My Monkey. Let Me Show You It.

One T-Junction Short of a Very Serious Problem

Oh, it's ON now, motherfuckers.


(You probably thought I was over the train set, didn't you? You probably thought I stepped away and took a deep breath and remembered that the train set does in fact belong to my two-year-old, who is perfectly delighted by his imperfect track layout and that I would be satisfied with watching his innocent delight BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG ABOUT ALL OF THAT.)

(I have since dragged Jason down into my personal brand of crazy, actually. The family that curses wooden train sets out together, drinks more together, is what I always say.)

(I gotta go now! Bye! Very, very important parenting stuff to do.)



Good luck with that train set! I'm an idiot because I bought a Lionel train set for my son online last week. It arrived yesterday...just in time for me to realize I'd already BOUGHT him a train set and stashed it away. So now I have two practically identical sets. I bet I'd have a T-junction to spare for ya!


Hee hee. Have fun with that train set- and wine- related Very Important parenting stuff! ;)


Very important, indeed!


Love this post. Amalah, you are the cutest. Jason too. Have fun, you two, and enjoy the wine.


Good luck- I wouldn't be able to let it go either!


Pretty soon your house will look like mine did for many years.

We inherited my Nephews gazillion Brio pieces when my oldest was born. He was the first nephew in my husband's family, and so everyone bought the child brio and trains. We easily were handed about two grand in woodend products and trains!

All I had to do was pick up various trains for the boys. Had I not been the trailblazer with this wave of grandkids, Grandpa would have bought my boys a train table like the two younger cousins.

No matter, this just meant that the trains layouts could go all over the morning room, dining room and around the island in the kitchen. Yep, that much brio.

Have fun parenting!

Mama T

Here's the challenge: when you build the ultimate track layout, with hills and bridges, curves and straightaways, do you glue-gun/nail it down for permanent fun or let it go and risk it being taken apart by an inquiring mind?


Have you purchased the Wacky Track yet? Tell me you have Wacky Track. I understand the descent into madness. My oldest son was a Thomas FUH-REAK. When he (finally) outgrew it we put it away for our younger infant son. We have a bizillion dollars in Thomas equipment and my youngest son is all, "eh...whatever." Drives us bonkers. However I knew we had gone too far when I bought Wacky Track for my husband's Christmas stocking. Not my son. My husband. Who spent hour upon hour designing awesome tracks. Welcome to Thomas hell.


My loving husband said, when my oldest boy was 2, that he would MAKE the train table. Ahem. Long story short: our train table is the size of a twin bed and he had to cut the legs down in our living room as our 2 year old couldn't see over the top. good times...


Oh dear....

As Sir Topham Hatt would say...."Amy, (hic) You are causing confusion and delay!!"

Good luck!


How's Ceiba? What's his Halloween costume? How does he feel about the train set?


Wow you bring back memories - and our crate of track pieces and yummy collectibles is now sitting in the corner of the living room waiting for our 20-month to grow up a month or two already so we can start playing with it again!

My husband and I would ask our son - shall we play with Thomas?! - and he would say - yes!! So we would all lie on the floor together in cosy anticipation of an afternoon's happy bonding.

Three hours later my husband would be on hands and knees trying to get the &^$%# corner to go the way he wants it to go and if only if had another piece of straight track exactly this length all his problems in life would be over; I would be sitting on the couch gripping my complex engineering plan with whitened knuckles and spitting through gritted teeth - I said THERE dammit, put the piece THERE can't you see it's so unbelievably OBVIOUS you can't have those tow pieces adjacent to each other and no you have a left over end bit hanging around doing nothing going nowhere and that's just ok; and my son would be standing off to one side softly whimpering - can I play with my train yet Mommy?

Sad sad sad...

Can't WAIT for those days again! :-)



i love that this post was simply tagged "wine"...

a few more of these and you'll have to start a new category: why the manufacturer of thomas the tank engine should pay my wine bill


I see absolutely nothing crazy about any of this.

Never mind that I spent half an hour this weekend looking over layout plans to pick just the right one. And then decided I could improve upon it because that one had dead ends and didn't use one of the hook-ups for the turntable. And then was horrified when my son destroyed it almost immediately.

