Let's Just Call This One "Tuesday"
It was either us or them at this point

Lunch Bunch Dropout

So I quit Lunch Bunch yesterday. And the one-on-one occupational therapy.

(The eyeballs of several trolls just rolled completely out of their heads and out into traffic. Quick! Run after them!)

I pretty much knew it was time to quit after last week, and then Noah's success in his Thursday Non-Lunch-Bunch class confirmed what I already suspected: Noah did not like his occupational therapist, and she didn't quite seem to like him very much either, and no, the marriage could not be saved and was probably doomed from the day she walked into our house and then tried to rub his face with the duckie washcloth 15 seconds after saying hi.

We moved OT from our house to the early intervention center. We added group therapy and a special ed teacher and yet, no progress.

I should have listened to my gut and just called and requested a new therapist. But lo, I am pussy, hear me puss out. I kept giving it one more week, another try, another chance for Noah to snap out it because dude, she hasn't touched your face in months! Chill out. Eat some pudding.

Then last week she called him a brat.

She. Called. Him. A Brat.

I cannot even tell you what it felt like to hear that -- especially after weeks of frayed nerves and nonstop worry; especially hearing it in the one place where special needs children are supposed to be understood and accepted. But because Noah was not getting any better, she decided that it was not her, it was him. Since she'd been unable to help him, his panic and screaming and refusal to do anything she asked were not sensory at all, but were "just him being a B-R-A-T."

I guess I should give her points for spelling it, since Noah was within earshot. But my heart clenched and my hair stood up on the back of my neck and Dear Internet Confessional, I have never, ever come so close to whipping my earrings out and lunging at someone's hair.

But instead, I just. Sat there. Dumbfounded. Because...mother h. fucker, Noah is one of the least bratty children in the world, swear to God, and I would really tell you if I believed otherwise. He is strong-willed, he is sensitive, he is difficult in his own difficult-to-define way. He is also calm and meticulous, empathetic beyond his years, loving and affectionate and just an all-around sweetheart. (I know, I know, he is also the most beautiful child who ever walked the earth and the smartest and his poop smells like flowers blah blah mama-delusion-cakes.)

I'm so disappointed that I just sat there. I think I maybe stammered that...uh...actually I don't think so, I think there might be some TRUST ISSUES at play here (what with her insistence that if we just forcibly hold him on top of the exercise ball, eventually he'll stop being scared of the exercise ball, GAH GAH GAH DID YOU LEARN EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT SENSORY INTEGRATION DISORDER FROM THE BACK OF A CEREAL BOX?).

I should have said something else, or marched down to the office and demanded a new therapist right then and there, but I didn't. I sat there, in a little crumpled pile of defeat.

And then, Thursday.

That occupational therapist told me that Noah did need support to stay with the group, but she gave him that support and he stayed with the group. And he needed a lot of extra time to process transitions. While they gave the rest of the class a one-minute warning between activities, Noah got one at five minutes, and four, three, two and one. He needed time alone when he got overwhelmed -- they let him hide under a slide for a few minutes whenever they sensed the noise of the room was starting to get to him. Every teacher in the room was willing and able to help him, and he clearly adored them by the end of the hour. One hour, and total preschool-ready victory was achieved.

And then, yesterday. Lunch Bunch. With her. Once again, an exhausting, tantrummy mess. Noah did sit for awhile (only after some help from a random therapist who was there to observe) and fed some plastic fruit to a puppet. But it was obvious that he was not being all he could be. She suggested that perhaps we should drop all this and let Noah focus on his Thursday class. She told me I could think about it.

I thought about it. Five minutes later I signed the paperwork agreeing to end OT services. It felt good. It was the right thing to do.

The right thing for NOW, anyway. Let me say, while the therapy itself was usually kind of tortuous, there's no denying that Noah is a totally different kid now. Her bedside manner may have left something to be desired (she actually always sort of reminded me of my very first lactation consultant, a woman who can still make me cry just by passing by me in the pediatrician's office hallway), but she gave us tons of stuff to try and activities to do and ways to incorporate therapy into everyday play. And it all worked. I mean, SLIDES. HE GOES DOWN SLIDES. He jumps! He walks up the stairs sometimes! He no longer toe-walks and rarely falls. He eats...well, he eats a few more things, but no longer seems completely repulsed by certain textures or the feel of a fork. We will continue with the class on Thursday, and if I think he needs more OT services, I will request them from the therapist from there. Noah gave her a hug last week. I think he likes her. I like her. But I think we've cleared that particular hurdle.

