Let's Just Call This One "Tuesday"
It was either us or them at this point

Lunch Bunch Dropout

So I quit Lunch Bunch yesterday. And the one-on-one occupational therapy.

(The eyeballs of several trolls just rolled completely out of their heads and out into traffic. Quick! Run after them!)

I pretty much knew it was time to quit after last week, and then Noah's success in his Thursday Non-Lunch-Bunch class confirmed what I already suspected: Noah did not like his occupational therapist, and she didn't quite seem to like him very much either, and no, the marriage could not be saved and was probably doomed from the day she walked into our house and then tried to rub his face with the duckie washcloth 15 seconds after saying hi.

We moved OT from our house to the early intervention center. We added group therapy and a special ed teacher and yet, no progress.

I should have listened to my gut and just called and requested a new therapist. But lo, I am pussy, hear me puss out. I kept giving it one more week, another try, another chance for Noah to snap out it because dude, she hasn't touched your face in months! Chill out. Eat some pudding.

Then last week she called him a brat.

She. Called. Him. A Brat.

I cannot even tell you what it felt like to hear that -- especially after weeks of frayed nerves and nonstop worry; especially hearing it in the one place where special needs children are supposed to be understood and accepted. But because Noah was not getting any better, she decided that it was not her, it was him. Since she'd been unable to help him, his panic and screaming and refusal to do anything she asked were not sensory at all, but were "just him being a B-R-A-T."

I guess I should give her points for spelling it, since Noah was within earshot. But my heart clenched and my hair stood up on the back of my neck and Dear Internet Confessional, I have never, ever come so close to whipping my earrings out and lunging at someone's hair.

But instead, I just. Sat there. Dumbfounded. Because...mother h. fucker, Noah is one of the least bratty children in the world, swear to God, and I would really tell you if I believed otherwise. He is strong-willed, he is sensitive, he is difficult in his own difficult-to-define way. He is also calm and meticulous, empathetic beyond his years, loving and affectionate and just an all-around sweetheart. (I know, I know, he is also the most beautiful child who ever walked the earth and the smartest and his poop smells like flowers blah blah mama-delusion-cakes.)

I'm so disappointed that I just sat there. I think I maybe stammered that...uh...actually I don't think so, I think there might be some TRUST ISSUES at play here (what with her insistence that if we just forcibly hold him on top of the exercise ball, eventually he'll stop being scared of the exercise ball, GAH GAH GAH DID YOU LEARN EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT SENSORY INTEGRATION DISORDER FROM THE BACK OF A CEREAL BOX?).

I should have said something else, or marched down to the office and demanded a new therapist right then and there, but I didn't. I sat there, in a little crumpled pile of defeat.

And then, Thursday.

That occupational therapist told me that Noah did need support to stay with the group, but she gave him that support and he stayed with the group. And he needed a lot of extra time to process transitions. While they gave the rest of the class a one-minute warning between activities, Noah got one at five minutes, and four, three, two and one. He needed time alone when he got overwhelmed -- they let him hide under a slide for a few minutes whenever they sensed the noise of the room was starting to get to him. Every teacher in the room was willing and able to help him, and he clearly adored them by the end of the hour. One hour, and total preschool-ready victory was achieved.

And then, yesterday. Lunch Bunch. With her. Once again, an exhausting, tantrummy mess. Noah did sit for awhile (only after some help from a random therapist who was there to observe) and fed some plastic fruit to a puppet. But it was obvious that he was not being all he could be. She suggested that perhaps we should drop all this and let Noah focus on his Thursday class. She told me I could think about it.

I thought about it. Five minutes later I signed the paperwork agreeing to end OT services. It felt good. It was the right thing to do.

