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Pretend That Christmas Was Not Like, 17 Months Ago For a Minute

Look! Christmas pictures! Still relevant because I say so.

Notice Santa's ingenious use of the number 4 in the absence of a third A. I wonder how many other greetings she he tried to spell before giving up and going with that. (Answer: SEV3N)

This was just a warm-up for the four-foot-tall sugar sculpture (competition theme: winter wonderland) we made later.

Noah has been sick for days now. DAYS. I don't even know with what, but it's ooky and sticky and involves a LOT of different ooky sticky areas of the body, if I may help you with that post-holiday diet for a moment.

Jason thinks it's molars, finally and truly coming for real this time, as opposed to the teaser appearances that have been plaguing us since September. I don't know what I think it is. I think it's fucking gross, is what I think it is.

Apologies to anyone who actually ate these cookies, i.e. my beloved family.

My birthday, however, was lovely. Thank you for asking. Noah had the courtesy to stay healthy until 4 am on December 28th. Although one boring administrative note: my birthday present thinks you are all spam. It thinks you are junk, and has been filing all your emails accordingly. Nothing personal, though. It thought my mom was spam too. I discovered this yesterday when I checked the junk mail folder of the Mac email program and HOLY CRAP.

(And I've been WONDERING why my email has been so shiny and manageable! It's because I've only received about a third of it.)

So if you've sent an email anytime since...hmm...mid-December, which is when Jason plopped a big wrapped present under our tree and told me I could open it then or wait until my actual birthday, HAR HAR HAR...rest assured that I DID receive it, but am just now actually reading it. Lands. And apologies. And blah.

Couuuuusins! Identical couuuuusins! Not planned at all by their mooooothers, believe it or nooooot!





I just posted my Christmas pictures today, too. Oh, well - better late than never... right?


Wait. We're supposed to post Christmas pictures? What? That would provide excellent filler, since my mind isn't working.

Do you ever tire of hearing how cute and preshus and adorable Noah is? No? Good. Because he is all three and then some. As will be his future babalah sibling.


I love the unintentionally identical cousins, but love the spelling of "SANT4" even more. If that 4 gets lost by next year, you could always go with Santy McSanterson. But that might confuse the children.
House of Jules


dizzy with the cuteness!!!


Cousins = the cutest sight my eyes did see!


Identical cousins? I'm thinking, that one kid sure looks like Noah...the other one, not so much. How could they be identical? They don't look identical...and Amy has never mentioned twins in her family.

Then I went DURRRRRR...

........identical OUTFITS.

NO, I haven't started with the NY drinking YET. Why would you ask?

*innocent eyes*


Your son is beautiful!


Wow, that little nefew of yours is a little stud, too! Y'all got some good genes in your fam.

Wacky Mommy

BABIES!!!! Cute. Look, I'll take ya when I can get ya, so post away whenever and however and I'm good. Hope Noah gets better soon.


Adorable pics, and cookies mmmm....secret ingredient? Snot! Shhh, don't tell Rachel Ray.
Happy Belated Birthday!


Glad to see some new Noah pictures. Because you know there are never enough. Right?

Is Noah a Leftie? Are you? Two of my three children are lefties, although my husband and I are not. Makes it hell to teach things like shoe tying! lol


All Adither

How totally bitchin to have a cousin so close in age. And in shirt tastes.


Love the matching outfits! Tooooo cute!

Abra Leah

They are just too sweet. :)


(My birthday present also never remembers me when I come to my own damn website. It doesn't think I'm special! Wah!)

Leeann - Noah totally IS a leftie. We've noticed the preference since...wow, since forever, when he first started sucking his thumb. It's really obvious now.

Jason and I are both righties, but weirdly enough? My sister and her husband? Are both lefties and have now produced two rightie children.

I find that endlessly fascinating, for some reason. (Oh look! Carpet lint! HOW FASCINATING!)


Mail on the MacBook is evil. (Also, tell me if you have problems with your MacBook dropping wireless connections & randomly turning itself off when you close it, because mine does and it is driving me EFFING CRAZY.)

Anyway, I suggest downloading Thunderbird. Works fabulous, has many lovely features, is cute. Bonus!


It looks like you guys had a great Christmas...I can't wait to see pictures of Noah on the trampoline, and all of his hair flying around!


I'm just impressed how well Santa uses magnetic letters. Very eco-friendly.

And nice on the matching shirts. Where did you find normal boy's festive clothing that did not involve some type of reindeer?


Please. I just posted my Halloween pictures. And I misidentified some unknown child as my own! How is that even possible?

Happy holidays!

Occidental Girl

Ha! Love the matching shirts. Those are adorable boys.

Glad you had a happy birthday and Christmas. Well, despite the sickness...


Adorable cuteness x 2 = those pictures


i love that they are matching. it's hilarious!

Badness Jones

An inverted 'v' works for an 'a' as well, I never thought of using a 4....we've spent much too much time with the fridge letters. Very cute identical cousins! Happy New Year!

Them Country Folk

What a fun Christmas! Your family is beautiful!

Amy B

The Corbett ladies sure do produce kids with fabulous hair!


Happy Late Birthday! And I'd like to know how your super sensitive child sat his smiling ass on Santa's lap. You should see the pictures from my girls' first few years of life. Hmmmph.


happy new year!!


Our boys are only a couple of weeks apart in age (Jack is older) and I can assert that it IS the dreaded two year molars making their appearance. We also had the scary yick leaking from various orifices the last couple of weeks. I finally rounded up the flashlight and there they are... four shiny new teeth sawing thru my babies gums. Joy of joys. At least now there should be a break in the tooth emergence until the three year molars, right? Please God, tell me I'm right!!

Happy Holidays!


babies babies babies are sooooo effing cute.


I love the pictures of the cousins, they look a lot alike.

Happy New Year!


There is a definate good hair gene in your family.


fabulous hair! are you guys related to Patrick Dempsey?

Salome Ellen

Uh, December 31st? That's only the seventh day of Christmas. There are FIVE more! You are totally on time.


So cute. I'd like a cookie, please.

Katie Kat

Oh my... that little nephew of yours is just gorgeous! He's going to break a lot of hearts, that one. (But Noah will be there to pick up the pieces and snag the really good sweet girls!)


Katie Kat

Oh, and H4PPY NEW YE4R!


I didn't even take any Christmas pictures, because I'm a horrible mother and was too selfishly engrossed in opening my own presents to whip out my camera. They'll thank me one day, I'm sure.


Little cousin boy there clearly thinks you are mad shady.

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