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Let's Just Call This One "Tuesday"

Yes, Internet, I fully and openly admit to coasting. Both emotionally and editorially. I have not updated since Thursday, greedily allowing the comments to build and build and pile up, checking in every hour or so to boggle at the number and inform Noah that OVER 200 PEOPLE -- WAIT 250! WAIT WAIT 271! -- give a rat's ass about the fact that he had a good day at the Mock Preschool For Children Who Can't Talk Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

Also? We've just been so good over here. Noah's little day of victory lifted us all -- even Noah seems to be happier and more confident, he's some kind of actual human being whose quality of life is affected by his speech and sensory problems.  And here I thought all this stuff was dumped on ME for the sole purpose of pissing ME the hell off. Huh.

He's talking up a storm and busting out with some fairly random vocabulary -- I guess that one time we made mucus Christmas cookies made a fairly big impression on him, because he's constantly asking about the ROLLY PIN and COOKAYS. Mostly the COOKAYS.

"Cookay?" he'll ask sort-of hopefully, and then seconds later answer his own question, "Noooooo cookay."


Anyway, it's been fun. With a decent chunk of the buzzing worry knocked out of the park, it's been a nice little honeymoon of a week, with lots of cuddles and hide-and-seek and maybe a couple living-room forts here and there.

(Oh, and one night of good-and-proper child abandonment, as we coerced the in-laws to come babysit over the weekend so we could go to Jason's company party and stay overnight in a hotel, which was also fun until 1) I was hit by the truck of What Do You Mean the Hotel House Label Chardonnay Was Not Exactly Top Shelf Wine at around three in morning, when I wanted to die, and 2) some asshole let their shrieking toddler run up and down the hotel hallway at six in the morning. Kids! They should all be kept in cages.)

It's also preschool application season around these parts, so we've been busy plastering big smiles on our faces, presenting our genius child who is a genius and...diaper? What diaper? Noooooo diaper. Please accept this check for AS MUCH AS MY COLLEGE EDUCATION COST AND PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE DIAPER.

(I told my mother-in-law how much the neighborhood preschools cost and she choked on her probiotic wheatgrass enzyme nugget and declared me to be talking much crazy talk. "Just find a little school run by a church!" she said. I told her that these ARE just little schools tucked away in church basements. But you know, NICE basements. One of them even had windows!)

(Her next suggestion was her all-purpose solution to All Our Problems: move back to Pennsylvania to live next door to them. I imagine Pennsylvania preschool prices have gone up since the late 1970s, but honestly, if we promised to move closer she'd probably be willing to start running her own preschool out of the garage. Grandparents! Their love is so easy to exploit.)

Wow. This is one hot mess of an entry. I go away for a few days and manage to completely fuck up the lovely narrative arc of my life story. (It goes something like this: Amy Faces Challenges, Amy Writes Many Words About Her Many Challenges, Amy Gets Meta About Her Challenges, Amy Either Conquers Or Gets Bored Of Her Challenges, Amy Gets Drunk And Falls Down. Repeat.)

Anyway. Us = good. Noah = outstanding. Preschools = uppity. Liver = shot. The end.



Welcome back from your brief break and I am so happy things went well for Noah (and you) last week. Looks like you can maybe look forward to his group tomorrow. I don't know about preschool prices though if they are near daycare- then oh my.

We live in Kensington and there are some co-op preschools around that are much less expensive- maybe a co-op would work? Our friends love theirs but have to do the occasional leaf raking.


And here we all thought Noah was out conquering the world, balancing the national debt, and finding the cure for cancer.

Good to know that all his success last week didn't go to his head and he is still all about the "cookays". Because is not life unless it's filled with cookays.

And other peoples' kids should totally be kept in cages.


Houston, Texas - preschool prices are THROUGH THE ROOF! Take a home improvement loan to pay for 14 month old TWINS. It's crazy. Non-sense.

I feel your pain but glad that Noah is doing well and everyone is happy! That is something to celebrate!

Missie, how to say this? THERE IS NO PICTURE OF NOAH ACCOMPANYING THIS ENTRY! Must see more pictures of Noah, with or without cookays, I don't care! I am placing you under citizen's arrest for failure to share adorable cuteness with the internets.


We're supposed to send them to preschool? Uhh, I was expelled from preschool. Can't we just keep them home and make cookays instead?


Sorry about your liver and the megabucks pre-schools, but very happy about everything else! My former,non-talker used to call them "coooks" and got as many as he could carry for the trouble.


You're brief hiatus is quickly and easily forgiven since so much wonderfulness has been happening. Noah should receive an abundance of cookays just for saying "cookay" ("rolly pin"? how cute is THAT!!)

(I so totally knew you were watching your comments! I kept checking them, too.)

Suzy Q

You sound happy. Good.

