One T-Junction Short of a Track
Over it, Under it


Must be Motherhood

Outside = Much Better than Trainsets anyway.

Ah, to be outdoor playing instead of indoors working (ahem! cough. reading blogs)


Have fun outside - it's almost like summer still (I'm a few states up in Connecticut).

P.S. Woo hoo I'm first!!!


Can I come out and play, too? My coworkers are pissing me off today.


I can't believe I'm #4 comment! Everyone else must be super busy. Anyways, I read your blog pretty much daily. Thanks for keeping me entertained.


Enjoy the fun stuff outside, it's looking like rain around here today! Pfff, like that could ever happen right? Damn drought.

I went into Top Chef withdraw last night. Had to watch Project Runway reruns instead!


Okay, first, HOW do you resist gobbling those cheeks every second of the day? And also, I wish we could be outside. It's raining here. Blech.


That weather! My jealousy! We're having wind and rain. Again. And every day for the foreseeable future. Enjoy the sun :)


okay, don't think i am weird. but i had a dream about you last night. you came over and rang my doorbell (despite the sign) and i was all, "thank god, tell me what to do with my hair, cut the mud flap or keep it." love your smackdown. love that noah too! have a fun day.


Good for you. Have fun!


Hey, you can remain busy busy busy as long as you keep supplying the Noah pics!


Me = Jealous


The weather has been so freakin nice around here it hard to go inside!

Someone Being Me

It should be illegal to be that cute. Who would want to play with a train set when you can play with that adorable toddler?


Wow! I can really see his resemblance to Jason in that second picture. It's amazing how children can do that - look just like Mom one minute, Dad the next.


Hey... maybe it's just me, but I think that little blond kid looks just like you. You could totally pass him off as yours.


my gawd that is a beautiful child.


Have fun!


I'm inside today playing/cruising the internet at work.
By the way, I love your blog. I would like to be you when I grow up except I think I might be older than you so maybe that won't work.


what kind of camera are you using again? i'm assuming you told us look very nice.


Oh..Noah is so flippin' cute! I would much rather be playing outside..than dealing with stupid train sets anyday!

Jenny H.

Yumminess abounds!


Smart woman! I'm going to enjoy the remaining warm days this weekend too.

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