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He is too precious!


Absolutely beautiful. Whatever else life throws at you--sensory issues, fertility issues, anything--I hope you can always look at these photos and realize how blessed you are.

Thanks for sharing!


absolutely beautiful; thank you for sharing this with us. Makes my whole day better!


I cannot wait to get home now! Why? Because video has been blocked at work.


I have indulged and am now basking in the glow of your GORGEOUS family.


Gorgeous, that about says it


The pictures are amazing, and they do the best job of capturing what a treasure Noah is, and how absolutley happy your family is, too. I've come to a realization as of late that I deserve that kind of happiness for myself as well.....I really want that for myself one day....but, in the meantime, I'm so thrilled that you share your happiness with us, and I'm just as happy knowing that you have it right now! :)




Absolutely lovely. Takes my breath.


What a blessing he is...

Miss Britt

Your montages are set to the most PERFECT music!


These are just lovely! We have a fancy camera and take pretty good photos, so I've always been reluctant to lay out the cash to have professional shots done, but seeing you all together as a family - something we can't do when one of us is behind the glass - makes me think I need to bite the bullet and do it. Thanks for the (daily) inspiration!


Beautiful. And I love the song.

Maxine Dangerous

The wonderfulness is ... wow. Unbelievably great video. :)


Absolutely beautiful. Beautiful family, beautiful photos.


He is unbelievably beautiful. Great montage :)


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


So unbelievably gorgeous!


Totally a blubbering mess at work.


Those are so wonderful. I especially love the one of the three of you where Noah is kissing your nose. You are so lucky to have these.


There's something about his eyes in the first b&w that's truly mesmerizing.

And at about 50 seconds in, he has an expression that matches mine in terms of "OMFG WHERE DID THE BABY GO."


I'm bawling my eyes out. So beautiful.


The photos are gorgeous!

hello insomnia

very touching. he looks more and more like you, Amy.


i don't even have words to describe how much i enjoyed watching that video. the photographer is amazing as is your family. your hair too.


You guys are seriously the cutest family in the world.


Oh, that last shot was just so lovely. What a beautiful family you have.


He is faaaaabulous. What a darling, awesome, fun kid.

Can I borrow him?

Miss you, Amalah; I'm bad at reading/commenting/emailing now. I suck.


oh wow. that was awesome.

adele Richards

My 13 month old daughter is mesmerised by Noah. When he gets his own iPhone could she have his number?

(you are a gorgeous family and Noah is spectacularly cute and bright!)


covet that last one - (but insert the zdoodlebub family) - what a great shot.


That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Oh yay! Can you actually hear the gulp gulp sniff sniff from there?


I loved it!! That Kaileen takes great photos. But then Noah is such a beautiful boy.

All Adither

Those are so good they could be stock photos. You could be rich!


Like i said yesterday, Noah is simply perfect. What a fabulous video.


I love your kid. Plain and simple. He is so scrumptious and perfectly Noah. Sorry things are a bit tough right now!


Blubbering here, because this is proof that no matter what the books say, this child is, beyond a doubt, perfect.

Thank you for sharing him with us -- today and every day.


Just about as bloody well perfect as it's possible to be.


I'm glad you included an aball. That was a nice touch.

And I know you don't need me to tell you this, but you have a beautiful familah. (Or is it famalah? Spellcheck doesn't recognize either, so you decide.)

Li'l Foot's Mommy

That was awesome and beautiful and so sweet!

Barbara B

What a sucker punch. I mean that in the nicest way. :)

You make me want to figure out how to make those little montages.

Noah is a beautiful child and you are so wonderful to share him with us, the unwashed masses. I have been wanting to share back with you because you have brought so much joy to my life and it feels so one sided.

So if you would like to look, here is my little one dressed up for Halloween:


AIIIIEEEE! The cute!


Those are just gorgeous photos!!!


That was seriously the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time. You are quite the photogenic little family.



Beautiful. I must go make this, and have that song. I hope you don't mind being so blatantly flattered... er, I mean, copied.


The picture where you're with him at the stone wall and then gone - choked me up! Ain't that the truth. We're there to protect them and then they are on their own.

What a beautiful family.


Oh, dear, God. Are you all just the most beautiful family ever? Yes, yes indeed. You are. If you ever wanna come slumming out here in the upcounty, email me, because my neighbors already think I'm lowering the class level of the neighborhood and if you showed up I might redeem myself. Seriously.

Just beautiful.


Oh he is just too cute. Those family shots are wonderful, too.


OMFG, he is so precious. I am due with a boy in January, and if he is half as beautiful as Noah, I will be content.

He, of course, will be. :)

These are breathtaking photographs. So beautiful.


Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up? He's adorable and looks so happy, and that's the most important thing.


That child is pure sunshine, thanks for sharing. I hope you have a giant print of that last family photo. Absolutely beautiful.


He's absolutely beautiful...and a spitting image of his mom!


the last photo, with noah kissing you and jason smiling? oh my. so ridiculously beautiful, amy. thanks for sharing (and making me get teary eyed at work)

Lyssa Ireland Thomas

That is awe-inspiring! They are wonderful pictures! Your son is your exact twin (with the obvious exceptions)! This really captured how special your bond is as a family. Thanks for sharing.


Aww :) Just, awww.


okay I'm crying. Amy, you truly have a beautiful family. I know getting a diagnosis like you got yesterday is hard (I'm one of 4 and all 4 of us have a range of disabilities) but he's going to achiever all you have dreamed for him.

