Ikea Jones and the Big Boy Bed of Doom
Maybe It's Because I Forgot to Teach Him the Secret Lunch Bunch Gang Sign



The Butt in the Air is my favorite child sleeping pose. My 12yo boy still does that!

Noah keeps on getting cuter.


When my older son, Jackson, first moved into a twin bed at 23 months, he only slept across his pillow. It's a captain's bed, and now he (at age 4) sleeps under it!
My own Noah, who turned two in October, is still happy with his crib, so I guess we'll milk that for as long as it lasts.

All Adither

Admit it, you just got him the big boy bed BECAUSE of that tent.

Type (little) a

Well, it's not like his sleeping area is any bigger. It's just a crib mattress in a toddler bed.


When I was a little girl, I wanted a princess canopy bed. I would lay on my bed for hours and dream about how special I would be, if only I had that bed.

I may or may not still be secretly coveting one.


It took me like five minutes just to find Noah in that picture. Very cute pose.


That? is hilarious. What a sweetheart.


So sweet.

When I was a little girl, I had a red bed tent, and it went around the matress, not the whole bed, and even zipped up!


We bought my 7 year-old the Tromso Loft Bed of Doom. he puts a sleeping bag UNDER it and sleeps on the floor.

Boys rock....


Aw, I love that sleep pose. We're about to move my boy into at twin, because he wakes up on the floor most nights. I'm looking for a tent like that put over it, instead of that big fucking Dora tent.


Type (little) a -- The photos are deceiving but I swear, this bed IS BIGGER than his crib. It's much longer. New mattress and everything! I'd classify it as a junior twin.


But if he were in bed with you and Jason, he would be completely sprawled out!

Adorable butt in the air picture, btw.


Awwww...that pose is so sweet. Especially now, because, um, well, my 'baby boy' is 16, and that's not usually what's sticking up in the morning.



I tried to convince my husband yesterday to get a bed with a tent. He said no. Stupid husbands.


Is that a twin size bed or a toddler bed with a crib mattress?

On a side note, my 4 year old has a full twin bed and every morning I find her curled into a pretzel in the middle of the bed!



Too cute! I'm just happy that my 12-week old is napping in his crib right now. I'm trying to get him to make the transition from car seat to crib. Wish me luck!


Ha ha--my son just got a REAL big-boy bed (a full size), and you know where he slept last night? Across the pillows at the very top. Hee!

You're lucky if Noah hasn't figured out the doorknob yet. Our son has had that down since he first tumbled out of his crib maybe 5 or 6 months ago. And he got up many, many times to come visit us, once he knew he could escape. Naptimes were hell to get back on track, too, but before you lose all hope, we DID get back on track before we went batshit crazy. (at least, I think it was before we went batshit crazy. I forget.)


ooooo....ooooo....ooooo....in our house? when our baby sticks her butt up in the air like Noah is? We call it "turkey butt" cuz you just want to bite into it, it looks so scrumptious!!! So cute!!


Michael sleeps that way also.


It must be the leftover want for one of those fancy girly beds with the frilly canopy..


so cute. So that is why that yoga pose is called "child's pose"


Maybe he feels more comfortable up there by the rails because it reminds him of the familiarity of his crib? Whatever the reason, it's too stinkin' adorable!


too cute. and he dumped his pillow on the floor, just like i do sometimes.


He's soooo cute! I might have to look into this bed for my toddler. I'm loving that tent!


That is one cute picture!!

Miss Britt


(I know, I win original comment of the day.)


I LOVE this! That picture is priceless. Make sure you show it to his prom date down the line! :)
I also wish my bed had a tent or canopy or something. Sometimes I wonder- do we ever really grow out of our childhood fantasies or do we just repress them because we think other people have let them go? 'Cause a canopy bed would ROCK. Maybe adults should let furniture companies know that we would SO snap up frilly canopies and cool tents for our beds.


Hahaha... love it. So cute.


That beautiful child of your's puts a smile on my face. You're lucky to experience that every day.


Awwwwww, the sweet "Butt in da Air" pose. Always a winner!!!


Awww, it kinda makes me sad, seeing him all curled up at the head of the bed like that....and go get yourself on of those hanging canopy thingies, girl....aka the ADULT tent:)


The cuteness of this photo is killin me over here!! LOL
The other night I went in to tuck my 2 year old in bed (he was already sleeping) and I found him on top of what I call "mount everything". He piles every blanket and pillow on top of eachother and lays on THAT. LMAO And on top of that he was sliding off and scrunched against the wall sitting up. LMAO ahhh toddlers

Lyssa Ireland Thomas

I'm hoping to keep my baby (3 1/2) in a crib until she's 14, but she's starting to fight it lately. Guess I need to head over to IKEA.

Great photo!

Mrs. Flinger

LB used to sleep like that. I'd always fall asleep on the bed near her and have tons of room. Now? That tiny three year old that weighs the same as my left boot takes up all of her bed and the other three beds in the house. At the same time.

Don't ask me how.

(I luff that tent. IKEA, baby. It's wear all the cool Internet kids get their shit!)


I want that bed, too! The tent might jut accomodate my big butt ...


Have you heard? Frema had a 11 pound 4 ounce baby girl yesterday, December 17.


What's in the bucket under the window?
Soiled diapers?
Minestrone soup?


What woman *doesn't* want a tent over her bed? Seriously.


HEE! My baby girl sleeps liek that, too! I love it.

We recently (oh - two years ago is recent, right?) bought a new "Big person bed" (king size! not from Ikea!!!!!!!) and it has four posters and this criss-cross wood work with a medallion over the acutal bed area. My husband was against it, but I used my womanly wiles (whined. I whined so much!!!!I was knocked up - you can totally get away with all kidna shit that way!)and now we have my dream bed. only - it doesn't have a canopy. BUT! sometimes, I may throw a giant flat sheet over it and just PRETEND it's a canopy. Then my husband comes home, rips it off and says "You aren't pregnant anymore. The jig is up. whining isn't gonna work." yeah, come 7pm, the jig may be up, but when he's not home? Oh, that jig is SO ON!


We got our son the Tromsor loft bed and tent and I tell you this to say, we bought the same exact bedding as you, and for the life of me I can not keep the comforter properly aligned inside the stripey cover! It gets all scrunched up inside it. Are you having this issue? Have you fixed it? by the way, noah is too cute.

Heather B.

I love that he still sleeps like that.


How bout this for you...


Debbie in the UK

My goodness, that little guy of yours is cute, but it never ceases to amaze me how much he looks like you as a little girl (on the masthead). Love the bed BTW!




Oh that picture just about broke my heart! He is fighting that bed so hard...It must seem absolutely enormous to him.

And I think there's a commandment that says "Thou shall not covet thy child's tent bed."


What a great way to change beds!!!

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