The right thing for NOW, anyway. Let me say, while the therapy itself was usually kind of tortuous, there's no denying that Noah is a totally different kid now. Her bedside manner may have left something to be desired (she actually always sort of reminded me of my very first lactation consultant, a woman who can still make me cry just by passing by me in the pediatrician's office hallway), but she gave us tons of stuff to try and activities to do and ways to incorporate therapy into everyday play. And it all worked. I mean, SLIDES. HE GOES DOWN SLIDES. He jumps! He walks up the stairs sometimes! He no longer toe-walks and rarely falls. He eats...well, he eats a few more things, but no longer seems completely repulsed by certain textures or the feel of a fork. We will continue with the class on Thursday, and if I think he needs more OT services, I will request them from the therapist from there. Noah gave her a hug last week. I think he likes her. I like her. But I think we've cleared that particular hurdle.

While his speech started improving almost immediately after we started Early Intervention, we only really got the big language explosion AFTER we saw the OT-related improvements.   Maybe I should have switched therapists, maybe it could have been easier, maybe it all would have corrected itself on its own.  In the end, though, I can't argue with success, however we found it.

I officially enrolled Noah in a preschool this morning. And I think the little brat is going to do just fine.




OMG-Amalah I am so sorry that this happened to you and Noah. He isn't...I promise. I can't believe that she would have said (or spelled) it.
Good for you to stand up to the situation. You know more about what he needs now - obviously she does not...I am sure that between your new knowledge and his new preschool, he will do just fine!


Good for you , Amy.
I'm rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. :-)
I'm glad to know Noah has improved despite the therapist issues.


Those brown eyes. Gah. They make my heart explode.

Congrats on making a hard decision, lovely.

Someone Being Me

I am impressed with your restraint. A picture of the therapist flat on her back after you knocked her out would have made for great blog fodder. Oh well. I'm glad Noah is doing so much better. I can't wait to read the chronicles of preschool as told by Noah, narrated by Amy.


"I'm rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. :-)"
That part of my comment was directed to the therapist, in case you didn't catch that.


Wow. Not acceptable. It is her job--her job--to figure out alternative approaches if something isn't working. I have to admit I was shocked to hear that she went after him with a washcloth at the very beginning. Scooter has sensory issues too, and they have improved a bit with OT. But his therapists did this by addressing gross motor skills and getting him to learn to control his body. The sensory and speech improvements came along for the ride.

I can't sing the praises of OT enough, but I would have pulled him out of a situation like that too. And how could she not like Noah? Stubborn and sensitive does not a brat make!


Holy crap. What a b*tch. We had one fill-in OT that was horrid, but never called my kid a name. Onward! Here's to lots of fun times in preschool!


Your little one is clearly far from a brat, and is, in fact, the cutest child ever. Good for you for making the decision that is the best for you AND Noah. He will be just fine.

All Adither

What a B-I-O-T-C-H she was to say that.


I don't usually post. And I know you've thought about this. But you are going to tell someone in a position of authority why you are leaving?


I hope you reported that woman. That was completely inappropriate and unprofessional.


Good for you, Amalah. Listening to the gut is a good, good, oh-so-good thing, and not just with regard to tasty cheese selections.

She Likes Purple

There's an entire Internet whose hair stood up when we read that too.

He's going to do beautifully. We can't wait to see all he does and becomes.


I don't even have children, but reading that whole "brat" part made me cringe. INAPPROPRIATE!

Amy :)

Oh god, I know just how you feel. And if you're like me, you'll play the scene back over and over in your mind saying and doing what you *wish* you'd said and done and it will make you crazy. Crazier. Whatever. Anyway, my heart jumped into my throat when I read that, because if anyone ever called my son a brat, I think I'd explode. I mean, I'M allowed to call him that, but no one else.

Ready for the insults

Okay- I know I will be a lone voice in the list of moms congratulating themselves on- well everything- but I can assure you, parents are not the best judges of if their children are brats. You are supposed to be the number one supporter- that makes you blind to what others can see. Am I saying Noah is a brat? Hardly, I have never met him. But neither have most of you. Being adorable and having a lovely mother who is a great writer does not make exclude you from being a brat.


Noah is the least batty kid I've ever seen. Michael is a bratty kid.