Just to give you a little hope. Me i almost failed the 3rd & 4th grades due to my learning disabilities. Today I'm getting my MBA at top 5 business school. Anything is truly achievable. I'm quite sure Noah will do the same.


That made me cry.
So beautiful.


Thank you. Noah is gorgeous, your family is beautiful, and that just put a smile on my face after a long day!


He's perfect, Amy. Boy oh boy.


beautiful baby, lovely family.


i think that last picture may be the most beautiful photo of all time. i had a little tiny threat of tear-action, and then that picture showed up. now, me = major sniffles.


This is a beautiful montage! I loved it. I even teared up at the end.

Leaf, probably...

Nice photos :)

Nothing But Bonfires

OMG. This was too much for me to take on a PMSing Tuesday. At work. Wearing the non-waterproof mascara.


STOP IT MY OVARIES CAN'T TAKE IT. god do you have a beautiful family.


Oh wow, those pictures are amazing. Noah is seriously too cute for words.

I'm totally going to use Kathleen when my little boy turns one next year, she's awesome.

Katie (The Yap)

I have tears absolutely pouring down my face. What a beautiful family you have!


Siiiiighhhhh. That song was very perfect- I'd never heard it before. :)
Oh the dimples, the hair, the eyes, the smile, the little-boy belly, the pose with the aball....Noah is just precious and beautiful beyond words. All THREE of you are such a gorgeous family, and the love is visible.
Simply wonderful :).


Good Lord, you should put a warning on that! Bawling my eyes out over here at the beautifulness of The Noah and the perfectness of your family.

What a blessed blessed life, Amy.


That DIMPLE! I imagine you have to excavate the depths of that when washing him up after a meal. So cute!


What a beautiful little man! What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing something so sweet!

Amanda Y

Oh Amy, I just love your montages. I would like one a day please. And you always find the perfect music!


Those are absolutely beautiful; also, excellent song.

I was only crying a little sniffle UNTIL I WATCHED THE EARLIER ONE (and read your entry about the end of babyhood) and thought about my own 2-year-old - omg, where did MY baby go? >Waaaah!<


So beautiful it almost hurts. I'm not kidding when I say you should put together a modeling portfolio of your family... because how delightful! A couple of print ads or commercials and you CAN be free to hold that little boy as long as he likes.


I love the shots of him interacting with his parents, who he obviously ADORES.


Awww, that was precious. :) The black and white one right before the picture of both of you is good framing/desktop background material. :D Well, there are several, but that was my favorite. :)

One of the Amy's

Oh, Gawd.....what a wonderful keepsake. He is so insanely cute.


Gee, as if it wasn't already abundantly clear that you love that boy of yours, you put up this video and make me cry.

He's a lovely, lovely boy.

Enjoy every minute.


Just beautiful, especially that last pic of him kissing your nose. What a precious song, too.


Lovely montage :) I wish Paul could have had longer with Linda - I think that was a real love story...


We had Kaileen take photos for us last fall. She does such beautiful work. Doesn't hurt that the subject is so adorable!


Oh crap! I hope you are ordering a HUGE canvas of that last one. Your photog really captured the three of you beautifully.

Totally warm & fuzzy. TFS!


Gawd your adorable kid makes me want to have a baby!


so beautiful amy, thanks for sharing with us, the internets. your boy and your little family are so amazing.

as a contrast to all of the pathologizing you've been getting thrown at you is a positive spin that you might be interested in
BK: "Einstein Syndrome: Bright Children Who Talk Late" by Thomas Solwell


these were beautiful.
i won't lie...i may have cried a little.


He's perfect.

What a beautiful little person you have made.


I love the last one. You're little boy is so beautifully perfect. And I'm so glad he got your hair. Makes him look like a beautiful cherub or something. Adorable.


Delurking to say beautiful photos and the song was perfect :)


Gah! Eyelashes!


You have a beautiful family!! I miss my two year old, who is now seven!


Yup, I got teary too; and that's saying a lot, because I'm on Zoloft.

Also, you do this adorable nose wrinkle thing when you smile!


just so wonderful --- i have tears over our wonderful. I love the song, the photos -- it is all so wonderful.... and makes me feel guilty becuase i have not done this yet for either of my boys... ouch.


You are truely blessed curve balls and all. as long as uyou remember thing things will be fine!
he is aboslutely gorgeous!
the whole family is!
keep up the good spirit honey!

Maxine Dangerous

I was watching Noah's video from last year and the music attracted my coworker who promptly announced, "That's a cute kid!" I was impressed because he hates cats, so I sort of assumed children would be wrapped up in that equation. Just wanted you to know Familia Corbin Storch has another fan. :)

Katie Kat

*Sniff* *Sniff* -- SIGH! Dudette... seriously. My gosh, you have a beautiful family. It seems weird to love a kid so much that you've never met, but thank you so much for sharing him with us!

The last picture, where he's holding your face and kissing you? Awwwwwwwwww hell... I'm gettin' all choked up again.

LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Deb V

Just delurking (as I do sometimes) to say, "You have the most beautiful family ever." And, whenever I see you and Jason and Noah together, all I can think (beside the above) is what a wonderful mom and dad you must be. That is all.

Alison C

Soo gorgeous!! Thanks for that I just had a crappy day and work and this cheered me up no end!


Seriously. I don't know if it was the pics, or the song, or the combo of the two. But I swear, I was almost choking up. Those are some aaaaahhhmaaaa-zing pictures.


see, i told you he is perfect. so much love!

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