or not.

And? You should TOTALLY go as the Mom in the yellow hat.


cutest monkey ever!


ahh. almost too cute to handle.

i'm sure people will be compelled to dump entire buckets of candy in noah's pumpkin


Cute monkey pictures! And if he runs out of room in whatever sack he's using to collect candy, it looks like he could unzip the front of that costume and stash more goodies in there.


The most adorable monkey.


I just have to say it. You have the cutest kid on the internets (including my own, I think). Well, maybe it's a tie. But my god. The monkey cuteness.


Delurking to say: the second picture from the bottom almost killed me, it's so adorable. I think it's the face he's making, along with his mittened hands. Too cute.

Also, I've been faithfully hooked on this blog ever since I started reading it a few months ago (archive reader and all). I really admire your steadfastness in this speech delay ordeal - all three of you are all fabulous!

Leaf, probably...

I would totally give sweets to that moneky.


omg! I hate the geese too!

Wacky Mommy

Cuteness of Noah!!! I hate squirrels and geese both equally. Happy Halloween, everybody!


I think if a stranger were massaging my face with a duckie washcloth, I, too, would flip my shit. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's a scene from Saw IV.

Katie Kat

I dunno... the banana in the pocket just MAKES the outfit for me. How about you?

Don't *aball* and *astar* look just a LITTLE similar to you? But, he gets points for using his wee little pigs (toes) as part of the sign.

I'm gonna git me that monkey and hug him all up... oh, and you are going to be SMOTHERED in candy! (Hell, I'll send you some just for posting those pictures!).

Love, your soon to be best friend when you move to my town (seriously now)... Katie Kat


Please come to my neighborhood. I live close to Heather. I have Girl Scout cookies in my freezer, all of which you may have.
The plane ticket is in the mail!

Naomi Dunford

I never bother commenting because I get your feed through Bloglines and by the time I get here there have already been seventeen million comments and mine will never get read. That being said...

1.) The word "bemittened" is the best goddamn word I have ever heard in my life.

2.) The visuals of bemittened signing are beyond. Seriously, beyond. I can't even describe the awesomeness of those pictures. That's it. That's all I have to say.

Someone Being Me

The cuteness is killing me. The internet can never have too many pictures of Noah. Does he do the sign for banana?


Oh my jesus, that is one cute monkey!

She Likes Purple

Cutest monkey EVER.

Seriously, he's too much. I hope you clean up. And good candy, not crappy caramel cubes.


That monkey is the cutest thing ever. After your first post, I started to send my sister on the hunt for a "muuuhkee" suit for my nephew. Alas, they had just acquired the baby penguin costume and he was already smitten.

That monkey is hard to beat, though.


That much cuteness is lethal!


Ack! That's pretty invasive for a first OT session! Usually they ease into that stuff. It would make KayTar batshit crazy. LOL.

Happy Halloween. That is one cuuuuute little monkey!


Squeeee! That first pic is the cutest!!!!!!

Hahaha-sign language in mittens is all very much alike.

Cute post!

problem girl

I don't know what all sensory stuff your OT person is doing with Noah but have they tried a surgical scrub brush with him? My son hated everything they tried with him but he loooooved the way the surgical scrub brush felt. Just thought I'd throw that out there because I know it was something we struggled with for a while.


How did you get him to keep it on? My toddler won't wear a costume for more than five minutes! He looks great and happy to be a Curious George.


So cute - here's hoping that charming little monkey gets enough candy to keep both of you in yummy chocolate goodness for quite awhile!


Look at the little monkey...Cutest monkey I have ever seen.


Oh and in response to your post on the Advice Smackdown, I fully intend to take my child trick or treating next Halloween. The fact that my child will only be six months old at that time poses no problem, as I will be eating all the candy myself. You are in good company Amy.


I called my husband back out to the computer to see the pictures of Noah signing with his little monkey hands, because, dude, the cuteness.

Burgh Baby's Mom

Bemittened or not, my nearly 2-year old knew the monkey was signing 'ball' and proceeded to run around the living room making monkey noises and signing 'ball.' It was almost as cute as the photo that spawned the chaos.


AUGH, small blond monkey cuteness! Cannot handle! So cute!


So, did you--I mean, Noah--make a haul? That is one bodaciously adorable monkey.


Ethan was the same little monkey (pics in my blog)! Too cute!

Heather B.

I will bring you vats of wine if you take more pictures. Please and thank you. Hope you all have fun!


1. I hate geese. I've hated geese since I was Noah's age. I have NO bad experience with geese. I just hate them. That's not weird.

2. Everytime I see his grin, I smile, too. I want to eat your baby ... not in a Hannibal Lector kind of way ... but a "num num num" Cookie Monster on the side of his face kind of way. That makes no sense and totally creeps you out, doesn't it?

mrs. q.

Man, I want to peel him and eat him like a banana. Sooo cute. We called my little guy 'our little monkey' when he was a babe; I would have killed for a costume this cute.

Yah, I get cha. I hate geese too.


He makes one cute little monkey.

He'd clean up at my house! all except the M&Ms, cause those are my little ducky's favorite. (Not the OTs kind of ducky, the soft, squishy, can't help but squish-the-stuffing-out cuteness kind of ducky.)

Can't wait to hear about your first trick-or-treating with Noah tomorrow!


Geese are evil. That is really all there is to say about that.


...if the washcloth massaging is to increase muscle tone around Noah's mouth, you could try massaging an on electronic toothbrush around his mouth instead. It's what was recommended for my brother years ago, and it made him laugh. :)


The banana in the pocket is really the icing on the cake. Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween!

Lisa M

I think Halloween is the best holiday every!! Candy. Costumes. Staying up late and running around in the dark. Life couldn't be much better!

Angry Julie Monday

He is an awesome monkey!!!


Oh little monkey! I love him. His sweet little mitten fingers signing! So cute!


That is one cute little monkey. And his sign language is so perfect. I'm very impressed.

Noah's costume is much sweeter then my kid's 80 hair metal band costume. I'm a bad, bad mother.


The little bare toes sticking out are what get me. So sweet I want to nibble on them!!


Adorable. Just adorable.

(and as someone who's been through OT with her child, it DOES get better. I promise).

WI Amy M

Awwwww. I'm sure he cleaned up! My son is a few months younger than Noah & HATES his puppy costume - keeps trying to rip off his ears. How is Noah such a happy monkey?

Another hater of geese here.


Post as many monkey pictures as you like! I don't think anyone is going to complain; Noah is adorable!

And... massage his face with a washcloth? That is bizarre. As far as negative connotations go, riiight. I'm sure you frequently torture him with washcloths. Idiot doctor-type person.

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