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Let's Just Call This One "Tuesday"

Run-on happy

I'm afraid if I try and do that thing where I put on my little serious writer's cap and try to write something eloquent and/or witty I will actually ruin this moment because I just can't wait to get the words out and tell everyone that Noah didn't cry at class today at all and I was in the next room the whole time supposedly getting taught how to teach my kid to talk but I really spent the whole time listening for his screams and when I didn't hear them I asked one of the veteran moms if the rooms were soundproof and she said no and I didn't believe her but when we went to join our babies for the goodbye song Noah was running around with a big smile on his face and then he ran to the teacher and sat on her lap while we all sang goodbye to him off-key and horribly and then he SAT ON A CHAIR NEXT TO HER and clapped along to the song and waved bye-bye to his friends and said "Again?" after each kid's turn and when we sang goodbye to a child named Kay Noah said "Kay!" and made the sign for the letter k and I was on the other side of the circle and burst into tears and the occupational therapist thought I was upset about something and rushed over to tell me how wonderful Noah was and how they worked extra-hard with him through the transitions and how he sat at circle time and snack time and talked so much and oh, what a smart smart smart little boy he is and I just stood there sobbing like a loon while Noah put his hands on my cheeks and said "Hi Mama" over and over and then he wouldn't let us leave until he gave all the teachers a hug and I haven't even learned their names yet but thank you thank you thank you.

My heart, it is soaring.



Fraulein N

The way you told that? Was perfect. And my hear is soaring FOR you right now.


I welled up reading this one. He is such a gorgeous boy, just looking at him makes my heart happy and to know he is making such strides is so wonderful. Go Noah!


dude, you made me cry at work.
i'm so happy for you - noah is the MAN

Fraulein N

Gah. HEART. My heart is soaring for you. What a great day.


Just freakin' beautiful. The end of that actually gave me goose bumps.


That was heartwarming, thanks for sharing :)


Oh, Amy!! Happy tears and heart leaps here for ya! That is just awesome! :)


That was wonderful. Now I need to find some kleenex.


YAY! I'm so happy for you guys!

Jill S.

What a SWEET day.


How exciting!!! Wonderful news!! ::does the happy dance:: So thrilled for you!


I am so very happy for both you and Noah! What an impressive step forward!

All Adither

Way to stick to it. You're doing wonderful things for him. And, apparently, he for you.


Oh... tears. :-)
You must be one proud mama. Of such a special little man.
Hugs. xxx


Dude. I am mega thrilled for you.

I ask this with zero sarcasm, and maybe I missed the explanation somewhere along the line, but how does the chair thing work at home?


Dude. You just made me cry. Like, more than I should, by rights, since I don't actually "know you."

NOAH IS TEH WINS, as the Interwebs might say.





OMG - I'm totally crying tears of joy for you and Noah (and Jason, of course). I'm so happy for you guys!


What a great day! You both deserved a good day!

So, so happy for you!


That's so completely wonderful!
Made me cry, too :o)




That is just awesome! Yeah Noah! I am so happy for you all!


Yeah! Wonderful, I'm tearing up for you.


What a beautiful, beautiful, day for you! Congratulations to your family!


That is AMAZING. I am crying for you :D


Oh my word! I'm sitting here crying for you.

You wrote it perfectly because it perfectly conveyed your joy.


Can you have a least warned me to make sure my mascara was waterproof before reading?

SO thrilled for this big step forward. Yay cutie Noah & the awesome teachers and YOU. :)


I am SO happy for you. I am totally crying right now. GO NOAH!!!


Right up in the stratosphere with you, mama. ::sniffles::



Elle Kasey

The happiest, most serendipitous, most deserved good story I'll hear for a long long time. Go Noah!


Happy tears!


yeah, totally crying at work now. i'm so happy for you both.


Pile of mush over here.

What a good day.


Wow. I'm soooo happy for you. I was so moved I had to de-lurk even though I don't have anything funny or smart to say!


Hurray!!! I know that feeling all too well, and my heart is swelling right along with yours.

Here's to many more good days.


I am so thoroughly happy for you and Noah! Victories come slowly, and the battle is long. Savor these moments and hold them close to your heart. Trust that there will be many more, most when you lease expect them to show up.

Erin - ExpectingExecutive

What a joyful story! I am so very happy to hear your good news. Hugs- EE


Yes, I am totally in tears at work also, practically sobbing for you, Maria is spot on, you wrote it perfectly, because I understand every ounce of your joy! Yeah Storchalah Family!


Thank god my office has a door or everyone would be asking why I'm blubbering like someone just died (its hard to tell the difference between happy tears and the other kind). I am SO very happy for you and incredibly proud of Noah. I'm so glad you've "found the good" - you deserve it!

Amy H

my heart is soaring, too!


P.S. That is the best run-on sentence ever!

Becca Parra

Oh, YAY!


Hurray! Well done to wee Noah!


