Honestly, if I'd remembered he was home I would've just made a damn sandwich
The Neenee of the Heart

Jesus Wants You To Get Out Of My Flipping Sunbeam

Or, Turf Wars Among the Small Ones
Or, Geez, Amy, Maybe You Should Turn Up the Heat?







You think I care, dogthing? I HAS A TENT.





Mwa ha ha.


Mine. All mine.


There was a brief stand-off...and then...


Blue Steel FTW! aka I Will Fuck You Up And Good, Dogthing.



(Okay, so this was terribly non-dramatic in the retelling, and not nearly as amusing as actually watching the every-changing-custody of the sunbeam, and wow, I'm actually now kind of ashamed that this is the sort of thing that I regularly depend on to kill a good 45 minutes of the day, so I'm just gonna go ahead and post some pictures of my kid.)




Yes, I know he needs a haircut, but obviously we are just WAY TOO BUSY.



Noah is so cute! Love his cute little smile.


Very cute. I love that little dog.


Good stuff. :-)


Nothing is better than your own sunbeam on a cold winter's day! What a perfectly lovely & happy little boy - you are so very blessed!


Holy Cow. I disappeared for several months (what? I got distracted...) and when I come back Noah is a BOY, a Real Boy! Wow. And a beautiful boy he is. Excellent work.


I miss sippy cups. So happy I am almost a Nana because I can start buying them for grandbaby and I love sippy cups and my 4 year old won't use them anymore.
I also miss sunbeams and warmth, bloody old rain.
Noah brought the sunshine into my home and his dimples are like a gazillion sumbeams straight into my heart.


I vote "no" on the haircut...that shag is looking pretty darn cute.


Oh my gosh, I just came across your blog and I love it. I also have a 2 1/2 yr.old son who has sensory integration disorder. I was reading some of your posts and it felt like we are living in a parallel universe! We are also in Early Intervention for speech and occupational therapy. I will read your blog faithfully! Vicki in Alabama

Occidental Girl

Oh my gosh, he's such a little boy now. No more chubby toddler face!

I hate to say it, but, they grow up fast. People say that a lot, but for good reason.


Maybe not the most dramatic and exhilarating post, but even on a less than thrilling day, your posts are hilarious! I am STILL walking around asking my husband and sometimes clueless parties if "I can has waffles?" so cut yourself some slack funny lady:) And having a chihuahua in the family, i understand the lust for the sunbeam!


I just love posts like these.


I hear ya. I spend days following my kids around with a camera. Do something! Something cute! No! CUTER than that... Damn. Nothin.

And then Noah? Well. He just cheeses it up with his compadres and you have a funny blog post all ready to go.


Suzy Q

Creature Feature! Ha!

It's so strange to me to hear/read about people turning their heat on, or up, or whatever you do with heat. Yes, I KNOW there is a never-ending cold front/snowstorm in the North, but I live in steamy Flahridah, where my A/C is cranked down to 67 as we speak, just to control the underboob sweat. Gah.


HAHAAA! I can't stop laughing.

Also? Don't cut Noah's hair. He's too adorable as it is. His hair makes me want to give him big smooshy hugs and kisses.


Oh noes! Noah iz growed ups! Wif awsum hairs.


i think mr. noah is absolutely precious just the way he is. i am partial to the shaggy look on little boys. maybe because my son's kindergarten teacher sometimes complains that my daniel needs one too. whatever. we are much too busy too!
it looks like a fun day.


I see Noah and I'm reminded of John Lennon's lyrics..



OOOoo, thanks, I'm a happy camper now, got my pix fix! Of Noah AND Max AND Ceiba, no less!


So cute! Once again Dylan saw Noah's picture & said "is that me?" He doesn't realize he got the dopiest haircut ever. Take my advice and DON'T cut Noah's hair. At least not too much.

She Likes Purple

I bet all parents hope their kid is the absolute perfect mix of them both as Noah is of both of you.

All Adither

I like the pictures of your cute, little peasant woman.


If he were my kid? I'd never do anything ever. I'd sit and stare at the adorableness. It is so much.


Where are the fingerprints on the windows? Where are the dancing dust mites in the sunbeam? Where is the spot of spilled juice that has dried into a dull furry mess? And why aren't there a million mega blocks, puzzle pieces and assorted crap toys all over your place? What, you think you're better than me?


That would so be the scene in my house if we had a dog. I call her pissycat for a reason.

No, not the hair! It's so sweet like that.


OK. You really have the cutest two year old boy on the planet.

I can safely say that, as my boys are 3 and 5.

But the reason I clicked though? That "Sunbeam12" photo of your cat made me laugh out loud (but not LOL - I do not LOL).

I had a Seal Point Siamese before I was married, and she looked identical!

Though I would wage that she was crazier.


OH, Noah looks so grown up!

li'l foot's mommy

OMG..the DIMPLES!!! They KILL ME!!!


He just keeps getting more and more beautiful. That second shot is just gorgeous. Next to my baby, he may just be one of the cutest kids evah!


Hah! I love the hair! Don't cut it, start dreadlocking it! LOL


This is just what I needed today!. Thank you for making me laugh!!


I love the I has a tent, mostly because I'm addicted to LOLCATS; though your "Dogthing" might give them a run for their money... errr bukkits.
House of Jules



That right there is the stuff I depend on to kill a good five minutes of my day.


