Merry Christmas, Baby, Maybe
Pretend That Christmas Was Not Like, 17 Months Ago For a Minute


= Me! Yay!

I have so much to talk about (no, I don't know if I'm pregnant yet, and no, I don't feel pregnant yet, which means I feel comfortable knocking back my just-in-case-long-shot-in-hell prenatal vitamin with a glass of wine)...actually, I don't really have much to talk about after all.

So, here! The thing I was supposed to post on Christmas but didn't because of the aforementioned wine.


(No, I don't know why I'm posting random photos of random gigantic little boys either. I mean, who IS that KID?)

Noah's favorite Christmas gift was a giant plastic bank shaped like a giant plastic crayon. It cost $4.99 and he sleeps with it every night. Ohkaaaaay.




They always love the cheap toys. At least he's not sleeping with an empty box or the styrofoam inserts.


He's HUGE! And not scared of Santa! Impressive.

My child's favorite gift was a fake ice cream cone. She's strange.


Oh! And happy 30th! (duh.)


Happy 30th!

and wow, your mall doesn't eff around, that is a really authentic Santa that strange unidentifiable boy is sitting with.


My 2 year old boy screamed holy hell and would not go anywhere near Santa. Your strange, unidentifiable little boy sure is cute! Happy 30th and sending warm, squiggly happy good luck thoughts your way re: baby making! LOL


Happy birthday, Amy!

Dude that kid ate your baby.


Happy Birthday! I love Noah's shoes. And that is one very authentic-looking Santa.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Happy 30th, Amy! And very cute pic.


Happy happy 30th, Amy.

(I won't mention how it's all downhill from here.)

Seriously, why the pic of the jolly blonde giant? Cuz no way is that our sweet lovable LITTLE Noah.


That's an adorable picture of Noah! It's so weird following someone's life without actually knowing them; I guess it's like reality TV :)
Happy b-day and I hope you are pregnant.

Miss W

Happy birthday, Amy! Welcome to 30.


Happy Birthday!!!


That is one of the best kid with Santa pics I have ever seen. So joyous! Even if it is a large, unidentifiable, definitely-NOT-Noah, child.

And? Happy 30. If it makes you feel any better, my mom and grandma both claim that their 30s were the best years ever.


Happy Birthday! And....happy birth day *fingers crossed*


Happy 30th! I hear 30s are the new 20s.

And wow, that little giant is adorable. Great picture.

anne nahm

Happy Birthday! Thirties kick twenties skinny little ass! When I was twenty, I thought AwesomeThirty was in the same category as 'Tooth Fairy' and 'Jake Gyllenhaal's girlfriend'. But it is actually true - thirties are awesomer.


Happy Birthday Amy!

You're really great.. you know that?

Becca Parra

Oh, I LOVE that picture! How cute! And Happy 30th, Amy! Hope you have a great day celebrating you!


Happy Birthday! Great photo of Santa and Noah. Made me smile.


He looks so adorable in that picture!
The favorite gift of my one and a half year old was a harmonica from the $1 bin at Michaels.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


Happy 30th birthday! When did his legs get sooo long?


Hey it's my birthday too! Doesn't it suck two days after Christmas?

Anyway... Happy Birthday!


Happy 30th! My "kid" sis is no longer a kid!(pan in on single tear in the right eye, a well manicured and properly moisturised hand holding a monagrammed, hand embroidered hankie dabbing the tear away without smearing make up or running mascara)...


I dunno, man. That Santa is freaking out my shit. He's just too too. If you know what I mean. I'd run screaming from him, if I were Noah.

Oh, and hippo birdie two ewes, Amy.


I find it amusing that he smiles on Santa's lap but cries at the thought of sitting in a plastic chair. You must find it incredibly frustrating. He is so freakin' adorable!


He is one of the few kids that I've ever seen happily smiling in Santa's lap. That is such an adorable picture.


From one Amy Beth to another, Happy 30th Birthday!

And your son, just too cute. My son received a crayon bank for his 4th birthday last year and he tried writing on the walls with it, at least yours is less destructive!! :-)

hello insomnia

Happy Birthday!


It's always the dumb stuff. I'm glad I didn't throw down the $250 for that effing butterscotch pony, because my kid's favorite gift this year turned out to be glow in the dark silly putty.

Happy Birthday!!!


That is a really sweet picture of Noah...but I have to say it...Santa's left hand is well, placed in a "different" place...


oh and of course, Happy Birthday, silly me!

Nicole P.

Happy Birthday!!

And what a great Santa photo!

She Likes Purple

Happy 30th birthday! Gosh he's a stylish kid.


Happy Big Three Oh!

I turned 30 in September and it wasn't that bad.

Oh, and any time you want to show us the REAL Noah, we'd be all for it. No more big kid impostors. Albeit this one is quite adorable.


Happy 30th. Oy, isn't it just a kick in the pants? I'm 33 now - shush - and still in denial.