Crying happy tears for you! Yay for Noah!


Delurking here..crying with happiness for you! Congrats - better things to come, I'm sure!


Like everyone else, I cried with you on that one. Hug him for me.


That is awesome. Both yours and Noah's hard work is paying off.

Great stuff!




Absolutely awesome, Amy. Enjoy this special day, I am happy so happy for Noah and you.

Heather D

Delurking too.... to say that is amazing! YAY for Noah!!! and for you :)


Yay! Yay Noah! Yay!


I don't even know you, but yet this makes me so happy I could cry for you and Noah!


The tears, they are a flowin!!! I knew this entry was day soon. This is awesome. oxox to you both.

Vaguely Urban



YAY. For reals.


Noah, you rock! Go, little dude, with your chair-sitting and your Kay-saying and your finger-signing and your not-screaming! If you were here, I would bake you cookies and let you eat seventyfrillion of them.

Amy? You go get me Kleenex now.


That's the best news I've heard all day!! Congrats to both of you.


oooh, i just read this twice and then cried. hooray hooray hooray!


I'm so happy for your happy! Yay Noah!


Now you've gone and made me cry... Well done to the both of you, I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME

Mrs. Flinger


Big ol' fat happy tears, baby!


Oh, man, now I am crying happy tears! What wonderful news---thank you for sharing the joy!


so i've already cried twice at work today over things that make me sad. Thank you for tears of happiness after reading this. :-)


Been lurking here for a while. Just wanted to say I was so excited to hear about Noah. Good for him! I know your heart just burst. Congratulations!


One more comment to say: your post made me cry. You should leave your serious writer's cap more often, because what a touching post.


damn you woman, now i'm crying! yay for noah!!!!!

Jessica (aka Rose)

I'm so glad there wasn't a single period in all that. It would have slowed down my reading and my own soaring heart.
I'm so glad for you that things are going so well and SO proud of Noah. Way to overcome adversity little man!


I'm a creepster whose been reading for a while and I just cried reading that. I'm so happy for you guys! Way to persevere!


Oh. My. Gawd. That is so awesome!! Way to go Noah!!


OMG, my heart is soaring for you...perfectly told. WTG NOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isn't it funny to know that we are all crying at the same time? I'm so very happy for you guys! Keep up the good work/fun, Noah!


my heart, too.


I'm so happy to hear things are getting better. The peace of mind must be immeasurable.

She Likes Purple

And we're all just so happy for you.


So happy for you and Noah!


As we like to say in Mass., that is wicked awesome.

Made me smile and cry at the same time. So proud of both of you...


yeah Noah!


I cried with you when I read this. How wonderful! Can't wait to hear more Archer goodness!


Amy, I've been reading your blog for a couple of years, but this is the first time I've ever commented. That was beautiful. I'm so happy for you. Save that post for Noah to read one day.


Oh lordy, you made me cry. Don't DO that!!!

I'm so happy for you. What a great day.


Yay!! I have tears in my eyes reading that. So WONDERFUL!! I am so SO happy for you guys.


Screw the little serious writer's cap; this is one of my favorite things that you have ever written.

My heart is just bursting for a little family that I don't even know.


You know my favorite part? That you say "we went to join our babies." Here we see this crazy-big, talking, running KID and he's still your baby.

I'm so happy for you both. It's always darkest before the dawn, huh?


Just wanted to pop in and say that I cried a little bit while reading your post...but as I skimmed the previous comments, I'm even more moved by how many other people -- complete strangers, probably -- sat at their desks pretending to work and cried hot little tears of happiness for sweet, sweet Noah. That's really incredible, and I'm so happy for the Storch family. :)


Ahhhhhh. There it is. That is good, happy news.


I am thrilled to hear such wonderful news!!! Yay Noah!!

Serendipity, baby!

Fan-bloody-tastic. Really. Couldn't be happier for you.


Here's another lurker, weeping at work.

I'm so happy for you guys.


crying at work...fanfreakingtabulous.

god i love it when they do that thing where they put their hands on your cheeks.


Oh my gosh Amalah... I dont even have a child or know much about speech disorders but I am SOOO happy for you! I am so glad that you have this wonderful day to remember and tell people about!


Long time reader and first time commenter and I am de-lurking because, although I don't even have children, you just made me cry with happiness (at work, no less). I am so happy for all of you.


Um, I just cried. I am so happy for you and Noah and I can't wait to hear about all the progress he makes.


That's awesome! Go Noah!!!

Mama T

I think I'll have a fifth chocolate to celebrate your Noah's progress. Yay! Yay for all!


Dude. Soooooooooooooooooooo wonderful. Let's cherish the small moments that are truly the big ones.


I actually teared up a bit reading this. Congrats!


Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy!


That is the best feeling in the world : ) Congrats to you and Noah- all the hard work is paying off!


Oh man, I'm delurking after 3 years to say that post made me cry. Go Noah!!

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