Um, I'm so offended, and trying really not hard not to inform everyone I know in that office how much she sucks.


I want to open up a can of whoop-B-U-T-T all over that therapist on behalf of you and The Noah.


I totally would have reacted to the "B-R-A-T" comment the same way. But now, could I please have her name and number so I can personally kick her ass?


That woman is a disgrace. Good for you - doing what you knew was best for Noah.

Not the same, but we pulled our 5 year old out of Kindergarten because he was exhibiting signs of depression. I am convinced that a lot of it was thanks to his teacher. We as parents knew what we had to do and did it. Luc is a much happier kid for it.

I too, can't believe you didn't knock her flat! You have more restraint than I.


How out of line that therapist was! On so many levels! I kinda wished you lunged for her hair, though.

Best of luck with pre-school, and, I assume, potty training.


Preschool will be so much fun. Good for you for doing what you think is right for him.


Holy crap. I may THINK a kid is a brat, and I may mutter it to my husband but there is NO WAY on Earth that I would even consider for one second saying it to their parents.

Is this the same group that he did so well in last week? Was it just last week?


OMG!! I cannot believe she said that to you guys!!! Noah's adorable! Though I don't know you personally, nothing you have ever said about him puts him anywhere in a "brat" catagory. It's when people act like that that gets you wondering why in the world they went into a pediatric field to begin with!!! Ugh... I'm sorry. I'm sure Noah will do great in preschool!!


That was so out of line. My son currently gets OT services and I would fall over if our therapist ever said that. Not out of anger but out of shock! (well and a little anger)
Their JOB is to help you not to make excuses why it's not working.
Arghhh! I so hope you told someone higher up about it.
Good luck with preschool.


That was so out of line. My son currently gets OT services and I would fall over if our therapist ever said that. Not out of anger but out of shock! (well and a little anger)
Their JOB is to help you not to make excuses why it's not working.
Arghhh! I so hope you told someone higher up about it.
Good luck with preschool. :)


Is it wrong that I would have responded to your (former) OT one-on-one with: "No, you're just being a B-I-T-C-H"?

(If it is wrong, I don't want to be right - I'll turn the other cheek if you insult me, but come after my family and there will be hell to pay.)

Anyway, I'm so happy that Noah has made such tremendous strides recently and that you've found an environment that's helping him to thrive. Go Team Storch!

Heather B.

That's funny since I'm always talking about that brat, Noah, whose face is all over my office. Gosh, such a nuisance that one.


How unprofessional of her. Therapists are taught skill, but can't always be taught compassion and tact. You should think about reporting it to her supervisor.


A smackdown would not have been out of line. What an unprofessional and rude comment.


Good for you! A hard decision, and you made it. I would have been seeing red if that woman talked about my child that way. Please tell me that you intend to report her. She should not be in the position she's in.

Noah's going to be great. He already is great. He's two. Lots of time to overcome his various little problems. I personally think he's going to do just fine.


What a rude comment by the OT! Good on you for going with your instincts and knowing what's best for Noah. He'll be fine!


I've been reading forever and the one thing Noah is NOT is a brat. That's terribly unfair and ridiculous to label him as just being a jerk, he's not behaving strangely because it's FUN for him. Obviously he's having some troubles with things, just because she feels she can't help doesn't make him a brat.

That lady oughta be reported. I can understand getting frustrated, but a professional who is supposed to be there to help your child really shouldn't be calling him names.


Amy, maybe she was just acting that way because she's a B-I-T-C-H.

I hate to hear that someone said that about Noah. It makes me want to kick her ass.


I am so going to miss the funny "Lunch Bunch" recaps. Just keep posting cute smiley pics of Noah, though, and I'll keep checking back!


While I think the therapist was out of line, no question, are you sure you want to pull him out of the interventions completely? He seems to have made many strides lately but still to have some issues to overcome. Not that it matters what I think (at all, it is your kid!) but perhaps shopping around for a different therapist would be a good idea?