What's up with Jason getting a new job, or is that too nosy to ask? Boundaries are sometimes blurry on blogs.

bon mariage

Oh thank goodness! I just discovered your blog and it's severely hindered my productivity (not a problem) and I was worried I was going to have to start doing actual work or something.

anastasia beaverhausen

I would have to keep checking my comments for about the next 36 years to see them break 75. But long before that people would just assume that the lack of an update would mean that I was dead. I'm just saying.

imagine community

Those little weekend breaks are always too short and too long, all at the same time. Glad it was a good one for you following on "Run-On Happy."

Amy H

On a completely different note...are you coming back to Austin for SXSW this year?


how can you question the power of a cookay? I'm so glad Noah is making such strides. good for you and jason getting away, too! glad everything is going to swimmingly :-)


Daughter #2 is kindergarten-bound this fall, and we cannot wait to stop spending on preschool.

If only the old Jeep will last until September, all of my dreams will have come true.

jive turkey

Ah, mothers-in-law. They do have all the answers.

My fave to date is my MIL's response to the news that my husband had lost some weight as a result of a healthier diet (and my awesome, healthy cooking): "Well, that's because he's not eating right."

That's right, folks, my MIL is the only person in the world who views healthy weight loss as a BAD thing, and a testament to her daughter-in-law's awful cooking. I love that woman.


Mmmmmmk. So if cookays and bad chardonnay kept you away (there's a really bad Country/Western song in there someplace) you get a pass on the tardiness of the posting and all. Glad to hear that progress marches on!

Someone Being Me

You just need to move down here to Texas where everything is cheaper. Noah can come help me with my cookie baking. It will be all good.

Jessica (aka Rose)

Preschool prices are ridiculous. So are the people who stand in line ALL NIGHT to get into the "best" school.
Yay Noah!


I don't know what it says about me but I liked this post!


My mother-in-law also wants me to move back to Pennsylvania and next door to her.

And we don't even have kids.


Lovely to see your face! I was actually worried something terrible had happened. That's right. I worry about my favorite bloggers when a few days go by without hearing from them, just as I worry about my family when, you know, several months go by with no phone call.

Huh. My priorities sound all wacky when I put them all parallel like that.

Ah, well.


Preschool is out of control....
you could totally get crazy and skip it!


Preschool is out of control....
you could totally get crazy and skip it! I didn't go to preschool & I turned out.... never mind....


Readers = happy x 10!

Miss Britt

Please God tell me you are kidding about the preschool thing.

I paid $75 a week for my son to go to preschool in Iowa.

Please, dear God, let the preschools here in Florida be old and dingy and cheap and not at all as awesome or expensive as they are in Amalah Land. Please.


Preschool is nuts, even in Pennsylvania. 900 a month and that's a kind of middle-of-the-road sort of place, not the most expensive by any stretch of the imagination.

I do happen to know of a place in PA that would love Noah. A wide variety of kids, with a range of issues. And he could hang out with my son Oliver. Diapers welcome.


I got new ugg boots today, i got new ugg boots today, i got new ugg boots today.

Sorry, just had to share!


we are moving home to florida mainly so my mother, the Master's Degree Teacher, can care for my daughter at a fraction of the normal price.
And BTW, teh internets are so so very proud of noah, and of you.


I don't know about the preschool thing, but you looked positively fabulous for Jason's party!


My in-laws, who also live in PA, told me that I was just applying to the hoity toity preschools. I was like no, that is how much preschools cost here.


My kid goes to a preschool run by a church :/


I'm glad you're back. I've been checking in, hoping for the latest update.

Bad chardonnay should be banned. Did you see the article that showed cheap wine tasted better when it was priced higher?


Here's the article I referenced in my comment. I'm sorry I wasn't prepared and had to put in two comments.


Here's the article I referenced in my comment. I'm sorry I wasn't prepared and had to put in two comments. Can I still have cookay?


Yea for cookays!


I've been reading DC Foodies for years, and only recently started reading amalah. (I know, my bad!) Over the last month I have become completely addicted to reading your posts, and even went waaay back in the archives, where I giggled at my desk until tears ran out of my eyes. I'm kinda sorta trying to get knocked up myself, and I'm anxious, nervous, in denial, obsessed, confused, etc. and just happy to know that someone else chases their prenatal vitamin with wine. Thanks for your witty, sarcastic, touching, tear-jerking, and hilarious writing.


I agree. If they want to charge an arm, leg and kidney for preschool then they can change my kid's crappy diaper. For that kind of money, you (the school) potty train 'em.


Yay for you guys! Yay for the little man! It is such an awesome feeling when it all starts to come together for them!

Enjoy it, sister! You are a rockin' mommy!!!!


