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Uh. What up?

I just got back from New York, where I've been for several days now. Alone. With a toddler.

I don't even know where to begin. The screaming? The train? The 150 pounds of luggage that contained zero pairs of socks? The screaming? The getting locked out of an apartment by two semi-naked toddlers and having to explain how THAT HAPPENED, EXACTLY?

Fine. I'll start with this. More tomorrow, know, ish.

Rockstar Lifestyle from amalah on Vimeo.





Too cute! Sounds like both of you had a little too much dessert (aka sugar)...haha.
I'll take one just like him (in, like, five years).


Noah is cute as ever. I see nothing wrong with your parenting style, cheerios and america's next top model; it doesn't get better than that for a two year old.


Semi-naked? Pshaw - you are still a rookie until there is full nudity and at least one of them is covered in something resembling blood upon re-entering the locked abode...

I'm just sayin'.

(It was ketchup, in my case.)

Fraulein N

Aww. I love his husky li'l laugh. My mom never let me jump on the bed; you're awesome!


Hm. Video's not working for me.


For some reason the video won't work for me. Maybe it's just me.


Looks like somebody got a haircut.



curls. are. gone. :(


man, what a kid <3
cant wait to have one just like him!


Exactly 1 minute and 18 seconds of why I love being a parent. I totally have to go jump on my bed with my kid now.


Just wait until he finishes that whole dealie with yelling "I so funny mama" becausehe totally will and um, I have done that type of parenting too :-). Just not in NYC, darn it.


Aww, the video won't work for me either. Vimeo said the file was not found :( However, I watched the choo choo video while I was there and I just told my husband I want a baby. Seriously. Noah kind of does that to you!


He has the best laugh!


Second best laugh ever (my son's is the first know how it is).


Heh. My nephew used to have a thing for locking his mother out of the house when he was about Noah's age. There were several frantic trips to the neighbors' house to call my brother-in-law at work, one call to my in-laws, who had a spare key at their house 30 miles away, and one time when she scaled the six-foot fence in their backyard (since the fence gate was locked from the inside) to get to the unlocked back door. I think they finally started keeping a spare key under the mat or something.


The hair! The kiss! The laugh!! I loved them all. Much as I love his curls, this haircut is awesome. The kiss was like a virtual kiss to the internet. And he has such a joyful smile!! Welcome back... you know, ish.


i think i just threw up in my mouth a little. both from the sheer adorableness that is noah and also from the moving of the camera. =)


Hey wait! Amy, who stole your BABY and replaced him with a little BOY? The curls! Waahh! They're gone! The dimples and the laugh are totally edible. (Vs. dry cheerios, how do they eat them?)


Squeeee! Jumping on hotel room beds! Yay!


Man, what a good time! I wish I could be watching ANTM and eat cheerios for dinner. Instead I am procrastinating writing one of the longest term papers in the history of term papers...sigh
Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!


do you have the cutest little boy in the whole world?

i think so.

can i borrow him so i can have someone to watch top model with?


That laugh, oh, that sweet toddler laugh, it almost makes up for the hours and hours of screaming, doesn't it? He is adorable!


Haha you're just as hyper as he is. So cute!


Well in your last post you did say you were bored ; )


Hee hee! His laugh is infectious! I'm sitting here giggling now. (although that's not all that uncommon. Ha!)


Just when I think the videos can't get any cuter, they totally do.


if staying up and watching antm is awesome in the first place, i can't even imagine how ridiculously great it is with an adorable kiddo giggling all the way.

except with this video, NOW I CAN.


Luuurve New York. Hope you had fun. Where exactly did the second neked toddler come from?


That was so precious! I'm really glad that I have my own child who is Noah's age. Because that right there would be enough to make me want another one.


I about died at the end with his laughter! :) You are a rockstar mama!


America's Next Top Model is absolutely educational. Noah can learn to be fierce. ;)


He has the most awesome laugh, it cracked me up.


Noah's laugh? Is FABULOUS!
And really- cheerios, some educational (ahem :) tv and jumping on beds? Sounds like fine parenting to me! You can tell you're doing a good job by the kiss and the laugh. :)


Oh my goodness, his little toddler laugh makes me feel all warm and gushy inside. What a darling!

Big Momma Pimpalishisness With A Cherry On Top

Oh man, this happened to me a few years ago. Except we were in a motel in Pittsburg and the toddler was screaming, not giggling and jumping on the bed :/

Katie Kat

I officially HATE Vimeo. I can NEVER see any of the videos. It always says "File not found" and then says it has "notified" the Vimeo staff. Hmmmmph.

I NEED MY NOAH FIX! Anybody know what I might be doing wrong, or need to do right?????

Anybody? Anybody? BUELLER?


oh my god that laugh! you can't help but laugh with him...


Can a kid GET any cuter? I didn't think so.

Anyway, you just nailed my parenting style, um, a lot of the time? Yes, a lot. They have taken over.




Socks? I did this once too - forgot to pack socks.

What's up with that?


Sounds like Bossy's last trip to NYC, minus the toddler. But the screaming, oy!


The cuteness and joy is very, very easily forgiven for giving me motion sickness.
Enjoy Thanksgiving!


Oh my goodness. He's too cute. I love the Cheerios on the bed.


When he laughs like that, I just want to hug him and kiss him and call him Squishy. (sorry, my inner Finding Nemo is coming out). Then I want to hear him laugh again.

Have a happy Tday.


Oy! I can ONLY imagine what that was like for you. Please tell us all about it so that I can prepare myself for the 6 hour plane ride we will have to your neck of the woods next summer to visit my sister's newest addition. The things we'll do for family! BTW-my son watched the video w/me and asked "Is that me?" because he and Noah look alike. How funny is that? 55555555555 (That was his contribution- "The five button."). Hope you've recovered, with lots of rest and wine, not necessarily in that order.
P.S. Was the screaming from you or him?


I am in a full fledged panic over here. Does anyone have Amalah's recipe for challah bread stuffing? Everyone loved it last year, but of course I cooked with the laptop on the counter and didn't print or bookmark the recipe. Now it's the day before Thanksgiving and I am screwed, dammit.

Help me! (please!)


Becky, I think this is the link to the recipe you are looking for!!!


Becky, I think this is the link to the recipe you are looking for!!!


Katie Kat - Vimeo is flash-based, so maybe you're missing a plugin? The whole site was having "issues" on and off last night so actually I got that file-not-found message too, but it's working fine now.

And holy crap, LFM beat me to my own column. Thanks! I was searching for it in another tab and boom! Problem solved.

We're substituting leeks for the onions this year.

Katie Kat

Hmmmmmm... I'm not sure. I'm at work now, but I'll check at home and see if it works there! Thanks for the heads up...


Thank you LFM and Amalah! You've totally saved Thanksgiving!


I once forgot to pack bras, but that didn't bother the kids--just the general public. I'm a little annoyed by the haircut, but,luckily,he's still adorable. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jozet at Halushki

Yes, but was there screaming?

That video is too flippin' cute!

The both of you -

You sound like you're twelve. What a perky voice you have. It made me want to jump on my own bed.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to do that right now.

(With a bowl full of Cheerios!)


Your such an awsome mommy!

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