Breakfast with Anna Wintour


anne nahm

We light up our tiki torches and break out our most flowery leis and dance to you, Oh Fertility Goddess!


wait what does that mean?


Mine popped up this morning too. Here is a nice toast to some good fertility this month.


Fingers crossed! Merry Christmas!


I hope you'll have sore boobs and that old barfy feeling to look forward to soon. Funny, having it right now I wouldn't normally wish it on anyone but for you I'll make an exception.


Dear Santa,
Amalah wants a baby.


EEEEE! Prayers and hugs!


I hope there's lots of exhaustion and nausea in your near future (and mine!)!! woo hoo!!!


that looks like a digital thermostat but I'm guessing this post has nothing to do with your home heating system?


Woot! Goooooo lil' egg an' sperm! Wouldn't that be something if you had two kids born in Sept.


Baby making thoughts coming your way...Does that sound weird? Good luck!


Good luck Amy!

Kate The Great

You have all my prayers! Merry, Merry Christmas Storch Family!


De-lurking to let you know you're all in my prayers! Go team Embryo!


Go ahead, obsess. We're here to obsess with you. That's what friends are for.

Fingers crossed!
House of Jules


Fertilize that egg little spermy! Make the magic happen! :D Good luck and Merry Christmas!


Big fan here, delurking to say good luck!!!

She Likes Purple

Ohhhh, I hope the next 14 days just fly by. I'm thinking of you.


Here's hoping your Christmas Wish is granted!


I don't know for sure what that means but good luck making a baby? YAY!


But of course. Because wouldn't the baby be due like...exactly on Noah's birthday? Or at least within a couple of days? I hereby decree...this is the month! :o)


We'll all obsess for you so you don't have to!

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!


AAAAAAAAA! What are you doing sitting and writing? Go have more sex! (Hai! I am in yer comments making extreemly persnal suggestions.)

Beatrice Killam

Coming out of Lurkerworld to send you many good baby thoughts. My wish for Christmas this year? A baby! Have been trying for a while and had a miscarriage so I can understand how difficult all that waiting must be for you.
BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, I just went and took a little online class on fertility monitors. Am smart now! So I interpret this to mean you are at peak fertility and should be gettin' your groove on this very minute. It personal. You know, to know you are sexing it up this very minute. OK, well, maybe not THIS VERY MINUTE, but still.

Suzy Q

I'm guessing that's a fertility monitor and not a new A/C thermostat. So, yay! Nao, plz to be having the sexx.


Very fitting Christmas gift: and won't s/he be born like ON Noah's bday? Yay!!!


Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Lisa M

Fingers and toes crossed...

Wacky Mommy

Here's a toast to you, ma virtual friend, since you probably shouldn't be drinking. I'll drink for you.

hello insomnia

Here's to you being knocked up!

Miss Snippy

im in ur comintz sekshun, hopin 4 ur babyz


Good luck Amalah! Here's to a new Babalah (we hope!)


Dear Santa Claus,

You brought me my new iPod, can you bring Amalah a fertilized egg and some morning sickness?




I've never seen one of those things before, but I'm guessing it means you're ovulating. So, I'm pulling for you! Have a Merry Christmas, and enjoy the effort, so to speak!

Maxine Dangerous

I'm with the person who said it looks like a thermostat. What does it mean??? (Other than what I can guess from reading the comments, which is primarily "The boots, you must now be knocking them.") :)

Kelly~ Mommy and the Marine

Woohoo! Good luck!!!


Praying you get exactly what you want for Christmas this year.


Woohoo! Way to ovulate!

Wally Hartshorn

Maybe you should talk to Jamie Lynn Spears. She seems to know the magic formula for getting pregnant. :-|



*Fingers crossed, and prayers sent*


yes, i'm a little slow...and a little dumb...does that mean you are ovulating?? if it does...yay...a baby would definitely trump all the other christmas gifts this year, eh?


Woo hooo! I loved my fertility monitor. I think I did a little song and dance the first time it gave me the egg.

Good luck!! Lets hope the New Year brings good news. :-)


Thanks to the comments I now know what that picture is, good luck to you. Here's hoping for a fertalized egg for the Amalah family this Christmas!!!


I don't really know what that picture means...but I gather from the comments that the ovulation station has come to town?! Good luck!!!

Karen (miscmum)

I have all my fingers crossed for you this Christmas.


That would be the best Christmas present ever!


alternate alternate title: jasonalah's most favoritest christmas ever.

(sidenote: this, of course, is only funny if that gadget is saying what i think it's saying which is, it's business time. if not, then please ignore this comment, for i am an idiot. who's totally going to watch flight of the conchords right now, and who is totally afraid that i'm going to have that song stuck in my head all night.)


What are you doing posting? Get to the baby dance, pronto!!! I guess you will be rockin' around the Christmas tree tonight eh?


Too bad I'm out of town at the Noah, so maybe you and Jason could get your groove on. Then again, maybe you should drop Noah off at my house. More privacy is good.


okay, I have no idea what happened to my comment. What I said was, too bad I'm out of town at the in-laws, I could have watched Noah...

Burgh Baby's Mom

Wait-does that mean you've been naughty or nice?


HOpe u and DD are doing lotz of BD'ing and lots of baby dust sprinkles for u!1!!!one!!! (GAGGGG)

No seriously, I think there is some scientific explanation for why siblings tend to be born close together. Perhaps some women just are more fertile at certain times of the year, and for you, that time is Christmas?