While his speech started improving almost immediately after we started Early Intervention, we only really got the big language explosion AFTER we saw the OT-related improvements.   Maybe I should have switched therapists, maybe it could have been easier, maybe it all would have corrected itself on its own.  In the end, though, I can't argue with success, however we found it.

I officially enrolled Noah in a preschool this morning. And I think the little brat is going to do just fine.




i want to punch that lady in the face.
i probably wouldn't have said anything either, though. i, too, am pussy. hear me meow.


I'm glad that you did what you felt was best for yourself and Noah. Good luck with preschool!


....OMG that's one cute B-R-A-T you've got there!- I have taught for 22 years...the last 14 in kindergarten and I have yet to come across a brat I couldn't handle. That woman is a disgrace to therapists and teachers everywhere.


....OMG that's one cute B-R-A-T you've got there!- I have taught for 22 years...the last 14 in kindergarten and I have yet to come across a brat I couldn't handle. That woman is a disgrace to therapists and teachers everywhere.


Good for you for doing what you think is best. It's not always an easy decision.

When Zoe was doing physical therapy our first in home therapist was HORRIBLE. I kept thinking it would get better... and I was just being sensitive. I wasn't in agreement with her methods (letting Zoe scream for 5-10 minutes at a time while forcing her to remain laying on her tummy so she would "get used to tummy time".) but figured she must know what she was doing. Then one week she brought in this yoga ball to use with Zoe. It was filthy looking. She left it with us to use and I realized (as I wiped it down with clorox wipes)it smelled like smoke and was filthy because it was covered in smoke dirt from her smoking in her car with the ball collecting tobacco crap. It was the final straw... I called and reported her immediately and told the office I wanted a new therapist or was quiting the program. They were appalled.

They did give us a new therapist and she was wonderful. Zoe was walking before 15 months when the doctors said not to expect it until at least 18 months or later.


our oldest daughter struggled with many issues in the early years. like say, from 1 mth-4 years old. clothes that were meant to feel good felt "too soft", seatbelts were struggles, toe walking, sitting in the lazy-lack-of-stomach-muscles-W-position, textures of foods, only elastic pants could be worn, i could go on and on. after years of tantrums, we were directed to see an OT to have her assessed. she was diagnosed with "severe sensory integration dysfunction" and she wanted her to start weekly OT for 3 months. something about that bothered me. to hear someone say something was wrong triggered a reaction in me. i didn't want her to be labeled. i wanted her to get through it on her own but i also wanted someone to tell me i wasn't crazy when i thought she was way too difficult at school. so we said, "F it"...no OT, let's put her in preschool in the fall and pray for a miracle. 3 months later she was the happiest kid in the world loving preschool 3 days a week...and now, being almost 6 and in full day kindergarten, she is bright and wonderful and can sit criss cross applesauce and excels in all she does. she was bored. she needs to be busy and active. she needs to be challenged. she is happy and just fine. just fine. sorry for the ramble. noah seems just fine too. is normal.

Suzy Q

I don't know if anyone else has said this, but can you do Lunch Bunch without her? He seemed to be doing so well last week! Or is it too much? I really have no idea. All I know is that I love your little boy as much as anyone who has never met him can. And, I'm pulling for him and your little family every day.


How could anyone say such an adorable little boy is a brat? Good for you for going with your gut! I hope he kicks preschool's ass (in a good way, of course).


Brat? Oh holy god, no she didn't!

That is simply unacceptable. I hope you're reporting this to someone.


Hi, I just returned to teaching after a few years off with babies. Please, Please, write a letter to her supervisor detailing her behavior. She. Is. Highly. Unprofessional. I can't believe how furious I am from about 3,000 miles away. I so wish I could be your 'parent advocate'. I'd kick a** and take names for you.

Robyn Guerrasio

Ack! Tears again! Why must you do this to me!

Good for you, and blah blah blah you know all that. And yes, he's going to be AWESOME in preschool. Going to preschool was the best thing that's happened for my son Riley. Just wait till you start to see some little artwork!


Suzy Q - Lunch Bunch and the Thursday Class of Amazingness are two different things, with different teachers and therapists. SHE ran Lunch Bunch, with just a sweet (but pretty inexperienced) special ed teacher assisting. The goal of that class was to work on food/oral motor issues and they clearly had no idea how to deal with Noah's fight-or-flight reaction to group settings.