Sometimes I look at your pictures of Noah and am reminded of Jason, but in that last photo he is every bit your little boy.


The only thing that could beat those photos is that fabulous title.


Gosh, he's cute.

And that title cracked my ass up, except now, I'm all "a sunbeam, a sunbeam, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam..." Yeah, thanks.


Whew, thank goodness I'm not the only one who does that.

We have photos of me lying in my pjs in the sunbeam at my parent's place.

I was 20.



Yay!!! Photographic evidence that Max and Ceiba are still alive!!! (I shouldn't be as happy about that as I am - clearly I need to get a life, STAT)

We have a similar phenomenon at our house - only it involves two dueling cats (I keep meaning to videotape it and set it to music - "Dueling Banjos" being the obvious first choice.)

Btw - Noah's looking pretty cute too. He really knows how to work the slightly-overdue-for-a-haircut look.


Look at all the teeth! He's got a perfect smile.


Good lord, that dimple when he grins is LETHAL. Gorgeous boy.


Dimple, Dimple, DIMPLE!!! Noah is so cute! I always love how my cats are terrified of my son but as soon as there's a sunbeam on the floor they become a drooling puddle of mass and will let him pull their ears off.


Holy cow - that last picture is priceless! I just want to eat Noah up!!!! He is cuteness personified! The second to the last is pretty damned good, too!


Wow, is the cat that big or is the dog that small? I've seen photos of the dog, but only alone, I guess. Me? I just have fat cats and a normal-sized dog. Oh, I don't mean your dog is not normal sized. Shoot, where's the delete button? Oh well, enjoy your sunbeam!


Never cut the hair of adorableness! Never never! So cute!

Also, I luuuuurve it when you lolcat your family.


Noah does not need a haircut. He looks perfect!


Love it!

I am often tempted to push my dogs out of the sunbeam, so I can enjoy it.

Matt in London

Me says your boy doesn't need a haircut!


Yay! These are pretty great...and I admit- I, too, was missing Max and Ceiba! Basically, Noah+Ceiba+Max+Sunbeam+Amalah's captions=Perfect.
Thanks for the cuteness!
And yeah- that dimple! That hair! Noah just keeps getting more and more adorable. How can you stand it?? :)


A person could trip and fall and get lost in those dimples. What a punkin.

No better way to spend your time than that little guy right there.


Noah! He is so cute. My l'il sunbeam has the VERY SAME SHIRT FROM OLD NAVY. We wore it yesterday, too. OMG - I feel this special connection with you now, which I never did before. Thank you for validating my existence. Your pets are cute too. You go girl.


shaggy hair is all the rage at the rink - he's got a good 6 or 7 weeks before he needs a trim ;)

Katie Kat

Have you ever tried taking a nap on a sunny spot on the floor like your cat/dog does? It's LUCIOUS!

One of my cats sleeps ON the floor vent to completely envelope herself in the warm air! I might have to try that one too...

And the second picture of Noah is so dang adorable - shall I say for the nine millionth time how much he looks like you? And that little smile makes me smile every time too!


He is just WAY to cute!! What a doll, you my blogger friend, are very blessed!


Pretty funny! His hair is adoarble! I love short little boy haircuts but the shagginess is too cute!


Haircut - no way! I LOVE his hair and think it is way cute long and shaggy. So "in" right now!


I'm impressed - no hair balls on the hard wood floors!


so cute. and so glad my minpin isn't the only overweight dog.


Love these kinds of posts. Noah is so adorable...love, love, love the dimple!


I loved this. But more importantly, I'm going to have that song in my head ALL DAY LONG.


I'm gonna have to vote along with teh noes on the subject of haircuts. Noah is quite adorable with it just the way it is.
Loved seeing Max and Ceiba trying to horn in on the sunny spot. Too funny.


I'm gonna have to vote along with teh noes on the subject of haircuts. Noah is quite adorable with it just the way it is.
Loved seeing Max and Ceiba trying to horn in on the sunny spot. Too funny.


Ah, didn't mean to double post. My browser is running so slow and wonky today. Sorry!


I love these pictures and the little story line to go along with it. Highly amusing. Your son has gorgeous hair... :)


Awww...too stinkin' cute! Love the dogthing...and how did you catch Max in that pose?

And I think Noah's hair is adorable...don't cut it! (unless it gets as long as Kate Hudson's kids - there's just no excuse for that). Such a beautiful smile, such a beautiful boy!

Much Love!


Um, I meant to comment on your Thanksgiving food still in fridge post to say: Christmas tree still up with all decorations still out. I need to get on that, huh?

Now I need to say, I love these posts. Your captions are hysterical and Noah is adorable. Keep it up!


That dimple is just killing me! I has a crush ;)


we have sunbeam wars in our house, too, especially since we have 3 cats and 2 dogs fighting with me over it.

yeah, I'm okay with fighting will smaller mammals over a sunbeam.


I think the first photo screams: Take my sunbeam and I will whoop your butt! Go Noah! He's so friggin' adorable.


He is so beautiful and looks just like you. You must be so proud. :)

Noah is pretty cute too. HA!


Don't touch the hair. Seriously. It's awesome.


I just noticed for the first time how much Noah looks like that photo of you in your banner -- I know, the motherhood was never in question.

Wacky Mommy

you know i live for posts like this one. "ha ha! am squirrel!"


I don't know what it is, but Ceiba just cracks me up! I love your little rat dog. :)

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