Nope, nothing crazy at all.


That's a great motto!!


Hahaha...good luck with that.


Yes, but it's that personal brand of crazy that keeps us coming back for more...

Leaf, probably...

Step away from the childs train set...



We have more switches than God in our house. And that would be because my husband and I are geeks, and we really got into games like "Can you use every piece of track you have and form a closed loop? " and "Spell your name in track!" and all the rest.

I love switches. The engines -- another story (whiny little steamheaded contraptions). But I love switches. And track. And bridges. Oh, and stacking track. Three levels of stacking track with lift bridges, three-way switches, and I am in my element.

I just wish he still played with the darn stuff. I didn't know how good I had it until the Pokemon craze kicked in.


Just don't break out the wood glue. Especially while drinking! Let us know how it all turns out in a couple of days...I hope Noah enjoys it as much as you do. It never really works out that way.

Burgh Baby's Mom

I do believe they make medications for that there illness called OCD. But wine may help to dull the pain.

Lyssa Ireland Thomas

If the wine haze does lead to a completed project - PLEASE - do not operate the train under the influence. I hear the EUI (Engineering Under the Influence) penalties are pretty stiff!


I wanna see the results!!!!

hello insomnia

So is this similar to Ikea in that, it's only as good as the person putting it together?

Sarah sensiblysassy.blogspot.com

Hell yeah baby!! It is ON! -whoa sorry I got a little "too" into it..um...anyway I can't wait to see the track you guys make...good luck!

gina in sc

resale of thomas crap is very profitable... uh... i heard....

Katie Kat

Amy? Honey?? BACK AWAY FROM THE TRAIN SET... just back away slowly and nobody gets hurt...


Katie Kat

P.S. It's Halloween, GO EAT CHOCOLATE!

Heather B.

I'm glad I could be there to capture all of those special family memories with my awesome photo skills and lack of knowledge about something the kids call 'lighting'.

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with for the next phase of track engineering.

mrs. q.

you and my husband should hang out. His obsession is my son's (lead coated) Geotrax set. EVERY time they set something up, he exclaims, "We need more track." No matter HOW MUCH extra track we buy. It's a scam!


That bendy piece on the top of the big box is totally invaluable. Have fun.


Okay..off topic..is that a Jade tree in the background?? Mine used to look that good...now..um well not so much. I may need some green thumb advice..!


We do not have Thomas we have the Geo Trax, and I LOOOOOVE it. I spend hours putting this great track and switch-a-roos and he just wants to go over the bridge and I scream look here look here, watch, watch. So does not care as much as I do. My husband told me that it was Aidan's not mine, oh whatever!


I would say you have a touch of "Train OCD". Nothing wrong with that though! If I had a child (and a trainset), I would probably be just as into a perfect track layout as you are :)


Except for the part where I had no money because I was 12 or 13, so I was getting my aunt, uncle, mom, and dad to buy the train pieces, this is exactly what I did when my baby cousin got his train set. It had to be PERFECT.

Luckily, the only set he had at my house could only be a perfect circle or a figure eight and join properly. The rest of the time, I could remind myself he was just playing.

(I've been calling him baby cousin a lot lately, but honestly he's 9 1/2, probably 5 feet tall now, and has feet that are bigger than mine- and I'm not a small-footed gal!)


Okay, I don't have a typepad account or whatever, so this is supposed to go on the smackdown-
TOTALLY both take Noah trick or treating. There will be enough people handing out candy, and you can always have the babysitter hand out candy when you're done. It will be too cute, and you're both going to want to be there- and even if it's a hot mess, you're both going to want to be there so you can laugh about it later.

My parents always both took me, and we lived in terrible neighborhoods, and our house never got egged.


My son (...okay my son AND I) also love(s) Thomas. At first I wanted one of the train tables like you have, but Evan loves making giant elaborate setups on the floor (with mommy 'helping' him) that we are probably not even going to bother with a table.

BTW - we bought some of the Imaginarium track and don't like it as well as the Thomas stuff.

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