You still have 45 minutes to knock this blog out of the top spot at the Weblog Awards, and I recommend that you go do that.
Air of Mystery

Moment of Triumph


"The polls just closed at the Weblog Awards. I won!"

"Cool. What's your prize?"

"Uh. A solitary fist-pump in my kitchen and the hatred of several thousand people who voted for other bloggers."


"And I think I get a...graphic or something."



"Anything else going on?"

"Noah said mirror today. And made a shh sound. And when I told him to stop saying no no no so much he switched to saying on on on."

"Whoa. Did he poop?"

"Yes. The prune juice finally helped. And -- oh, shit, I have to put his crib sheet in the dryer."


"Are you almost home? I haven't showered yet."


Voted for the other guy.


Suzy Q

Congrats on this astounding achievement! I voted for you a few times, but I also voted for DGM, too.


on, on, on

bwa ha ha ha

and congrats


Congratulations, Amalah! I'm sure the graphic will be everything you hoped for and more. :)


Longtime lurker, third time commenter.

CONGRATULATIONS! Yours was the first blog I ever read (2004?), and have been pretty loyal since. YEA!


Congrats on your win.

You must have thrilled the poop out of Noah.


Hooray! I'm happy I voted for the winner :) Congratulations!


I actually voted for Antique Mommy because I have stalked her blog for a while, so, you know, I hate you.

But I FOUND your blog from that contest,and am now a regular stalker of you too. So, congratulations!

Prune juice is wonderful stuff, but I have found that chocolate chip cookie dough does the same thing and is a lot more fun.

Your friendly stalker,

Wacky Mommy

Congrats!!! Good to know that success hasn't gone to your head and you're still doing your own laundry. That kid of yours is extremely devastatingly handsome.


oooh congrats. That button is going to look AWESOME on your sidebar.


Yay! You with the internet!
I didn't vote for you. Or anyone for that matter. (Can we still be friends?)
I actually did you a favor because everyone I have ever voted for lost! (With one exception... I did vote for W in the last election.)


congratulations -- wonderful news -- like we ever doubted you amazing web power ;-)


i think that's the cutest picture of noah yet. also, congrats on the win. i wonder if the graphoc will come with the ability to change light fixtures?


Can we have a visual on that fist-pump?

anne nahm

Congrats! I would have suspected voters for 'the others' need a good dose of prune juice. :^)

jive turkey

Congrats on the Weblog Awards AND the poop. Both good things.


Squeeee! Congrats!

Vaguely Urban

Victory is yours!


Congrats on your victory!

Katie Kat

WOO HOO and WAHHHH TOOSIE! I knew you could do it. You kick ass sistah girlfriend!

Sarah Marie

Never underestimate the self-fulfilling power of the solitary fist-pump. Way to go!

Miss Britt

It's these kinds of posts that really make me green with envy and kind of want to stalk you.

If that had been me, my post would have said "I won! Yay! Go me! Thanks!"

Rocks In My Dryer

De-lurking to say congratulations!


Like the true fence-rider I am I split my votes between you and Antique Mommy. (Okay, I mostly voted for AM because it was glaringly obvious you'd win!) Congrats on the win.


Finally someone I vote for wins!!! Congrats.




As always, you rock. It's so weird to be a mommyblogging superfan. My kid's 23. You make me happy every day. . . and probably goes without saying, I voted for you every day. Noah rules.


As always, you rock. It's so weird to be a mommyblogging superfan. My kid's 23. You make me happy every day. . . and probably goes without saying, I voted for you. Noah rules.

WI Amy M

Congrats on the award! It's weird how parent conversations always include poop. . .


Congrats babycakes.

M.A. Smith

Congratulations. I voted for you twice (on two different days, obviously). I feel proud to have helped you win.


That sounds like a familiar conversation. Except for winning an award... not too many of those around here!

Congrats. Fist pumping in the kitchen counts. I think you deserve a new something or other to mark the day...


as the person that nominated you, i'd like to take this moment to pat myself on the back.


my job is done here. off to save the world...

Black Belt Mama

Congratulations! You deserve it.




Congrats on the win! Glad to hear Noah is speaking!!! I wish her majesty would say something besides "EAT"

She Likes Purple



I love that your life is much like mine, but you make yours seem much more entertaining. And much prettier. And with way cooler toys. (MUST. GET. IPHONE.)