I'm surprised you're not looking into special needs preschool, run by either your county's ESC or MRDD. Noah could get OT and speech therapy while he was at school, have other special needs (as well as "typical") peers, and a teacher who is knowledgeable about his needs. I'm a preschool special needs teacher in Ohio, feel free to shoot me any questions you might have!


I do the whole "cookay? No cookay." question to my husband nearly every day. Although sometimes I interchange "cookay" with "ice cream?" or "chocolate?"

Can you tell I'm on a diet?


I agree with preschools =, in retaliation, I only sent my son to preschool for one year - the year just before kindergarten. He's almost 14 now, and perfectly "normal"....he only called me 5 times at work today trying to talk me into believing how sick he was so that I would get him out of school. When that didn't work, he called twice to try and get me to get him out of his PE class. The point being, you have much to look forward to!!!!! In the meantime, way-to-go-Noah!!!!!


I'm so so glad that things are continuing to go well. I love the fact that he answers his own question. Adorable!
I teach in one of those pre-schools tucked away in a church...and have my kids there too. Teaching was the only way to afford it!




Do not forget to check if your school district offers a pre-school!

My not-quite-autistic -happy-funny-smart -but-just-a-wee-bit-off son started attending the school district's inclusionary preschool at 3. The program for which there is often a waiting list if your kid is neurotypical, and which I knew nothing about until someone mentioned it to me. Which provided him with free speech therapy and OT, socialization, and a fun bus ride each day to and from school! Whee!

Best thing we've done for him so far.


Ah, the narrative arc... I love me the getting drunk and falling down part.


I have two sons like Velma's, and we also availed ourselves of the school district's (FREE) inclusionary preschool. It was wonderful. First of all, the teacher:student ratio is something insane like 5:1. Second, they are all trained to know what's just quirky and what's IEP material. And best of all, they don't freak out if the kid doesn't fit into the box the way all the other kids do.

And dare I mention -- the diaper thing? Not so much an issue at a school like this.


Sorry for the unsolicited advice, but I live in your area(ish) and we use a co-op preschool. The 2-year-old program is $100 a MONTH, and the work is really minimal. I have to go in to be a teacher's helper during class about once every 5-6 weeks and my husband had to spend one saturday morning cleaning and that's it for the year. It's a great school, too. Good luck finding something for him!


Hee. And now, darn it, I want a cookie.

Naomi Dunford

@ Linda - I think that's prounounced "cookay".


I've been a total and creepy lurker for about a year now but I just had to come out and say thanks. My wee one, Dex, has a bit of the old speech delay and we are being evaluated for early intervention this week (since we made the appointment, he's learned 4 new words. Way to make a liar of mom!). Anywho, your blog has kept me giggling and smiling as I see someone else with a little prince who is "going through the process". Truly... thanks!


What is this, some kind of joke? That mock preschool, it's going to have to be at least 3 times that size. Best movie *EVER*


I guess it depends on where in Pennsylvania, but here in Philadelphia the Montessori school our 3 year-old goes to costs about the same per year as my 3.5 years of college at a state school did. And we pay it gladly, for some reason. What the heck did my mom do with us when we were 3 or 4?


yay for noah!

plus drunk + falling down = always the perfect way the end a narrative.


Glad to hear things are going so well! And we have a lot of cookays here, too. ;) (ps LOVE the Zoolander reference!)
Also, seem to remember you may be in/around MO county...the daycare I bring my boys to has three locations in that county...don't know if any are near you or if you've already looked into any of them.
We've had both our boys there since they were 7 and 8 weeks old and love it. They have a great philosophy for child education, discipline, potty training, and even free Parent University. Might at least be worth looking into (plus, they don't require potty-training if you do the "daycare" versus the preschool/morning enrichment...and not sure if they still have this policy...but if you pay your registration fee, but decide to go elsewhere, your fee is refunded). I could go on-and-on, obviously. If you're interested, check out the link or you can email me and I can give you more info. Gavin's now 3-1/2 and Coopers now 6 months, so that gives you an idea of how long we've been working with this company. Other people we've recommended have decided to stay with this company as well. They are not overpriced babysitting, like so many other places we checked out (including national chains). oh, and in case that link doesn't come through:
childsplayinc dot com


Another vote for school-district preschool! Cameron qualified here in Ohio when he turned 3 (like Noah he's speech-delayed and has sensory issues), gets free ot/pt and speech and is following directions, taking turns and sharing with others! Our older kid (no delays) went to a regular ($$$$$$) preschool, and I wish I sent her to the district's preschool through their peer mentor program (typically developing kids model appropriate speech/behavior), it's been that good.


oops--forgot to mention that the peer mentors have to pay, but the tuition is cheaper than the $$$$$$ preschool was.


oops--forgot to mention that the peer mentors have to pay, but the tuition is cheaper than the $$$$$$ preschool was.