I second, or third, or whatever the "you need to tell her boss" comments. It is inexcusable for an OT to make a comment like that to a parent. "Headstrong", for instance, may have been a better word choice. Our son hated his OT also. She consistantly worse-cased everything about him when all other therapists disagreed. We finally fired her ourselves and asked the county for a different one. Soooooo much nicer now. When you decide to go back to OT you'll be far less complacent - and that's a good thing.


Your gut: it's smart.
Have your own personal Lunch Bunch at a McDonalds...with slides.

Want to poke that woman's eyes out.


You're such a good person. Bitch would have been missin' her two front teeth if I would have heard it.

Noah will be fine, you'll do what's best for him in your own way, because that's what you do. :)


I think that therapist may have been the bigger B-R-A-T than Noah. I'm sure he's going to do great in preschool. And you're going to do great without that woman!


I haven't read your whole entry - or the comments; but I hope that you aren't beating yourself up about waiting to make a change. You're the mother not the expert - without the expert education it takes parents a while to figure out whats right and whats wrong. Also, sometimes people are not in the right careers - much like my son's guidance counselor who encouraged us to take him out of school; in front of my son.


One note - we are NOT pulling him out of services completely. Definitely NOT.

He will still attend the class on Thursdays -- it's called Kids At Play and it's a Hanen/language/combo class and there is an OT present to help Noah and a couple other kids with issues similar to his. It's fantastic because it blends the language development stuff and the sensory stuff together, all in a mock preschool setting.

It was canceled today because of snow, boo.


You did the right thing. Sounds like this woman was not willing to be the adult in this situation and get over the personality conflict.

I swear we're living parallel lives sometimes. Cordy's PT sounds a lot like your OT. Only we can't request another, because she's the only one assigned to that school. I was going to post soon about how I found out Cordy's PT told an outside person in the classroom that Cordy was "trouble" and "don't let her fool you"! I'm still trying to cool down before I post about it.


Are you going to write a letter to...someone...about that? I would. Dude.


Are you going to inform her supervisor? Becausing calling a kid a B-R-A-T is such a no-no, even if they really are being a brat. It sounds like Noah is on the right track; Jr was the same way and still is. He'll drag his feet for most of the school year and then BLAMMO! He's suddenly doing what we've been asking him to do all frickin' year. And yay for sliding! And talking!


dude, you need to report her. because she should NOT be allowed to treat children that way. especially children in OT ... it's pretty standard that you have to build trust before introducing new stimuli (like a duckie face cloth).

her bosses need to know that she treated you that way.


Ok, I have to say that I have not a lot of input on the therapy because I have no children, but I think that following your gut is a good thing.

But, more importantly? I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!! I just want to pinch his cheeks and put him in my pocket for safe-keeping.


Christina! OMG and WTF. And that's why I waited a whole week to post this...took me that long to calm down.

And you know what? Even if Noah really was the brattiest brat who ever bratted, no one gets to actually call him that but me.

And again, I swear, the behavior she saw was Noah In Distress, not Noah Negotiating For A Better Outcome Like Cookays.


I will totally go Ozark on her for you. What an ignorant thing for her to say. Hang in there, mama.


Calling Noah a B-R-A-T is not only inaccurate, it is completely unprofessional. I'm proud of you for making that decision.


100% agree with everyone who says you should report this. Maybe Noah didn't understand what she was spelling, but you did, and these sessions aren't just for him. Her job is to make him better and to make you feel better about the whole ordeal, and she failed to do so on a number of levels, but especially that one. You can't just snicker behind a child's back like that.

Maybe take some time to cool down before calling (I always do, so that when I have a complaint about someone else's immaturity, they don't end up rolling their eyes at me blowing my top off and say, "Yeah, tell me about it"), but if she thinks it's acceptable to say that, she's wrong. Whether it's true or not (and I trust your self-judgment: it's not), no professional has the right to say that, least of all in front of the mother she's trying to help.