The Thursday class is a combo language/OT class and we are sticking with it until they kick Noah out for being too awesome and non-delayed. Heh. His success at that class made it crystal clear that SHE was a huge part of the problem, and better therapists were able to coax better behavior out of Noah in ONE GODDAMN HOUR than she's been able to do in THREE MONTHS.


(editing post to make lunch bunch vs. thursday class distinction clearer...pay no attention to my spastic, hole-ly storytelling...)


How do your eyes not explode from looking at that adorable cherub face every day? He is probably The Toddler Most Loved By People Who Do Not Know Him Called The Internets.

He so needs to marry my daughter when he grows up.


Oh, Amy, I thought about bringing up the possibility of personality conflict (i.e. bitchy therapist) issues but I held back because I'm sure you get advice about every angle, and I didn't want to pile on. My son had to have OT for torticolis, which is a weakness or injury in a neck muscle resulting in tilting the head to one side and can lead to flatness and possibly head-shaping helmet. ANYWAY, we weren't making much progress and I was SO miserable at each session. I had never been through anything like that, so I just thought that's how it was. But then I realized I'm so uncomfortable because she's criticizing me passive-aggressively THROUGH my baby! In a baby-talk voice, "We told mommy at the first session that she was supposed to ...etc." So we changed to another therapist at a children's hospital, and it was SO much better. Not fun, but not miserable, and he improved so much more quickly. I learned that you just go with your instincts - if it feels bad, not just hard, but BAD, then it probably is. Good for you, taking charge and making the changes you need to make for Noah. Preschool will do wonders for him - it might be hard at first but he will love it! Those church-preschool-ladies are the sweetest!

Noah fan

I've been reading your blog for a while now but just had to de-lurk to tell you how wonderful I think your son is and how angry I am at that woman for not seeing it! I know this is pretty psycho because I'm a total stranger, but hearing about Noah always makes me smile and warms my heart. And congratulations to you both for all the progress he's made!


I can't believe she said that. I am appalled. I'm so sorry that after everything you have been through you had to hear those words.

Lady S

I've got a B-word for her! I am sorry you have had to deal with such an unhelpful person. It is difficult enough for you to see your child that unhappy, but to have her blame him for his issues, like he is choosing to be uncomfortable in this world.

I am glad you have the other OT and group. I am sure they will "kick him out" soon "due to his awesomeness".


Wow...that is just plain wrong. I cannot believe she said that---and I cannot believe you didn't whack her!

My little guy had early intervention speech therapy and then started preschool at just over 2 1/2 and LOVES IT. I hope that Noah enjoys preschool too. Good luck.


She did WHAT?! Well, she is just being a B-I-T-C-H.


Okay, so I totally didn't read the comments first and I was about the fifth person to spell out bitch, but that doesn't make it less true (only less original).

kim at allconsuming

I have my own allergic reaction to OT as an entire entity after a horror experience with one woman in particular - she mis-read Oscar's file so instead of reading it as it stated - that he was 18months behind his age group - she read it as he was performing at the age of an 18 month old.

And then went through an entire session treating him as such. Never once thinking,'hmmm, that doesn't seem quite right' - ie never once actually observing Oscar.

OMG - I'm monologuing.

Good on you bloss. Good.On.You.

(and isn't it fascinating how much more the child progresses with a teacher they like in an environment they enjoy...)


Oh, I hate the whole, "I WISH I WOULD HAVE" thoughts because I do them all the time... "I so should have just kicked her frumpy ass!" "Next time, I'm telling that cashier to back the FUCK OFF... that I am not pregnant this is still BABY WEIGHT I HAVE A 3 WEEK OLD IN MY CART YOU TOOL." and so on... and yet I never do. But in my mind I am BRILLIANT and WITTY at all the right times.

However, you should complain to her superior because while you are competent in your parenting skills, there are some out there who are not and would not have the mind to drop out and stop this woman - who is supposed to be helping Noah - hurt him more. Write a letter, it is so much easier, and email it to her supervisor telling them the reason you quit (trust issues, no bonding activities, and then the whole BRAT thing which OMG). Make it neutral but strongly-worded and let them know this is completely unacceptable.

I shudder to think how many other parents she has told that or something else equally as demeaning to.


And kudos to you for taking the courage to STOP this therapy. Sometimes quitting something is equally as hard as starting it.

Suzy Q

Ok! Thanks for the clarification. Like I said, I really have no idea about any of these things. I just want Noah to do well, and for you and Jason and Noah to be happy. You seem to do well when you go with you gut. So...go gut!