I bet if you drink lots of alcoholic eggnog and eat all the wrong cheese and ham that's been sitting out and just generally assume that "no way, I'm too stressed during the holidays to even ovulate, much less get pregnant so I might as well live it up!" that you'll totally get pregnant. Because that's just how it be is.

Nevertheless, have fun makin' the donuts, and good luck with that two week wait! Fingers crossed for you! Thanks for oversharing and Merry Christmas to the Storches!


p.s. Do you do the Robitussin? To get all nice and EWCM'y? (Am presuming you know what this is meaning.)

Talk about oversharing!

Them Country Folk


Sending you some good luck all the way from Wisconsin.


Well, reading your comments made me cry. Especially the letters to Santa - which must mean I have little kids, am hormonal, too, and/or I drank too much mulled wine today...but all to say I hope you have a new baby here this time next year!

Merry Christmas!


Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!


Have fun Christmas BDing! Sending you all my extra babydust. :)


Hey, you never know. The whole siblings being born around the same time of year thing is true. Just ask my mom - my sisters and I (there are three of us) are all born within the same week in August (years apart, obviously), and I was the only "planned" one. ;)


Merry Christmas! Hope Santa is good to you this year.


oh yahoo!!! now hope hope hope!


Praying for you!!!


Praying for you!!!


Yeah, now I've got Flight of the Concords running through my head on repeat.

I hope Jason remembered his business socks.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

What does a battery charger have to do with it?

Best of luck, and Merry Christmas.


Good luck, break a leg (er...egg?) and all that. Keeping 'em crossed for you if you'll keep 'em crossed for me?


Totally thought it was a scale (cause of the lb)I'm cheering on your little egg with everything crossed!! Course you're probably not reading this as you must be down to just your socks, it is afterall business time.


Less posting, more boinking!

Here's for a very fertile Christmas!


Fingers crossed fingers CROSSED! :)


Fingers crossed fingers CROSSED! :)


Hey, didn't you just pee on that?


oh oh oh! rubbing my belly for extra luck.

thanks for oversharing--you've got a whole world of fertility energy coming your way.


"HOpe u and DD are doing lotz of BD'ing and lots of baby dust sprinkles for u!1!!!one!!! (GAGGGG)"

OMG why did I put "DD"? I meant "DH", obviously I still have mommy brain and/or am used to writing DD because, uh that's what I have. Sorry, that was weird and gross, too bad I can't edit my comment


I can't tell you how, after having 6 babies and being very done on the hwole making babies deal, it is just glorious to be wishing it on someone else! Merry Christmas and may the new year bring nausea and voluptuous bosoms and all that great stuff.


SQUEEE!!! *geeky happy jumpy clapping*


Fingers and toes crossed for you!


Can you all also please send some fertility wishes my way as well? This wont detract from amalah's... Thanks.


Good Luck Amy! Hope you get that BFP you're hoping for!!!


OMG, the CBE flashbacks.

Wishing you egg-noggy good luck!


I'm dreaming of two pink lines..


Merry Christmas, Amy! :)


Oh, Yeah!!! 16 was the lucky number for myself and my best-friend! Fingers crossed and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!!!!!!


Keeping fingers (& toes) crossed!


You know what it's time for? Some Christmas sexxxxxin'. Awww yeah. Go to it, Amalah.


Good luck!!!! ::Crosses eyes, fingers, toes, legs, etc. etc.::


Seriously. Less posting, more sex. Get to work.

midlife mommy

I hope that you get your Christmas wish.


I too thought it was a thermostat. Measuring the temp of what, I am not sure. Anyhoo, to about eightythird the wishes of everyone else--it was meant for you guys to have more than one kid because Noah needs someone else around who is just as cute as he is.

Michele Rowe

Bestest of luck to you. Maybe Santa will bring you a fertilized egg for Christmas - you've been a very good girl this year!


that just made me way more excited than the whole rest of my day did. good luck!!!


Best of luck!!!!
Also, because I was late reading your prior posts.
You are totally doing the right thing by taking Noah to therapy. You are not neurotic parents, you are parents who have made inquiries to the right people and whose concerns have been echoed by those people. Kudos to you for trying to do your best for Noah. I know how hard it is for you. I sympathize and I hope it gets better.
Merry Christmas. Sending you happy baby thoughts!!


Everything crossed for you.

the bee

I am praying for you !!!!
Happy B-day on the 27th.
The bee


Woot! What an exciting time! Here's hoping all goes well.

Katie Kat

Boom chicka bow bow... get it on girlfriend...!


Hell I am so OLD!!! I thought it was a calorie counter! LOL Then I thought, "I thought she was trying to get preggers". Then I started reading the comments. God bless you people who knew what it was!
Modern technology!
30+ yrs. ago we just "did it" until something happened! LOL

Heather B.

It's a double whammy Christmas/Birthday miracle! Good luck, you crazy kids.


I'm sure you are busy in the boudoir (isn't that a great word?!?!) right now, but wishing you much babiness, because the world needs more chubby baby thighs! And Happy Birthday from a fellow 27th-er!


In case I forget to stop by tomorrow, which isn't likely but hey, a house could fall on me or happy birthday, and merry christmas, and keeping my fingers crossed for baby-making success! Whew!


Here's to you, you boob hurting, cloudy peeing, nauseated almost could be the pregnant woman. Hoping for the next two weeks that something sticks!!!! Wishing you nine months of hormonal imbalance. Thank god Lifetime has quit with the Christmas specials Geezoflip!!!

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