I think you should get bonus points for not putting vaseline on your face, rolling up your sleeves, and taking her down.


WOW! I've lurked here for a while; I have a daughter that is substantially similar to Noah in a lot of ways and I've enjoyed reading your blog to know that I'm not navigating these strange waters alone.

I'm not sure that I could have controlled myself from punching that woman out. And if I had controlled myself, I would have most likely just melted into a puddle of crying, since I'm like that when I'm angry.

You did the right things! Therapy that's not working is just not worth the time and is counterproductive. Here's to preschool without that crazed lunatic of an OT!


(Look at me with the comments! My site is going to start CAPTCHA-ing me to prove I'm not a spammy robot.)

Yes, I am going to talk to our case manager about it. She was our in-home speech therapist and knows beyond a shadow of doubt that Noah is not a brat. At least not 99% of the time. He just has the memory of an elephant when it comes to people and washcloths.

anastasia beaverhausen

Wow! How bloody unprofessional is that? Blame it on the special needs kid! How convenient for this BITCH to blame your kid and never for one second think that she's not...um..."being all that she can be" with Noah. One wonders if this insn't what she always does when her particular brand of therapy doesn't work. Just pitiful. Take a cookie out of the cookie jar and give it to Noah. From me.


To call your little child a name like that is outrageous.
I wouldn't want that woman anywhere near my children, good for you for following your Mummy instinct.


So, wait . . . she told YOU that Noah was a brat? Seriously?

Even if Noah were the brattiest of brats, her calling him a name would still be more than inappropriate. Her job, as someone suggested above, is to make everyone in your family comfortable with services. What kind of therapist is she, anyway?

Complain, complain, complain. Be the cliched squeaky wheel. Your family--and lots of other therapy-seeking families--will benefit from your coming forward.

And what the hell--go ahead and slash her tires.


Good for you! No professional should ever speak about a child in those terms! I think pulling him out of OT was the right choice...sometimes a bad relationship with a therapist can be more harmful than no therapy at all!

I was going to comment on your last post, but my internet was being stupid...I was wondering if you had considered public preschool? If you have a child in EI, he is entitled to services in the school district setting when he turns three. FREE and appropriate services. Just something to think about for the future.


Good for you mama!

Hope the preschool goes wonderfully!


Good for you! My mouth dropped when I read she had called Noah a brat. It was unprofessional to say the least (which I know you know).

The picture you posted--I ask you, how do you keep from gobbling that boy's cheeks EVERY chance you get? He is one cute kiddo.


Wow-what a B-I-T-C-H. I am surprised at how unprofessional she was.


Argh. Brat? That sucks. I don't know you that well (hell, I don't know you really - just from stalking you on the internet) but I don't think you're the kind of person who stoops to the level of a pediatric OT that calls a child a brat. It wouldn't have served a purpose.

Instead you did what was right for Noah, FOR NOW. You can always go back and request a different OT if you feel like you want to try again.

You didn't wuss out. It takes time for trusting people to realize we're in a bad situation. You gave her the benefit of the doubt. That's what makes you a great person, and a great mom. I'm looking forward to hearing how preschool goes!


I've got another b-word for you, but it applies to the OT. I understand your stammering. It's called being stunned. Stunned silence. She's still a b-i-t-c-h.


OMG. I can't believe your therapist said that. I'm currently going to school to be an OT and that's just DISGRACEFUL to the profession. We're in this to deal with kids and others no matter how difficult they are being...that's what we're trained to do. But to sit there and say that to your face was pathetic and I hope that you find the courage to complain to some sort of management regarding that issue. She should be fired for that attitude.


I'm sure you're not the complain-and-get-someone-in-trouble-professionally type, but she was way out of line! I can't believe she would stigmatize him in such a way. When he clearly didn't deserve it. Even if she did spell it... you know how to spell.

She's clearly not doing her job very well.

Michele Rowe

I have not read all the comments, but here's my two cents: I would report this unprofessional behavior.