Oh my goodness...I can't believe you didn't hit her! I would have totally knocked her out if she called my baby a brat. Hopefully his Thursday class will be all he needs. Best of luck!


That is unbelievably shocking that a therapist who works with children would say that to a parent. I'm flabbergasted.


A brat? I guess I can see where she was coming from, because -- wait, no, that was the 'shrooms talking. Maybe if the definition were worked around to mean, "Adorable child, full of love, likes to keep things tidy," it makes sense.

You are my brand-new hero for not, you know, opening a family-sized can of Whoop Ass on the occupational therapist. Kudos, Amy.


I've never commented before, but this situation makes me cringe.
I worked in Therapeutic Recreation and mental health care for many years, and I can't imagine telling a parent that their child is a brat.
It is true that a therapist will have an easier time forming a relationship with some children. It is also true that a therapist will like some children more. It is even true that, as a therapist, you sometimes might FEEL that some children, are brats.
Regardless of those feelings, it is a gross breach of professional responsibility to make a comment like that to a parent. Your job is to provide therapeutic assistance. That job will be completely subverted if you can't maintain a positive relationship with the parent. You don't have to find complete inner peace and never get frustrated to be a competent therapist, but you do have to be able to express it appropriately and at an appropriate time! Calling a child a brat is totally inappropriate and cruel. If you no longer find joy in your job, then you need to take a break and reevaluate.
Anyway, I think that you would actually be doing this woman a favor by reporting her to a supervisor. It's possible that she's burnt out or not coping with her stress and thus taking it out on her clients. Her boss needs to know if that's the case, because a spiteful therapist can do more harm then good, in the long run. Good call on pulling him out!


Follow that mama heart of yours; look how far it has gotten you so far.

In my opinion the therapist is a big old

Mrs. Flinger

First, there's no way in high heaven I can read all those comments. But, I think, as I scrolled down I saw several people spell "B-I-T-C-H" to the OT.

See, OT? You're not the only one who can spell.

Now, on to preschool and all things good!


Ok, so I know I don't know y'all (well, I did sort of accost you one time at 2 Amys and you were very nice and sweet and did not run away screaming, so maybe that counts?) but I am filled with righteous indignation on your behalf! How unprofessional. Noah is adorable, and goes on slides, and just generally r-o-c-k-s.


You really should move back to Pennsy, dahling. We need you.

Jozet at Halushki

Well, you and Noah are two of the cutest B-R-A-Ts I've ever seen.

Seriously? Brat?

If you had lodged your boot heel in her nose, I would have called that restraint.


Perfection. I think you have good instincts and do the right things. Also -- good lord, woman -- he is your clone! Hee! You are both just adorable.


This is a great blog! Your site was recommended by Papa Bradstein. We are going to a speech therapist next month for our two year old.

Thanks for the writings!


I cannot believe that a childcare "professional" would talk about a child that way.

As a bajillion people have said, you made the right call. Good on you.


"lady, you are a C-U-N-T"

my god. i can't imagine...i'm like you though. i would have wanted to kick the shit out of her, or called her names and left but really i would have sat there and probably said nothing at all.
good on you for eventually ditching the bitch.
fuck. it made my blood boil for you. grrrrr

Lyssa Ireland Thomas

Boy, I hope that gal writes books on helping children. NOT!

Kimberly C

Rule #1 Don't say mean things about the child to the parents.

What the ??? was she thinking?

I hope her boss makes her call and apologize. Even if she doesn't mean it, it would be amusing to listen to her eat crow for a few minutes.

Noah is very much not a brat, and even if he is/was mom and dad are the only ones that get to say so.


Brat??? WHAT??? What a witch! But I'm like you... I had a teacher say something really bad (and completely untrue) about my son, and instead of jumping up and screaming at her, or in fact saying anything at all, I kinda mumbled "I don't think so"... Meantime, everytime I see her, I want to punch her lights out! Sigh...

Katie Kat

You just never can tell! Since you are the MOM and not the *supposed* expert, it's normal to try and let it ride for a little while. But I've found (more than once) that trusting your mom instincts almost always turns out right (or you just look like a crazed, overprotective, wigged-out helicopter mom). Anyway, you did listen to your gut in the end and it's working!!!

I just can't tell you how happy I am that Noah is doing so well. It's nice to see wonderful people having success working through tough times. All of you should be proud of yourselves! :)


Katie Kat

Oh, and when she said maybe Noah was just being a B-R-A-T, I would have said "Maybe you just need a little B-U-T-T S-E-C-K-S, BI-OTCH!" Grrrrrrrrrr...