Congrats on the win!

Now it's my turn to put a crib sheet in the dryer. Ew, indeed.


Did that boy right there in the picture just have his 5th birthday? My goodness, he grew up to much. I am happy you won, you are of course deserving of many fist punches of the air kind. Congrats. I had me some air punches today when Isaac's teacher told me he READ OUTLOUD in a LOUD voice and is a FABULOUS READER. Hoorah.


Yippie for you!!!!

Oh that FACE. The kid I used to nanny for would pull that face all the time, and it got to the point wherein all I had to do was raise an eyebrow and he would resigningly say "Put da wip away."

Lisa M

Congrats! I totally voted for you! And what a little smarty pants :) On On On!


Haha I voted for you - several times :P Congratulations.


It seems somehow appropriate that the victory speech from a mommy blogger contains overt references to the poop habits of her offspring.

I couldn't vote for you, so frantically was I voting for myself to save myself from last place, but congratulations anyway!!


I voted for you, 3 times? Your's is the first blog I ever found, while I was pregnant sometime last year. I learned something about prunes when bebe was about 7 months old- Don't feed them to wee one when about to go on a long car drive. I will bet money that the walgreens employee that took out the ladies room trash hated me. And we had to wash the carseat cover twice. ick


Congratulations lady! You definitely deserve it.

I actually voted for you twice a day...heh, once from home and once from work. I really need a life!

Christina Rich

Congrats - yours is the only blog in the world I ever read. It cracks me up. In the interest of fairness, I actually read some of the other parenting blog finalists. They suck. You rock.


Yay! Congratulations!


Of course you won! You are at the to of my list and it's not just because you begine with "a". I am happy for you. And Noah, pooping is good if you are two.



What's for dinner? I need some ideas.


I voted early and often as I am from Chicago...Way to go, Sweetney, for getting your girl in there! A well deserved win!


Woot! Woot! Congrats!

Oh, and I was at my friend's house today, happened to look up, and *GASP*, she has like six of those eyeball lights in her kitchen.

It was hard not to laugh.


Congrats! You totally deserve it.


Hee. I voted for you - 2 or 3 times, I think :). Yay for you! Woohoo! Make sure you celebrate, probably with wine. Not prune juice, though.

Also, Noah is a genius for reversing 'no' into 'on'. Seriously- typically I would think an 8-year-old would pull that kind of trick! He's one smart cookie :)


Yay! Congrats! For winning and for Noah :)


Congrats on your win! Woohoo!


Congratulations!! IF there is any prize money involved you should hire someone to remove that eyeball light fixture-I kid I kid!


Wow. This is the first time I got that sense of what Noah is going to look like when he's a man. Or...a teenage boy. Whatever.
Look out girl. He is going to be a heart breaker. Cute!

And Congratulations!


congratualtion on your major award!! i voted for ya once or twice or 8 times...


Pouty face is great. Congrats!

We know the poop woes well unfortunately. Yuck.

Heide Estes

Congratulations! Just out of curiosity, at what age do others shower alone with their kids in the house? I did it for the first time today with my four-year-old -- speedily and with no little worry. It turned out all he did was finish polishing off the bowl of yogurt and banana, and then come looking for me.


Congratulations!!! And, Noah looks SO much like you did when you were little (on your sidebar)! I bet EVERYONE tells you that....


YAY congrats on the win!! I started at the begining of your archieves and read straight got in the way a few times (hate when that happens!!) so it took me almost two weeks to get thru,but I did it and I loved it!! I laughed and cried and cheered imagine my joy when I got to the end and saw i could vote for you to win a weblog award!! Noah is totally smoochable, how do you tear yourself away from him long enough to post??



congrats! your award is well-deserved (although can I confess that I split my votes between you and Looky Daddy?).


Congratulations! On both the award AND the poop!


I've been reading your blog for 3 years now. If it's held my attention that long it deserves some kind of award!!! :) Congrats!


There's really so much to congratulate you for in that email. :)


There's really so much to congratulate you for in that post. :)


Congrats on your graphic! (And, you know, on the writing and Thomas the Tank Engine manipulating that got it for you.) It was great to meet you at the museum the other day. (My kids are Jack, Sam, and Quinn.) You and little Mr. Noah were fun to meet.

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