How completely unprofessional. Not to mention rude.

Good for you for making the change. I know my poor mom is still guilty for not believing me (over 20 years ago!) about how awful a teacher was until she found out first-hand, by having said teacher make catty remarks about another (very sweet, shy) girl in my class and then accuse me of lying to her (about something that my mother just happened to know was absolutely true). Sometimes a person's behavior is simply so inconceivable that you can't, well, conceive of it in order to head it off, and all you can do is react. Which you did!

Lisa M

Yes, rude, unprofessional, and should be fired. Some people's egos get in the way of doing a good job and bending to what the child needs instead of following their own rigid rules. But hooray for the progress he's made!!


If you're going to go into treating kids with special needs, shouldn't you have a little more patience?

If you're going to be working with parents of these kids, shouldn't you have a little more class?


Good for you, Amalah.


Holy balls.

She called him a name?! I think I'd have been dumbfounded, too. And then I would've preceded to spend every waking moment imagining all the things I should have done/said in response.

I hope she gets crotch-crickets, and that your little man kicks ass in preschool!


wow...even if Noah was completely acting out, that was totally uncalled-for and completely unprofessional. We have close friends whose kid can be a real snot, but I would never tell them their child was being a brat (just mumble it under my breath out of earshot, maybe).
Glad you found a preschool...I really hope it works out great and you have non-brat-callin' teachers there.


Wowee, was that woman out of line! I know you know that, but wowza, what kind of special needs therapist calls a child names?

It's a constant learning experience, isn't it? Not for our kids, I mean - for us! I've definitely developed more confidence in my opinions (and making those opinions known!) after traveling down the special-needs path for the last 5 years.


As someone who is *thisclose* to just flat out bitch slapping her son's teacher, I feel you girl. I feel ya.

I would also complain to the supervisor of the name caller. Although I am sure Satan is booked and it may take a while for him to get back to you.


I second the crotch crickets... with a nice dose of finger fungus and hairy moles. Better yet, let's just paint the unproffessional hag green and help her to find some ruby red slippers. Ahem, I am done. Please excuse my outburst. Please resume being an awesome Mom and go Noah!


i'll kick that woman's ass, and i'll wear a brass knuckle.

seriously, who does she think she is?


seriously? want us to send her some hate mail? b/c how is that at all okay to say to a child's mother - of a child that you work with?! girlfriend needs to find herself a NEW job if she's going to be saying stuff like that.

you're amazing amy!


Wow. I can't believe she said that. Please do report her. That is soo unprofessional and if she said that to you, she's saying it to other parents too, and this is NOT what parents need to hear.
He's not even my kid and I can't see past the 'brat' enough to move to the next part!


I am typeless. I don't even know that to type. She called your child a brat to your face? Un.be.liev.able.

Well she can take her ducky wash cloth and terrorize her own kids with it.

I know Noah has made tremendous strides but the way you described her? She always sounded like an idiot to me. And apparently she really is.


To "Ready for the Insults" - it actually doesn't matter whether Noah is or isn't a brat. I don't know either, never met him. But, I do know a professional has no right to call him a brat, particularly to his mother and definitely not when her strategies were not doing the job and another OT's were.


Good decision. Don't beat yourself up about not doing it sooner, because you didn't know.
I discovered recently in our struggle with infertility that, like any profession, there are good doctors or therapists, and there are bad ones.
You got a bad one.
Noah sounds like a wonderful little boy. I love hearing about him. And your pretty, pretty Coach purses too. :)


Wow, I can't believe she had the nerve to call him a brat. What an incredibly rude W-H-O-R-E.


Hi -

I've lurked for a long time, I'm tackling a lot of the same issues with my son. So sorry you had that experience with a therapist. We had a different but similar experience with a speech therapist and once we switched to a more experienced therapist the improvements have been non-stop. Kudos on enrolling Noah in preschool. My son is 3 1/2 and we've had him in preschool for quite a while and it's been so good for him. There are some painful times but it gets better and you'll be so proud of the little guy's accomplishments. Go Noah go.