Dang, I guess we were kinda lucky to pay $60 per month for preschool last year. Although, it was a co-op and I had to work there 2-3 days a month, which kinda defeats the purpose of preschool. You have to spend the day there and can't go get a pedicure or something. WTH?


I just started working at a daycare - the prices ARE crazy - and yet, marginally understandable, given the child-to-caregiver ratios and standards and stuff :-)


First, I'm glad things are swell and the COOKAY and ROLLY PIN made me laugh a little out loud during class, so stop that. I expected to get the old entry and didn't think I'd be laughing (in case you are scolding me for reading blogs during class).

Secondly, and this is very sad, Rent is closing June 1. Nat'l tours smashional tours, we all know Broadway is the best. Anyway, I feel like it's an end of an era. I fell in the love with the music rollerblading when I was 12, and memorized all the words although there were many I didn't understand, and went on to see it too many times and to spend too much time with friends singing through the entire soundtrack. Sad.


it's a rough cycle, but we love every minute of it. i mean, the details differ, but aren't we all really doing the same thing? you just describe it so much prettier...


Oh yes, we've looked into the co-ops and the school district preschools and they don't look like the right options for us. Noah isn't delayed enough for the inclusionary preschool, which is run by a whole other department than Infants & Toddlers. (He graduates from I&E at age three, and I think it's highly unlikely that he'll qualify for any more state help at that point.)

And the co-ops just don't really jibe with my work schedule and our hope that I will be home with another itty bitty baby at some point. I really want daycare...but I want to call it preschool instead of daycare. We are applying to at least one co-op, but secretly I'm hoping we just get waitlisted so I don't have to pitch a spoiled-brat fit about it in favor of the lovely Montessori school with the extended day program that we could walk to. They have bunnies!

Preschools! Boringest topic ever. Let's get back to the cookays.


Great Zoolander reference!

Glad to hear that you've had a string of good days. NIce.

Can I have a cookay?

Papa Bradstein

We made the mistake once--once!--of handing 3B one of those cookies that Harris Teeter has at their entrances for kids. Now we have that cookay conversation several times a day. Seriously, do kids go online to share tips, or what? Anyway, when I replace lunch with a supermarket cookie handout with our next child, I'm telling him, it's broccoli.


Shouldn't the narrative arc include ONE LAST trip to see RENT?

< a href="">RENT to close


Oh, that was pretty. Here it is again. NY Times article on the closing of RENT.


I second the grandparents idea. Move back to Bucks! Because I'm in Bucks, too! Well...just outside, on the otherside of County Line. You could take me to Sephora and try in vain to make me pretty like you! DO IT!


Please, pleeeeeezzzzzzzz record the 'cookay? no cookay?". I bet he sounds too adorable.

Katie Kat

If anyone needs a break, it's you my dear! CHEERS! (Livers are totally overrated anyhow. Have you ever eaten one? BLECH!)

You CAN'T move to Pennsylvania, because you are going to move to MY town and become my best friend. Remember? And Noah and Bethany are gonna get married? Remember? COOKAY?????


i'm so happy for your honeymoon of a week!
i'm not looking forward to preschool with ash. bah.


I love you. Not in the supportive- you'll-get-through-this way as expressed in the past, but in the you're-awesome say.

That is all.

(Oh, and:

"And here I thought all this stuff was dumped on ME for the sole purpose of pissing ME the hell off. Huh."

Are you me?)


Child care prices are insane, whether it be preschool OR daycare. My daughter is five and will be going to kindergarten in the fall; she has been in full-time daycare since she was six weeks old. When all's said and done and she leaves the daycare, we will have paid +/- $50,000 for the time she spent there. Good thing I love the place!


Delurking- glad to hear an update and happy things are going well!


This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I read about RENT ending in June and thought of you. I think you went twice recently...but you and Jason should make it a hat trick just because!

Cynthia Samuels

How wonderful to share these victories with Sir Noah! It's a real blessing when kids make those leaps - and moving that we've contributed to their victories.
My great sympathies on the preschool prices -- I always say we could have bought a house for what we paid in schools and tutors (LD) for our kids. They get all smart and productive and self-sufficient. Amazing!

Dr. Maureen

I tried to comment on the last post but Typepad would not let me. It just sent me into a continuous loop of "Please enter the letters you see to prove you are a real person" and "Click to post." I tried several times. But I just wanted to say yay for Noah!


Good to have you back.
By the way, I have vivid memories of going to preschool testing in a church basement that I swear had not one window. Or lights. I imagine that one was dirt cheap, though fortunately I didn't have to go there.


Hi Noah! Commenter # 78 here. We love you!


I dont email daily either, but then again, no one really reads my blog...

Hey, did you know RENT was closing from Broadway in June?

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