Happy 30th!

That is a fantastic picture! My son was a no-go in the sitting on Santa's lap photo quest. Maybe next year.


Amy, that is awesome! That's the same Noah who is afraid to sit on chairs at therapy but he sat on a strange Santa's lap! And SMILED! Now there's a great Christmas gift right there :)


I'm going to sound like a stalker.. I know where you visit Santa. My neice and Nephew love him.. He's been there for 6-7 years.. never a bad picture..

..putting away the binoculars..


happy birthday, amy! i hope it's a wonderful year! (and may there be lots of cake.)


Happy 30th!!!!!!


Happy 30th! I think that random big boy is the only kid I know who isn't deathly afraid of that bearded bad dresser.


30?!? Oh, sweet Jesus. You are YOUNG! Happy birthday, Amy! Glad Noah liked Santa.


Happy birthday! I hope it's fun and that you get to eat someplace FAB-U-LOUS! :)


Happy 30th!
Random cheap gifts are STILL sometimes my favorites, and I'm 34. May that joy never go away!
House of Jules


Happy Birthday .... yaaaahhhhhh (said in the special ed voice from crank yankers)]
PS That Santa is definitely the best and has Noah EVER taken a not the most adorable picture ever?!


PPS I bad mouthed you at work yesterday and said "God when is she going to post Noah's christmas morning pics???


Happy Birthday Amalah!!
Noah is SO BIG!!! and SO CUTE!!!


Happy 30th! I agree with everyone else, the 30's are great!

And I totally understand the "WTH" on Noah being so big! My 2.5 year old is bigger than the 4 year olds at preschool! He wears 4T and 5T clothes and size 10 toddler shoes! Where did my little boy go?!?!?! Oh well, maybe my guy and Noah will end up being sports stars or something, keeping their mommy's happy in retirement with lots of wine!


happy birthday Amy


Happy 30, Amy!


Happy birthday Amy....

I thought about you when I came across this on youtube....when I see Thomas the train i will forever think of you..


It's so cute the way Noah is sort of holding both of Santa's hands!
Happy Birthday! Man, so young and so mature.


Happy Birthday, young lady! Oh How I wish it was six years ago and I was thirty. How time flies!

And by the way, the fact that Noah can sit on Santa's lap, hold his hand, not mind that Santa's hand is on his crotch -- well, lunch bunch be damned!


Happy 30th Birthday, Amy! You're blessed with such an adorable son.


What a great picture.

Happy Birthday!


I love N's little shoes! :) Yay for wine and vitamins!


I posted the wrong link above...heres the correct one


Happy birthday! Noah is adorable with Santa.


So now Santa needs to attend the lunch bunch...shouldn't be a problem! So cute. I wish I could get my kid to do that!
Happy Birthday & have another glass of wine. The correlation between wine and getting pregnant has been proven time and time again!
LOVE the sweater...generic store or fabulous east coast specialty?


Happy Birthday!

The 30s are great. I can say that because I'm 40 now. Seriously: a good decade is comin' your way.


Santa looks great for being a "Santa"....Noah is SO adorable I could just scoop him up and eat him! I love that he's happy and not shooting death rays at Mr. Claus! *My fingers are crossed! you know why!*


That is the best Santa picture I think I've ever seen. Zoe wouldn't even go near Santa this year.

Zoe was so spoiled this year. Way too many presents from too many people. But, what is her favorite gift???? A toy??? No.... a pair of pink Crocs. She won't take them off. She even wears them with footed pjs... and for nap time. If I let them in the tub she'd be in heaven.


You've probably have been wondering(yeah right) whose been reading you in Ohio for like 2 weeks straight. It's me. I finally made it though all the archives and found some remarkable similarities between us. Except that you are glamourous, well spoken, and hystarical. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.


Most kids scream at Santa. Noah takes it in stride. He is just the sweetest, quirkiest kid.

Just when you think you have someone figured out, they surprise you. Such is life. Lovely, isn't it?


I'm laughing because just today I hauled a few bags of outgrown toys, puzzles and games to Goodwill--and among them was a giant blue plastic Crayola-style crayon bank! I hope someone else's kid finds it as enchanting as Noah does.


Just be grateful his current love-object is not a 4 foot skeleton that pops its eyes out and talks. Unlike my niece. Who take said skeleton EVERYWHERE.

(His name is "Paul.")


merry christmas!

Suzy Q

Happy Day, Amy! And many more.


I'm a little disturbed by Santa's hand on Noah's crotch.

Katie Kat

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!

That Santa is so great -- looks like the real thing! And Noah looks like he's 25. Tell him to stop it. :)


Happy Birthday!

bad penguin

Happy Birthday! I'm very happy to say that for the most part, my 30's have been awesome so far, and I hope yours will be too.

I had one of those crayon banks, only it was cardboard and plastic. It is upstairs somewhere, filled with pennies.