Oh, goodness, hon, my heart hurt when I read what the therapist called him.That just seems wrong on so many levels. Yay you for following through with your gut feeling.


Parenting a child with any sort of physical/mental developmental delay is difficult enough without having to face down the "system" and find roadblocks in your way there. Everyday life is tough enough without having to have to deal with crap from those who are supposed to be there to help. Without a doubt, complain, complain, complain! You are, and will ALWAYS be the best advocate for your child, and no OT/PT or any damn other /T knows what is in your best interest. I have been fighting the "system" here in PA for over 20 years for my daughter. Make the wheels squeak and you will see results. Make your name known to the supervisors and the County Administrators as well. NEVER take no for an answer, and find yourself a good family advocate who can help steer your course. You will do all of the work, but at least you will have a road map that shows you the way.


And he is such a totally cute little brat.

(Can't believe she said that. Completely unprofessional.)


Kudos for not decking the bratty OT right there. I don't know if I'd have had the restraint. Nobody calls my brats brats but me. Oh, and my husband. He's allowed. Sometimes.

Nobody ever told you this parenting thing was so hard, huh?


Ack - that would have made me LIVID! We just finished PT with my daughter who is a few months younger than Noah (she couldn't walk on her own). There was one day that she (the child) just did NOT want to cooperate. She wanted to take the toys and run away, she wanted to pitch a fit any time the therapist (who she had cuddled with before) came any where near her, blah blah blah. It was a nightmare (turns out she had an ear infection, but we didn't know that then). And you know what the (lovely, incredibly talented, will forever be one of my heroes) PT said? "Boy, she sure has a lot of energy to work off today." I'm glad you've found an environment that works for Noah. He will rock preschool!


OK, here's what you do. Go directly to your local cheesy 80's air-brush T-shirt store and make a t-shirt that reads, "I'm the proud mom of a cookay eating, slide riding, teacher hugging, chair sitting, bye-bye waving, song clapping, Kay saying, cheek squishing BRAT!" Then wear it with Pride, mama! (Especially when you go to report that witch of an OC!)


NO!! She did not !!


Bitch would still be fighting her way outta the sedation from the ICU unit my beating would have landed her in !!!

((( Hugs )))


For her unprofessional behavior, she should be F-I-R-E-D. I've worked with young children for years. I trained student teachers to work with young children, and volunteers, and on and on. I am telling you,the person who she reports to should know that she said that. Because A.) It's wrong and humiliating, and B.) Someone is going to end up knocking her flat on her ass.

Good for you and for doing what you need to do. I have read you for a while and "brat" would not be in the lingo I used to describe Noah.


I would have stuck it out like you did, no matter what your gut was saying because you feel like they are teh professionals, but after calling him a brat- that is so unprofessional and mean! iwould have been out too with her. I htink I may have sat there shocked by it all too! You are doing great and Noah is doing great! I can;t wait to hear all about pre-school!


That was very unprofessional of her. As I said before, we had the same experience with my nephew's OT and when my SIL decided "enough" things got better. It was really a personality clash between the two that made him seem to not get "better".
I am so glad he is in preschool and getting on with life! Next hurdle? Gettin' all those wimmins to quit calling him! :)


Hi Amy,

I've dropped by off and on over the years, but finally had to write a comment. I have an almost 3 year old son named Noah, who is insanely gorgeous and gentle and fantastic, as is yours, and he is also in Early Intervention. My Noah also had an OT who blamed him for not progressing. For her not being able to look better on her report sheets. And I just sat there and listened to it. And it took me a couple weeks to put into action a change that took a month or so. We have a terrific OT now that works with him in such a distinctly different way that is stunning. I hope you find other great supports for Noah and he continues to make great progress. Cheers to our lovely and complicated boys.



I haven't posted a comment in a long time but had to comment. I audibly gasped when I heard what she said. I haven't read the other comments but I think someone should be told about this.


De-lurking to join the chorus of how unkind that lady was regarding your beautiful son. I hope that the new plans help Noah's star to shine even brighter. If that's possible!


Just reading that made my Mama-Bear instinct fill me with such rage... I don't think I would have handled it as well as you.


I commend you for your restraint. I would have ripped that woman's head off for calling my son a brat. Whether or not he is, it's not her place to comment. How unprofessional. You might want to mention that incident to her superiors--she shouldn't be working with children.


