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Oh. Yeah. That. No.

I'll spare you the anti-climatic peestick photo, though rest assured I have quite the collection of no, not even, nada and girl, please. What I don't have, despite it being well into that time of the month, is a period. That would actually be kind of nice, just to have that last little glimmer of dumb hope definitively snuffed out, in a way that all these negative pregnancy tests seem to be unable to do. Bleh. This blows. Read more →

The Easy vs. The Good

(Fair warning here: this post is one big emo crybaby jag away from being my own LEAVE BRITNEY ALONNNNNE! video, even though it is not about Britney at all) (But for real, people. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONNNNNNE!) So there's this song on one of Noah's Signing Time DVDs -- it's over the end credits and has made me emit a Free-Hugs-Campaign-Like-Snorfle on more than one occasion. Rachel (Signing Time host/creator/Noah's favorite thing this side of creepy animatronic choo-choos) wrote it for her husband, presumably sometime after their first daughter was born deaf and their second daughter was born with spina bifida and cerebral palsy: It was you and me and the whole world right before us I couldn’t wait to start I saw you and dreams just like everyone before us We thought we knew what we got And then one day I thought it slipped away And I looked to my hands to hold on And then one day all my fear slipped away And my hands did so much more So maybe we won’t find easy But, baby, we’ve found the good No, maybe we won’t find easy But, baby, we’ve found the good. And this is where I'd... Read more →

Wish us luck and lunch and more effective social stories

Back to Lunch Bunch today. I have spent the entire morning talking about sitting! And how sitting is fun! We LOVE to sit! Sitting is our FAVORITE! Noah's responses, so far: Nope, No, Not Even, Nonononono and one Tarzan-like ear-piercing NOOOOOOOO that I can't even spell phonetically because there's this Exorcist-like quality at the end that doesn't quite correspond to our earthly alphabet. And then the cat threw up on my bed. I think I am going to go eat some bacon. Read more →