Maybe It's Because I Forgot to Teach Him the Secret Lunch Bunch Gang Sign
Merry Christmas, Baby, Maybe

Breakfast with Anna Wintour

The first rule is that one should always be fabulous, no matter how early in the morning it is.


The second rule is, of course, NO DAIRY.


Remember that it is never too early to get good and appalled and throw coffee on an intern.


And sometimes you do need to take off your fabulous glasses to get a better look at that atrocious hemline.


And when no one is watching, go ahead and stuff your face and make some NOM NOM NOM sound effects. You've earned it, baby.



I see footie pajama's are all the rage with the toddler set this season.


So cute. If only I could look so fabulous in the morning...alas I tend to look more like the assistant that was up worrying all night about having coffee poured me...

anastasia beaverhausen

Don't forget to be thoroughly dissatisfied with everything that everyone brings to you/does for you/says to you. I'm pretty sure that's Anna's special way of saying "I care".

Merry Christmas!


Oh MY! Cheerios, the snack of generations past & present and the nightmare of all car seats!
I love the "Hollywood" look.


too sweet. precious moments....

Wacky Mommy

He is fabulous, that one. One of my girlfriends once said (talking about a punk rock band she loved, Dead Moon), "Fred Cole could just walk out on the stage and burp and I'd be happy."

Really, I'm starting to feel that way about Noah.


That boy is adorable.
You are too funny.
That's all.
Have a very Merry Christmas!

Someone Being Me

I think you need a category in your archives for humor. You have a way of turning cute baby pictures into something hilarious. I love being able to come to your blog and laugh when I need it. Thanks Amy! Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and Happy New Year!




That is glam! I see a Cheerios commercial in the works!


Awww, I love that. Very much.


So freakin hilarious/adorabe..I wish I had more to say about it but that pretty much sums it up-please don't throw coffee on me!


Obviously, with a future that bright, he's gotta wear shades.

(Sorry, THAT was the obvious thing, right? Damn.)


Oh my!!!! How absolutely adorable! He's such a cutie.


that is fantastic. he is too cute, that one.


Damn he's cute!!!


ACK that's what I needed. Thank you. Squeeze him for me, wouldya?


Fabulous. Simply FAB. How does Noah feel about Uggs? Cause I am dying to know if they are still cool...


It's nice to know that even the most discriminating of toddlers are still overcome by the need to make NOM NOM NOM sounds while stuffing their face! (Sadly, it's not so cute when you're 38.)


God, he's more fashionable than I am.


Awww, he is so cute/adorable/sweet/wonderful.

I want to give him a kiss on the nose/button :)


I. LOVE. This! Noah is clearly on the cutting edge of the fashion pulse (or however people say that these days!!). Thank you for sharing his adorableness with us - you really do help brighten our days :)
Happy Birthday to you, too!
(P.S. Now I might just go and have some Cheerios...) ;)


Perhaps the eyes are sensitive to light due to the previous nights milk binge? Lol!


we should get our boys together, my kid is always delighting cashiers and shoppers with his (my) bling laced glasses. Of course, Jude will step it up a notch with a black handbag and silky scarft thrown jauntily about his shoulders.


Anna Wintour is nowhere NEAR that fabulous. Obviously the next step would be to throw on a cape- fur cape, superman cape, whichever- and start throwing tantrums.
(Wow, the similarities between the two are quite eery).

Becca Parra

He is so cute. You should definitely sell that to Cheerios.


The Cheerios totally work with the counters too!
So cute.


That is the cutes child I've ever seen in those shades. :)

Mrs. Flinger

I adore that little man of yours. Who couldn't? NUM NUM NUM


Cuuuuute. (and I'm secretly jealous of the Cheerios. KayTar deems them too small and therefore CLEARLY poisonous)


I'm just so in love with your son. He's such a gem. My own little blondie is going to be ten soon.

Oh my god.


I'd get his double decaf skinny no foam latte and dry cleaning any day of the week.


OMG that is too freaking funny...I love your photo essays! And, as usual, he is too cute for words! Fah-byou-lous, dah-ling!


You look fabulous, Noah!


noah = fabulous.


works better wth cheesecake or chocolate chip brownies
or both


OMG, that is so cute! When The Captain was that age is fave accessory was safety goggles and his Pooh back pack. And yes, all hip toddlers eat their Cheerios sans dairy.


He puts Anna Wintour, and Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada to shame in the style department.

Merry Christmas, Amalah!


I adore the adorable kid but also so jealous of your kitchen... I covet your kitchen!


Too too (one more) TOO cute!


Love the glasses first thing in the morning! Simply adorable ;)


I would say he looks cute - but I am sure he was really going for chic and uber-fabulous!
My guy has this baseball hat he likes to wear backwards periodically. And last time he had a little cold, he wouldn't take it off. And when i gave him his little cup of Tylenol - he looked like a frat guy doing a shot of Jager - it was funny and sadly foreshadowing all at the same time.
Good times.


That is so adorable. I was sorry to see there was so actual coffee-throwing at interns. Maybe next time.
House of Jules


I have to confess I was getting worried as you hadn't posted anything in nearly a month. Then, I realized that I bookmarked your November archive page rather than your home page. I thought you'd want to know. Glad to see you didn't actually give up blogging!


I love your sense of humour. I love that it is so wickedly funny, and so smart, and so tender. :)

Just Me


I am an OTR. I also am bipolar and deal with significant sensory issues. Sensory integration has been one of my major interests in my career, although I have applied it to adults more than children.

I know what Noah is feeling (in a way of course as we are all different, but I know that terrible overload). There was a time that my therapy sessions were disrupted by the sound machine a floor below the office, by the door to the building opening, and by every single car. I have not had food issues, but I have many texture issues and a weighted blanket is the only way I sleep, even with huge doses of sedatives. I also have a very, very high gag reflex which limits my ability to even brush my own teeth or swallow pills, much less have dental work done. (I'm currently in the midst of a crown, it has been tough).

When I was in school I wanted to work in young children. One reason I changed my mind was a little girl who had the same kind of oral defensiveness you're describing. We did feeding with her on a staff member's lap (she was over 3 and in the preschool program so her parents weren't there) and it felt like we were killing her. I have never forgotten how that felt. I cannot imagine being her mother in that room. She is a reason I didn't want to do schools anymore.

I know both as a therapist and much more from my own life that you are very right in doing this. No matter how bad it is now it is worse to be an adult with these issues, because adults aren't supposed to have these problems, whereas we will call it an idiosyncrany of a child.

PS. He looks suspiciously like one of my previous nursing home patients with his glasses!:)


The look on his face in the picture where he's pushing up the glasses! That is priceless. You truly are blessed, what a beautiful child.

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