Happy, happy birthday! And, by the way, none of my three kiddos would allow Santa to even look at them at 2 years old. What a little (well, BIG little) darling Noah is!


happy birthday! You share your day with one of my brothers. which means you must e cool ;)


Hey! You have the same birthday as my daughter! Hope yours was filled with all of your favorite things.


My almost-6-year-old has been playing with a Leapfrog electronic learning shopping cart that she got for her FIRST CHRISTMAS. We had it in the hallway to go to Nana's house so the younger cousins could play with it when they visit. But Katie has decided it's her most favorite thing in the universe. Kid, we have a WII!!!


My son's favorite present was a $7 toy car that he got. They're so easy to please when they're this young.


Since I'm home for the holidays, my mom looks over at the computer I use whenever there's anything interesting on the screen. (We have two computers practically next to each other here.) She asked who the the cute boy was. I started explaining, thinking "Oh my gosh, it's not like I read other mom blogs, she should know by now!"

It turns out, she knew which blog I was reading- she just didn't recognize Noah because he'd gotten so big!

Belated Merry Happy Christmas/Birthday/Early Happy New Year!


I hope you had a happy birthday! I'll be thirty in April, and I can't believe it. I've heard that the thirties are much better than the twenties. Hope you and your beautiful family have a happy New Year!


Oh mah gawd that is one looooong kid. And, hey, not scared of that bearded hairy man in red! Yay Noah!


Happy belated birthday you spring chicken you!

I love the Santa photo. Shutup you pervs about the crotch, gloved hand thing. ;)

p.s. enjoy the weird attachment to cheap toys while you can!


Your Santa is the minister who officiated my wedding. In the North Pole, naturally.

Hope you have a great birthday. Delurking to say how much I enjoy your site.


The Crayon Bank - oh I love it. We gave our daughter one when she was 3 years old; it says "Crayola" on the side and she called it "CranOlia" -- and still does -- and she is almost twelve. Well done, Amalah, well done.

Fraulein N

I LOVE how into taking this picture he is!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And, that picture's so cute!


Looks like your kid is not only enduring and tolerating Santa...he's ENJOYING the experience. Holy hell.


happy belated birthday, youngin'! :) (my 31st is in a few weeks).

Great Santa pic with the big boy! I can't believe how tall Noah is!...but then, you and Jason don't seem incredibly short yourselves. Also glad to see he's not terrified of Santa...we finally got Gavin to sit with Santa (he's 3-1/2 yrs). Last time he would sit with Santa he was 6 months.

Happy baby-makin', too!


Happy 30th. Honestly, I thought 30 was going to be bad...but it wasn't. In fact, it might have been the best one. And honestly, life gets better with age. It sounds lame-but I think it's true.

Here's to many more good years. And lots more cheap gifts that are loved by your kid!


So, I feel like I recognize Santa. Is he the same Santa from last year?


Amy, Happy bday.
You so deserved your blog award, I LOVE this place! I'm an American Expat (from MI) living in MIlano Italy for one year... started reading your blog about six months ago. I also have a little blonde boy who will be two this Feb. Noah really looks crazy large here. I had to keep scrolling and scrolling, thinking maybe his pants are too big, then finally saw his feet sticking out. He's beyond cute! Best wishes to you on Bambini Due. Melissa

Suburban Turmoil

I actually got pregnant on the long-shot-in-hell-week after I quit taking birth control pills, when I drank like two glasses of wine a day because I was "on vacation" (translation, my stepdaughters were visiting their mom). Why I told you that, I have no idea, except that your prenatal vitamin with-a-glass-of-wine story reminded me of those heady days.
Happy New Year!

Suburban Turmoil

Oh and dur, Happy Birthday, too! I


Happy happy 30th Birthday!! We love you, Amalah!
Also- that is a GREAT picture. :)


I think you are fantastic. Delurking to say Happy Birthday.

Wacky Mommy

did i ever say Happy Birthday??? i don't think so. Happy Birthday, Amy. You young thing, you.


Whoa - Santa has a rather wide stance, there. Good luck you crazy girl, with all your New Year dreams.


1. Happy Birthday, belatedly. Today is 32 for me. Oh. My. Gawd.

2. I'm also not pregnant with 2.0 yet, despite, oh, about three hundred and fifty months of trying. Yargh. I'm about ready to try that monitor too, although I swear to hay-zeus, if one more person tells me that they got pregnant while they weren't trying or were on the pill, or to "just relax and it'll happen on its own" I'm going to invest our retirement savings in Ortho-Tricyclen.

So, happy b-day and good luck. I read you lots, incidentally, and I'm DC-area as well.


Happy Birthday!

Side note: I'm here to tell you that the crayon bank fascination may never really go away. I got one (purple!) for my ninth birthday and still use it regularly (I'm 26), so good luck with that! But then again I still the have the alarm clock I got when I was 10 (PJammer!) so I might have a hard time letting go of possessions. Hard to say though.

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