Uh. What up?

Life. Too Boring for Words.

Wow. I did...exactly not one interesting thing this week. I...unloaded the dishwasher a lot? I hid brussels sprouts in a fruit smoothie? I wore my cute new jacket from Target and bought Noah a new hat?

Yes. All this, AND MORE! In the span of five whole days! Man, life is a crazy buzz sometimes.

Yesterday Noah and I trekked up to Baltimore to hang out with this lunatic for a while a few hours longer than appropriate straight on 'til bedtime.


Tracey and I got into a very heated discussion re: megapixels, and our differences could only be solved by blinding each other with camera flashes while shrieking our heads off.

It made a lot of sense at the time.


We were both admittedly pretty jealous of M's stylin' pink camera, though.

The original idea was to sign some important business-y work-y type paperwork for mamapop.com (I'd rather not be sued for defamation by Britney Spears' busted-ass weave, you know? It looks litigious.) and let the kiddos work on their "sharing."

Noah got his first taste of the Barbie accessories catalog and Halloween Oreos.


Step One: Lick.


Step Two: Dilate pupils.



Anyway. That was yesterday. It was nice to get a little change in scenery and sit on a different couch for awhile.

Today? We're back to our usual routine of thrilling, intellectually stimulating conversation, with a hefty side portion of dimples.

choochoo from amalah on Vimeo.

Speaking of choo choos, next week Noah and I will be taking one to New York to visit my sister for a couple days. By ourselves. Because this seemed like a good idea once. Because I am crazy. May God have mercy on my crazy soul.



You may be crazy but you're also frugal. I don't know what gas is in your neighborhood, but gas is now exactly the same price as milk.

Besides, you can drink while someone else drives. Genius!!


That last picture is priceless. It kind of reminds me of the picture of Ceiba when she found the pizza :)


TOO CUTE! I'm a big fan of choo choos myself. Good luck on the solo trip north.

The Miss

Remind me to never watch Noah videos again. It makes me think "Oh my freaking Lord I just need to have a baby right now."



I'm so jealous. I want a cool blogger to hang out with. And cookies.


Oh the video, I'm dead from the cuteness. Choo-choo!


That is the cutest video, EVAH! Noah is so adorable. You're week sounds about as exciting as mine. Sad how little I seem to get accomplished these days.

Although I did get Baby Signing Time volume 2 ordered so the husband and I don't continue to want to shoot ourselves while playing volume 1 every. single. day.


I'm not sure, but I think my heart just exploded.


Awww soo cute! I love the video, and the great intensity in that third Oreo pic.


Actually performing on cue--awesomeness! But...Target jacket? Please describe or, better yet, show!

Miss Britt

I think the "chuga chuga" was just as cute as the "choo choo". ;-)


cutest. kid. ever.

Jen O.

You let him eat those cookies??? Eirinn would be so jealous.

By the way, the only reason why I wouldn't let Eirinn in on the Oreo-y goodness is the orange. And while Noah seems to have a pretty good spread on his face, Eirinn would have painted the entire room with the icing. Because she's rude like that.

Oh, and another 'by the way'. I love the last cookie-eating picture where he's shoving it into his face so hard his nose is being pushed up like a little piggy and his knuckles are turning white.


Bah! Bah Noah!

Love that kid.


Oh mah gosh. That boy? TOTALLY too adorable, thus irresistible to abears!! I could gobble him UP! Please, more videos of the adorable, irresistible bear food please?


The best tasting junk food always comes in radioactive colors.

The same way the best bloggers to hang out with are the ones who scream the loudest and blind you with bright lights. But we always pony up the wine, because we are civilized like that.

Totally socially retarded. But civilized. And maybe a little bit buzzed.


He must be really excited about going on a train, huh? I bet he'll make you chant the chugga-chugga-chugga-chooo-choooo all the way to New York.


The tentative little "Choo-choooo." I'm dying over here!


I LOVE NOAH. I hope that's okay!
And he just taught me the sign for choo-choo!
SO adorable. :)


I know you'll get lots of this, but that? Cutest thing EVAH!