You know, you did the best you knew how to at that moment in time, and that is all you can ask for in life. As for the bitch that called Noah a brat-let's see how her fat ass feels being forced to sit on the excercise ball. gah some people

Melanie at Beanpaste


When read the B-R-A-T part, I thought, OH, HELL NO.

Moreover, her little indignity has driven me to comment, which I never do, but am doing so now just to say, again: OH, HELL, NO.

Drama Mama

I know this isn't the popular sentiment...but I love how everyone is suggesting physical harm to this OT person. I find that far more disturbing then saying your son was being a brat - not IS a brat, BEING a brat.

While it was a poor choice of words maybe she was having a hard moment doing a hard job. I was a pre-school teacher and I loved my kids but like I've heard every single mother say about their own kid at one point or another, sometimes you want to stuff them in a closet for a minute. Not being the mother doesn't exlude you from frustrations over a toddler!

I know you're ferociously protective of your son but this (and these) reactions are so over the top. Listening to your gut is a good thing, making a rash decision is another. I hope you did the former.

This is just my opinion and I have empathy for how hard this has all been. Good luck to you.


My goodness, you have to wonder why people who have no tolerance for children go into professions like that? And don't beat yourself up for not cold-cocking the stuffing out of her. She certainly deserved it, but I would have just sat there too.


I am delurking to say Get that bitch fired. How dare she? Becasue she failed she blames him?? Screw her. There, I am done.
I didn't read all of your comments to see if anyone said the same thing so I am sorry if I have repeated anything.

a mom 2 one

Your post describes beautifully what it sounds and feels like on the parent and child’s side.
I have a relative who’s a speech therapist; she is in her mid 20’s very well trained and works with preschool age early intervention. I listen to her very carefully when she speaks in a derogatory manner about the children and the parents she provides services to. I remind her she does not have a child of her own, and she can not imagine how the smallest problem with your child’s development feels overwhelming. That she needs to put herself in eh parents shoes. She is not very empathetic towards the parents and I always tell her how it bothers me, and parents can vibe how she feels about them.

For Noah’s OT to call your child a “brat” is unprofessional inappropriate. Will guess that she thinks you the mom is a brat and difficult to deal with since you are educated and fierce advocate for your son!

Amy, it’s hard to listen to your gut when you feel the "experts" seem to know best, but you’re doing okay. You are on the right path with Noah, and next time you will know better when you have that feeling about a professional.


Wow - brat huh? Not so foxy at all. Sometimes you just don't have the chemistry with the therapist. When my son was going to his feeding program, they told us there are some places that "help" kids get over their food issues by restraining them and forcibly feeding them. I was like, "Really? How to they help with the emotional scaring?"
Yeah - go with your gut. And don't feel bad about telling that broad off - think how Noah would have felt to see you in a big old girl fight with this chick. Or even just yelling at her. You did good.


I know I've had a rough week and that my nerves are a bit shot from not sleeping, but my reaction when I read that was:
"Oh my god. How did she keep from slapping that woman? Or at the very least instantly demanding to see her supervisor." I still want to slap her silly and report her and Noah's not my child! Just. wow. And good for you for leaving her in the dust. Stupid cow.


She broke a MAJOR rule. No one can call your kid a brat except you. And your brat belongs with all the other Mom's brats, at the same rate, including everything extra he needs to succeed.
And that woman needs a good slap.


Good, good for you! I have a hard time stopping something that's, like, not my ideal too, but you did it for Noah. Duckyboy and I salute you!


Fuck the lunch bunch. I think you're making all the right decisions. Go Amy, Jason & Noah! Get down with yer bad selves!

The End of Motherhood?

Therapy is all about the match. No point - ever - in staying if the match isn't good.

the bee

Why did you not slap that womans very face off? She does not deserve to work with dear little boys. We kissed a lot of frogs during Matthew's therapy and finally hit upon a therapist that was able to help. At 15 yrs old Matt is a charming,funny boy.
All it took was the right person.
We live in your area . I would be happy to help.

Wacky Mommy

Oh God, i mean really -- forget that.

Good call, babe.

Mrs. Schmitty

Oh yea, that was professional, "Your son is a brat?" OMG! You have got to be kidding me! I would have lunged! Good for you for keeping control!


Please, for the love, send a letter of complaint. You can be a pussy and do it anonymously, but just do it because that's just effing ridiculous.

And congrats to you for making a very brave decision. And for all the amazing progress. Tears of joy are SO much better for me, thankssoverymuch.

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