A two year old can't BE a brat, because he or she is TWO!!! It is the job of a two-year-old to try out new things, and test limits, and feel independent, and have strong emotions, and worry about the unfamiliar, and learn how to be around people by having good models... And anyone whose job it is to help and support children and their families needs to know that implicitly.


What a B-i-t-c-h. You should have reported her at the least and then kicked her ass. How could a little guy with a face that angelic be a brat? Last month my boy who never cries unless he is hurt went on a 4 day non-stop crying jag and I took him to the hospital. The ER staff suggested it was just a tantrum. Turned out to be something serious that managed to fix itself but I called everyone I could to complain


I would call and report it!

La Rêveuse (a teacher)

PLEASE please please report her. She had no right, I don't care how frustrated she was.

I bet you wish you had said, "and you're a S-H-I-T-T-Y teacher."

Motherhood Uncensored

Wow. Unprofessional much?

Yeah. That sucks. Even if they are brats, you never tell their parents that.




What a total bitch. Seriously, how totally rude and crude and unprofessional and just downright mean? I want to go put the smackdown on her for Noah. GRR. Calling that sweet baby boy of yours a brat. She is obviously C-R-A-Z-Y.

anne nahm

I am so sorry that happened. I'd bet most of us understand the stunned silence - to get to the place where you are open to the opinions and advice of others, you have to let down your guard/bullshit filter.

I certainly hope she regrets what she said, as it is the reflection of the kind of person she was being that day more than anything else.


that OT calling him a Brat is extemely unprofessional and she should be immediatly reported to her supervisors for that. absolutely unacceptable behavior.

If you live near Kensington,MD i know an outstanding OT who works with sensory issues i can refer you too once you are ready to start OT again. My brother who wouldn't even touch family members, and forget strangers touching him without a meltdown. Through this OT he learned to hug which was huge.
Good call on leaving the other OT, Terrible terrible unprofessional women.


I'm sure that this comment will be one of a million in agreement- YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. A Mom should rely on her gut, and you did.
That woman is just lucky that you didn't jump up and bitch slap her for such an unprofessional and RUDE remark. That's great that you pulled him out and found a proper school for him.


Omigah. That face, I can't get over that face. I would've punched her. I would've at least yelled at her. But then again, that's why you're the momma and I'm the not-happy fan of the momma's writing. That's why you're a much better person than I.

I'm actually proud of you for doing all this, and having a great attitude while doing it. :-)


Two year olds are not deliberate brats. They're TWO. And this is from a mom of an almost 3 yr old who is... high spirited. And no, no one else may call him a brat.

J from Ireland

Oh my god, I can't believe she called him a brat, that is just awful behaviour from a professional. Your son is beautiful, he Will find his way. My son is now 12 who had similar issues very young and is a joy. You are doing a great job, fair play to you!


The fact that she actually took the time to spell out B-R-A-T shows that she is a huge J-E-R-K.
House of Jules


I have a great OT on 270/Montrose. Email me if you are interested!


I'll weigh in with everyone else who says you should make an issue of this with your ex-OT's supervisors. She at the very least needs some remedial training. You'll be doing her other patients a big favor by addressing it.

You are a great mom and I have mad respect for you.


Good for you for staying so calm. Now she will have nothing against you should you decide to go after her. which you should. with a vengeance.


OMG, I cant believe that evil woman called your son a brat. I'd call and complain. She shouldn't be allowed to work around children.

I'm glad you guys wont have to go through that anymore it seemed so hard on both of you.

And I'm sorry if I offended you in a previous post. I think you are a great mom and you are doing a great job with Noah. And which ever way you decide to go Noah will be Okay. He's a terrific lil guy.


Shut up! I cannot believe anyone would call that sweetbean a brat. I am so sorry you had to go through that and feel that way just because she couldn't express her frustration more appropriately. Honestly, I'd report that. It's unacceptable, period.

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