Omg, I think the cuteness just ate my soul. Also, I think he looks very Jason-y in that video. Well, obviously, except for the blondness. It's the dark eyes, maybe?

Maxine Dangerous

I totally eat Oreos like that. Everything, really.

*shyly* Choo choo! <-- LOVE! :)

the byrd

What an adorable laugh! CHOOCHOOOOOOO


I watched the choo choo video, and Noah reminds me almost exactly of a little boy, Skyy (yes, like the vodka...I don't know, ask his parents), I used to babysit. And I loved Skyy as if he was my little baby brother. And for that memory, I am thankful.

Amy H

How did Noah like the brussel sprouts in the smoothie?

Katie Kat

I don't know what it is, but "nom nom nom" makes me giggle hysterically EVERY TIME. Actually, any LOL cat reference does that. I am a nerd.

I'm jealous you got to hang with Sweetney... you two together must be TOO MUCH FUN... and when you add alcohol -- *passes out from the fun-ness*



i remember the first time i heard his voice, when you posted the video of him laughing as you dropped that doll over and over and over again.
this one? was way better.


wait, are there any bears around?


i'm adding that photo of me to my scrapbook of me looking crazy. (it's a very, very large scrapbook.) (in my mind.)


That video is super adorable!

Undomestic Diva

The two of you together must be D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S. I like it!



What a wonderful way to start the weekend.
Choo Choo to you too Noah!!


And he said, 'bye, bye, camera!'

Is that one of the 71??


Ok, weird, but: does your sister have a son? Because I swear to God, there is a little boy on the UWS who is Noah's freaking doppelganger.


Well, I had a wonderful day and I thought you would think so too. I went to IKEA for the very first time in Orlando today. Our store opened Wednesday and I braved the crowds. It was like Disney except w/o the mouse. Stand in line for everything. I didn't buy anything but other people in my group did. Yes I said group there were 7 of us (two of them babies). We had so much fun, I can't wait to take my husband and buy lots of stuff we might not actually need, but who cares it was cheap. A huge wool rug for $300, who can pass that up? I plan to blog about my day sometime this weekend. I hope your weekend is filled with fun.


Well, I had a wonderful day and I thought you would think so too. I went to IKEA for the very first time in Orlando today. Our store opened Wednesday and I braved the crowds. It was like Disney except w/o the mouse. Stand in line for everything. I didn't buy anything but other people in my group did. Yes I said group there were 7 of us (two of them babies). We had so much fun, I can't wait to take my husband and buy lots of stuff we might not actually need, but who cares it was cheap. A huge wool rug for $300, who can pass that up? I plan to blog about my day sometime this weekend. I hope your weekend is filled with fun.


Great video...way too cute.


Oh now that's just showing off.....colour co-ordinating your kids shirt with his cookie filling! Deliciousness itself, the boy that is, I think the cookies make my teeth itch.


OK, spill it: HOW did you hide Brussels Sprouts in a fruit smoothie? Or were you just kidding?

And how did you get all the orange food coloring off Noah's face again? Pumice?


Thanks for sharing him with us! And good luck on the train ride.

Lisa M

He will love the train ride! My boys were just nuts over trains at that age and thought they had died and gone to heaven when they got to ride on one. And I love the way your dog just stays curled up and ignores you. I guess if there's no food involved, not opening eyes!


Oh WHAT a nugget. Incidentally, did he say 'Steve' in the middle of that video for no apparent reason, or am I hearing things?


Ha! That orange filling looks exactly like spaghetti sauce. I couldn't figure out why he was eating oreos with spaghetti sauce.


OMG...I think our kids could be twins. I'm not joking. Watching the choo choo video the facial features reminded me so much of my Ally!
Good luck on your train ride!!!


Awww, what a cute video!!! It is nice to sit on someone elses couch once in awhile isn't it. I need to get out of the house BADLY myself....*sigh*


As if that little guy couldn't be cuter, then he says choo choo in the cutest voice ever.

