Lunch Bunch Dropout
Honestly, if I'd remembered he was home I would've just made a damn sandwich



Thank the Baby Jesus I'm not the only one with this tradition.


Um, me too. Mine were vacuum sealed, but yeah. Gross either way.

My Christmas tree is still up too. I'm thinking about taking it down sometime in February.


Ewwww! (Then again, my Christmas tree is still up, so who am I to talk?)


I wish I could wrinkle my nose in disdain at that admission, but, uh, nope. That's us, too...


The big question is, was any of it so sugar-or-syrup-laden that it was still good?


Maybe I shouldn't have read this just before breakfast, because what it's going to inspire me to do is clean out my own refrigerator, and you know by the end of it, I'll have nothing left in there besides a door compartment full of eleventy-hundred kinds of mustard and the bottom door shelf full of different kinds of alcohol... which will really impress my parents when they are over for dinner on Sunday.
House of Jules

All Adither

I just, this week, threw away hummus mix that expired in 2001.


I feel ya. My tree is still up, and it's probably not coming down today ... maybe tomorrow.


Better than still being in the fridge ;^)


Uh, I just threw some lovely pumpkin pie bread pudding. I'm moving today, otherwise it would have stayed in the fridge till I needed the pan.


Would someone please tell my husband this isn't just me? We threw ours out last week.. granted we haven't really been eating at home since our house has been under construction, but still. I'm not alone!


I just threw out pumpkin leftover from Thanksgiving baking about 2 weeks ago. You are so not alone in that.


mine are still in the fridge in the garage. i'm reminded everytime i go to get a beer.

M.A. Smith

The great thing about not having Thanksgiving dinner at your house (or, indeed, not making anything for Thanksgiving) is not having left overs to toss.

Now if I can just bring myself to get rid of the corn and peas that have been in the fridge for about a month now.


Ummm.... ewwwwww.


That's nasty! Of course, I'm sure I have a leftover somewhere in the back of the fridge that could walk out on it's own if I left the door open long enough, so I am no one to judge! :-)


I was looking forward to photos.


When I was home for Christmas, I spied the yams that were still left over from Thanksgiving, in the fridge. I did a little shudder, and then closed the door.


Threw mine out jan 2.

I have chilli from 10 days ago still in there though.

I need to get a high schooler in need of a science fair project in there.

Miss W

Ok, Amy, that's just disgusting. (But then, I do have Christmas decor to rid my house of yet.)


While we were out of town over the holidays, yogurt exploded in our fridge! How, I have no idea. Maybe it got lonely in there...

Cessa the consensus is that i should not have fed my husband the thanksgiving leftovers this week. (they were frozen)


I cleaned our fridge a couple of days ago. Everything I threw away was over four months old. All of it was either dairy or meat. And I left the eight-month-old organic brussel sprouts in the vegetable drawer, because I think they're gestating and I heard pregnant greens shouldn't travel.


I may have been there with you, but we went out for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Then again, remembering the drama that we had, I think I'd rather have stayed home!

In my house, if I keep with our Christmas meal traditions, the left overs are gone rather quickly. I've spoiled the menfolk with crab cakes and ham!


I have SEVEN-YEAR-OLD soup in my big downstairs freezer.
It was so good when I made it that I bagged a little of it.
What the hell for???!
And I still have Hallowe'een candy.
And my tree is still up.


Um. I think the cranberry sauce is still in mine. But we never have turkey leftovers. They get eaten fast.


I'm just glad it was them.


Just the other day I dumped the thanksgiving dressing that was shoved to the very backest corner on the very lowest shelf. it probably would have stayed there forever if I hadn't needed the casserole dish


You freaking rock. I think this every time I read one of your postings but this time I had to delurk to say AWESOME.


Oh god, this is so me:

"mine are still in the fridge in the garage. i'm reminded everytime i go to get a beer."

I try to clean that fridge out once a year. Sometimes I forget.

Thanks for allowing us all to admit some household tasks aren't really as important as they seem.


Dude...did you at least get the penicillin off it first?


OMG! Did it smell? Was there mold? We need details ;)

I finally threw away mustard I brought back from Paris 2 years ago!


I have to be very diligent about throwing away past their prime leftovers. My husband was a late in life baby from parents that experienced the great depression and OMG YOU DO NOT THROW AWAY FOOD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! If I don't throw them away I'm afraid he will eat them and die a slow horrible death.


i'm so glad to hear you admit this. this post right here is why i will read you until the day i die... of food poisoning.

imagine community

That was good for a nice laugh. And then I read the title of the post, and *really* started laughing! Thanks for another daily dose of funny, honest reality.


Mmm, month old leftovers.


oh my gah! my freaking Christmas tree is still up. Why is it easier to put it up vs taking it down??


It is ok to tell us what really happened.
It jumped out of the fridge and walked itself to the trash can.


I still have a half drank bottle of sparkling cider in the back of my fridge from the day I got home from the hospital after having my son. He's eighteen months old.... Sentimental much?


gross! Although I did find some dressing in my freezer that I think is from last year. I didn't throw it out. I should really clean out that freezer.


Am moving house next week, just said to the husband that we will ( note WE ) have to clean thr fridge this week, he is still sitting in a fear induced stupour at the very idea.


Ummm, yeah. Through out the last of the stuffing last night and the last of the sweet potatoes this morning.

Green and furry...yummy...


Thank goodness I'm not the only one that still has my tree up and odd leftovers from who knows when in the fridge! It's nice to know that I'm "normal".


Yup, the knack is to throw them out just before you start mistaking them for guacamole


Yup, the knack is to throw them out just before you start mistaking them for guacamole

Kimberly C

This is me! The leftovers were even still in the paper bowls my gram sent them home in. Also: every time I see the category 'breathtaking dumbness' I see "breathtaking dumb*ss" and I laugh until I realize I read it wrong.


Lol- that is so funny and disgusting at the same time!

anastasia beaverhausen

So THAT'S what the smell was. And here I was...blaming the dog. I feel so guilty now.

Jamie AZ

I hope you threw it out STILL INSIDE the containers to avoid the wretched smell. That's what I would have done... :)


Reminds me of the "Far Side" strip, "When condiments go bad"!

bad penguin

I just took down my Christmas tree on Saturday. And last weekend I cleaned out the fridge and threw out some mystery leftovers in tin foil that I'm pretty sure were from Thanksgiving. Glad to see from you and all these comments that I'm not the only one.

Mama V

lol.. I had to go and buy a whole lot of plastic storage containers yesterday for this reason alone... and I was too afraid to dump & wash... my gag reflex is a little weak these days...


Eating them would have given new meaning to the Thanksgiving term of "turkey coma."


Last year we started a new tradition of leaving a giant tupperware full of Thai peanut noodles in the refrigerator for THE ENTIRE SUMMER while we worked at camp. This begat the tradition of September: Month of WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SMELL?


*i still have my tree too. it's sparkley and nice.*


My family has never done that - what in the hell is the matter with you.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I have to go put my butt out cuz my pants caught fire.


Ahh, this happens to me all the time. I don't mind so much when it's a loaf of bread or a lime or something, but man I hate when it's the good tupperware.


um our christmas tree is still up. no ornaments are on it but the tree is still in fact up.


I have eggnog in there. And I just threw out some green bacon over the weekend.

angela marie

Yeah, I found 'salad fixings' from Christmas in our garage refrigerator last week.

It was more like compost at this point though.

Mrs. Schmitty

OH NO! That must have smelled pretty ripe! YUK!

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