M was all "I'm so documenting this for my therapist."


oh sweet jesus. i cannot wait until my son is that age. i just want to eat noah he's so cute. HOW HAVE YOU NOT EATEN HIM???


the assaulting with camera flashes while shrieking was strangely not foreign to me. :P


redd - Noah gets his face chewed on fairly regularly, I assure you. He's super tasty.

sheilah - I think he's actually saying "Bye bye Dada" at the end, because Dada is the only one who ever goes anywhere, and thus is the only one worth saying bye bye too.

And everybody who asked about the veggie smoothie - I am so all domestic these days and make my own Green Juice. One of those personal small bullet-shaped blenders, frozen peas, sprouts, kale, broccoli, WHATEVER, combined with fresh pineapple chunks and not-from-concentrate apple juice. Totally just tastes fruity, even though it seriously has an entire day's worth of vegetables in it. Way easier than hiding tiny amounts in brownies and stuff. (Although the blender is great for pureeing veggies into spaghetti sauce and mac & cheese too.)

I obviously always offer fruit and veggies at meals, but he'll only eat bananas and peas, period. But he'll drink anything vaguely juice like, so I pump it as full of fresh fruit and green stuff as possible.

God, I'm such a geek, but I adore that blender. It also makes great pina coladas.


I have just fainted from teh cute.
Please wake me once teh cute is safely off my screen! : )


Such a cute cookie eater!


He is such a lil cutie. I just noticed his eyes are brown\hazel I always thought they were blue. Have they changed?


AAAAHHHH!!!! Too cute! CHOO! CHOO!!!


Love the video. And the sign. Something so sweet about tiny little hands that speak.


And on our next installment of Life, Too Boring For Words, Noah will devour Christmas Oreos.


aww that video of Noah was absolutely precious!!! chugga chugga chugga chugga....


I love that kid. Love. The sing songy "CHOO CHOO" kind of made me melt.


There is a big holiday train show at Grand Cnetral this week and a big train and holiday lights thing at the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Hope y'all enjoy the trip-just stay out of Roc Center and you'll be fine!


So cute!!! Good luck on your trip to NYC. If you think you'll need help making it through New Jersey - drop me a line. Otherwise just wave as you go through New Brunswick!!

Jozet at Halushki

You know, next time you venture up to Baltimore, you can scoot up a few more miles and hang out with me in fabulous Harrisburg.

Because, you know...Harrisburg!

Have fun in NYC.

But, you know...Harrisburg!

Katie Kat

Oh... and if you're still reading comments I have to say WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! For some reason my computer won't play any of the Vimeo clips (it says file not found). Am I doing something horribly wrong? Please to enlighten so to help feed Noah addiction... thankyouverymuch


He is adorable.


"bye-bye, da da!"

Ohmygoodness. I think my heart just grew two sizes.


Plus, I think it sucks what happened at ClubMom. I need my Daily Dose!


Yep, the Choo-Choo is SERIOUSLY CUTE. Hey Amy, just wanted to give you a heads up that I linked you twice in my most recent post (not that it signifies in and of itself).

Just wanted to say that it's a) for a really good cause, despite being written on the fly and none too carefully edited and b) if you have any ideas on how to get this kid some help, I would LOVE to hear them. Thanks so much,

www.chocklate2.wordpress.com (Entry: "Senseless")


One of these days you're going to actually call me when you come to NY.

But I'll wait three days to call you back. Just so you don't think I'm desperate.

Heather B.

I think I might love your child. You are shocked, I am sure.


Congrats on being one of the few non-sports blogs available by subscription for Amazon's cool new Kindle e-book reader.


And excuse me? No new Noah pictures in a couple days? You are falling down on the job, my friend. Teh Internets needs its Noah fix so get busy. (and don't give us any crap about having a life and needing to do other things and traveling to see relatives or any other such lame excuses...)


I've tagged you in a meme! Don't feel obligated to do it, I was just following the rules! :-)



AM BACK FROM NYC. Like, two hours ago. Oh my mother. effing. gawd.

I will get back on track and email and posting and whatever soon, I promise.

Right after my dentist appointment tomorrow morning.


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